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Autism up 82% in Northern Ireland Schools in 5 Years


WeepBy Kim Rossi

I'm going to make this short and bitter not sweet. WE CAN NOT KILL OUR CHILDREN.




Florida mom facing murder charge after autistic son, 9, found dead, police say

This weekend a Florida mother named Patricia Ripley concocted a fakakta "believe it or not" story about her son's drowning that had more holes than a wool sweater at a moth convention. She drowned him. Not once. Twice.  Twice? Yes. Ripley apparently tried to drown her son an hour earlier at a different canal but nearby residents heard yelling and rescued him. Then, Fernandez Rundle said, Ripley drove her son to another canal.  Read that again. She tried to drown him. People heard yelling and rescued him.

If Alejandro had been able to speak he'd have screamed, "She's trying to kill me! Help me!"  But no, he could not speak. Surely Ripley invented a story of how he fell in and she was unable to swim or some such nonsense. Otherwise, the rescuers would have CALLED THE POLICE!! They should have anyway.  I wonder what they are thinking now, knowing they could have saved him after all.

Alejandro Ripley is dead. Autism. Unable to speak. Unable to defend himself from his monster of a mother. Patricia Ripley  is not a victim. She's Susan Smith with PECS.

He's not going to be in "a better place." That's the bullshit  used by Dr. Karen McCarron who put a plastic bag over her 3 year old's head and held her struggling body until limp and wealthy Manhattan socialite Gigi Jordan who stuffed her boy full of pills in a posh Manhattan hotel and watched him seize and foam at the mouth until dead.  

Ripley blamed two black men - of course, the most stupid, racist, half assed accusation a white woman could imagine - accused them of running her off the road, demanding drugs, then kidnapping her son when she had none. And I'm the tooth fairy.

We're all stressed and often overwhelmed, especially those of us in full COVID lockdown like we are here in the NorthEast. You want to talk about stress. Oh let's do, shall we?  No school. No day programs. We know from stress.  ALL of us.  My stress is through the roof with 3.  Your stress could be worse with 1. This ISN'T a contest. Take your child to a hospital and walk away. Drop him at the police station. Hell, leave him alone in the Sesame Street aisle in WalMart where an employee will figure it out and help him.

Jesus, God in heaven. How do you drown your child? Twice.







Grace - Got it, Thank you!

Grace Green

Sorry, TPTB are the powers that be - whoever they are in your country!
Of course the children deserve to be loved, but that includes supporting the primary carer(s) so that they can be the parents they want to be.
I should have thought my thoughts are obvious by now. Namely, in all of these cases we need to know the circumstances and the motivation of the perpetrator, before we can judge whether it was an "honour" killing, or an attempt to save money (as someone else suggested), a mercy killing (as in the case of Alex Spourdalakis) or some one who can no longer perform the necessary care, and is not being offered any alternative. Anyone who cares about such a child as this should ask themselves if they cared enough for his carer. If they didn't then they don't care for the child they're just hypocrites.

Jeanne J


I completely agree with you, in terms of the consequences from the denial of the autism epidemic. Those who have bought into the lies about autism always being with us (in this current level of prevalence) seem shocked at the rising numbers in education, the lack of social services, and the impotence of the medical community providing any meaningful treatment. My heart just breaks for this child. His mother will be charged, and very little else will be remembered of his life.


I don't judge you, and I hope no one else here does either. I imagine most of us have that light bulb moment permanently etched in our minds when our children lost all of their acquired skills or their lives were suddenly altered. I know I do. It just took me years to connect the dots to the shots. My only issue is our broken children still deserve to be loved. That's it.


John Stone - Hmmm, I haven't even thought about it. Thank you for pointing out that possibility!

Grace - What is TPTB please? You are dealing with English as a Second Language learner, Sorry.
(You message has brought me to tears!)

Just to be clear - I do have a son with autism, who is also deaf. And no, he was not born this way. And no, we don't have autism or deafness in the family. I can pinpoint to the specific month when his life and my life was changed forever, and I know for a fact that it was US "medical" system's fault. I have been working for 20 years to bring my son back, and overall he is doing rather well, considering. But NO ONE CAN JUDGE ME after what was done to my family! You just have no right to judge. You lost that right the minute you plunged that needle into his thigh under the pretense of "protecting health". And please don't point out "other options." No one will love your child as you do, and no one being paid to care will care for your child the way you do.
And when you state "Your Child - Your Choice" - it means what it says. Don't be hypocritical.


