Further Anomalies of the Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine

Autism up 82% in Northern Ireland Schools in 5 Years

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

It seems we're doomed when it comes to autism. We're helpless, it's hopeless, and we're just going to let it destroy us.

While health officials seem narrowly focused on the pandemic, autism hasn't gone away. It's the pandemic that will NEVER STOP AFFECTING US. Its victims will live long lives causing society billions.

Northern Ireland is awash in autism and disabled children. Their schools are struggling to survive. (See my LONG HISTORY of stories on ) What we see happening there is a stunning example of our total failure to do anything to address autism.

The Belfast story below is yet another incomprehensible report on just how bad things are--what officials are telling us we just have to learn to live with. There can be no other explanation.

I reported on this news from Northern Ireland in Derry. Now on

Keep in mind these often-repeated statistics from the British Isles:

Northern Ireland: 23 percent of students receive special ed services.

Ireland: 25 percent of students receive special ed services.

Scotland: 29 percent of students receive special ed services.

It's easy to see why autism numbers are also skyrocketing amid horrific statistics, ominous projections, and ludicrous explanations.

Can anyone possibly believe that this is the result of “an increase in awareness and understanding” as we are told here?

May 22, 2020, (UK) Belfast Telegraph: Schoolchildren diagnosed with autism in NI increases 82% over last five years

Cases of autism in school-age children have increased by 82% in the last five years, a report has found.

One in 24 children of school age here has been diagnosed, according to figures from the Department of Health.

Its report said 12,544 school-aged children are autistic - a prevalence rate of 4.2%. The figures were described as "alarming" by the charity Autism NI.

Kerry Boyd, chief executive officer of Autism NI, said these latest figures although alarming, are not unexpected.

"A report was commissioned by the NI Department of Education which warned of this 'autism wave' of diagnosis back in 2002 and this was the motivation for Autism NI's autism awareness lobby at Stormont which led to the establishment of the Autism Act (NI) in 2011," she explained.

"Since then we have seen an increase in awareness and understanding of autism, which is being demonstrated within these latest statistics.

The charity chief continued: "For this reason, Autism NI has been lobbying relentlessly over the past 10 years on the urgent need for adequate autism services and a consistent, uniformed approach across all health trusts and education."

She insisted autism services here are now at "breaking point", with the voluntary sector facing increased demand….

"It is therefore left to the voluntary sector to fill this 'void' but due to the level of demand on Autism NI's services and lack of funding available, we are stretched to full capacity with very little statutory funding….”

What is called for in the face of all this “increased awareness and understanding of autism” is just more“autism support and interventions," NOT ANSWERS, NOT AN END TO THE PLAGUE OF AUTISM.

Kerry Boyd said that these figures "although alarming, are not unexpected".

If these are the result of‘an increase of awareness and understanding’ and services are at a ‘breaking point,’ why not just stop being so aware? We're to believe that kids needing services have always been here, officials in N.I. just didn't do anything to help them.

So why not go back to the way things were when all the autistic kids were just ignored? There didn’t seem to be too much of a problem. Somehow they must have just melded into the population. Teachers and parents must have somehow gotten along. Is it just the fact that we’re now diagnosing kids with autism that has caused the problem?

Is there any possibility that something is terribly wrong?

Could it be that there is an ever-increasing number of disabled children currently overwhelming our schools who will soon bankrupt social services when they reach adulthood?  This is the question that no one in authority is willing to consider.

How long will officials in Northern Ireland refuse to recognize the suffering of a generation of children?

How can COVID 19 command the attention of the world at the same time a pandemic striking 4 percent of children is totally ignored?

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


John Stone


She isn’t being polite.

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | May 27, 2020 at 04:14 AM

As you know I am very familiar with the articles of dear Anne (thats irony).
And she has always bottled it .
If you are afraid to say the problem out loud, then you shouldnt be given any platform.

Happy for this comment to be censored. I dont come here much anymore.
There is a very good reason for that.

"Show integrity & be polite" just wont work for me anymore. This is war. Things are getting rough.

John Stone


You are missing the point: Anne’s remark was loaded with irony.

Hans Litten

"Is there any possibility that something is terribly wrong?"

But AoA wont say it outright anymore than the lamestream ! Vaccinocide

Anne Dachel needs to be checked to see if she has indeed gt a backbone !

Beleaguered Autism Mom

This week I saw a video on CBS evening news by a security camera of a boy being pushed into a body of water by a woman who runs away. Since when has it been ok to show attempted murder on national TV? Especially since we have been told she subsequently succeeded in a different body of water. I think someone is tracking the public’s sympathy for the murdered child. Will COVID Vaccine kill our kids? Is that the plan?

John Stone


Yes, it was also up 27% in one year and 350% in eleven but to be clear this is not the percentage it is going up for entry year it is how much it going up in the entire school population which is about 15 times worse. Meanwhile, the official narrative “nothing to see here folks” continues, and no journalist any longer can get there head round it. Some rough maths suggests it will take another 4 years for ASD in Northern Ireland schools to reach 10% of the entire school population by which time it might be heading for 1 in 6 in Belfast: the boiling frog principle that no one notices.

But may be by this stage they need a global emergency like coronavirus to distract.

Bob Moffit

"How can COVID 19 command the attention of the world at the same time a pandemic striking 4 percent of children is totally ignored?"

That's easy to explain .. after all is said and done … 'the greatest power of the press is their power to IGNORE" all information that does not promote their own "agenda narrative" .. which is .. autism is not a problem .. it has always been here … but we now are now proud to report there is more AWARENESS of it.

Simple really .. overall strategy … DELAY, DENY AND EVENTUALLY THEY WILL DIE.

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