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NYT Reports: Antivaccination Activists Are Growing Force at Virus Protests

Note: I hate to tell the Times, but most of the comments I see about any and all COVID vaccines are at the least very hesitant. Men and women on social media are openly questioning the ability to create a vaccine so fast, let alone a safe vaccine. I mumble, "welcome to the anti-vax club," under my breath as I scroll about town lists and Twitter. If the women profiled in the Times story and a photo were protesting at a Times-approved rally, I can assure you they'd be hailed as brave citizens standing up for their rights.  The Times took down their paywall for now - if you want to read the full article you can. Take off  your mask, in case you barf.

I think the summer of 2020 will rival or exceed the Summer of 1968 in terms of protests and even violence. You can not take away a nation's right to make a living, turn families upside down, create poverty, stop schooling, demand social changes, deny routine medical care, and not turn our nation into a cauldron of anger that will boil over. And burn us all.


Antivaccination Activists Are Growing Force at Virus Protests

Public health experts fear that their messaging could further harm the country’s response to the pandemic.
The protest on Friday in Sacramento urging California’s governor to reopen the state resembled the rallies that have appeared elsewhere in the country, with crowds flocking to the State Capitol, pressing leaders to undo restrictions on businesses and daily life.

But the organizers were not militia members, restaurant owners or prominent conservative operatives. They were some of the loudest antivaccination activists in the country.

The people behind the rally are founders of a group, the Freedom Angels Foundation, which is best known in California for its opposition to state efforts to mandate vaccinations. And the protest was the latest example of the overlapping interests that have connected a range of groups — including Tea Party activists and armed militia groups — to oppose the measures that governors have taken to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Activists known for their opposition to vaccines have also been involved in protests in New York, Colorado and Texas, where they have found a welcome audience for their arguments for personal freedom and their suspicion of government. But their growing presence at the protests worries public health experts who fear that their messaging could harm the United States’ ability to turn a corner following the pandemic if Americans do not accept a future vaccine.

“One of the things that we’re finding is that the rhetoric is pretty similar between the anti-vaxxers and those demanding to reopen,” said Dr. Rupali J. Limaye, who studies behavior around vaccines at Johns Hopkins University. “What we hear a lot of is ‘individual self management’ — this idea that they should be in control of making decisions, that they can decide what science is correct and incorrect, and that they know what’s best for their child.”

Heidi Muñoz Gleisner, one of the three women who hosted the rally in Sacramento on Friday and were arrested by the police, said the stay-at-home orders that are now expiring in many states had mobilized people who span a variety of groups focused on individual liberty....  Read more here.


elaine dow

I got my question answered last evening on CNN, which is promoting the vaccine as our "saving grace". The vaccine is not a live viral and they were so proud to brag that it did not need refrigeration. That tells me that it is full of mercury. The recipient of the trials stating the pharmacist was in awe of the beautiful blue color! Sickening!!! We must continue to get the word out. This am on "Full Measure", micro chipping prisoners.

Angus Files

Grace i know the houses you talk about we were brought up in a maisonette and know first-hand the closeness of neighbours(we had nice good neighbours). In fact across the road from us when I was a kid our neighbour had TB he was whisked away to hospital for at least several weeks. I remember the Council scrubbing the streets outside his house. All the advice the government’s around the world give r.e. Covid, is geared at promoting a virus, lock people up, poor diet, no exercise, anxiety, loss of income, and no hope .Beware if you die during this lockdown they will presume it as covid? As John said Sweden has half the death rate per million compared to the UK. No lockdown half the deaths. Nearly 60% are in nursing homes pensioners ,China saved the pension fund managers a fortune was that deliberate as well-who knows.

Pharma For Prison


Beleaguered Autism Mom

Dear Visitor, In 2005, as a US military member I received 2 of 6 mandatory anthrax vaccines. Why not the last four of the series? The manufacturer could not deliver at that scale required. So, the requirement was reduced to members deploying overseas only. By 2008 when I deployed it was no longer required. The hyped up fear of anthrax had dissipated - like a bad fart. Regarding a "new" vaccine, I am hoping the same failure to deliver and greedy competitors eat each other and the general population will be saved. I believe the oppressive hype of the current "threat" will just cause people to look for alternative sources for news.


"You've got to pick your battles."

This is the same battle. If the public supports the mandate imposed by the government in forcing one vaccine they have won the war.