This murder was a NON Isl----- honor killing. This sick white women killed her child and from some of the post here on Age of Autism it sounds like a few readers empathiize with the murderer. Imagine if she was a mu---- the biggoted report from Fox News and and Recently a mass murder of younger disabled adults name Satoshi was gaven the death penalty for a 2016 mass murder in Kanagawa group home. Kanagawa is a county in Japan. Mrs. Green your thoughts?

Aimee Doyle

@Jeanne - "NO ONE is promised to have a life with children free of the sorrows of this world. Yes, I surely wish I had forewarning about the dangers of vaccines, but I could have done everything perfectly and still had a child with cancer, injuries, serious emotional disturbance, abuse... and on and on. "

You are right of course, that parenting is always a challenge. And everyone deals with sorrow and pain. But I do think there are some differences between autism and say, cancer. If your child has cancer, or medical issues, or is unexpectedly injured (ski accident, diving accident, car accident, whatever) the parents still have the support of the entire medical community. Usually there is a protocol parents can follow to help their child heal. Generally, there is the unequivocal support of family and friends. Parents can receive comfort from a religious community or support groups.

With autism, parents must deal with a medical community that totally ignores the epidemic, dismisses parents' observations about their children, a school system that doesn't fully understand how to educate kids with autism, insurance companies that balk at paying for even "evidence based" therapies like speech, OT, or ABA; possibly severe problems like aggression and self-injury; and a neurodiversity movement that trumpets autism as a "gift" or a "difference" not a disability. I've even had neurodiversity proponents tell me my child was only aggressive or self-injurious because I "didn't love and accept his autism." In no other childhood illness or disability is the mom still blamed. And autism, particularly severe autism, often isolates the family (and the autistic individual) from normal social supports.

I am not diminishing the pain and sorrow and worry that come with a medical diagnosis. But the autism experience does seem to involve challenges that medical diagnoses and other disability diagnoses don't. This is substantiated by research, which has demonstrated that mothers of children with autism have higher rates of stress and depression than mothers of children with any other disability.

And I don't excuse moms (or dads) who kill their autistic children. But as I said below, not all parents are strong and not all parents are mentally healthy. Not all parents realize there are other options. This is why we need increased recognition of the epidemic and more support for parents who can't handle the stress.

John Stone

The deed is utterly horrific, but for instance an antidepressant drug could completely change someone’s personality. The law, of course, will not engage with this but it happens - this is not say it is what happened in this case but it is a possibility.

Grace Green

Everyone commenting here except Irena is completely misunderstanding the issue. Firstly, anyone who approaches jury service with a preconceived judgement of the situation will be excluded from the jury. (Will the attorneys reading please back me up!) The article prejudges this woman and the facts of the case, which only the jury will know in their entirety. Irena made that point in the first place and I backed her up. Secondly, of course we all love our children for life, but we're not talking about love we're talking about a 16 hour day of hard labour which some of us may not be well enough to accomplish. My sons and I had to grow our own food and build our own home when they were teenagers. When our then rented house was about to be sold over our heads my 14 year old was not offered any accommodation. People need to understand that a) it was the state which made our children the way they are, b) the state wishes to cover that up so services will not always be available to those of us who need them. Many people with ME are refused all provision because the government must perpetuate the myth that they are "doing it to themselves". Will everyone here please read Heckenlively/Mikovits' - "Plague of Corruption" and then you might stop worshiping TPTB!

Jeanne J


Although, as the mother of a 24 year old, non-verbal young man with autism, I certainly did expect 24 years ago, to have the responsibility of caring for my son's adult life, he is still my son whom I love very much. NO ONE is promised to have a life with children free of the sorrows of this world. Yes, I surely wish I had forewarning about the dangers of vaccines, but I could have done everything perfectly and still had a child with cancer, injuries, serious emotional disturbance, abuse... and on and on. When you choose to have a child, you owe them a life with your love - however it works out. And if life hands your a burden in which you feel you are unable to provide that love, please go to the nearest police station, lawyers office, social services agency, or church and let them know that you are unable to properly care for your child. That honest viewing of your situation, to me, is yet another form of saying you love your child.


