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CDC Claims Adult Autism Rate Same as Pediatric

Numbers puzzleBy Anne Dachel

Adults have just as much autism as children, the CDC says so

Those who promote the idea that today’s kids with autism are nothing new, are now making the claim again. We’re to believe that there have always been lots of  people on the spectrum, we just called them something else.

As I’ve said for years, show us the adults with autism. Of course they can’t. They’ve pretended to. In 2009 a British study claimed to have found the same rate among adults by means of a phone survey.

The results were immediately used to support the denial of a link between vaccines and autism: Sept 22, 2009, UK Guardian: Autism just as common in adults, so MMR jab is off the hook

Autism is as common among adults as it is in children, according to the world's first big study of its prevalence, undermining the theories of those who claim the MMR jab is responsible for the rising toll in recent years.

The survey, carried out by the National Centre for Social Research in collaboration with the University of Leicester, shows that one in 100 adults in England have an autism spectrum disorder, which can range from a serious disability to difficulties in socialising, and includes some people with extraordinary artistic talents.

It is important to establish the NO REAL INCREASE claim right now, just like it was used in 2009.

If autism has always been here, then the dramatic increase in the vaccine schedule isn’t related to the explosion in the autism rate. It’s all just better diagnosing.

IF we’re headed to a massive push for COVID 19 vaccine for everyone, the whole vaccine debate is likely to surface. It’s time to once again guarantee that there is no evidence of serious side effects especially in children.

So if anyone wonders why there’s suddenly a new autism/adults study in the midst of the pandemic, that’s why.

CNN put out the original story on May 11, 2020,  https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/11/health/autism-adults-cdc-health/index.html and local TV news outlets around the country republished it.

The first US study of autism in adults estimates that 2.2% of Americans adults have an autism spectrum condition.

That adds up to 5.4 million people age 18 and older, or about 1 in 45 people, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday.

"This is the first CDC study to provide estimates of the number of U.S. adults with autism and fills a gap in data on adults living with autism spectrum disorder in the United States because there is no existing surveillance system to collect this information," the CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities said in a statement. …

Because it's an estimate, true numbers may be above or below 2.2%, the team said.

"The findings from this study can help states determine the need for diagnosing and providing services to adults in the United States who remain unidentified with ASD," the CDC said.Stations like CBS Pittsburgh, ABC/CBS Idaho Falls, ID, CBS Baltimore and others put out the same piece giving the public no details on how the findings were reached.

Disability Scoop however gave readers details and the whole thing is just projection. The CDC looked at the statistics for children with autism in the various states used to come up with the rate for autism among eight year olds and then extrapolated the rate to include adults, coming up with total number in the millions.

May 13, 2020, Disability Scoop: CDC Researchers: Over 5 Million US Adults Have Autism

CDC researchers looked at autism prevalence rates for kids reported through the National Survey of Children’s Health — an annual government survey that asks parents across the nation if they’ve ever been told by a health care provider that their child has autism — between 2016 and 2018. Then, they estimated adult prevalence by adjusting the children’s numbers to account for mortality as people age and cross-referenced the figures with Census data on the population of each state.

How is this science?

So we are to believe that children and adults are equally affected by autism because the CDC says they are. If one in 45 children have autism, then one in 45 adults must too. Applying a little math to the total adult population, they come up with 5 million. There you have it.

This is the dictatorial power of public health officials who are answerable to no one, and of course no one among their faithful puppets in the media would ever  challenge anything.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Philippa Hart

My son is a young adult with autism. he was born in 1991 and is now 28 years old. In his first 3 days of life he was given IVF antibiotics & the Hep B vaccine (the Hep B was given without my knowledge or consent, I did not have Hep B.) He went on to have most of the prescribed childhood schedule of vaccines for the time. This is the time when amongst other things the amount of mercury in the vaccines was 4 times over the recommended limit. The huge increase in numbers (of both vaccines and autism) started after the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was introduced. So those born from this time to 2002 are now young adults, some will be 33 years old now.

