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Professor Chris Exley: Aluminium in human brain tissue

AluminumExcerpted from the Blog of Professor Chris Exley, worldwide expert on aluminum and its effects on the human brain.


We have now measured the concentration of aluminium in human brain tissue from over two hundred donors involving at least five different brain banks. This equates to several thousand individual brain tissue samples. We have information relating to sporadic and familial Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, epilepsy and autism. If I am honest, I am slightly bemused when, correctly, the question is asked about brain aluminium content in ‘control’ tissues. Bemused because such a question does suggest that the presence of an established neurotoxin, known to cause dialysis encephalopathy, is perhaps ‘normal’ and not a cause for concern.

We recently asked the question as to how much aluminium in human brain tissue is too much ( and we described an experiment in the paper to answer this question. We now have the data from this new study on the aluminium content of brain tissue from donors with no known neurological impairment and no identifiable neurodegenerative disease. The results are published in Nature’s Scientific Reports ( and they are unequivocal.

Read more from Professor Exley at Aluminium in human brain tissue at The Hippocratic Post


Rick Daniels

I would like to see the effects of flouride on the human brain seeing the water we drink the tooth paste we use and many of the Medication we take includes this neuro toxin I wouldn't doubt for a second if it is used in vaccines and used to dumb us out
Isn't that what the Nazis used it for?

go Trump

Not that I do not adore our “Vaxxed Polly”, but the “Amazing Polly” here covers a lot of vaccine issues very well / an 8 billion dollar vaccine telethon / perhaps the present CV 19 event is only a "practice drill" the first of two.

go Trump

Not that I do not adore our “Vaxxed Polly”, but the “Amazing Polly” here covers a lot of vaccine issues very well / an 8 billion dollar vaccine telethon / perhaps the present CV 19 event is only a "practice drill" the first of two.

Jenny Allan

Yes -Thank you Prof Exley and your research team. Your bravery and persistence stand out in a world, where 'science' has been highjacked and corrupted by corporate and political interests. God Bless.


Vaccines are increasingly using squalene based adjuvants. This is 4 times stronger than aluminum based adjuvants and is used in flu vaccines recommended for the elderly. Might even be behind the high mortality rate

Dr Exley may want to start looking into squalene next. He has proved his case on aluminum

I would like to know aluminum levels in animals brains who have never been vaccinated. Those control samples may not represent normal (ie normal in an unvaccinated sense).

I would mention that having done some research on increasing RF/EMF that this may be a cofactor. These fields can weaken the blood brain barrier and may allow ingested/injected to pass from blood to the brain. Getting brain samples from places that don't have much electricity or wireless might be interesting, preferably older folks who have not been vaccinated. Might need to get them from rural Africa though

Tim Lundeen

One major problem with masks is reduced oxygen levels. They can easily be less than the EPA standards: a workplace with O2 this low would have to evacuate. Low O2 levels reduce immune system competency, making you more likely to get sick.

Angus Files

I just pray his great work will continue.

Pharma For Prison


This work is brilliant, it's great to see what a real scientist can do to - way to go Dr. Exley.

When I look at the prices for these MS drugs, it's a no brainer big pharma wants this buried. I guess it's hard for Bayer and Biogen to compete with Fiji water.

Gary Ogden

Unequivocal results. Will be met by silence. Thank you Professor Exley for your very important work.

Bob Moffit

Concluding statement:

"What is less well understood is the role played by aluminum in each of these conditions. However, we do know that individuals with low amounts of aluminum in their brain tissues do not have Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis or autism."

At the very least .. it is beyond comprehension why a well-known neurotoxin like aluminum is a common adjuvant in vaccines???? After all, humans are well-advised not to cook with aluminum pots, drink from aluminum cans, avoid aluminum contaminated skin products … but it's perfectly safe to have vaccines with aluminum adjuvants INJECTED directly into their veins? How is this "scientifically" safe????

(Sorry to regress but I often wonder what could have been discovered had that precious Harvard University’s brain bank, which is supported by the advocacy group Autism Speaks, had not mysteriously been destroyed by a malfunctioning refrigeration system? Harvard's brain bank was one of only a small handful in the world that collects the brains of people who die with autism. The collection had about 150 samples – the most anywhere. Unfortunately, mysteriously .. a freezer containing 54 of the autism samples broke and its two alarm systems failed to sound for reasons that are still unknown. By the time the failure was discovered days later, the brains had thawed and were largely ruined. This was a devastating loss to many families that had donated a deceased loved-one’s brain, and a critical loss to autism researchers. At the current rate of brain collections, it will take a decade .. (beginning in 2012) .. or more to recover the amount of research material and time lost, says Carlos Pardo, a neuropathologist and associate professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University, who has used the collection for his studies into the role of the immune system in autism. One has to wonder WHY it would take a DECADE to replace these precious specimens if they were critical to "waging war on corona virus" instead of "waging war on autism"? Indeed has this critical research been abandoned???? It wouldn't surprise me at all if that is so.

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