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ShameBy Kim Rossi

Mayor encourages constituents to 'socially shame' people not wearing masks in Rhode Island Jack Perry The Providence Journal

Everything we have ever taught our children about bullying is WRONG. We should teach our kids that life is 100% situational based on the agenda.  Black can be as white as snow. Fire can be water. Freedom can be slavery. Shame your neighbor? Turn them in? Celebrate their loss of income, the collapse of their business to save others?  I saw an article about ankle bracelets in Kentucky for family members of COVID positive relatives to track if they leave the house. Kentucky orders quarantine-breakers to wear ankle monitors

We are in a 21st century version of The Industrial Revolution when life changed dramatically and entire industries were rendered obsolete by machines. We've seen technology do the same to a lesser degree since the 1980s, mostly displacing humans and cassettes. But this COVID iteration is different. It lacks the hope of a better future that has always been at the core of the American dream and backbone.

The United States of America once competed in the race to space.  Today? We're in a forced march to something I do not recognize. The Manhattan Project, for better and certainly for worse, created a bomb that made the nation feel strong and protected. Invincible even, for a time. Today? COVID has turned us into traitors to our friends and neighbors, cowering at home in fear, compliant, meek, scared.

By whom? For whom?





How fortunate for the hospitals, then, that cases in Orange County surged to their highest level ever yesterday and the day before yesterday, in the wake of people storming the beaches two and a half weeks ago! I hope they’ll be preparing for the overload of cases headed their way two weeks from now! In the big picture, it would be good to have so many people volunteer to take part in this object lesson, but I regret that many innocents must be made to suffer, even die, as a result.


THANK you so much, Laura, for providing that link re the wearing of face masks.

I noted the last sentence in this article:

"...One should not attack and insult those who have chosen not to wear a mask, as these studies suggest that is the wise choice to make.:

I will be forwarding this article to all I know, including our public county health commissioner and staff.


Out Of Touch - A short film by Kevin James
1 1/2 min.


Kevin gets it! ;)

Laura Hayes

Falsified death reports:


Angus Files

Superb that bit Laura...

"The importance of these findings is that a drop in oxygen levels (hypoxia) is associated with an impairment in immunity. Studies have shown that hypoxia can inhibit the type of main immune cells used to fight viral infections called the CD4+ T-lymphocyte. This occurs because the hypoxia increases the level of a compound called hypoxia inducible factor-1 (HIF-1), which inhibits T-lymphocytes and stimulates a powerful immune inhibitor cell called the Tregs. . This sets the stage for contracting any infection, including COVID-19 and making the consequences of that infection much graver. In essence, your mask may very well put you at an increased risk of infections and if so, having a much worse outcome.5,6,7"

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

1. Mask wearing...think twice before donning one


2. Doctor in TX speaks out...worth the 12-min. watch


Michael S.

Advice from a real scientist:


Donna L.

I don't know, Cia. It never would have occurred to me to ask why they weren't wearing masks, as people around here tend to very much mind their own business. But I suppose it could also be because in our area, local news has reported that our three large hospitals are now so empty that they are letting workers go due to no work. One beautiful new hospital is on the verge of bankruptcy due to having no patients/no work. Empty ERs. Nothing going on. Whatever you've been seeing in the news that you read does not appear to be happening in reality anywhere around here.



But there is a lot of evidence that masks save lives, cases and deaths dropping according to how common masks are. Who can be certain they are not carrying Covid? I don’t think anyone can be, nor can they assume that those around them are not carrying it. I put up a video of a Czech girl demonstrating how to make a mask from a t-shirt with only scissors, no sewing. Can we not assume that every single person in the country, probably the world, has a t-shirt they could make a few snips and turn into a mask which would block the virus in droplets? I’ve never seen anyone so poor they didn’t even have a shirt.

