In Which New Jersery Denies FAPE
A New Route for Harm: Autism in the New Paper by Exley and Mold

COVID 19 Tips and Tools from the Natonal Autism Association

NAA logoOur friends at the National Autism Association have tremendous resources for autism families. Here is a smattering. Pop over to their site here to see the full array of help.  THANK YOU NAA!

COVID-19 Resources for Families and Individuals

Teaching Tools for Individuals with Autism:

Tips for Caregivers and Individuals:

See more at the NAA site HERE.



Grace - Thank you!
That is a very helpful suggestion.

Grace Green

This is very difficult for autistic people. I am an adult (67 years old) with "mild" autism, which I only found out about in my fifties. It has taken me years to understand that people are not always speaking the truth, and I still have to remind myself every time.
You could try playing some games with your son, in which you say something, and then demonstrate that it's not true. Then test him with a few examples - is this true or false? Then when listening to the news remind him of the games and get him to apply them to what is being said. Once we "get" something we start to enjoy it as a game - hence the delight of people who have a difficulty with language when they finally understand the pun!


Kim - National?

And I have a question for the wider parents community:
for those of our children who are doing better but still have issues with language and understanding, how do you teach our children NOT to take everything they hear / see on the "news" at face value?

Growing up in former USSR, we absorbed our skepticism of official propaganda pretty much with mothers milk. But I am totally at a loss of how to explain that to my grown up son with autism. I spent twenty years teaching him to trust what he was told.

So what now?

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