WHO Preaches that the Vaxssiah Will Save Us All
Italian MP Sara Cunial Tears into Bill Gates in Front of Parliament

Moderna Failed to Bring a Single Product to Market in 10 Years; Until Covid

95038792-BD38-4304-8EDA-E51AF62EB156 The media is reporting that  Moderna has had a successful early phase creation of a COVID vaccine.

From NBC:

Moderna: Early coronavirus vaccine results are encouraging

The vaccine seems safe, the company said, but much more extensive testing is needed to see if it remains so. A high dose version is being dropped after spurring some short-term side effects.

According to Wiki,  As of May 2020, none of its products have reached the final phase of a clinical trial, received approval by the FDA or been sold on the market, We know all too well, that Wiki can lie. However, imagine your very first success being the COVID vaccine. This is like getting sex tips from the 40 year old Virgin. This early report does not mean Moderna will bring a vaccine to market. But if they do, it will be their debut. And all of the liability will be on.... you.

Several companies are in the race to create "the vaccine" including Johnson & Johnson. Time will tell who "wins." 


Tim Lundeen

@greg Well said, thanks.

More from Levi Quakenboss: https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-moderna-vax-37307799?utm_medium=post_notification_email&utm_source=post_link&utm_campaign=patron_engagement&fbclid=IwAR1GqPBwEYFXJOtbHfYxGUOzZhe1-uolp6_yFf09NC_dDPCXcSsYZ-ibNFE


They are all going to win because multiple vaccines will be approved to cover 8 billion people (2 injections per person annually). Not to mention then adding other vaccines like flu , Mmr, Heb B, etc to the schedule for adults.

Trumps new head of Operation Warp Speed worked for Moderna until moving to join the administration. He was working on Modernas COVID vaccine and still owns 10 million dollars in shares. Conflict of interest ya think?

He also worked for GSK who is developing its own vaccine

DNA altering vaccines need long term testing. Thats not happening. They also need animals studies to rule out antibody immune enhancement which cases a more serious disease on reinfection as with SARS vaccine. Animal studies are being skipped.

CDC Director was accused while in the military of falsifying AIDS vaccine trial data to get approval for Phase II funding from Congress. Funding was approved. Investigation whitewashed. In the end they used some of the approved funds (20 million) for other purposes after data for Phase II was scrutinized and the vaccine showed poor results

J&J CEO was VP of Jansen . The company was found guilty of lying about the potentially life-threatening side effects of Risperdal when he was there. Huge civil penalties were levied. He got promoted. No such worries with vaccines as no liability

Swam creatures making and approving mandatory vaccines. Could make a good movie.


I meant vaccine court 1986, Oh silly me got my fingers all on the wrong keys and didn't look at what I was a typing, sorry


I am so far behind in my learning.
Oh, I known about the vaccine court for years, all happened in 1908, but dang 1983 Bayh and Doyle act that all the federal employees have patent ownership.

Meanwhile in the private sector scientists like those working for Dow Chemical and such have to sign an agreement that what they discover belongs to the company. They might get a nice bonus at the end of the year, maybe.

Generous of the federal government.
Before that the federal government was like all the other companies. In 1978 when I worked for the federal government that I had to sign the same agreement of what I discovered I did not own the patent. It was the tax payer that was paying me to think, and giving me the equipment to play around with. I would never have thought that this simple law could have caused Fauci to ignore hydroxychloroquine in favor of a less effective drug, or we would be in this position of looking at a failed and dangerous vaccine.

Would any of you all foreseen it coming to this?
We have learned men praying on us like vultures.


Was it really am 'encouraging' early trial, or a colossal failure? Listen to the Yale scientist in the link rather gingerly claim that they failed to get a 'response' out of 30 plus of the 45 participants tested.


Yet, did the press release not state that neutralizing antibodies were detected in the first 8 participants that were tested? Further perusing of the Press Release gives an hint of the confusion. There were actually two tests performed. They obtained binding antibodies and neutralizing antibodies. The important distinction in immunology is that binding may occur, but if the antibodies do not bind at the right site, neutralizing or destroying the virus may not occur. I suspect this is what the Yale professor was reluctantly conceding. The binding wasn't adequate enough for neutralizing in the vast majority, and they went on to only test the 8 for 'neutralizing' that showed adequate binding. It wasn't a 100% success with all 8 tested participants showing adequate neutralizing, but a colossal failure with over 80% showing poor binding that they didn't even bother to test them for neutralizing.

Immunogenicity data are currently available for the 25 µg and 100 µg dose level (ages 18-55) after two doses (day 43) and at the 250 µg level (ages 18-55) after one dose (day 29). Dose dependent increases in immunogenicity were seen across the three dose levels, and between prime and boost within the 25 µg and 100 µg dose levels. All participants ages 18-55 (n=15 per cohort) across all three dose levels seroconverted by day 15 after a single dose. At day 43, two weeks following the second dose, at the 25 µg dose level (n=15), levels of binding antibodies were at the levels seen in convalescent sera (blood samples from people who have recovered from COVID-19) tested in the same assay. At day 43, at the 100 µg dose level (n=10), levels of binding antibodies significantly exceeded the levels seen in convalescent sera. Samples are not yet available for remaining participants.

At this time, neutralizing antibody data are available only for the first four participants in each of the 25 µg and 100 µg dose level cohorts. Consistent with the binding antibody data, mRNA-1273 vaccination elicited neutralizing antibodies in all eight of these participants, as measured by plaque reduction neutralization (PRNT) assays against live SARS-CoV-2. The levels of neutralizing antibodies at day 43 were at or above levels generally seen in convalescent sera.

Read also this part on safety in the Press Release:

mRNA-1273 was generally safe and well tolerated, with a safety profile consistent with that seen in prior Moderna infectious disease vaccine clinical studies. The sole incidence of a grade 3 adverse event in the 25 µg and 100 µg dose cohorts was a single participant at 100 µg who experienced grade 3 erythema (redness) around the injection site. To date, the most notable adverse events were seen at the 250 µg dose level, comprising three participants with grade 3 systemic symptoms, only following the second dose. All adverse events have been transient and self-resolving. No grade 4 adverse events or serious adverse events have been reported.

So in sum they are saying there were 4 grade 3 adverse reactions in the population, 1 in the 25 and 100 dose cohorts, and 3 in the 250 dose cohort. Yet, how can they claim these reactions weren't serious? Interestingly, the FDA classifies a grade 3 reaction as serious. So, that was nearly 10% of the population having a serious reaction! Definitely not good, and this spin about this 'encouraging' early result that sent Moderna's stock soaring may prove to be a pump and dump.


Gary Ogden

A failing company who received nearly half a billion greenback dollars from the Faucinazi. Our tax money. I suggest both Gates and Fauci be enrolled in the trial. Roll up your sleeves, boys. We've got a sparkling clean, fresh needle for you! Filled with the newest wonder drug!

Bob Moffit

"The vaccine seems safe, the company said, but much more extensive testing is needed to see if it remains so. A high dose version is being dropped after spurring some short-term side effects."

Gee … how serious were those "high dose short term effects"??? Did people die? If so .. where do they go to get JUSTICE for their deaths???

If I am not mistaken .. the government not only guarantees Moderna complete liability protection from their experimental vaccine .. I believe the government is also PAYING MODERNA to manufacture the vaccine with absolutely no RISK OF INVESTMENT OF MODERNA.

Is this a great country to be MODERNA or not????

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