I can’t imagine that there’s anyone unaware of the mask recommendation, and it makes sense. I would have to talk to those not wearing them to find out their reasons. My 92 year old neighbor said they’re just not her, but her daughter brings her everything she needs and she hasn’t gone out in public since March. I felt odd the first time I wore it. There’s normalcy bias, reluctance to look strange. But it saves lives, and sets a good example. Maybe the good-hearted people you refer to aren’t well-informed, or maybe those in their circle think it looks silly. When my daughter was a baby, one friend said babies sleep better on their stomach, I said there was much less SIDS if you put them on their back to sleep. My father wanted me to use a car seat for Cecily that he had gotten for me when I was a baby. It was not modern, not as firmly affixed as modern ones are. Both of them were kind and loving, but they were wrong on these topics. I don’t know, I’d like to know why the people you refer to don’t wear masks. I saw a couple at the supermarket last week examining something together, without masks. They stood out because nearly everyone else was wearing them. There is no good reason not to.

Angus Files

Faulty coronavirus kits suspected as GOAT and FRUIT test positive in Tanzania..OH DEAR!

Coronavirus test kits have aroused suspicions in Salaam, Tanzania after results taken from goats and fruit came back positive in what the country’s leader has dubbed a “technical error.” Tanzanian president John Magufuli memorably raised eyebrows earlier this week for touting an anti-COVID herbal tonic despite no scientific evidence that it cured the coronavirus.

Magufuli claimed he tried to vet the quality of the disease-detection equipment, which was reportedly imported from abroad, by having his security forces obtain random samples from goats, sheep and a local fruit called a pawpaw, Reuters reported. The sub-Saharan nation’s leader said he then assigned them human names and ages and delivered them to lab technicians who were purposefully unaware of their animal origins, in a bizarre blind test.

It was clear something was awry when both the goats and the pawpaw tested positive for the coronavirus. Currently Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report there’s no evidence that a fruit can contract COVID-19, although a variety of animals have recently been diagnosed with the disease, including cats, a dog and tigers at New York City’s Bronx Zoo.


Pharma For Prison




Sweden is at the northern end of Europe. Coronavirus has not yet stricken it extremely hard, as it has not yet hit any Scandinavian country extremely hard. But Sweden, because it didn’t lock down, caused three thousand of its citizens to die, when its neighbors who locked down would only have had a thousand. So Sweden waged an immense gamble with their lives. At this time no one knows how many of those who recover from Covid have immunity or how long it lasts: some studies indicate that it may in many cases last only eight months, if it develops at all. In some it might last two or three years. At this time no one thinks it will be permanent. Sweden, like nearly everyone else, has done little antibody testing. Everyone is expecting a new, more severe wave of cases and deaths this fall, and it is likely that the disease will move in to those areas not hard hit this time. We live in the Midwest, in Missouri, where the big cities of St. Louis and Kansas City have suffered a lot of cases and deaths, but I think it’s less than five hundred deaths for the state, not that many compared to other places. Columbia, with a population of about 100,000, just reached a hundred cases total, one death (someone who had traveled in northern Italy), only five cases active now. Most people are following all the rules.

All epidemics end, even with no vaccine or effective treatment. But we may be in for more waves, and many speculate that areas not affected much this go-round may be much more severely affected next time.

SARS just disappeared without anyone’s having done much to control it. It doesn’t seem likely that Covid will do the same, but it’s possible. It’s certain that it will change. If it’s like most viruses, it will become milder and cause fewer deaths. People’s immune systems will adapt to it and resist it better. I think the winners will be those who held it at arm’s length. And most people, like with cancer, say, want to delay death for as long as possible. The few antibody tests done in Sweden shows only a small percentage with antibodies. And it’s very likely that three years from now they will have none. So ultimately Sweden will just have thrown away at least two thousand lives for no reason. While Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland will have done a much better job at protecting their citizens’ lives by their lockdowns. I can’t see a scenario in which Sweden comes out a winner by having refused to lock down.

Donna L.

Cia, I would have to disagree with your statement: "I expect everyone to wear a mask in public: if they don't, they are expressing total lack of concern for other people's lives and health. They ought to feel ashamed."
The times that we've been out in public during this stupid plandemic, it has been the people without masks who have been the most incredibly kind, patient and helpful toward my son with severe autism. Conversely, I've seen some truly ugly behavior exhibited by freaked out, mask and glove-wearing people.
I don't think we can divide humanity into either purely angelic or completely evil, and especially not based upon whether or not someone is wearing a face mask. It's all shades of gray. Life is messy. Very messy.

