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Tina got and was crippled by polio in Kansas City 1959. Polio was not gone by then. It was rare because nearly everyone got the vaccine. My parents, brother, and I all got the vaccine, but have not gotten any kind of cancer but skin cancer. We were not crippled by polio. It is terrible what happened to your family, a terrible thing that the vaccine was contaminated. I’d just say that’s everyone needs to consider all the facts to the best of their ability. The contaminant was terrible, but it was discovered and eliminated many decades ago. The vaccine has prevented countless thousands before and since from being crippled by polio.


I got the polio vaccine in 1962, you know the one that was made between 1955-63 and contaminated with the SV 40 virus linked to certain cancers and then covered up. Needless to say my younger brother, father and myself all had that vaccine and all got cancer (skeptics would call that a coincidence I am sure). My older brother and mother did not get that vaccine that day and did not get cancer. Anyway, I could not walk for four days after that particular polio vaccine, my legs felt like lead. My older brother and I got the small pox vaccine in 1954 when we were infants and had severe eczema straight after. I suffered daily until my late 20's and my brother suffered severe asthma and eczema which plagued him for many decades. My younger brother did not get this smallpox vaccine and he never had allergies like us. Smallpox had long gone by the time we got our vaccine and polio has long gone but virus come and go with or without vaccines but the damage from vaccines can be lifelong as they are in my son who was brain damaged by the DPT then later MMR. He is 28 now and functions as a two year old.

Angus Files

About time well done Trump.Maybe vaccine indemnity will be removed as well..When `fact check` changes the facts of what actually happened not to mention and comes from biased sources thats "publishing and responsible".

Trump signs social media executive order

Pharma For Prison



Good Point , the average age of death being 82 and covid deaths 85. It is the same in this country. In the whole of Australia (25 Mill pop) there are currently only 27 people in hospital with Covid reported on government news said today. Our hospitals are free of charge so anyone sick with Covid can get care. Still they won't open the borders in our State of Queensland or open up a lot of businesses until all states have no reported cases. So many young lives and families facing ruin. We had a total of 6 deaths of very elderly in our state of Queensland not counting one of a 30 year old man from an isolated mining town (Blackwater). They are using his death to put fear into younger people. He was found dead on the floor by his partner who just stepped out to go to shops. He had been on sick leave with a work related illness for 7 months prior and also suffered asthma and seizures. Likely he miners black lung. They are testing the whole town including partner but she tested negative. His first test after he died was positive and then a second test was negative but the health dept said they have still got it right, he died of Covid so you young people better get ready to roll your sleeves up along with the football players who were told they cannot play without the flu vaccine. Our Premier said she will not open up the borders until every state in Australia show zero cases. Most states have had zero for some weeks but an odd case pops up in another State and that keeps her from opening up our state. She has always said we will not go back to normal until there is a vaccine and we know what that means. Bought and paid for by Big Pharma no doubt.
As you drive along the highway the government has put up big electronic signs saying "Covid 19, get your flu shot". Just conditioning people for the Covid vaccine I am sure.



Paralysis that doesn’t last long could be caused by many things. But if it doesn’t last long it’s not very important. The important thing is that, as Dr. Rustein says here, paralytic polio is easy to recognize and there are few diseases besides polio which can cause it. It was always easy to recognize, including in 1950. Polio used to sweep into town in the late summer or fall, sicken many, paralyze some or even kill them. It was an epidemic disease. The polio vaccine, along with the tetanus and diphtheria vaccines, are the safest we have, for some terrible diseases. (I didn’t include pertussis, no one should get the very dangerous pertussis vaccine). But you’ve got to consider the vaccines and the diseases one by one, both risks and benefits. In the case of a terrible disease with high mortality, getting the vaccine for it may be a good choice. The alternative could be a crippled or dead child.



Wikipedia gives sources for saying that’s 56 children were crippled and five died in the Cutter incident. Thousands got abortive poliomyelitis which did not affect their central nervous system, and they recovered.

You run several statements by as though they were connected when they are not. Fast tracking the polio vaccine had nothing to do with measuring the required amount of formaldehyde incorrectly. Everyone involved in the negligent behavior was fired or resigned. What else could they do?

I think it is a wonderful thing that so many were spared a lifetime of being crippled by polio, like my roommate Tina. Her parents were afraid of the vaccine and did not give it to her. She got polio as a small child in a polio outbreak in Kansas City, and it paralyzed both her legs for life. I think it is a good thing that many thousands were spared this suffering by the vaccine. I regret that many got cancer from SV49, but I don’t think anyone has the wisdom to say that it would have been better never to have had the vaccine and just deal with many thousands crippled by polio and many killed by it. The best you can do is inform people and let them decide for themselves. When I’m on the computer downstairs I can link the excellent article Eindecker linked several years ago about how sophisticated polio diagnosis was in 1950. I’ll look for the article by Dr. Ruston (?) now, in which he mentions that there are very few contagious diseases other than polio which can permanently paralyze.



