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A New Route for Harm: Autism in the New Paper by Exley and Mold

AluminumWe recently published the abstract of a new paper by Exley and Mold 'Imaging of aluminium and amyloid β in neurodegenerative disease' which in particular offers new evidence ralating to the possible etiology of  autism. Prof Exley has elaborated:

"...the novel finding was the deposition of amyloid-beta and especially its presence in the vasculature similar to what is called cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) in Alzheimer's disease. CAA could be interpreted as evidence of a toxin in the blood 'attempting' to cross the blood brain barrier to gain entry to brain tissue. CAA along with amyloid beta deposits in parenchyma does very much suggest brain damage and its presence in young brain donors is very surprising. It does raise the question if there are similarities between what is happening in brain tissue in autism and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease."

It is stated in the paper:

"Our observations of amyloid β-like deposits in autism brain tissue are novel and may suggest neuropathology similar to that seen in CAA. We identified several examples of CAA in autism brain tissue as well as deposits of amyloid β in β sheet conformations in parenchymal tissues...Previous research identified diffuse deposits of amyloid β in brain tissue in older individuals with autism (39 and 50 years of age)...while herein amyloid β in β sheet conformations was confirmed in individuals with autism aged, 14, 15, 22, 33, 44 and 50 years of age.

Recently the non-amyloidogenic pathway of metabolism of amyloid precursor protein has been implicated in autism...while our observations suggest that the amyloidogenic pathway may also be important..."

It is obviously vital that this discovery is further investigated. Read the full paper here.




Thank you Prof,Exley and Mold and team workers,super -fit science doing super-fit work !
Shame about the financial funding,forensic fondling going on? attempting to "styme and stooshie!" the important good work from moving forwards .
www.> dementia-scale-impact-numbers .
4 days ago . Article. How many people have dementia and what is the cost of .....

Childrens Health Defense -
Article Is Pharma Censoring the Science at One Major University by choking the money channel? RE -£15,000 Donation RETURNED TO SENDER .
Uni states . To accept your donation could generate potentially negative media coverage and may also jeopardise the strong relationships it holds with it's major funders and partners .

Oh What! sounds like ,looks like ,smells like,reads like " Scientific Sectarianism !" no question about it! If that happened in sport /football ,it would end up in the comedy sketches channel, to show it up in it's true colours !
Glasgow Rangers groundbreaking signing -You Tube
Good Luck with the scientific sectarianism !

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