Angus Files

Sweden, unlike its Scandinavian neighbors, made different decisions to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. It issued no mandatory orders. It did not require its citizens to shelter at home.

True, as of May 4, more Swedes had contracted and died from the coronavirus (2,679 total deaths, a rate of 263.08 per 1 million people) than people in Norway (211, rate of 39.7) and Denmark (484, rate of 83.49). But fewer when adjusted for its population size compared with the U.K. (28,446 deaths, a rate of 427.83), Spain (25,264, rate of 540.71), France (24,864, rate of 371.18) and Italy (28,884, rate of 477.96).

It also remains to be seen whether, in the long run, the actions taken by other Scandinavian countries will result in fewer lives lost. This is because Sweden appears to be achieving "herd immunity" faster than other countries and because experts expect another spike in cases when lockdowns are lifted.Furthermore, the rationale for the lockdowns is to prevent a country's health care system from being overburdened. If that is goal, Sweden has achieved it. Its hospitals, intensive care units and emergency rooms have not been overburdened, and the country has had no shortage of medical equipment.

Dr. Anders Tegnell, the state epidemiologist of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, in early April said, "I'm not sure that there is a scientific consensus on, really, about anything when it comes to this new coronavirus, basically because we don't have much evidence for any kind of measures we are taking."
Tegnell later explained: "We can install limited quarantine measures, but it is not legally feasible to lock down cities or regions — let alone the entire country. ... All (European) countries already have the virus, so why close the borders now? We are more concerned about the mobility within Sweden."

Instead, Tegnell urged "personal responsibility" while admitting there is still a lot that he and other experts just do not know about the virus.


Pharma For Prison




I differ from you in that respect. I expect everyone to wear a mask in public: id they don't, they are expressing total lack of concern for other people's lives and health. They ought to feel ashamed. Every place which has mandated masks has seen a drastic reduction in cases.



I just got these statistics at Worldometers.info, current as of today. I'll put the figures into my calculator after I paste the figures for the world and for the US.

World Coronavirus Cases:

US Coronavirus Cases:

Everyone recognizes that it's impossible to give an accurate figure, both because most of active cases have not yet ended in either death or recovery, and because many deaths are from Covid, but not being recognized or recorded as such. Bearing that in mind, for the world at this time: 6.43% mortality, for the US, 5.9% mortality.


Given how hard it is to get clean data on infection rates versus fatality rates, I thought this article might be useful. In Germany, with 15% testing positive, 20% of those people had no symptoms at all, and the death rate is 0.37 percent.
From the article
Approximately 15 percent of Gangelt had been infected. The total number of infections allows us to determine the infection fatality rate. In Gangelt, the IFR after the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak is 0.37 percent," says lead investigator Prof. Dr. Hendrik Streeck, Director of the Institute for Virology at the University Hospital Bonn.

A 20% percent death rate would mean that 1 person in 5 was dying ,which just is not happening. In the admittedly rural town where I live, everyone pretty much knows everyone. Multiple people have got sick with COVID type symptoms, some did not want to be tested, multiple people could not get a test, some got told what to do through a teleconference with their doctor, but none of them ended up in the hospital. At least one person was prescribed an inhaler.And in most families, not everyone got sick.
We do have one person locally who is finally having an essential surgery that was put on hold, completely COVID unrelated..
Right now, when we go out to the store, most people socially distance, ( though in the countryside here,a lot of people seem to visit each other quietly) but almost no one ( except us and the checkout people) wear a mask. It seems in some circles to almost be a point of pride not to. As I mentioned before, we do wear a mask, but we are definitely in the minority. If people were dropping dead at a rate of 1 in 5 (20%) from a virulent virus that was spreading massively through people not wearing a mask, we should be having deaths in droves.
If one in five were dropping dead around here, given the fact of small town gossip and a local mail lady who knows everyone,( and bless her, calls people personally to let them know if they need to pick a package up from their mail box; gotta love a small town :) ) we would all know about it.
I suspect that overall, the German percentage of 0.37 deaths per 100, probably will end up representing what is happening around here as well. For other places, I don't know, but it seems likely that overall, being in a "quarantined " nursing home is the biggest predictor of death.
From the article
Yale professor describes as ‘staggering’ research that reveals more than half of all deaths in 14 US states from elderly care facilities
If we are going to say that quarantine for everyone is the answer, then we have to ask why the most quarantined population in the U.S is still dying. Certainly, in New York the answer is obvious, but not everyone is sending or accepting COVID positive patients in nursing homes. Why does quarantine not protect the nursing home patients, if quarantine is truly capable of doing so?


