Autism up 82% in Northern Ireland Schools in 5 Years
Moderna Religion and the COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Further Anomalies of the Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine

image from upload.wikimedia.orgby John Stone

On 27 April a New York Times article reported excitedly the result animal trials of the Oxford Coronavirus vaccine:

"Scientists at the National Institutes of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Montana last month inoculated six rhesus macaque monkeys with single doses of the Oxford vaccine. The animals were then exposed to heavy quantities of the virus that is causing the pandemic... But more than 28 days later all six were healthy, said Vincent Munster, the researcher who conducted the test.."

This would have been just as well because just four days earlier on 23 April Oxford Vaccine Group under the leadership of Andrew Pollard amid immense publicity had begun experimenting on human subjects. On 30 April a contract was announced with AstraZeneca to manufacutre the vaccine, promising to deliver an entirely new vaccine to the market at unprecedented speed by September. The only trouble was that when the results of the animal trial came to light in mid-May it was disclosed that on the contrary all the monkeys had  become ill. The Daily Mail reported:

"In the latest animal trials of the vaccine carried out on rhesus macaques, all six of the participating monkeys went on to catch the coronavirus.

"Dr William Haseltine, a former Harvard Medical School professor, revealed the monkeys who received the vaccine had the same amount of virus in their noses as the three non-vaccinated monkeys in the trial.

This suggests the treatment, which has already received in the region of £90 million in government investment, may not halt the spread of the deadly disease."

Haseltine also commented in Forbes:

"There is a second troubling result of the Oxford paper. The titer of neutralizing antibody, as judged by inhibition of virus replication by successive serum dilutions as reported is extremely low. Typically, neutralizing antibodies in effective vaccines can be diluted by more than a thousand fold and retain activity. In these experiments the serum could be diluted only by 4 to 40 fold before neutralizing activity was lost."

Manifestly, human testing proceeded both against an entirely misleading background, and prematurely - which poses the most serious ethical questions. And now that we know that though the product was defective everything ploughs on regardless - Oxford/AstraZeneca now have contracts for hundreds of millions of rounds of the vaccine from both the British and the United States government.The British government has both a huge financial investment in the product and a reputational one, but it may help that Prof Pollard is both an adviser to the British regulator and chair of the committee recommends vaccine for public use.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.





"Autism" excuse for Dominic Cummings wrongdoing ,it isn'true . 4 days ago .
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May 28 2020

Tartan Ponderosa - Post it notes .
UK Prime Minister's top advisor drops Polaris strength No 2 on No 10's front doorstep!
Not a nuclear one ,just a big crofters, farmhouse, farmyard, strength, smelly one, from a great height!

Did the Beanie-gone-and -done- it, cap , even do a quick visual check of his car tyers before doing a 30 mile trip to a castle to check 2020 vision ,as car not used for at least 10 days ?
Could have driven off with 2 tyres squinty ,one tyre as flat as a pancake !

Three wheels on my wagon /Bloopers YouTube

Angus Files

John and Grace agree with both your viewpoints. Whatever his reasons are I think he must have been pretty desperate and probably facing the daily nightmare dilemma of` if were both ill/dead who is going to look after him` if indeed the lad is autistic. When our son was 4 years I never knew to much about autism nearly zero as your still coming out of denial. So I can imagine him making a knee jerk action, and got it wrong. What a fool to vaccinate if he did that’s what I think also. Whilst this is on-going it takes the media away from America re-opening ,Trump taking a natural remedy first President ever to publicly admit it, and the FBI 1% low life scum facing the chop not to mention China and Hong Kong, zero reporting shhh! nobody will notice..and the band plays on to quote Bob

Pharma For Prison


John Stone

The reality of course is that Cummings’ probably faced his son being taken into care if both parents got seriously ill. I would feel sorry for him if the last several governments had not made life so hard for everybody - and it exposes just the nightmare that confronts all of us because of this barbaric, dishonest policy.

I think Mordaunt makes the point that he hit the road for the long drive north when probably already ill.

Grace Green

Putting it the other way round, maybe those people you know SHOULD have broken the "rules". Maybe we all should. Rules are not laws, and neither are advice, suggestions or urges! And some Ministers such as Gove are now saying if something is an emergency and you have to go out then that's "allowed". Sturgeon even said autistic children may need to go out several times a day, unlike other children. This is why they have made suggestions and not laws - because disability legislation would make any such laws unlawful. I've been in the situation of being a single parent with ME/autism and I do think the danger of such a situation to the child/ren needs to be publicly aired, so perhaps Cummings will have done us all a favour.

