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Unanswered Questions: Welcome to the World of Oxford Ethics

EthicsNote: We're pleased to share our own John Stone's work as it appeared on the Children's Health Defense site this week. We need to cross-pollinate  at every opportunity, share each other's work and support the greater community outside direct autism. Now is the time to expand our thinking, not retreat into a shell of narrow thought. The Age of Autism, and I mean the age, not just this site, the actual era and age of autism has produced and influenced thinkers far outside the autism community because of the bravery of those of us who have been sounding alarms for now close to 20 years. I think Dan Olmsted would be quite proud of this legacy.


By John Stone, UK Editor, Age of Autism

Recently, the somewhat notorious Oxford bio-ethicist, Alberto Giubilini, posted a blog on the Oxford University web-journal Practical Ethics. Giubilini, was advocating in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, both for the compulsory tracking of global citizens and their compulsory vaccination (which was already a favourite theme of his before the advent of COVID-19). To the credit of the journal and Dr. Giubilini, I was able to post comments on the blog. Perhaps, less to their credit I have yet to receive an answer. This was my first comment:


I have never understood with you bio-ethicists what it is you are doing except privileging your own opinions, often as not licensing the powerful to do what they want to the less powerful. And while there may be some conceivable benefit to licensing – as it were – this or that medical intervention you always seem over-optimistic about how it is monitored. Frankly, a scientist engaged in developing a product is going to be naturally dismissive of harms. As far as I can see you are playing a game in which the scientists are heroes and anyone who protests they have been hurt (or someone close to them) is trash almost by virtue of opening their mouths. But in fact there are myriads of ways that a product can go wrong, often quite frequently and admitted by the manufacturer (if not always disclosed by those administering). For instance, I have recently been referring to the Bexsero PIL which according to the U.K. schedule could give 3 in 1000 children Kawasaki Disease.

Let’s say with this present project that by the autumn, or even the end of next year, we will have little idea how to balance the danger of COVID-19 against the manifold products and simply professions of good intent will scarcely be enough. These products may well have the potential even to do immutable harm to human stock. Meanwhile, you are demanding that the population surrender rights over their bodies in perpetuity to inherently fallible bureaucracies and powerful industrial interests. I don’t see how you have knowledge to do that (or the reasoned acumen) and I don’t see where traditional checks and balances are engaged which could offer reasonable reassurance – frankly the agencies have been captured.
… in the event of a bad reaction the parents will probably just receive advice from the GP to give acetaminophen and go away and stop making a fuss – but they may have to deal with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

The second addresses Giubilini’s response to the challenge of another commenter. Giubilini had written as follows:

Thanks for the link. For the UK, that amounts to about 900 claims in over 40 years. Some of those vaccines are no longer in use and 40 years ago we knew less about risk groups. Today vaccines are not administered to groups at risk. Safety is basically 100%. If you look at the same document, you will see that the risks of non-vaccination are vastly larger. 20 million of cases of measles and thousands of deaths have been prevented in the UK alone thanks to the vaccine for instance.

Read more at Children's Health Defense.



Excellent article , see Link springer .com >chapter
The Nazi's Pursuit for a "Humane" Method of Killing, 28 Dec 2018 by Nestar Russell .
Corporatism "Barra Boys!" using an old model with an [NLP] message delivery system !
NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Well they can away and get stuffed with it . Not as long as grass grows and water runs will it be getting tolerated! Never ever again!
Runrig The Message Youtube

Angus Files!!!

Coronavirus breakthrough: 30 million vaccines set to be available just for UK by SEPTEMBER
THE UK could be the first country to receive the coronavirus vaccine as soon as the beginning of autumn, claims Business Secretary Alok Sharma as he announced exciting updates for the development of the vaccine.
PUBLISHED: 16:54, Sun, May 17, 2020 | UPDATED: 17:18, Sun, May 17, 2020

Oxford University has finalised a global licensing agreement with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, Business Secretary Alok Sharma has announced. This is for the commercialisation and manufacturing of the coronavirus vaccine currently being trialled at the university. The Government minister also revealed that the UK will be the first to gain access to the vaccine.

Pharma For Prison



You loudly proclaim that which you are not. That anything could be considered “ethical” about this man defies reality. He advocates for the forcing of medical treatment on mentally competent persons who do not desire it. That is the mentality of a rapist.