1954- Polio case definition changed to eliminate mild cases and shorter lasting paralysis that are likely due to other reasons other than polio virus although there was no test for the cause (eg other viruses, DDT, arsenic/lead, etc). Same year as polio vaccine introduced. Convenient.

1954- Regulators fast-tracked the Salk polio vaccine after two hours of deliberation. Over 200,000 children received a defective batch of the vaccine (made by Cutter Laboratories), resulting in at least 40,000 cases of polio and 10 deaths.

1955 to 1963, an estimated 10-30% of polio vaccines administered in the US were contaminated with simian virus 40 (SV40).Despite knowing the vaccines were infected officials allowed existing stockpiles to be administered until they ran out 2 years later

1967-researchers administered an untried vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) to infants and young children, stimulating an “unbalanced immune response” that “enhanced” disease, sent many to the hospital and killed two.

Curiously RSV was virtually unknown before polio vaccinations and became the predominant respiratory infection affecting infants once polio vaccination began

1976, public health workers gave an experimental swine flu vaccine to one-quarter of the U.S. population. The vaccine killed at least 25 individuals and left hundreds with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

1998- FDA licensed a rotavirus vaccine for infants that it knew in advance was linked to a painful and potentially fatal intestinal complication called intussusception. Though it withdrew the vaccine in 1999, the agency then allowed two other rotavirus vaccines to remain on the market; both are known to not only have similar intussusception risks but to be contaminated with foreign DNA from pig viruses.

2006-FDA gave fast-tracked approval to Gardasil and Gardasil 9 vaccines. CDC Director placed the vaccine on CDC schedule despite no evidence it would reduce cancer 30-40 years later.
Japan removed it from its recommended schedule of vaccines due to adverse effects/deaths. Paradoxically cervical cancer rates now increasing in younger women in the UK, many of whom were likely vaccinated. CDC Director then went to work for Gardasil manufacturer (Merck) and recently cashed in on half of her 20 million dollars in stock options

2010-Merck whistleblowers file suit alleging fraud in getting FDA approval for MMR vaccine monopoly by falsifying effectiveness of mump vaccine , which explains why so many mumps outbreaks among vaccinated persons especially in college and military that require vaccination

2019, the FDA approved a dengue vaccine for U.S. children, undaunted by its track record in the Philippines, where the vaccine triggered hundreds of pediatric hospitalizations and deaths due to similar enhancement of disease in RSV vaccines (also an issue with SARS vaccine and possible SARS-2). Few cases of Dengue in US so this is likely just to help Merck defend itself in Philippines which is suing for compensation /damages

for Cia

You can’t be serious! Coronavirus such a dangerous disease? Are you are pharma plant? I recently read that the average age of death Due to Corona was 86; average life expectancy being something like 82.



I agree that the polio vaccine was rushed to market, but that was a good thing. It turned out to be effective and the safest vaccine we have, and it prevented thousands of cases of polio paralysis and death immediately and many more over the decades.

You’ll notice that every discussion which attempts to say that the REAL cause of most of the cases of paralysis or death were misdiagnosis: that most cases may REALLY have been Guillain Barre, Coxsackie, aseptic meningitis, and so on. They can’t do more than say may have been because there is zero proof that most cases were the result of misdiagnosis. There are very few diseases which can cause permanent paralysis in children: most of the misdiagnosed diseases cited do NOT cause permanent paralysis. Guillain-Barre in rare instances can, but it does not result from epidemic disease as paralytic polio did. There were intricate formula for diagnosing polio then as now, and after 1953, mistakes were rare. The polio vaccine was a triumph for humanity. Most cases which were diagnosed at the time as polio really were polio, and the toll it took was horrendous.

The Cutter incident was not the result of rushing the vaccine to market. They knew the amount of formaldehyde the protocol called for in order to deactivate the live virus. Those in charge were negligent, and everyone involved was fired or resigned when their mistake resulted in the paralysis of 55 children and the death of 5. It in no way reduced the value of the vaccine and such a mistake has never again occurred. Everyone who read newspapers at the time knew about the in incident, but the vast majority got the vaccine for their children anyway. I got and read The Virus and the Vaccine several years ago when you recommended it and it is very interesting, it’s certainly shocking that for some years both polio vaccines were often contaminated with a simian virus which caused cancer in many patients, the total being incalculable. It’s certainly something all parents should be aware of. But it has been many decades that the vaccine has no longer had either SV49 or any of the previous simian viruses. It is reasonable for parents to choose to give this vaccine to their children.