Grace Green

That's very interesting about TB. We live in an upper flat above one other (we call it a demi-semi!), and we can often smell what the neighbours downstairs are having for tea, or if they're smoking. Why, then, would a virus not be able to pass between the two properties? Yet we're told we need to stay in to avoid transmission of the virus, instead of going out into the great outdoors. Also, the proposed new rules in Scotland will "trace" someone who has had face-to-face contact with a carrier of the virus for at least 15 minutes! So why are they telling us to pass people in the street leaving at least 6 feet? When the instructions from those in power don't make sense you have to question the motives. And your point, that many more will suffer and die from the lock-up itself is well made.

Laura Hayes

Tim Lundeen,

Thank you for sharing that inspiring link!


I would add I have no problem being tested, but if one does there should be no threats or jail.



I never raised any question about testing only to say doing so for caregivers would be the best safeguard.

Tim Lundeen

One of the protestors at this Sacramento rally was an ex-marine, and he talked about "Lawful orders and bullshit orders".

I've started calling our governor Bullshit Newsom.

Angus Files

-whilst the world turns into the set of a Mad Max movieBut hey! there will be fewer suspected or assumed covid deaths ..

Millions predicted to develop tuberculosis as result of Covid-19 lockdown
With attention focused on coronavirus, undiagnosed and untreated TB cases will cause 1.4 million to die, research suggests

The head of a global partnership to end tuberculosis (TB) said she is “sickened” by research that revealed millions more people are expected to contract the disease as a result of Covid-19 restrictions.

Up to 6.3 million more people are predicted to develop TB between now and 2025 and 1.4 million more people are expected to die as cases go undiagnosed and untreated during lockdown. This will set back global efforts to end TB by five to eight years.

Pharma For Prison




I single out Sweden only for its carelessness and extreme lack of intelligence and normal prudence. Who would have thought that the champion of human rights would throw its population into the maw of a very dangerous, highly transmissible disease? Saying children could not spread it, when children are excellent at spreading it. Refusing to close schools, restaurants, etc. And now they've paid the price, having killed three thousand Swedes when, if they had locked down, only one thousand would have died.

I recognize that every country has seen many older people killed in nursing homes. The question is whether they did everything possible to control the disease, but they died anyway, or they threw caution to the winds, putting continued normal economic functioning above human life, and, as a result, many died who otherwise would not have.

Many are taking sensitivity too far. When we were in Mexico City in November, one night the family behind my friends' house had a daughter who started screaming loudly, for several minutes. I looked out the window along with Cecily, Monica out the next window, and Pati from the window above us. The girl was screaming bloody murder, Let me out!, and her parents, brothers, and cousin were holding her, telling her to calm down. They said they would not let her out onto the street in the middle of the night. She dropped to the ground to try to get free, leaving her shirt in the hands of the person holding her. Screaming and crying for over an hour. I asked why they did not call the police. They said that everyone had the right to make as much noise as they wanted in their own house, that it was not against the law. I said in the US it would be a disturbance of the peace, and the neighbors had a right to sleep in peace at two in the morning. They said that the girl had a problem with illegal drugs, and if it were their relative, they would do the same, and restrain her from going out on the street altered in the middle of the night. As ungenerous as it may be, I wanted them to open the gate to the sidewalk and say Go! The next day when talking about it with their elderly mother, she and I vied with each other in thinking of what they should have told the girl while holding the gate open for her and shooing her out.

So if someone screams that they have a right to spread the coronavirus to whoever the h-- they want to, and absolutely refuse to be tested and prevented from killing others, why should I agree that that's fine, and their free choice? What about the rights of those who will die if they contract the virus?

How many people have died because they were tested? My understanding is that they put a swab down your throat or up your nose and it is uncomfortable, but momentary. They have a new saliva test, which I think is not uncomfortable at all. I think you have to have blood drawn for the antibody test. As far as I know, not one person has died or been disabled as a result of having any of these tests done. Now, how many have died because someone, unknowingly in most cases, infected them? Pushing 300,000, isn't it? Do their lives not matter?

OK, rather than say But submitting to any law is the road to Ausch..., let's look at the individual case and circumstances. The test is not dangerous. It tells whether or not you are infected with coronavirus. If you are, then you can transmit it to others, and statistically four percent of them will die of it. If you are isolated until you are no longer positive, then you infect no one and no one dies of this. This is reasonable, and it is fair and humane to protect the lives of others in this way.

