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Lipstick Sales to PLUMMET in CT (Business Opening Criteria in Connecticut)

Lipstick blotYesterday, Governor Lamont in Connecticut announced that the following business will be able to open on the 20th of May. The criteria for opening are listed. For example, no blow dryers in hair salons. Embrace your curls, ladies! Limit your conversations. So much for "...Only her hairdresser knows..."  (Look it up, kids. Or scroll to the end of this post for the answer.) 

Dinner dates will sound like this: "dkslkdlsllo skdlsky ksdlskame sjdsls kdslkdschael alsnd alskd'll sdlskde dksld;ksour dksladlskerver...." And you should only remove your mask to eat. Skip the lipstick, it just smears on the mask. Better go to to town on that eye makeup ladies.

Finally, all restaurants will be required to play FOOTLOOSE on an never ending loop. No drinking. And NO DANCING.

Is no one concerned about exposure to serious disinfecting chemicals? Commercial chemicals, if not mixed correctly, can be toxic. And that's a cocktail no one wants, not even during COVID.  KIM

From NBC CT:

The four sectors of business that will be allowed to open on May 20 are restaurants, personal services, retail, and offices.

The guidelines for each of the sectors are as follows:


  • 50-percent capacity
  • Outdoor dining only
  • Tables 6 feet
  • Bars closed
  • Dance floors remain closed
  • Contactless payments preferred
  • High-contact areas and bathrooms cleaned frequently
  • Tables & chairs sanitized between groups
  • Paper or digital menus or posted on chalkboard/whiteboard
  • Packaged or rolled silverware
  • Hand sanitizer & cleaning wipes available at entrance and exit
  • Employees to wear facemasks or cloth face coverings
  • Table servers to wear disposable gloves, changed frequently
  • Customers wear facemasks or cloth face coverings except while dining

The governor is working with his legal team on an executive order to allow restaurants to use their indoor liquor licenses for outdoor serving, according to Lehman.

That order will only contain guidelines and the ultimate decision will lie with the individual municipalities, according to Lehman.

"This needs to work for the municipalities as we reopen the economy," Lehman said. "So, at the state level, we're trying to provide the toolkit to do this quickly and we believe safely, but if certain towns have the view that they don't want their restaurants having outdoor space or their retailers doing a sidewalk sale, they will have the ability to say no to that."

The Connecticut Restaurant Association reacted swiftly to Gov. Lamont's guidelines.

“The plans announced today would be a step toward reopening, but unfortunately not nearly a big enough step to save hundreds of restaurants from going out of business in the weeks ahead," Connecticut Restaurant Association Executive Director Scott Dolch said in a statement. "This plan would keep the inside of restaurants closed at the same time other industries are opening up, even those who also serve customers indoors. Our local restaurant industry knows that things cannot return to normal right away, but as malls and hair salons and others are allowed to gradually begin indoor service, as they should be, it’s illogical that restaurants would be constricted to outdoor-only service for so long. And while it’s true that a mask must be removed to eat, it’s also true that in a restaurant patrons stay in one place for almost their entire visit as opposed to browsing or circulating about, and that the area they use is cleaned and sanitized after every use."

Personal Services

For Hair Salons:

  • Maximum 50-percent capacity
  • Appointments only
  • Waiting rooms closed
  • Workstations 6 feet apart
  • Physical barriers where possible
  • Contactless payments preferred
  • Tools soaked in disinfectant between clients
  • Hand sanitizer & cleaning wipes at entrance points
  • High-contact areas & bathrooms cleaned frequently
  • Limit conversation where possible.
  • Employees to wear facemasks and face shields or eye protection
  • Employees to provide clean smock for each customer
  • Customers to wear facemasks or cloth face coverings
  • Increased ventilation and airflow where possible
  • Blow drying hair will be prohibited

"Does she or doesn't she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure..."


Carolyn M

The number of coronavirus cases in Virginia is being manipulated. If an individual tests positive two (or more) times, each positive test is counted as a separate case.

I would not be surprised to discover that Virginia is not the only state doing this.

Angus Files

They missed have a wine glass in each hand to stop face touching...
You notice that all thebig grocery stores arent affected just your small family run shops restaurants all falling like packs of cards...

you know whats good about on here nobody is writting -`keep safe `` `whats wrong with us all,we missing something.

Thanks Kim

Pharma For Prison


Donna L.

"all restaurants will be required to play FOOTLOOSE on a never ending loop"
HA! This is the funniest thing I've read in weeks!
I hope the powers that be realize that all of these idiotic restrictions are only going to backfire tremendously, as anyone who ever attended a Catholic high school can attest to.
Things are going to get very interesting very quickly.

Gary Ogden

Morons in charge. California has just made face mask wearing mandatory for all shopping.

Bob Moffit

Amazing how quickly BIG BROTHER recognized the Covid pandemic crisis as an opportunity to seize control of our daily lives … while denying us the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness as supposedly guaranteed by the US Constitution.

The most frightening loss of freedom and liberty has yet to be accomplished … but the vast army of "monitors" is being assembled as I write .. soon to be armed with high grade technology that will provide this vast army with the weapons by which our freedoms and liberties are TAKEN FROM US.

When did we lose our country????????

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