This is how it’s done.



Austria mandated masks and saw cases within weeks drop by 90%. Czechia and Slovakia the same. Their people all got involved in a massive Masks4All campaign and saw a huge drop in cases. If you’re not wearing masks in public at this time, it’s because you can’t be bothered to do the least thing to protect your own health or that of others.

Look at the charts of diagnosed cases and fatalities at Worldometers.info. Get some concrete facts before mouthing propaganda like In reality, everyone’s already gotten it and has antibodies (except for the many thousands who continue every day for unknown reasons to get and die of it). There’s no point in my copying out statistics. You do it if you think you have a meaningful point to make. Covid has a shockingly high death rate. It’s 20% of diagnosed cases which need hospitalization (less than one percent for flu), 5% of the total , which is one-quarter of those hospitalized) need treatment in the ICU, and of those ICU patients, about half die, about two and a half percent of the total. But that varies from place to place and depends on hospitals not being crashed. It seems to be going up everywhere. In other words, if we just end the lockdowns and don’t even wear masks, millions will die in the US. Right now in Ecuador and Brazil, it’s like in Wuhan, Milan, Madrid, London, NYC. People dying on the floor of waiting rooms or at the hospital, dead bodies overflowing morgues, mass graves being dug and filled by dozens of coffins crammed in touching each other. You’d have to work very hard to deny this and still resolve to do nothing to stop it. But obviously a lot of people have banded together with the like-minded to do just that.



"Most people think it’s right and proper to enact measures for special times to limit the damage which would otherwise be done, in this case death in between six and twenty percent of the large number who get it"

I have not seen any evidence of this virus killing 6-20% of people that are infected. This might the the case fatality rate for people who get sick enough to visit a hospital and get tested.

The case fatality rate (CFR) is not the same as the infection fatality rate (IFR)

One can't use the numbers from sites like Worldometer without adding some context of what they really mean.

The percentage of people who are infected and die is below 1% and very possibly far below that.

The virus is probably several times deadlier than the flu but it's not anywhere near 6-20%.

Michael S.

Cia - I am putting a portion of one of your responses here in quotes:

"So we had 20,000 new cases reported yesterday. They keep changing the US case fatality rate as things develop, but I think it’s 6% at this time. So of that 20,000, 1,200 will probably die within the next few weeks. Plus all the others diagnosed on different days. Is your love of untrammeled liberty such that you are willing to sign the death warrant of 1,200 people a day? Most of these people will die because people failed to follow the common sense rules. I’d have to do a different calculation for the UK. And if all the restrictions are lifted, it would be far more than that."

Anyone who frequents this site has had access to mountains of PROOF that 1.) The CDC has been falsifying statistics with regard to annual flu deaths (and related causes) and the safety and efficacy of vaccines 2.) The Mainstream News Organizations and official government centers of information are OWNED by Big Pharma, and most likely ANY and ALL statistics you see from those organizations have been cooked in order to sell the lie that vaccines are the answer to every problem.

Additionally, there is ample PROOF from health care professionals working in the business that have reported that they are being pressured from higher ups to list nearly every death as being from Covid-19, even though it may be obvious that the person had several serious co-morbidities that are sure to have killed the patient.

I could go on and on, but let me get to my point: When you quote a fatality rate as "6%" from MSM sources, your argument becomes ineffective because anyone who has looked behind the curtain can determine that those numbers are highly inflated for the purpose of causing hysteria which you appear to be a victim of.

As far as the masks go, it more of a sign of compliance than a fool-proof way to stop virus transmission - That would take real haz-mat suits and decontamination chambers.

This "Bill Gates Plandemic 1" - like many other recent media blitzes i.e. The War on Terror or the 24/7 news cycles reporting mass shootings - is just another main stream "protection racket." They are selling a form of terror to scare you into buying into some "insurance" that will ultimately destroy us and our way of life.