If they try to mandate a vaccine, then you give all the facts you want about the dangers of that vaccine in particular and vaccines in general. It is your human right to refuse it, because it IS dangerous and bears a high risk of causing harm. But saying that children should get a school lunch is not at all the same as saying that they must all get a vaccine which kills x number of them and disables y number. You've got to pick your battles.

Tom Petrie

Hello Readers!

I am so pleased that Age of Autism is posting this very important story about people asking questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and related issues.

Now, I want to give a plug to Kent Heckenlively (who with Dr. Judy Mikovits), competed an outstanding book, I just completed YESTERDAY. The title is Plague of Corruption. However, Amazon won't let me post a review since they can't prove I bought it for them. What? I'm also NOT able to open up Mr. H's website to post a review of his book. Weird.

For the past four months, I’ve been doing extensive research on our current COVID-19 “Pandemic,” the history of bioweapons and some of the major players involved. (IT's really a 69,000 word book), and in the course of my research into Gain of Function activities at two major labs in America, the name of Dr. Anthony Fauci kept popping up. At the same time, I read about a Ph.D. scientist who was arrested for stealing lab equipment after being fired from her job with NIH!

Being a regular skeptic, I decided I should read Dr. Judy Dr. Kent's latest book, get their side of the story first hand. I also knew Skyhorse Publishing was a good publishing company so I dove right into this book, as soon as I received it.

I'm glad I did.

Co-authored by Kent Heckenlively, J.D., it details so many acts of crooked, unethical and dishonest behaviors in all corners of our “public health system,” that it reads like a major spy novel. Just when we think the CDC, the NIH and the WHO are out to “save us” and “protect our health,” along comes this explosive book. Now some sixty years after Silent Spring, we’re reminded of this fact: They’re NOT out to save us, BUT to protect their turf, their patents and their profits.

At first one might think that a book by an attorney and a molecular biologist, Dr. Judy Mikovits would be hard to read, but it wasn’t that difficult. The real challenge was learning some of those acronyms!

In early partnership with Dr. Frank Ruscetti, these two researchers proved that the majority of patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), were in fact, suffering from XMRV (now hold on there), or Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-related Virus.

The first few chapters of their book deal with various aspects of this issue and it is a page-turner!
This book does not always tell you exactly what happened regarding certain stories, since in certain instances, such facts can’t be known.

It can’t tell you why ground breaking vaccine safety enthusiast and activist, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet committed suicide while in the prime of his life? No!

What about Dr. Timothy Cunningham of the Centers for Disease Control and his story? He was EXTREMELY concerned about so many patients dying after getting the flu shot and confided in a local journalist about this fact. In 2018, he was found shot to death.

And what about the strange suicide of the second in command at the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Kuan Teh-Teang? He was editor of a journal you likely never heard of: Retrovirology. He saw EVERY article that crossed his desk for publication or review. And what was he seeing? He was likely seeing that Dr. Mikovits and associate, Frank Ruscetti had more and more support for their claim that our vaccines were being contaminated with various viruses such as the XMRV (by growing most of them on animal tissues like mouse brains and monkey kidneys)! What’s in many vaccines? DNA, viruses of all kinds, aborted fetal tissue with the DNA of the “donor,” formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum; the list goes on and on. By the end of the book, you’ll learn how numerous virologists and other scientists have come to support their ground-breaking research.
Mikovits outlines how growing all these different vaccines in animal cultures is, instead of making our immune systems stronger, is making them weaker. This is part and parcel the crux of "auto-immune" diseases and disorders.

There’s much in this book that describes unbelievable cruel and unethical behavior against Mikovits and her long time associate, Dr. Frank Ruscetti by not only Dr. Fauci (Director of the NIAID, since 1984), but by the entire medical establishment and the mainstream media. Even the “Special Master Moran” of the U.S. Vaccine Court (nothing special about him!), unjustly ridiculed the credentials of Drs. Mikovits and Ruscetti. So the abject criminality of our Vaccine Court system was brought clear out into the open.