Aimee Doyle - while I absolutely agree with what you are saying,
it should probably be pointed out that this woman paid for the consequences of her actions every minute or every day for her entire life as a parent - without a judge, jurors, and any due process at all. Who said it is legal to condemn women to unbearable life of caring for their profoundly disabled child with no hope of parole or liberation any time in the future? And all for the crime of following the illegal unconstitutional demands of some imbecilic "pediatrician" who in not responsible for maiming or killing our children? How is that legal to condemn us to life-time of house arrest?
And Beleaguered A Mom - of course I will not be called on as a juror - I have a consciousness and too strong opinions for anyone's liking. And I am not sorry for that. I did not ask for my son to be crippled for life. I am not asking anyone's permission to feel the way I do, and I will not be silenced!


You wonder if some henious murders supposedly comitted by "black men" were actually comitted by white women based on what this racist wench said to cover her tracks. White women are those you least suspected if someone is one of those vigilante "pedophile hunter" or the likes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Gender and raced based HYPOCRISY

Aimee Doyle

It is a tragedy when a parent kills an autistic child, or any child. This woman will pay the consequences for her actions, as she should.

But if we want to prevent further tragedies, I don't think that just telling people to "be strong" or "don't kill your kids" works. Not all parents are strong. Not all parents are mentally healthy. Not all parents realize that there are other options. Until and unless we get parents the support they need, I think there will be people who make these unthinkable decisions. Desperate parents do desperate things.

Part of the answer is increasing awareness of severe autism and its impact on families. Another part of the answer is providing appropriate supports.

Grace Green

I'm afraid, as an autistic person, I can understand very little of your comment. I didn't know autism was a recognized vaccine injury until 1986, in which case I and both my sons should have been compensated but we have never received a penny. Of COURSE I believe it shouldn't have been covered up, lives should have been saved, and Pharma should have to compensate us for all the consequences of their crimes. Of course I believe murder is wrong in every way, but there can be defenses (at least in the UK) of mercy killing, or self defense, or lacking mental capacity. And who said anything about sexual abuse? This is an accusation which keeps being thrown at me, and which I always deny, as I have often said on here. Perhaps you should state who paid you to reiterate it? We really have to understand that we should all be on the same side, and working together against Pharma/government.


Desperately sad ,desperately serious,
UK, Care in The Community Act 1990
Families left in a sink or swim situation ,told accept new provision ie voluntary/charity sector service provision or look after your disabled children and young adults yer own selvies . Parents politely but directly told that's yer choices that's yer options so take it, or leave it.
Autism situations , young, around 4yrs old boy D.B. spent a night in a Police Cell before being admitted to an "Emergency intervention -Place of Safety unit next morning. Sensible,loving dad ,at his wits end ,told police "You have to look after him or I can't be held responsible for what I might do with him " Young D.B tried to drown his younger brother in the bath ,by hands around neck ,with baby brother's head under bath water .
See John Stone's excellent article ,
Institutional Confirmation Bias and the United Kingdom Department of Health ;
Letter to Dame Sally Davis -January 09 2019


Thank you, Grace!

And Callous Disregard, I apologize for the typo.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

So, Irene and Grace, you are excluded from jury duty? People who "don't want to judge" the murderous mother are tacitly encouraging others who are able and willing to rid the world of the financial burden of ASD the same way elderly people on Medicaid are dispatched in nursing homes. This story was amplified to get people like us (and potential jurors) to sympathize with the mother. Murder is immoral, illegal and should remain so. We cannot let the general public come to view people with severe autism as non-persons who can be expected to drive people to murder. Keep in mind, autism was a recognized vaccine injury by the courts prior to 1986. How many lives would have been saved if the vaccine injury aka autism was not denied and covered up? If the Pharmafia paid the full cost for round the clock care? How far along would research into prevention and treatment be? Lastly, try to have empathy for the boy who lost his life - yes, I believe he would risk sexual abuse to save his own life.

Grace Green

I completely agree with you. I didn't write it before you because I've become afraid to put my head above the parapet on this website!


Do not judge, and you will not be judged!

Where were all those indignant bystanders when this mom was driven up the wall?

No one who did not live this life is allowed to judge!

And who told you that your child will be better off abused in the institution than he is just dead?

Dr. Wakefield's book Callous Disregards starts with the harrowing chapter on mother-son suicide.

Why are we punishing mothers for the crime of having their baby vaccinated instead of punishing the pediatricians and pHARMa and so called "health officials"?

I am sorry, KIm, but I am not with you in judgement.

Bob Moffit



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