What diseases do you have in mind? Cholera was terrible, but once they realized how it was spread, drastic measures were put in place to control it. When it was realized that yellow fever was spread by mosquitoes which bred in pools of standing water, inspectors visited every home in affected areas and assessed heavy fines for homeowners who had even the smallest pool of standing water on their premises. Wow, I’d love to see the indignation of lovers of liberty at this invasion of their privacy and obnoxious interference in their right to have rain water in their patio. But by golly, rates of yellow fever plunged drastically where these coercive measures were taken.

What do you think was comparable to Covid in the past? In the polio years, it was common for beaches and pools to be closed regardless of how lovers of liberty felt about it. Diphtheria was terrible, but I can’t think of any public health measure taken to control it. The vaccine, of course, which I think nearly everyone eagerly took. And some suffered severe consequences as a result.

What serious contagious disease in the US have we had in the US with an R0 of over 4 and a six to ten percent mortality? That has resulted in the diagnosis of the disease in over a million Americans in less than three months’ time? If you can name one or more of them, we can discuss it. I’ll give you diphtheria, but I think diphtheria struck terror in the hearts of all parents before the vaccine: no one accepted it with equanimity. Can you provide any source which held that it was their God-given right to contract diphtheria and they would defend to the death their right to get it and spread it to others?

Donna L.

Cia, Yes, I am obeying all of the rules, and yes, if I knew I were the one and only thing in the entire universe that could have possibly made another person sick, I would feel badly. But I don't expect or demand that anyone else out there take any precautions to protect me from any virus. And I certainly wouldn't want anyone shamed or fined or otherwise punished for not going out of their way to protect little old insignificant me.


I respect the right of every human to do what is in the best interest of her survival.
I respect the right of every human to do what she asserts is in the best interest of her children’s survival. CIA, it’s not a zero sum game. You do you beautiful lady, just please let me do them.

Laura Hayes

Good article in The New American:




The question is what balanced and proportionate mean when the stakes are so high. Usually most of us circulate without much thought to contagious diseases around us. Fine. But at this time nearly every country in the world has a lot of people catching and spreading a very dangerous disease. Most people think it’s right and proper to enact measures for special times to limit the damage which would otherwise be done, in this case death in between six and twenty percent of the large number who get it. Eighty percent of Americans were against ending the lockdowns now, fearing that while the lockdowns reduced cases and deaths while they were in place, now they will explode again. Some predict the lockdowns will be reinstated in June, probably for three months.


We are staying home but it’s very hard on my daughter. Are you out and about? You asked me a question, now let me ask you. Are you wearing a mask when you go out and are you planning to do so for the foreseeable future. We are and will. This is a hypothetical question, maybe you are wearing a mask, social distancing, and so on. You, like all of us, could get the disease and be contagious for some length of time. Assuming maybe you might go out and hypothetically decided not to use any personal protection. Would you feel a sense of responsibility if you knew that you had given the disease to someone and their health was permanently degraded by the disease or they died of it? That’s the heart of the matter. What would go through your mind and heart if you knew that you could have easily prevented someone from getting the disease, but because you didn’t, they suffered grievous consequences?

John, I ask you that question as well. The founding fathers assumed that Americans would exercise our liberty responsibly and would always respect the rights of others, which places limits on one’s own liberty.

Liberty which is not exercised within limits established by reason and compassion becomes libertinage, and libertines are considered dissolute and self-indulgent, contemptible, undeserving of any respect.

Donna L.

Cia, I really don't understand. If you are so unbelievably terrified of this virus, and if it is really no problem for you and your daughter to just stay inside your home indefinitely (which I have to assume it must be, since you absolutely cannot fathom why it is so difficult/impossible for the rest of us horrible, horrible (!) people to do so), why don't you and your daughter just stay inside your home and hide from the virus indefinitely? Would that not solve your entire problem without working yourself into some sort of judgmental frenzy? I ask in all honesty.

John Stone


I think US politicians should be reminded that their nation will mean nothing if they finally abandon its founding principle of liberty, and that any legislation should be balanced and proportionate.