In just one paragraph, halfway through the book (p. 115), she reveals not one but four examples of deliberate efforts made to conceal important truths about the safety of vaccines. So if you never knew about the secret Simpsonwood conference, (held in June of 2000 in Georgia), to plan how to “deal with” this Mercury/Safety of Vaccines issue, Mikovits and Heckenlively don’t ignore it. If you never heard about the revelations of Dr. Robert Thompson of the CDC and how he was forced to falsify data back in 2004 regarding Autism in African American children from Atlanta, you’ll know after reading this book. And the crooked Dr. Poul Thorsen (not Paul Dr. M!), who absconded with a million dollars from Autism Speaks and the CDC, yes, he’s discussed too.

This is not a book to breeze through. To get a full appreciation of the scope of this cover-up, like studying any big subject, you should take notes. I took 25 pages of notes.

Sorry, I forgot! The eleven page Forward, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is a superb chronology of how great thinkers have been marginalized and ostracized for centuries, for doing nothing more than trying to bring us the truth. He gives almost twenty examples from our history, some of which would be familiar to some readers. With Plague of Corruption, it’s important to REALLY appreciate that truth doesn’t explode onto the scene because it’s, well, the truth. It appears on the scene after years of cover-ups, underhanded tactics to get Federal funding/dollars cut, laboratories closed and careers ruined in the process. THIS is the way of science in America today—at least in public health and it needs to stop.

Instead of being discredited, Mikovits and Heckenlively make a powerful case that Science can NOT succeed in really helping people until egos are put aside and people NOT profits and prestige, are put first.

Censorship is alive and well in America, so I am encouraging ALL readers to send links of this book to all their friends via NON gmail e-mail addresses. Also, be careful, posting too much about this book on your facebook page. You do NOT want to be banned!

My e-mail can be shared with Mr. Heckenlively, J.D.

Congratulations is in order regarding your book!

Tom Petrie
New York


I think one has to acknowledge that every country almost universally, regardless of "quarantine" or not, has done a job that ranges from poor to very poor, in protecting its nursing home residents. I don't know why you have been singling out Sweden in this regard, when at least they don't follow the New York policy of deliberately sending COVID infected patients into nursing homes.
Spain, also a "quarantine" nation, left a nursing home full of people to die. Quarantine doesn't seem to be providing protection to nursing home residents.
I do hope that the early research into vitamin d status may prove useful. It may turn out that vitamin d status ( or potential supplementation?) is rather more effective than quarantine in reducing deaths. Even the World Health Organization acknowledges that vitamin A is an extremely effective measles treatment.If the huge differences in deaths are at least partly due to vitamin d status, how wonderful if a simple supplement could save lives. I do know that many years ago, a physician told me that vitamin d supplementation was his number one recommendation for people with autoimmune disorders. i wonder if research, if done, would show that it is also effective in reducing auto- immune mediated cytokine storms?
It seems the elderly are known for being vitamin d deficient, per this article.

It seems also that real research into whether one of the effects of the flu shot is to lower resistance to this specific coronavirus, ( since we know studies have shown the flu shot increases susceptibility to other coronaviruses) might also save lives. Vaccinating your most vulnerable population with a vaccine that increases their chance of catching a disease that almost everyone now agrees is far more deadly than the flu, (at least for the elderly), may be something we need stop?
From the article
"Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus; however, significant protection with vaccination was associated not only with most influenza viruses, but also parainfluenza, RSV, and non-influenza virus coinfections."

There may well be ways to save lives that don't also send millions of people into bankruptcy, that don't create unemployment by the millions,that don't result in millions of Americans losing medical coverage at a time when they need it the most, and that don't result in needless deaths because providers no longer treat other medical conditions.
I have do some sympathy with your fears over COVID, and personally support wearing masks in those who feel comfortable doing so. We always do, though many in our rural area do not.
In your situation, when you are the sole care giver to a child, as you are, without other family to rely on for support, then obviously if you were seriously ill, your fears about what would happen and who would care for your daughter are very understandable.
Every country seems to have a plan as to whom "not to treat" if things get bad. In the U.S. it appears that many states were at least initially considering not treating the disabled if necessary. Their plans used words like "cognitive deficits" and "quality of life" as decision making factors. They also seemed to be suggesting that the homeless would have nowhere to recover, and so that looked like another factor to choose not to treat. ( And of course, a tanked economy with multiple bankruptcies means more homeless, meaning more people could be considered not eligible for ventilators, if they are in short supply.)
Some disabled advocates have spoken up about these plans, but I do have a real fear that if my son got seriously sick, someone may decide pre-emptively ,due to his noticeable speech delay, and speech slurring, that his life isn't worth saving. Such are the things of nightmares.
I don't know what all the answers are, but I think there is room to figure out how to protect peoples' rights while also saving lives. Imo, some of the so called "science based" quarantine requirements make no sense. For exampl,; going to work at a massively overcrowded factory that cannot practice social distancing and where you can't wear masks due to water soaking ( meat factories) is "safe"unless their is a huge outbreak, however, in other places, going to the store to buy a packet of seeds is deadly.( Michigan) Buying a lottery ticket ( Michigan again) is however"safe". In other states , for example, private construction work is deadly, state construction work is safe.Grocery workers, seeing hundreds of people a day, and maybe wearing a single mask, are "safe" but in some cases, nurseries selling plants are deadly. In New York, subway use is "safe" with crammed subway seating, but walking in the park closer than 6 feet is deadly.
When the logic used to decide rules makes no sense, it is not surprising that some people feel that the rules are arbitrary and over reaching, because it does seem, at least to me, that in some cases they certainly are.