John Stone


Further hints here that Cummings’ son is autistic in a scarcely supportive statement from Penny Mordaunt (who actually has to work with him).

Perhaps he was fool enough to get his child vaccinated, but no one in public life ever gets to admit anything.

Angus Files

If true seen .guv ministers before with skin in the game and done nothing..

So it looks as if the next excuse to be wheeled out is that Dominic Cumming's child is autistic.

My child is autistic. I know many families with autistic children.

This is what I have heard of happening for these families during Coronavirus:

- no school (yes I know schools should be taking vulnerable children. But many are not)
- no respite
- no transport to school even if they are open
- regular activities cancelled
- the fear that provision provided by local authorities through Education Health and Care Plans and suspended under the Coronavirus Act will slowly disappear

I know of many single parents alone with their child who are seriously struggling and who did not break the rules during lockdown.

To use autism as an excuse is beyond low. It is revolting and has made me even angrier than I was before

Pharma For Prison


Tim Lundeen

Over and over again we see 80-85% immunity to coronavirus, provided by the innate immune system (first line of defense). When your innate immune system is healthy, they can't detect the virus despite intense exposure.

Of the people in whom coronavirus is detected, a large percentage of them show no symptoms. I don't know for sure, but very likely these people eventually clear the virus via the innate immune system, and do not go on to develop antibodies.

So only a small percentage of people exposed to coronavirus will go on to develop antibodies to it. Antibody testing confirms this, with most people not showing any SARS-Cov-2-specific antibodies.

Basically, we don't need a vaccine -- we pretty much have herd immunity now, and are on the tail-end of the outbreak. Historically these coronavirus episodes are pretty much gone by mid-June or early July, and we are on track for that now. Next year, the same virus will have tough going, with 95%+ of people already immune.

John Stone

Just to add about Cummings, I am sure his project lies completely outside representative politics and in the direction of subordination and enslavement of the populace - even if this is not completely understood even by himself. It is just a matter of having a state machine and running it in an ever more oppressive and coercive ways. But of course Johnson and Gove dote on him.

Jenny Allan

John - Apparently some link beteen GSK and France on Covid-19 vaccine is a done deal. I would be surprised if this interested Dominic Cummings who is far more focussed on getting the Oxford vaccine into production ASAP.

However, as an early riser I hear things on the BBC which are never repeated later. This morning's offerings included some positive information about plasma therapy, rumoured to have been used to help Boris Johnston, and certainly far safer than some hastily introduced vaccine, and also previously tried and tested. Apparently that malaria treatment Hydroxychloroquine is also being used for Covid-19 patients in the UK. The WHO of course is quick to denigrate all Covid-19 alternative therapies.

Apparently, that GSK plant in Barnard Castle is involved in manufacturing Hydroxychloroquine. If Dominic Cummings visited the GSK premises to discuss Covid-19 therapies other than vaccines. I would view this positively, but why the secrecy? Boris has admitted knowing where his adviser was holed up.

I am disgusted by the Oxford Vaccine Group. They have admitted their vaccine does not provide immunity to Covid-19 in primates, so it is unlikely to provide said Covid-19 immunity in humans. To me this should mean the project is abandoned forthwith. Also, the virus is disappearing fast in the UK, suggesting this virus, like SARS and MERS is self limiting. Read this 'bleat' from the OVG, now asking for healthy volunteers to be deliberately infected with a potentially dangerous virus to see if the vaccine works in humans:-
"Oxford University vaccine trial has only a 50% chance of success because virus is vanishing in UK - academics call for human volunteers to be infected
• Government struck a deal for 100 million doses of the jab 'as early as possible'
• Ministers hoped a third of them would be ready to roll out for use in September
• But Prof Adrian Hill said the rapidly disappearing virus is creating problems
• If volunteers don't catch it, scientists can't prove the vaccine makes a difference
• Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19"
PUBLISHED: 23:08, 23 May 2020 | UPDATED: 10:22, 24 May 2020

Bob Moffit

"Manifestly, human testing proceeded both against an entirely misleading background, and prematurely - which poses the most serious ethical questions. And now that we know that though the product was defective everything ploughs on regardless - Oxford/AstraZeneca now have contracts for hundreds of millions of rounds of the vaccine from both the British and the United States government."

How is it possible for the British and US governments to squander "hundreds of millions of rounds" on a vaccine that has proven to be "DEFECTVE"? Those government officials who signed contract for DEFECTIVE vaccine .. as well as .. those Oxford/AstraZeneca officials who SOLD THE DEFECTIVE vaccine .. should be PROSECUTED FOR FRAUDLENTLY CONSPIRING TO SELL DEFECTIVE VACCINE.