A mention was made of an ankle bracelet to keep track of family members living with a Covid patient in isolation. It is unfortunate that this should be necessary to ensure that those in quarantine stay in quarantine, but the reason for it is a good one. If you live with a Covid positive person, there’s a good chance that you will get it yourself, and then, as the millions of Covid cases in the world now show, you could easily transmit it to others, 6 to possibly as many as 20% will die as a direct result. Isn’t that a good reason to temporarily restrain someone’s movement?

Here in Missouri, one of the first cases here, in March, was in a girl who had been studying abroad in northern Italy. She tested positive, and continued to live with her family in St. Louis. All members are her family were supposed to remain in quarantine for the prescribed period. The girl’s sister went to a school which was having a father-daughter dance. And the father and daughter broke quarantine to go to the dance. As a result, the entire school was closed for a period of time (shortly before all schools were closed), in order to do deep cleaning and sterilization of the entire school. Just because of the irresponsibility and lack of consideration of the lives of others of these two people.

I’d really like to know how those who believe it’s ethically and morally correct to flout these measures can justify it. What would you say to the relatives of those who do as a result.

Good points, Michael. So what happens when a lot of individuals decide that it’s all right to act in a way which results in the loss of the life of others? I think the government should pass laws protecting lives and should enforce them.

John Stone


I think it is a paranoid view. There all sorts of hypothetical things that we might do to our fellow citizens or they might do to us but even now there has to be some balance in the law. This cedes everything to the state. To be real, for at least the first 150 years of the United States the daily threat to individual health from manifold diseases would have been much worse than COVID, nasty though it is. But if someone had told people they had to put up with this level of oppression to avoid these threats they would not have treated it seriously.

The fact is there all sorts of things which government might do to alleviate the situation but they won't because it would subvert the agenda of the tech/pharma complex.

Ramona Baxter

From last week, here is Del Bigtree's interview with Dr. Zach Bush, one of the most brilliant, ethical, and humble of doctors and scientists today. They discuss the microbiome, air pollution, glyphosate, pharma drugs, and vaccines in relation to Covid-19. There is also a spiritual component to the interview tying together birth, death, human life, life on this planet, diversity, viruses, microbes, love, and beauty. It is a magnificent, mind-blowing interview:



Must be obvious to most here that Bill Gates is using his Embrace, extend, and extinguish methods, to now Embrace, extend, and extinguish everything we hold dear.


John your last comment is going to what I think an important discussion we could be having--"What Are Our Policy/Health Recommendations." What is the role of Government? The administration's task force doesn't reflect the broad knowledge and wisdom of AOA and its commenters. AOA would have for a moment in time the voice and presence of MSM.

These policy recommendations would be based on there likely will not be a vaccine that would gain the deserved trust most of us don't have or even a minimally effective toxic therapeutic drug (i.e. Remdesivir). I still haven't concluded the exact origins of sars-cov-2, but I would definitely be putting an end to labs who tinker with these viruses. They are accidents waiting to happen because they are operated by humans at the extreme edge of risk.

I want to know how we move from where we are today, without shaming, with positive reinforcement of sensible ideas, that don't send us into a dystopian Gatesland?



I agree that vaccine mandates are not acceptable. There are many who doubt that an effective, moderately safe vaccine is even possible. It would and should be a matter of free choice whether to get or refuse it. But should everyone have a right to say what he thinks are reasonable measures to prevent spread? A lot of people, as we have seen, are totally unwilling to wear masks, stay at home, stay far back from others, not congregate in large groups, etc., even though these measures save lives. Should my life and Cecily's be subject to the whims of those who don't believe in germs, don't believe in Covid, don't believe that masks prevent spread, or maybe are infected themselves and would like to infect others as well? Nearly all of the thousands diagnosed just yesterday, or today, were infected by those not taking the measures above, and we have seen that many insist that it is their absolute right not to take them, no matter what the consequences to others.

We are not talking about allowing a vaccine to be injected into us. We're talking about wearing a mask, not going to parties, etc. Why do many consider it totally beyond the pale to be asked not to infect others with this germ? What gives anyone the right to do something which puts the lives of others into palpable danger?