Ask gov Cuomo as the lockdown has not spared nursing homes well there. Continual testing for staff and maybe their families is the best way to do all that can be done. If any severe measure in this regard should continue let the families of all such caregivers be under lockdown and not everyone. I don't see that doing more than testing caregivers. Many states allow large retailers to operate with some restrictions anyway. I am fine with no one visiting elder care/retirement facilities and hospital allowing few to visit under end of life circumstances. Protect those at high risk, but don't destroy peoples livelihood and the economy. It seems logical and many some have pointed out the effect on non-first world economies this economic catastrophe will have on their lives and survival.

I would ask you how you can even begin to speak against mandatory vaccination for Covid-19? Your rationale ythat everyone must abide the strongest restrictions for others, which I would support if best, when those insisting on mandatory vaccine are saying the same as you in regard to total vaccination. They say vaccine hesitant people are killing people and are selfish. You are using a similar, actually the same, logic to argue for total lock downs. One size does not fit all here either.



The book is The Black Death by Philip Ziegler. On p 38 he says:” In Sale, Ibn al Khatib records, Ibn Abu Madyan walled up himself, his household, and a plentiful supply of food and drink, and refused to leave the house until the plague had passed. His measures were entirely successful: a fact disturbing to those that believed the atmosphere had been corrupted nd that bricks and mortar could consequently be no impediment to the disease.” Did your reading material not mention that isolation from germs, whatever their nature, has always been recognized by many as offering 100% protection from infection?



The environment always matters.
Locking down in filth kind of matters too.
Locking down people does not mean they locked down the rats. They lost 1/3; it is said of their population.

They did not win the black death by locking down.
What happen the survivors happen to have a mutation on the macrophages (immune cells) which they passed down to their children -- first recognized when some people seemed to be resistant to HIV.

Did your book mention that?



This is a link to the Financial Times report with official mortality charts for many countries. You will notice that the grey line tracks the average of deaths in recent years while Covid deaths are marked in a different color. A huge, sharp spike.



How would you provide staff to the hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes incapable of transmitting the disease to the most vulnerable? Sweden said that it was certain it could protect these populations while letting the disease burn through, but now chief epidemiologist Tegnell says that despite their efforts, they were completely unable to keep the disease out (because staff went in and out to the outer world), and now even Tegnell says that they may have made the wrong decision, and even he thinks that the three thousand deaths resulting from this - policy are appalling. He says they were a complete surprise. As they have been in many countries now.

Angus Files


I think the first presumed or with covid date of death in Sweden was in March.

"The first death was reported on 11 March in Stockholm, a case of community transmission."

The Gates bought and paid for Worldometer via Oxphord UK has a graph half way down flatlining and steadily rising.

Still half the UK rate per million using their data their calcs.

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

Of course the study Offit quoted just studied "children aged nine to 13 months, their immunisation history and their cognitive development, finding no relationship."

Of course most of these children will not yet have received their MMR vaccines, which makes the study useless in terms of quoting it as being proof vaccines do not cause autism. Before my grandson received his MMR vaccine, he had achieved all of his normal baby 'milestones'.


I just saw this.

I just learned to cut and paste on the cell phone. Experts in Sweden profess to be SHOCKED that their studied refusal to lock down has resulted in three thousand deaths. Reality was supposed to cede to their social democrat theories and moral superiority. But it hasn’t.