Jill in MI

Will - I completely agree with "man made environmental issue cause autism and many diseases and mental conditions." Of course, the single most pervasive man-made environmental injury affecting children are vaccines. They bypass all normal safeguards in a child's body - starting right out of the gate at 12 hours after birth. If it were just a simple matter of children eating the same food, drinking the same water, etc., then why is it worldwide? I love how they are NOW worried about Kawasaki affecting children. I wonder how much money is actually spent keeping the reality of autism numbers and what the future is going to look like caring for this overwhelming population under the radar? Maybe we can get that guy from the UK who did the original model for Co-Vid 19 to do a "model" for autism? (Sarcasm intended. No offense to our awesome UK posters.)


"Autism" is over diagnosed in both children and adults. Many of these of these people with "autism" have Schizoid personality disorder, ADHD, and OCD usually two of these three disorders. They have some over lap with autism so now doctors and psychologist over diagnosed autism for financial gain or peer pressure. I do not agree most autism cases are vaccine related but man made environmental issue cause autism and many diseases and mental conditions.

Raymond Gallup

The CDC is like the NIH, worthless. The FDA, CDC and NIH are connected at the hip to the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical lobbyists. Many people who work for the pharmaceutical companies transfer to either the CDC, NIH or FDA positions or vice versa.

One interesting article online regarding the CDC and vaccines:

CDC Admits In Federal Court They Have No Evidence “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism”


Stipulated Order Proving CDC Has No Studies To Support Claim That Vaccines Given in First 6 Months of Life Do Not Cause Autism



Ray Gallup

Angus Files

No conflicts of course Billy boy..another Uni bites the dust..

“The survey, carried out by the National Centre for Social Research in collaboration with the University of Leicester, shows that one in 100 adults in England have an autism spectrum disorder, which can range from a serious disability to difficulties in socialising, and includes some people with extraordinary artistic talents.
It is important to establish the NO REAL INCREASE claim right now, just like it was used in 2009.”

Billy`s Foundation
University of Leicester
Date: April 2016
Purpose: to develop a bacteriophage to destroy the diarrhea-causing bacterium Shigella, which is a leading cause of death in children under five years old in the developing world, and study its effect on the microbial populations in the gut
Amount: $100,000
Term: 24
Topic: Discovery and Translational Sciences
Program: Global Health
Grantee Location: Leicester
Grantee Website: https://le.ac.uk/


Pharma For Prison


Anita Donnelly

We need to get some video showing the different conditions labeled autism.
Show a bright temple grandin type all the way to a child who is deeply non verbal and is in diapers at 22.
Let’s force them to
1) define well
2) actually count
Will these lies never go away? I keep waiting for the weakening when they realize
That COVID would not have happened the way it has had govt heard cared and responded to what we have been saying for decades. The CDC has lost all trust many years ago. And they wonder why people don’t know what to think or believe about COVID.

Donna L.

Imagine that! All our Thimerosal babies grew up (well at least the ones who didn't die from wandering, drowning, seizures, etc)! What a brilliant discovery these fine scientists have made. Your tax dollars hard at work once again, folks.


I would venture a guess that adult autism can sometimes be attributed to mercury amalgam fillings.

Sharon D Kistler

This is so absolutely ridiculous given that the explosion of autism started in 1990. So, yes, there are plenty of autistic adults in their 20s and approaching the age of 30. But after that, likely crickets.

This is the same CDC that just asked our government for $100 BILLION for the TRACE Act, aptly numbered 6666 -- the mark of the beast.

The CDC has been a swamp needing to be drained for quite some time, and if it doesn't happen soon, the CDC will be draining our population.

Bob Moffit

Jill .. you beat me to it. My grandson is now 20 years of age .. was diagnosed at 2 with autism .. a disorder his pediatrician at that time knew nothing about .. having never heard of autism throughout his many years studying to be a doctor. Odd no? If autism had always been here surely every doctor would have heard of it in school?

I remember it this way .. autism .. 1 in 10,000 … 1 in 5,000 … 1 in 250 … 1 in 110 .. 1 in 85 … 1 in 35 today.

Why ..if public health authorities and AMA, AAP saw autism's increasing prevalence .. did they do NOTHING about it .. except pat selves on the back for finally being AWARE OF AUTISM???? Don't ever remember anyone trying to "level the curve" of autism .. in fact just the opposite .. waiting for autism to be 1 in by 2032.


Jonathan Rose

Gee, I wonder if Facebook is going to block this "misinformation".

Jill in MI

Yes, our children have now grown up and can be counted as adults. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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