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But you can never leave!"

By Cathy Jameson

Many people are experiencing difficult times due to restrictions placed on every-day activities.  So far, we’ve been able to handle much of the day-to-day life that comes with such a major change.  Ronan’s done fine with staying home also, but if his medical issues become more complicated, who will we be able to turn to?  His providers have always said that they want to see him, but that was before lockdowns were put in place.  They’re under added stress, and now, so are we. 

Trying times for sure…

The memes I’ve seen during the COVID-19 quarantine have been absolutely hilarious. 

Gas is cheap meme

When I woke up on the last day of April and saw this one, I thought, holy cow, yes.  This!

Level 5

After giggling, I said to myself, “Whew!  We survived another month,” but couldn’t help but think, “I wonder what’s going to happen next.”

Since going into lockdown, most days have been a blur.  Certain days will stand out, especially the ones where we see Ronan struggling.  Those are the most frustrating for him and for us as well.  I want for those frustrating days to end so Ronan can be his happy self again.  I can usually solve whatever problem has come up thankfully.  When I can’t, though, I know to reach out to one of the many people we have at our fingertips and ask for help. 

Unfortunately, like us, those who can help are also dealing with their own set of restrictions.

For two months, we’ve been waiting to hear back from one of the specialty clinics at the hospital.  Assuring us that Ronan had already moved up their patient call list because of symptoms he was having, we were told that he’d be seen next.  But no call came, no email was sent, and no snail mail had arrived telling us when to bring him in.  After calling and pleading one more time with one of the kind nurses who was following Ronan’s case, last Friday, at 4:56pm, I finally got the call we’d been waiting for.  I also got a huge apology. 

“I can see that a referral was made several weeks ago, but we never got it.” 

When the hospital stopped seeing regular patients—and stopped performing procedures that the state classified as elective, all communication ceased.  Regular patients and their medical care didn’t rank any more, even though they are as medically fragile as some COVID-19 patients have been.  For a child like Ronan to be denied medical attention is absurd.  So is limiting his medical teams’ expertise and direct care.  We were told that patient-to-doctor phone calls and telemedicine would be options, but before we could consider those, the team said that those options wouldn’t give them the answers they needed.  Ronan’s issues were far too great and would require more than what telemedicine could provide. 

He needed to be seen in person by his team. 

I don’t know if it was that Hail Mary call I made early Friday morning last week that got things moving again or if a few Ronan Appt restrictions were starting to be lifted already.  Whatever happened, I’m grateful.  Not only was Ronan finally seen on the last day of April for the evaluation he needed, but the procedure that could help alleviate some of the problems he’s having was also scheduled.  That necessary procedure, which will help determine next steps in treatment, is a few weeks away. 

Still, just having a date to put on the calendar is a comfort. 

I understand that COVID-19 has been, and could continue to be, a real threat.  But too much time has lapsed for too many families.  Non-COVID-19 patients need care now.  They needed it when the crisis hit America, and will need it after the panic that accompanied the discovery of the virus diminishes.  I’m praying that those who’ve been waiting for their individualized medical attention will get it soon – either by the lifting of the quarantine or by fighting for their rights.  It’s awful that it sometimes takes a fight.  I am glad I have the strength for that because sometimes, fight we must.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Many people have died or will die earlier due to lack of medical care. Cancer patients have had surgery delayed, those with heart disease have appointments cancelled, those with serious symptoms have nowhere to go but the ER and many delay until its too late and die at home

This is all so Big Pharma and Gates can roll out mandatory vaccinations for Adults and Digital ID to track us all.

I don't deny Covid-19 exists but I live in a country thats a 30 minute flight away from China and there is no lockdown and not any problems

In my home state of Massachusetts 50% of deaths are in nursing homes and the average age of death is 80. Most younger people under 50 happen to get infected experience no symptoms or basically a bad cold or flu. Liquor store and pizza home deliveries are doing a robust business. Netflix subscriptions are up. Gyms and walking the beach are out, so obesity will rise unless......

Gates is also into the food business. They are closing down meat packing facility. Meat will soon become in short supply and too expensive for many people. In 3rd world countries that seem free of Covid I imagine they will be faced with famine to facilitate his depopulation agenda

He is also into Climate Change and pushing for a green economy where people wont travel or eat meat to reduce their carbon foot print.

Air Travel will never be an option for most people because social distancing , which is here forever , will be implemented so all travel will be first class with first class prices. Thats why Buffet sold off all his airline stock (i presume the Fed bought them).

Sorry to be a downer but seems Americans have lost what was left of their Freedom. Fear is not just the Mind Killer but also a Freedom Killer. Thats why governments uses it as a political tool.


Cathy, may God surround Ronan, you and your family. May He give you peace. May He be with you and give you strength, endurance and healing! Much love.


Cathy-Good luck with getting the medical help that Ronan needs during this difficult time with the corona virus pandemic. Here in New York 900 patients a day continue being admitted to the hospital with the virus so our governor says we have to stay shut down as the numbers are still too high to take the risk of re-opening the state. My son's day program has been shut down for two months as have all other day programs and services. He is home and doing well watching favorite videos and looking at his favorite things on the computer. This has been a very stressful time for everyone, especially those of us who have children on the autism spectrum. We are all in this together and everyone stay safe and well.

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