Fear is being peddled at an unbelievable pace these days. And it would appear that any death that can reasonably be assumed to have been caused by Covid-19 (... hearts attacks, strokes, plane crashes, shark attacks) are being added to the death toll.

But does anyone happen to know how the total deaths in Sweden from Jan 1 to May 7 of 2019, compare to total deaths in Sweden from Jan 1 to May 7 of 2020?


Should AoA then advocate for taking a vaccine for Covid -19 if and when one is ready. How can we not be the first to roll up our sleeves? The government message from government mandated lockdown proponents is we will not see relaxation of the rules until the vaccine is given.


I know masks and distancing would be poo pooped but there have been multiple strikes regarding working conditions. Would the vaccine risk aware consider attending one of those events? Probably wouldn’t be invited, however, if people could be as peaceful as possible maybe quietly, distantly, while masked, (wow, the silliness of what I’m typing has just hit me, however I still believe it should be tried) we could make a better point?

Who really is it that’s being prevented from assembling? Oppression works best when people believe it’s something they want.

Jenny Allan

In the UK - time for a reality check. The following is extracted from the UK Government Covid-19 stats.
Deaths involving COVID-19

Our latest data on weekly deaths registrations include deaths involving COVID-19. Up to 24 April, there were 27,356 deaths registered in England and Wales involving COVID-19 (15,964 men and 11,392 women).
The majority of deaths involving COVID-19 have been among people aged 65 years and over (24,009 out of 27,356), with 43% (10,410) of these occurring in the over-85 age group

Only a few hundred deaths have been reported for the under 45 age group. Elderly residents in care homes have shamefully accounted for between one third to one half of all Covid-19 deaths. This is due to the unsafe practice of discharging patients from hospitals and sending them to care homes without testing for Covid-19. It only needs one infected patient to infect all the others and many not properly protected staff have also succumbed. Many have died,


Protect those at high risk. If you don't want to go anywhere but the grocery then don't go, no one is making you. Ban visitation to nursing, retirement homes, and hospitals. Let everyone decide what risk they wish to take. Stop arresting and fining citizens! If you don't support reasonable choice at this point how can you say anything about mandated vaccines. As in, the only reason you won't take a vaccine or give them to your children is because you have a sense of entitlement. This is exactly the argument mad against vaccine safety/ choice advocates. They say we are just selfish. Why not forced flu shots and mask requirements during flu season? People die by the thousands in this country each year.



It doesn’t matter if the Black Plague started because rodents fled drought or flooding: the book says both are possible. What is important is that some households bought a lot of supplies and locked down, not permitting anyone in or out for months, and they escaped contagion from the plague. Same with the Spanish flu: cities like St. Louis which enacted stringent control measures had low mortality, while those which didn’t had high mortality.

It would be nice if we could erect germ-proof barriers between those who want lockdowns and those who don’t. The Swedish health minister said he thought they could keep the virus out of nursing homes, but it turned out they couldn’t, and that’s where half the deaths have occurred. Because staff goes home, picks up their infected children at daycare or school, picks up groceries at the local infected Konsum, gets a coffee with friends Saturday morning at an infected cafe, and goes to an infected movie theater on Sunday. And then infects old people when back at work, who then, unreasonable hypochondriacs that they are, cough themselves to death in agony and terror. Or loving grandparents hug their grandchildren forced to stay in infected schools, and then die. What is your suggested method for preventing these deaths. And then about a third of the deaths have been in young people, many of them healthy, often because of viral load exposed to, as in health workers. Should health workers only have to work ten minutes a day while getting full pay to avoid the critical amount of exposure? Of course there would be no one to attend the sick: should badges be given to those who cooperated with lockdowns to let them get whatever medical attention is available, with none provided to those who did not cooperate?


Most of those who have died in Sweden have been in Stockholm, which has fair population density. We lived in a blokhus in a neighborhood of apartment buildings. Very pleasant, green and fresh, but more people than here in Columbia. Lots of people on the subway, hundreds of people sunning themselves on the lawn of Ulvsundaslot. Woods everywhere, narrow sandy beaches on Lake Maloren which were deserted. Many people downtown. In the Netherlands I was never anywhere without spying at least one bicycle in the distance. Dozens of bicycles on every street in Delft. England was pretty packed as well, even in the Lake District.

Population density and viral load are important factors. High viral load by definition for health care workers, who have died by the hundreds, even young and healthy ones. With most spreaders asymptomatic, at a certain point you get several spreaders in most locations who then spread the disease, without anyone at that time’s realizing it.

