SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Vaccine: Concerns from a Vaccine Safety Advocate
A Different Path

Tiny Unicorns Smell Pretty!

CensorshipThey do!

Strange headline, right? Guess what? The post I wrote was forbidden. The link below will take you.  Seems there was something about the links in the excerpted post from Jennifer Margulis, PhD that set off alarm bells, sprinkler systems and WARNING WILL ROBISON alerts left and right. Mamma Mia......  The post is in the link below. Thanks for putting up with the nonsense with us. XOX  Kim

Knock three times, turn around, show us the secret handshake and view the verboten post here


Tim Lundeen

@laura -- thanks for the links, good stuff. What they are planning for our kids is horrifying.


Sounds nefarious.

Laura Hayes

Some good links I wanted to share with AoA readers:

1. UK psychologist warns about the "utter madness" of schools instituting "social distancing", forcing children to stay in small chalk-lined squares by themselves during recess, and requiring the wearing of masks and plastic visors in the classroom while sitting yards apart. Watch his 5-min. video here:

2. Two-part article worth the read:

3. Two-min. video made by an actor/comedian showing where "snitching" might be headed...and frighteningly, he may not be far off the mark:

Aimee Doyle

Kim - you said the post you wrote was forbidden? Was it google that banned it?


Censor me

I calculated my chance of death from covid last night:

My chance of dying of covid is 1 in 3200. About 1 in 6400 since I don't live in a nursing home and don't have COPD. Neither does my son whose life was destroyed the day they closed school.

Regarding man-made viruses - why would someone make something if not to use it ? who unleashed the devil on the world and why ?

Regarding covid vaccine, what a joke. 20% AE rate in the high dose group ? .2/.0003125=640.
I'm 640 times more likely to get a serious AE from the vaccine than die of covid - 1280 times since I don't live in a nursing home with COPD. I'll take my chances with covid, thank you very much.




Maybe I’m just slow this morning, but I’m missing the connection between the linked article and what’s written here — tiny unicorns, forbidden post, censorship, secret handshake...

Can the author please clarify?

Bob Moffit

The greatest hoax in the world .. "one size fits all vaccines are both safe and efficient .. the benefits always outweigh the risks of not vaccinating".


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