BOTH government and corporate officials are equally GUILTY OF DEFRAUDING THE PEOPLE OF U.K AND U.S. They would have made historical con-man PONZI proud.

Angus Files

The WHO at work ransom paid until the next demand and people vaccinated with what? and giving it to the young NUTS...

University of Oxford coronavirus vaccine: everything we know so far
A million doses of their experimental Covid-19 vaccine could be ready as early as September, Oxford scientists say

Jordan Kelly-Linden
26 May 2020 • 12:28pm

A potential coronavirus vaccine being developed at the University of Oxford has been trialled on people from April 23, Matt Hancock revealed at a Government briefing.

The vaccine project, which is being run by the Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine Group, will also receive a further £20 million in funding from the Government.

“We are going to back them to the hilt and give them every resource they need to give them the best chance of success,” the Health Secretary said.

The new injection of cash will go straight into funding the clinical trails, Professor Andrew Pollard, Chief Investigator on the study and Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity at the University of Oxford, said.

"Almost all of that funding will be going on the clinical trial development programme to make sure that we can fully test the vaccine in healthy younger adults," Prof Pollard told Sky News following the Government's announcement.

"Then we'll move on to test the vaccine in other age groups," he said.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


It looks to me as if GSK have a small plant in Barnard Castle which Dom might not have found to his taste - very different from the gigantic steel and glass palace near London Heathrow Airport. I am happy to go with his account for the moment that he took his wife and child on a 60 mile drive to test his vision! I was more interested in his mention of the fact that he had written articles about the need for a coronavirus vaccine prior to the present episode, while his wife as commissioning editor of the Spectator would have published the article by “the fattest, charity fat cat of them all”, Seth Berkley calling for antivaxxers to be banned from social media.

As we know bannning antivaxxers from social media has also become an agenda of the British government. According to wiki:

“Cummings has described his political views as "not Tory (Conservative), libertarian, 'populist' or anything else"

Perhaps ‘extreme authoritarian technocratic bully’ would cover it.

Jenny Allan

The present row in the UK over Covid-19 infected Government Adviser Dominic Cummings' 260mile (against the lockdown rules) drive to Durham to isolate with his family in a second home, contains a curious defence for his subsequent 60mile round trip to Barnard Castle (from Durham) with his family on board. Initially we were told this was for a nice family river walk on his wife's birthday. He now claims this was to 'test his eyesight', in case of damage by Covid-19, before driving back to London to get 'vaccine deals done' and 'overide the regulations'. He has now denied having a walk at Barnard Castle, but admits to sitting on a bench (also against the regs at the time).

A Scottish blogger, presently being prosecuted by the Scottish Government for alleged contempt of court for his reporting of the Salmond trial, has pointed out Barnard Castle is headquarters of vaccine manufacturers GSK, and suggested the REAL reason for Dominic Cummings' trip to Barnard Castle was part of this 'getting vaccine deals done'.

Furthermore former CEO of GSK, Sir Andrew Witty, ( who presided over the China GSK bribery scandal) has recently and very quietly taken up a temporary position with the WHO to push Covid-19 vaccines. As Brian Deer says 'Go Figure!'
Ex-GSK chief Witty to head WHO’s coronavirus vaccine drive
April 16, 2020
"Former GlaxoSmithKline chief executive Sir Andrew Witty has taken a leave of absence from his current day job to lead the push to develop vaccines for COVID-19 at the World Health Organization (WHO).
Witty is expected to return to his current role at US group United Health’s Optum health services business by the end of the year, and is due to take up the new WHO role next Monday, according to a press statement.
The timeline is interesting given the often-repeated assertion that it will be 12 to 18 months before a vaccine is likely to be widely available, although some experts suggest the first candidates could be cleared for emergency-use – in healthcare workers for example – within the next 3-6 months.
Witty’s appointment to the UN agency comes less than 24 hours after President Trump pulled funding for the WHO, claiming it had mismanaged the coronavirus crisis, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s pledge to make up $150 million of the approximately $400 million shortfall."

Morag /05
Health and care staff recruited to trial covid-19...NHSGGC NHS Glasgow and Clyde .
4 days ago
UK Column News 25 May 2020

Highlighting standards / Health and safety risk assessments !
Roles and responsibilities and safeguarding issues of political advertising ?
WHO, wants to teach your wee ewe's, What exactly? Taking the core temperature of the core /common purpose! education menu.

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