Sweden had a lot of empty space outside Stockholm. Just miles and miles of flat, uninteresting pine forests. Deserted boardwalks around a lake at Tyresta National Park, and groves of wild blueberry bushes teeming with fruit free for the picking. Boats to deserted islands in the archipelago and to the deserted cradle of Viking civilization, Birka.

I don’t think you can make many comparisons between England and Sweden. England is very densely populated and ideal for disease spread. With simple precautions Sweden could have prevented a severe outbreak, but it chose not to, and three thousand have died, when, with precautions, only one thousand would have died. Tegnell said that the high number of deaths surprised him, but it shouldn’t have. Old people were congregated in nursing homes with germ spreaders from the wider community, of course a lot of them were going to get Covid and die. What did Tegnell think was going to block the contagion of Covid in the most vulnerable?

What would your suggestion have been for their protection, Benedetta? Do you believe that fear of the disease, hypochondria as you put it, has a preventive or a causative effect on the disease?

Jonathan Rose

But doesn't the NYT article (inadvertantly) suggest a way forward for us? Our cause has been held back by its political isolation, and this would give us an opportunity to forge broader alliances. Once again we have public health "experts" who claim the mantle of "science" when the science is actually far from certain. Once again we have arrogant dictatorial politicians ordering citizens around without regard for individual rights. And once again Bill Gates leaves destruction in his wake, in this case promoting policies that are wrecking the world economy, just as he wrecked the health of the "sickest generation". Surely there is much common ground here. Increasingly, folks are seeing how badly managed this lockdown is, and that will only increase their distrust of authority -- the one positive development to come out of this catastrophe.


Hypercondriacs might call others selfish for their perception that those selfish people are not protecting the hypercondriac, by obeying extreme draconian measures, even as those selfish people suffer


Cia; Black death that you are reading?????
Does it begin at the beginning, the real beginning?
Like the volcano that erupted in Iceland that sent the climate into a "Little Ice Age"

That caused the tree rings be very close and made great violins.
That made all of the weather in Europe turn cold. ,
That made the weather in Europe also wetter.
That made the crops above ground like wheat die, and many people died of starvation ,and those that did not well you can guess their health. .
So cold that the steps of Russia in which a rodent lived, that carried the flea, and the bacteria was forced down into the warmer areas, and came into contact with people.

John Stone


But it is still the case that the Swedish rate was half ours and the impact of the lockdown here is very uncertain. It is of course the case that we never shut down our borders and made non-existent attempts to track it. Increasingly, however, I don’t think that we are achieving anything except enormous political cowardice.


Dr. Erickson interview with Dr. Wittkowski:



South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore have done an amazing job at bringing the disease under control. They remember the devastation of SARS and also are more willing to comply with measures of public control.

Austria just reduced its new cases by 90% though its law mandating masks in public. The Czech Republic and Slovakia did the same from massive public participation in their policy of masks for all. I’d say participation in the UK for these measures has not been overwhelming. I remember a month ago seeing photos of people in amazingly crowded parks in the UK without masks, while public authorities were begging them to stay home despite the inviting warm weather. So it is obvious what the problem is. It’s not enough for public health authorities to talk about the need for masks and social distancing, work from home, stay at home except for infrequent grocery shopping with masks, if a lot of people don’t comply. As in the US. Here most do comply and are are against ending the lockdowns, but a substantial minority, as we have seen, feel that the virus is violating their personal rights and sense of entitlement.

Unfortunately, we are all in this together, and even a few people defying natural laws of disease transmission are continuing to spread it. I really don’t know if they would mend their ways once they have seen family or friends die of it.



Interview of Judy Mikovits with Patrick David at Bitchute...

Must watch interview imho...

John Stone


I hate to say it but while that would be equivalent to 20,000 deaths in the UK we have around 40,000 deaths, so taking action has not resulted in a clear beneficial effect and six and a half weeks into lockdown the bodies are still piling up. They have more chance of being real cases than in the US, but being fearful has not really achieved anything. I don’t know whether we even succeeded in flattening the curve. The Judy Mikovits video also eloquently explains the health risks of being ultra cautious.


I just saw this.

I just learned to cut and paste on the cell phone. Experts in Sweden profess to be SHOCKED that their studied refusal to lock down has resulted in three thousand deaths. Reality was supposed to cede to their social democrat theories and moral superiority. But it hasn’t.