Thank you @M. For the link to his very disturbing article on “after birth abortion” (read: infanticide). I never imagined any one, let alone a person of such academic prominence, could possibly argue for the killing of healthy newborns for reasons of inconvenience:

“In cases where the after-birth abortion were requested for non-medical reasons, we do not suggest any threshold, as it depends on the neurological development of newborns, which is something neurologists and psychologists would be able to assess......if the moral status of the newborn is the same as that of the foetus and if neither has any moral value by virtue of being a potential person, then the same reasons which justify abortion should also justify the killing of the potential person when it is at the stage of a newborn.”

“What we are suggesting is that, if interests of actual people should prevail, then after-birth abortion should be considered a permissible option for women who would be damaged by giving up their newborns for adoption.”

“My needs are more import than yours” is the foundational argument for slavery.


This is the same Giubilini who advocates for post-birth "abortion" of healthy newborns, right?

Look out for anyone with "Ethicist" in their title.


Think people are beginning to realize that we are losing sovereignty over our own bodies.

As more and more citizens realize that the lock-down will only s t r e t c h _ o u t the formation of herd immunity until the next flue season and lock-downs. As born free people witness our representatives, demonstratively acting time and time again as though they our masters rather than our servants, who are willing and prepared to break promises and act against charity, truth, religion and humanity. They have no concept of ethics - only power.

So I ask myself, if the time is approaching when people who are healthy, not vitamin deficient and with no vulnerable people at home, will decided to take it upon themselves to break quarantine by organizing local ‘flash mobs.’ It would be in a similar vein to traditional measles parties — to accept the small inherent risk to acquire resistance at an age when the disease posses the lest chance of harm. After a few weeks there won’t exist a justification for mass testing nor mass tracing.

They may consider (rightly or wrongly) they are unlikely to overwhelm the hospitals, since the virus’s virulence already appears to be fading. There maybe something in that, as large public protest in Michigan and around the world haven’t really altered the graphs downward trends. Apparently, the SARS COV-2 virus doesn't spread well by air so much touching (horror!) would be involved.

Time will tell.

Couldn’t resist ending with this. Recorded in 2016, Jordan Peterson explains how tyranny proceeds one step at a time!
And and exert from his 2015 Personality Lecture:~ INSANE Correlation Between Prevalent of Infectious Diseases & Authoritarian Belief
Uhm. Do you think he is trying to warn us about some thing?

Shelley Tzorfas

You can't have an "Ethics Violation" in a place Without Ethics, and at this time ethics are missing.

cherry Misra

thankyou Bob Moffit and Thankyou John Stone.

Angus Files

Most of the college buildings in Oxford are older than the United States I read the other day, but as they say there’s no fool like an old fool. Pollard et-al have monetised via patents the would have been learning and would have been science and nothing is being learnt. The pharma narrative is being learned and nothing else. Places such as Oxford Harvard should have no funding from patents.

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes


Thank you for your tireless work and continued challenges to those who abuse their power, act without ethics or conscience, and aim to force their evil agenda on others.

Bob Moffit

Just yesterday .. the excellent Highwire show hosted by Del Bigtree had a pre-eminent … well-credentialed doctor from Ireland .. who is pleading for public debate with those "experts" now guiding global covid policies .. such as Fauci and Brix .. to name just two of many others .. including .. I would expect .. John's "somewhat notorious Oxford bio-ethicist, Alberto Giubilini".

This doctor has a resume that is every bit equal to those "experts" and her "expert" opinions deserve to be heard in the only court that really matters .. that would be the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION.

In any event .. this courageous doctor has publicly challenged .. on many occasions … all EXPERTS to defend their policies and protocols by participating in a nationally televised debate .. where the EXPERTS can respond with SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THEIR POLICIES AND PROTOCOLS … which this doctor rigorously opposes .. claiming for the most part their policies and protocols are actually doing more harm than good. Predictably .. NONE OF THE EXPERTS have accepted her challenge .. preferring instead to remain unchallenged in the public square .. thereby deliberately avoiding being exposed for the charlatans (def: a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud) their policies and protocols have proven themselves to be.


Just hearing someone say what I strongly believe is highly encouraging ..and there is no doubt this doctor will prevail in a COURT OF LAW .. BE IT CIVIL OR CRIMINAL .. if she ever has chance to stand before judge and jury proudly declaring …. as did Emile Zola in 1898 when condemning a major social injustice in France .. "J' ACCUSE".

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