But certainly all vaccines have risks, which often result in disability or death. Vaccines should certainly be minimized. Previous coronavirus vaccines, like the dengue vaccine, have proven too dangerous to give routinely.

However, coronavirus is turning out to be such a dangerous disease, even in children and young people, that it is inevitable that they try to develop a vaccine. I would not say that it has to be much better than relatively safe and effective. It must be voluntary, and beyond that I’d say that potential recipients must give informed consent. If they want to take it in its condition at that time, they should be allowed to do so.

We’ll have to see how it goes, but with a virus this contagious, with this high a case fatality rate, most people, half anyway, according to the new study, might be willing to take their chances with the vaccine. Always subject to current knowledge and changing events at that time.


For those who have had enough of the fear mongering mainstream media and others whose sole aim appears to be to frighten people into taking a rushed to market vaccine despite not having to go through the usual 'safety' precautions (and we know how lax and unscientific they are) I find this fellow's interviewing style a breath of fresh air. More of his (Freddie Sayers) interviews of key players in the Covid 19 sphere can be found on the 'Lockdown TV unherd' site.

David Foster

Cia -

Indeed, the polio vaccine from Cutter caused paralytic polio in dozens of children because the virus was not fully deactivated. But it really is true that the vaccine was rushed to market, I suggest you read the book "The Virus and the Vaccine" for more details on Dr. Eddy's and others' warnings which went unheeded. This is also mentioned in the Wikipedia entry for this incident:

"The Cutter incident was one of the worst pharmaceutical disasters in US history, and exposed several thousand children to live polio virus on vaccination.[3] The NIH Laboratory of Biologics Control, which had certified the Cutter polio vaccine, had received advance warnings of problems: in 1954, staff member Dr. Bernice Eddy had reported to her superiors that some inoculated monkeys had become paralyzed (pictures were sent as well). William Sebrell, the director of NIH wouldn't hear of such a thing.[4]"

Dr. Eddy is also the person who warned about the presence of the cancer-causing monkey virus SV40 which was contaminating polio vaccines in the late 1950's. This destroyed her career.

I do not agree with your Greater Good argument which minimizes the impact of the Cutter Incident. Our health authorities had been told there were problems with this vaccine but they distributed it anyway. This vaccine killed children. Furthermore, there is very strong evidence which shows that the vaccine is not what ended the polio epidemics throughout the world. Most of the reduction in cases and number of outbreaks was purely due to statistical manipulation after changing the definitions of these terms.

I for one would expect that any vaccine which was intended to be given to healthy adults and children should be much more than "relatively safe".


The above link is to the Phil Donahue Show; this may be the show which featured Marge Grant. I scrolled through and see that Dr. Robert Mendelsohn is on the panel, along with Lea Thompson who produced the show which aired on television regarding issues surrounding the then whole cell DPT vaccine.

To be fair, I don't know if this is the show in question as regards the issues surrounding Barb Fisher and Marge Grant. Phil may have aired yet another show regarding vaccines after the one above - not sure. It's been awhile since I researched this issue and my memory isn't clear on some of the issues that happened back then.


For some reason, a portion of my comment was cut off.

In my prior comment, I mention a show that Marge Grant had appeared on, along with Dr. Robert Mendelsohn.

It was the Phil Donahue Show. I believe you may still be able to find that show on YouTube and/or on other platforms.

I actually saw that show when it aired. It's amazing to me to see how much information pertaining to vaccine safety issues was 'permitted' to be aired on television in those days.

Times have certainly changed...


@Aimee Doyle,

The article that Laura Hayes refers to at the website is spot on, regardless as to its other content. The information provided about Marge Grant is factual. I have read Marge's book -- several times; it's heartbreaking.

What was also equally heartbreaking for me to read in Marge's book was also the issues surrounding a phone call placed by Barb Fisher. Barb placed a call into the show at the time Marge Grant appeared in a segment, along with Dr. Robert Mendelsohn. Barb told Phil's young producers that she (Barb) worked with Marge and that she was authorized to receive the home addresses/contact information.

The producers thereby funneled that information to Barb; Barb then used that info. to form her group DPT, which then eventually became the NVIC.

At the time I first read Marge Grant's book, I knew absolutely nothing about this situation with Marge and Barb. Several years ago, I had a rather lengthy back and forth email exchange with Hilary Butler, who schooled me as to the specifics of that entire scenario.

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn penned a scathing letter about Barb at some point, after this all occurred.