“What we hear a lot of is ‘individual self management’
It has bbeen my goal to avoid being political as there are advocates for safety and choice in evry stipe, but the general power/philosophy is making bedfellows.
The MSM has voices now ridiculing people loving freedom.
As far as Rupali J. Limaye is concerned this aspect of her background speaks to were here mentality may come from. "Prior to working in public health, Dr. Limaye spent time working in the advertising and marketing industry, where she developed and managed national campaigns for retail and service clients." She used to selling a message for monied interests. If she wants to insult and degrade us then I don't mind posting this fact about her. In general this "know your role and shut your hole" attitude pervades the MSM. Whether you like Trump or hate him is not the real issue in regard to the clip I am linking below. The clip tells you what they really think about controlling what people think. Mayeb Dr. Limaye seems to share the sentiment. No one opposed her in that exchange in this clip. "control what people think"..."that's our Job". How dare you think for your self.

How long before youtube takes this down?



I agree. The fault is that of the virus and those who designed it with such marvelous gain of function, greatly increasing its transmissibility and pathogenicity. 80% of Americans don’t want to end the lockdowns yet: the case and death rates have not yet even started to fall. OK, great, we’re ending the lockdowns. In a few weeks there will be a massive increase in cases and deaths and we’ll probably start a new three-month lockdown in June. A lot of people are unwilling to take the risk, many at meat packing plants have walked off the job, preferring to deal with losing their jobs and facing financial crisis rather than dying of Covid.

A law mandating masks in Austria has resulted in a 90% decrease in new cases. Same in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea. We should pass such a law as well. Even homemade masks are 70 to 80 percent effective. And it’s something everyone can do. The government will have to work out the universal testing and isolation at state expense of all positives. I saw a photograph yesterday of such a room in Singapore. A white room with a window with greenery outside, a cot, a table with a computer, an electric fan, its own bathroom, and they leave meals at the door three times a day. I’d love to spend several weeks there. And that’s what we’ll have to do if we want to stomp it out. I’m reading a book about the Black Death, and bubonic plague once it arrived stayed for three hundred years. Better to stay home for several months and stomp it out.

In the Spanish flu, Philadelphia refused to enact laws mandating protective measures and about six thousand died. St. Louis DID enact measures, closing schools, places of public entertainment, canceling parades, wearing masks, and only had a thousand die. The choice is to insist on your perceived right to carry on as usual, probably get the disease and very likely die, or to wear masks, social distance, stay home, and probably escape the disease and live. Screaming that it’s not FAIR that you (and everyone else in the world) should be restricted is selfish and silly. Honey bear don’t care, just keeps right on going.

Bob Moffit

Dr. Rupali J. Limaye, who studies behavior around vaccines at Johns Hopkins University. “What we hear a lot of is ‘individual self management’ — this idea that they should be in control of making decisions, that they can decide what science is correct and incorrect, and that they know what’s best for their child.”

Imagine the horror of … Parents having the idea that THEY should be in control of making decisions, that THEY can decide what science is correct and incorrect, and that THEY know what's best for THEIR child?

Duh .. Dr Limaye .. the historical concept of PARENTS KNOWING WHAT IS BEST FOR THEIR CHILD IS CALLED …. INFORMED CONSENT .. it originated at the Nuremberg Trials following WWII where INFORMED CONSENT WAS GRANTED AS A UNIVERSAL HUMANITARIAN RIGHT.

"A coronavirus vaccine’s success “is going to be very dependent on whether the public will accept a vaccine or not, because we need a level of herd immunity to prevent a future outbreak,” Dr. Limaye said. “Otherwise it’s just going to continue circulating in the population.”

Again Dr Limaye has gotten it wrong … a corona virus vaccines success will not be dependent on whether or not the public will ACCEPT IT … IT WILL DEPEND AS IT SHOULD ON HOW "SAFE AND EFFECTIVE" THE VACCINE PROVES TO BE.

Once again Dr Limaye … it is called INFORMED CONSENT.

Disgusted aka Carol

Who is creating poverty? Gavin Newsom? You do know there is a poorly-understood infectious disease about, right?

People who are wary of vaccines should be the same ones advocating for a cautious reopening. Or they should at least be able to understand it.

And AoA shouldn't be encouraging violence in this coy way.

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