Some might say that it is the principle of the thing. Give me liberty or give me death, mine and that of everyone else! But if one group acts as though it doesn't think the lives of others are worth donning a mask to protect, or staying several steps away from, I think it would cause many to consider these people so inconsiderate of the lives of others, their moral values so skewed from the norm, that their arguments against a mandatory vaccine might be valued as those of people of faulty judgment, and so less likely to be evaluated as serious arguments. And I say that as someone who agrees that mandatory vaccination is morally wrong and permanently damaging to the health of many of the recipients.

Laura Hayes

WA falls first:


John Stone


We are heading for micro-control of our lives or what is left of them by pharma/tech in perpetuity - presently we are living out the great dream of Bill Gates and his cronies (we don’t have to make it up because it is just what they are telling us). Actually, in previous times people were prepared to lay down their lives for liberty. In some ways it was pathetic to contrast the VE celebrations with our present political prostration before pharma. The retreat of Dunkirk (bitter though it was) was at least on its way somewhere. But unless we take great care now we will end in another 1,000 Year Reich with ever more sacrifices required. I don’t think AoA needs to take it from LA Times.

The LA Times could tell us to take Vitamin D: occasionally mainstream mentions that but they snigger at C, or zinc or selenium. They would never suggest people might reconsider some immunity lowering medications. They never cease their unending hate campaign against us. They are not on our side.

The point is not that we should not have tracking but we should not have it on their terms.

Laura Hayes

One more comment I would like to add:

With regard to the recent unveiling of the next part of the "Pandemic 1" plan, i.e. "contact tracers", I would call them the modern day version of the Gestapo, minus the secret part, as the evil ones clearly have zero fear or hesitation when broadcasting their intentions. And, my oh my, how quickly the CDC got its Contact Tracing page up and running:


I heard that the WSJ had an article today about the need for 100,000 contact tracers, recommended by "5 public health organizations". As I have written before, beware of the words "public health", as they refer to that which is anything but.

Lastly, enough of the "Stay Strong" and "Stay Safe" signs...I say, "Stay Free" is the sign we need to see!



3,877 new cases in the UK, 210 new deaths yesterday. Same reasoning. Why throw these lives away?



Over 20,000 new cases were reported in the US yesterday, with 750 deaths (yesterday). These numbers are lower than eb being taken. These figures are not from the LA Times. I have no reason to believe that the report of the birthday party at which a symptomatic girl infected others, causing some to be hospitalized, was false. But let’s say it was. How do you think the 20,000 cases new yesterday contracted the disease? Every single last one of them contracted it from someone positive for CV. To prevent more cases and more deaths, you HAVE to prevent transmission. You do this by using masks, staying away from other people, and disinfecting everything which infected people might have gotten their germs on. This is not nefarious. This is common sense. You asked last week why the U.K. had such high numbers. It is because the U.K. is the most densely populated country in the world Nd it’s very hard to stay away from other people’s germs. Also, the UK, like the US, have a lot of people unwilling to adapt their behavior to reduce the transmission of germs. To me, horror of having an authority record contacts of an infected person to warn them and quarantine them is like struggling with a fireman carrying you down a ladder to rescue you from a burning house. Could his REAL intention be to rob you en route or at the bottom?

Korea and other Asian countries are using apps so that when someone is diagnosed with Covid, his phone anonymously identifies the phones that have been close to it recently, and sends a message about it to their owners, who, if they have a sense of social responsibility, will get a test and if they’re positive, self-isolate. I think that’s a great idea.

So we had 20,000 new cases reported yesterday. They keep changing the US case fatality rate as things develop, but I think it’s 6% at this time. So of that 20,000, 1,200 will probably die within the next few weeks. Plus all the others diagnosed on different days. Is your love of untrammeled liberty such that you are willing to sign the death warrant of 1,200 people a day? Most of these people will die because people failed to follow the common sense rules. I’d have to do a different calculation for the UK. And if all the restrictions are lifted, it would be far more than that.

John Stone


I think the last time anyone could go to LA Times without a heap lies was when they published on the Hilleman memo in 2005


but they have a sickening record hyping measles and pressing for mandates: dishonest to a fault and the owner is a vaccine manufacturer with eyes on his next fortune. There are many sides to this issue but I don’t think we should take it from the LA Times. This disease is indubitably dangerous but we absolutely must not allow pharma to write the narrative.