I have been a huge admirer of Barb Fisher for many years, notwithstanding the year and a half I worked under the banner of the NVIC myself. But I would still love to hear Barb's version of that history so many years ago vis-a-vis the Marge Grant situation.

Thus far, as far as I know, Barb has never mentioned anything about this situation, publicly.

But again, that link about Marge's book is legitimate even if it's on the website.

Laura Hayes

Aimee Doyle,

In all honesty, I knew nothing about the site, but saw and liked the book review it had for Marge Grant’s book, “A Stolen Life”, when I looked for something to post about it for AoA readers (the link came up on a DuckDuckGo search for the book title). Hopefully, the book review will inspire people to read her book. My post was an endorsement for the book, nothing else, just to be clear :)

Aimee Doyle

@Laura -

I'm concerned about as a source. The site supports holocaust denial and Sandy Hook denial.

Perhaps their vaccine information is accurate, but the fact that the vaccine information is mixed in with so much that is questionable (to say the least) seems to make the site's credibility somewhat murky.

What do you think?


Yes, David Foster;
We all had very strong opinions about vaccines, a subject that we knew nothing about, even as we watch unknown to us vaccine reactions happening all around us!

Then there might be a slow dawning, and awaking. Maybe there is that one vaccine reaction was just too obvious.

That is what antivaxxers are.

They call us that, as an insult, so ignorant, so not knowing that that particular idea of that person that bears that label, that title took not just year,s but most times decades to develop slowly . .


The Cutter incident was not because the Salk polio vaccine was rushed to market, but because the company preparing it was negligent and did not put in enough formaldehyde the kill the polio virus in it. It was a tragedy, but it was a relatively small number of children affected, while in the bigger picture the vaccine immediately put the brakes on and soon ended the polio epidemic.

They may not be able to develop an effective Covid vaccine, as we have discussed here in recent months. Dr. Fauci published articles even in the ‘80s about antibody-dependent enhancement. I am certain that every vaccine developer is aware of the problem. Several authorities in recent months have recognized that it may not be possible to develop a relatively effective, relatively safe, vaccine. But there are over a hundred attempts underway, several completely different types of vaccine being essayed. I think it’s premature to say that none of them will be successful. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, but the attempt must be made as we are in such a dire situation.

I think it’s odd that those most against a vaccine are often those most against simple non-invasive measures like masks, odd that they think massive painful death from Covid is preferable.

I saw yesterday that a full 50% of Americans say that they would either definitely or probably refuse a vaccine for Covid. That’s fine, we would refuse it too. But if it IS relatively safe and effective, I support the right of people to voluntarily take it. That may be the only way to end this terrible, man-made pandemic.

Bob Moffit

David Forster writes:

'What most do not know is that the very first time I was presented with information expressing concerns about vaccine safety I got very angry, wrote a scathing letter to the Editor of the health newsletter in which it appeared, and immediately cancelled my subscription. I mean what the heck...everyone knows vaccines are safe and effective, and this article was not just wrong but downright irresponsible and dangerous."

Unfortunately David's former confidence and trust in vaccines is still held by MILLIONS of people the world over .. and .. this is unsurprising due to main-stream political/media's grossly irresponsible acceptance of pharmaceutical/vaccine powerful .. well financed .. marketing propaganda .. 'THE BENEFITS OF VACCINES ALWAYS OUTWEIGHS THEIR RISKS".

David writes: "And then it suddenly dawned on me: I had very strong opinions about a topic I knew virtually nothing about."

I suspect David's belated enlightenment on the true disaster vaccines have created all over the world .. will soon occur to famed Constitutional Lawyer Alan Dershowitz .. who believes government has the right to force mandatory covid vaccines to all ..

If ever there was someone expressing strong opinions on a "topic he knows virtually nothing about" … that someone would be ALAN DERSHOWITZ … WHO BELIEVES THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A "ONE SIZE FITS ALL SAFE AND EFFICIENT VACCINE".

Let's hope and pray the GLOBAL effort to mandate a covid vaccine will lead to a GLOBAL public national debate wherein David's excellent presentation on PREDICTABLE CONSEQUENCES FOLLOWING ALL OTHER FAILED EFFORTS CAN BECOME KNOWN.

Laura Hayes

Good article. Thank you, David Foster.

To add to what David wrote, here is a 2-part article that is worth making the time to read in full:

Lastly, “fast-tracked” or other, there is no vaccine that has ever been tested or approved properly or ethically. If you are unaware that vaccines have come to market this way since their inception, and want an excellent firsthand account from the 1960s, order and read “A Stolen Life” by Marge Grant.

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