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Rehoming Children with Autism Like Bad Pets: Myka Stauffer

NOTE: This might not be the best day for me to write about the concept of REHOMING kids with autism. Tomorrow's not looking good either. The term is a euphemism usually used for dogs and cats that are sent away because they are inconvenient, too much work, vicious, don't get along with other pets or family members and frankly, most rescue agencies think people who rehome are selfish jerks. Read the poem above and change DOG to CHILD.

How about rehoming children with disabilities like autism? 

Yes, it's better than killing them. We just saw a horror in Florida. Still. Rehome... I know how hard life can be Myka Staufferwith kids with autism - don't we all. I know families facing the horror of reactive attachment disorder in adopted children.  I know. I know. I know. I know. I know.

How much time have you devoted to your children with autism. What have you lost? Given up. How many bruises, cuts, scratches, broken windows, smashed drywall have you mended. When was the last time you sipped a cup of coffee alone and contemplated all the parts of life that autism has taken from your child?  Let alone you. Me? Try 68 cumulative YEARS with my 3 daughters.  And it ain't a contest I want to win. Or a contest at all.

Stamina. Love. Ability. Care.  Altruism. And a touch of masochism, if we get down and truthful. Some of us parents have it. Others. Don't.  And NONE of us is Mother or Father Teresa. This poor gal couldn't last 2 years.  Just look at her tears.  Look at her husband in his tight immaculate white T shirt and coiffed goatee.  There were "things they weren't told." Cue the flood of tears and clutch your pearls.  From CHINA? Imagine that?  What were YOU told before autism? What did YOU EXPECT when you were EXPECTING? Perfection? And we should pity her for feeling so, so bad about her decision to return her kid - tell me? Is it a nickel or dime return on a child?  She gets a story in People Magazine for doing to a child what most call selfish to a dog or cat.  A YouTuber. Maybe she should consider going into UnBoxing as her career - Motherhood ain't for her.  Kim


YouTuber Myka Stauffer Reveals She 'Rehomed' Her Son Who Has Autism 2 Years After She Adopted Him

YouTuber Myka Stauffer and her husband James have announced that they have decided to "rehome" their son Huxley, whom they adopted two and a half years ago.

The couple welcomed the now-4-year-old little boy, who was later diagnosed with autism, through an adoption from China in October 2017.

"Once Huxley came home, there was a lot more special needs that we weren't aware of, and that we were not told," James said in a video shared on Tuesday.

"For us, it's been really hard hearing from the medical professionals, a lot of their feedback, and things that have been upsetting," he continued. "We've never wanted to be in this position. And we've been trying to get his needs met and help him out as much as possible ... we truly love him."  Read more:

YouTuber Myka Stauffer Reveals She 'Rehomed' Her Son Who Has Autism 2 Years After She Adopted Him



Um.... no Grace Green they didn't do their best. This comment sums up these POS parents. They are "influencers" who used this child and made a lot of money off of featuring him for a few years. Then he didn't fit into their image any longer so they dumped him. Lots written about these garbage parents. Look at GOMI and many others who have been following these idiots for a long time.

Alexandra Fugate
The mom was an influencer who had the child for awhile (I think around four years) and frequently featured him in her monetized YouTube videos. She made a lot of money off of him, and then gave him away to a family, possible without doing any of the normal things an agency would to ensure the child was going to a safe and capable home, because of special needs she was aware he had for awhile

Grace Green

I agree with your comment, it's tragic for that little boy, and others who go through such an event. On the question of the other children, I knew a family who fostered a severely disabled child, and I did rather feel that the five biological children had their lives curtailed, and less attention from their parents.
I noticed in the original article that the adoptive parents had been told that the boy was brain damaged - you don't get such honesty from UK or USA authorities! They would have said he was just a bit different.


Being abandoned during crucial early development years is devastating for a child. It's cruelly unfair that the parting stems from circumstances the child can’t control, just as he needs the most love, attention and problem-solving skills from the adults charged with his care.

How secure can the remaining children feel that their parents’ caring is unconditional? Wouldn’t they worry that one or more of them could be removed from the home over misbehaviors?

Adoptees coming into the U.S. are frequently re-vaccinated due to inadequate record-keeping or language barriers. This pattern of vaccine injury happens again and again, because naive people or those who benefit from vaccine sales refuse to acknowledge the connection.

Grace Green

More judgementalism. Everyone's circumstances are different, everyone's abilities are different, and I do think there's a difference when it comes to adoption. I speak as someone who had two adopted brothers, and whose father said he thought parents had MORE responsibility towards adopted children (when our dentist who had adopted children got divorced), which I found hurtful. I believe you have a greater responsibility for your own children (having brought them into the world), but if you try to give another child a new home, but fail, well you've done your best.


I just looked at some videos on YouTube. They have four other children. In one family pic, Huxley looks about two, the youngest was a babe in arms. I don’t know why they adopted him when they had both girls and boys, had several already, and had more naturally.

The child looked cute. One video was made for his two year adoption after being adopted, showing him participating in different activities.

I had a college roommate who got married at thirty and was surprised to have six children. She was very Catholic and didn’t use birth control. I got back in touch with her after many years, just as I did with the one who had had polio. She was distraught a lot of the time, felt she just couldn’t go on, because it was so incredibly hard to take care of six children. She said she would never have gotten married if she had known that even starting late, at thirty, she was still going to have six children. She had talked to her priest about her inability to cope, who told her to hang in there, that at that time they were well on the way to growing up. They were all typical, living on a farm in Kansas, well-behaved.

I think these people were careless to adopt even what they thought initially was a typical child. But the US needs to offer the option of a way out when it’s just too much for the parents to handle.


My pronoun is autism.


Anyone who wishes to do so should be able to give up their child for adoption or to state custody. If you can’t handle it, you can’t. No point in endangering anyone’s life. I’m glad I had my daughter. She has never been hard to handle, and she’s bright and competent in many ways. But when I read about other kids, I wonder how anyone could take that. Not in the parenting contract.

Angus Files

the pair of them are both a good argument for pro-abortion.No doubt loving the click bait attention.

Pharma For Prison



As an adoptive parent and a mother of a child with Autism I am just disgusted. Had this child been biological would they have reacted differently? In the long run I hope that their son's needs are better met with competent parents.


"What were YOU told before autism? What did YOU EXPECT when you were EXPECTING? Perfection?" Therein lies (part of) the problem; I'd wager that the shiny, happy, "it's not a disability it's a superpower" narrative played a role here. Doesn't give her a pass beyond 'caveat emptor', but it needs to stop, it's damaging our ability to setup a future for our kids.

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