Dr. Soon-Shiong to Newsmax TV: We're in Talks With FDA About Coronavirus Vaccine

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the head of health and technology network NantWorks, told Newsmax TV on Wednesday that one of his companies is working fast to begin human trials on a possible vaccine for the coronavirus.

Soon-Shiong said that “in order for the country to come back, in order for the economy to come back, in order for people to live a normal life, we need to develop a vaccine.”

He said that his biotech company that has been working on a cancer vaccine has shifted its focus to try and create a vaccine for COVID-19, and that they’ve been in conversation with the Food and Drug Administration “to move very fast to bring this vaccine to the first human trial.”

Soon-Shiong’s company has also been working on a 3-D model of the virus to help researchers.

“When you find out which areas interact best, then you know which sequence it would be best to actually create an antibody against, and that’s part of the vaccine. So, happily, we were able to take this entire sequence… and put that into the vaccine that we’re developing.”

Soon-Shiong, a billionaire and the owner of the Los Angeles Times, is also the chief executive officer for the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation, which recently purchased the former St. Vincent Medical Center in the Westlake District of Los Angeles and announced that it will reopen as a “surge” facility with up to 266 beds for patients with the coronavirus, in cooperation with Kaiser Permanente and Dignity Health.

“I think within the week, this hospital will be open,” the doctor told “National Report,” adding, that California Gov. Gavin Newsom “has really planned ahead, and unfortunately we think the surge is going to be in the next couple of weeks, if that’s going to happen in Los Angeles.”


Same here in the United Kingdom.
UK Column News just aired how Bill Gates is also controlling the British Government and via them the people. His modus operandi appears to be the same as in the US. If your mind’s not already numb from hearing about Billy – here's the webcast. It also covers the other aspects of psychological mind control and coercion being exerted on the British people and helps to expose the common techniques being used by many governments. Maybe not as bad as the human right violations in China — but just give them time...

Laura Hayes

Regarding the 2nd comment to this post:

First mistake is reading or believing anything from the LA Times.

Second, it appears the masterminds behind "Pandemic 1" (as Gates is now calling it) are now gearing up to "adjust" the narrative to include children succumbing to Covid-19...likely part of "the plan", to now "flood the zone" with news of children as victims...with the purpose being to delay the reopening of schools until a vaccine is available and mandated for all...including for students as a requirement to return to school.

For more details on NY now pitching/promoting/socializing that the new normal includes children succumbing, read Bob Moffit's comment here:


And what should I receive in my inbox as I am typing this?


From the article: “Focus first on vaccinating those under 12 and those over 65 – this is a possible first line of defense against disease spread.”

Flooding the zone with the adjusted narrative has begun.

Grace Green

Thank you Kim, and Laura, for highlighting all of this news, and for your humanity and compassion. I'm sure it hasn't escaped readers' attention that there has been some serious psychological bullying going on on this website since the start of this public wickedness.


I get a Covid newsletter from the LATimes. This morning it said that there had been an unexpected surge in cases and deaths as some of the structures are loosened. It said a lot of people are violating the shelter at home rule, giving the example of a girl with symptoms who went to the party, joking that she probably had Covid. She did, and infected several other people, two of whom got critical cases and have been hospitalized. Who is this for? It’s for all those who would get critical cases and maybe die if they are not protected. Are their lives not worth protecting? I say they are, and competent adults will f do everything reasonable to protect them. In this case, how many of you would throw a fit if the sheriff’s department got a list of the names of everyone at the party and phoned them to tell them to stay at home and be on the alert for symptoms? In other words, tracking. And how many would be against this, saying We’ll, if they get Corona, they’ll get Corona. And I personally will pour a Corina over their grave to say Sorry for having caused their death. But hey, who cares? That’s the way it goes!

Laura Hayes

To add to the heap of reprehensible and shameful behavior by those in positions of power, watch this from Australia (warning: do not watch with children in the room):


And let’s not forget this recent scene in CA, including a sharpshooter on the roof:


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