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Taking Cover Behind COVID


image from pbs.twimg.comby John Stone

This is  the letter I sent to my Member of of Parliament yesterday forwarding the excellent  letter to the UK's Secretary of Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock (pictured with Bill Gates),  by Robert Verkerk and Damien Downing:

Dear ------,

I am forwarding the excellent letter (attached) to Matt Hancock by Robert Verkerk of the Alliance for Nautal Health International and Damien Downing of the British Society for Ecological Medicine requesting transparency over the introduction of any COVID-19 vaccines in response to the current crisis, and I would suggest that it is necessary for the Secretary of State to make clear undertakings rather than vague professions of good faith. The letter can be found here on-line [1]. 
It was well understood even in the 19th century how statistics could be distorted for political purposes, since when the methods have only become more sophisticated and ultimately potentially more obfuscating. The safety, usefulness and effectiveness of universal vaccines should have to be meticulously and transparently established, yet we advance at reckless pace. It is certain that none of the candidates will have long term testing and it is questionable who on the face of it they could sensibly be given to [2].
There are other matters of transparency which go beyond the Verkerk/Downing letter. For example, the unusual arrangement by which the Secretary of State is also the main shareholder in the Porton Down Lab (as is now well-known). It was distressing to see how the Secretary of State began pumping public money into the speculative Porton Down vaccine project in the early stages of the epidemic, while failing to ensure that the puplic were immediately protected [3] (we are now heading for the worst fatality rate of any country). On the 19 March Public Health England put out a statement that they no longer considered COVID-19 to be a high risk disease [4] and within a day we were facing lockdown. Not much more convincing, now, are tub thumping references to British innovation by the Business Secretary or the Prime Minister.
I must further point to the anomalous position of Prof Pollard, board member of the Jenner Foundation, head of the Oxford Vaccine Group, adviser to the MHRA, and chair of the JCVI. With the eruption of Kawasaki like symptoms in children with COVID-19 I was recently forced to note that Pollard's Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine, according to the manufacturer's data, may cause Kawasaki Diseasein as many as 3 in 1,000 children [5]. Pollard was not only lead developer of the vaccine but recommended it for infant use at his second meeting as chair of the JCVI [6]. I take the view that it is not so much Prof Pollard who is to blame for this as the government, who evidently find this continuing situation expedient.
We know so far that the Porton/Oxford vaccine will not be tested against genuine placebo [7], so we start in bad place.
It is absolutely essential if we are going to have these products that the state operates by some conventional rules and this manifestly is not presently happening.
Please will you communicate my concern to the Secretary of State.
With best wishes,
John Stone
Post Script Following a couple of queries I sent a further note to my MP:  "Regarding my letter yesterday, I just wanted to make clear because a couple of people have taken me up on it that I was in no way seeking to imply that Matt Hancock was personally benefitting from the office the Secretary of State's shareholdership in Porton Down, I was simply pointing to the unusual nature of the arrangement."
John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism. See also Meryl Nass "The UK has the world's highest COVID mortality..."





The UK reports 31,241 deaths from Covid as of today. All of them are in excess of usual mortality. Could you explain what it is that you think is an invention? The disease itself? The high purported mortality of the disease? Is it only the UK which has invented tens of thousands of deaths when really there have been none, and in particular the elderly in care homes have really just been whisked to vacation in Fiji as part of the joke? Is it really also the hundreds of other nations in the world which have been lining apparent mass graves with hundreds of empty coffins? Where do you think the hundreds of thousands of the purported dead in numbers 60% over the average worldwide could be? Will there never be an end to this excessively elaborate joke? Are the merry-makers about to come home to their grieving families?


Grace and Barry,

I posted a link earlier today, look above. Grace, how long can you continue with the died with Covid but not of Covid? In almost all the cases, all the signs of acute respiratory or other organ failure were present, and most of the cases were diagnosed. When you have an unprecedented 60% surge worldwide in deaths in many countries all over the world between the epicenter, China, in Jan-Feb, then other countries Feb-April, with spikes identical in shape everywhere, with everywhere millions diagnosed with and hundreds of thousands of the diagnosed dying from syndromes caused by the disease, what is the point of saying No, the disease does not exist, no one is dying of it, but millions are lying about it and lying when they contend that they have died of it? What point are you trying to make? They're all lying about the disease because they have all been paid off big to get a vaccine mandated?



I don’t know how to post links with an iPhone or I’d give a link. You can do it one of two ways: I just did. Type into your preferred search engine: 60% spike in deaths March-April 2020. I just got articles on the 60% spike in deaths ( from Covid) regarding New York, California, and Florida. Or put in the same heading but also Financial Times April 26, 2020, and you’ll see the mortality charts of many different countries. Most with a sharp 60% spike, a few with a shorter but still definite spike. From Covid.

So you want me to search for links.... which will verify the claims that you are making?

I don't think what you're claiming is accurate. And if you couldn't be bothered to try and back it up with info from a credible source, then I'm just going to assume that you're drawing your own conclusions.

Grace Green

None of the deaths in the UK have been reported or recorded as "from Covid" , they have all been "with Covid".



I don’t know how to post links with an iPhone or I’d give a link. You can do it one of two ways: I just did. Type into your preferred search engine: 60% spike in deaths March-April 2020. I just got articles on the 60% spike in deaths ( from Covid) regarding New York, California, and Florida. Or put in the same heading but also Financial Times April 26, 2020, and you’ll see the mortality charts of many different countries. Most with a sharp 60% spike, a few with a shorter but still definite spike. From Covid.

John Stone


Cannot find anything we have of yours for this correspondence which we have not posted.


John Stone


Just found your query from yesterday - I checked the link and it seems to be working from here. I don’t know enough about Men B in the US.



The reply I wrote to this has not been posted. Most people want more years of life. If they have to die of Covid, given a choice, most would choose to do it three, six, nine years from now to now. Which also means improved chance of survival and not having to die of Covid at all, from uncrashed hospitals, improved treatment protocols, and attenuation of the virus over time.

What we have to do to end the pandemic is easy, though of difficult and expensive implementation. Mandate masks in public for everyone over two over a certain level of mental capacity. That one is easy, a no-brainer. Test everyone, every single person, as many times as may be necessary, and isolate all positives at public expense. If universal testing can’t be done quickly, then also contact tracing of positives, and immediate testing of their contacts, immediate isolation of positives among them. There is no need to just let it burn through, at immense cost in lives, a la Sweden.



The reasons why countries implemented a flattening the curve strategy was not to extend the curve for 10 years.

The idea behind it was to reduce the risk of hospital overload.

"Flattening the curve involves reducing the number of new COVID-19 cases from one day to the next. This helps prevent healthcare systems from becoming overwhelmed"

"A flatter curve, on the other hand, assumes the same number of people ultimately get infected, but over a longer period of time. A slower infection rate means a less stressed health care system, fewer hospital visits on any given day and fewer sick people being turned away. "
" Flattening the curve means slowing the spread of the epidemic so that the peak number of people requiring care at a time is reduced, and the health care system is not overwhelmed."

If you delay a virus for 10 years you don't extend lives. The same number will die at the same ages.

You say Sweden kills people because they infect anyone and then you say other countries are saving lives because they want to wait for anyone to be infected.

Where is the difference?

There is also another thing, it's not possible to shutdown the global economy for 10 years, it's not possible for 12 months.



So what is your theory to explain why all over the world for the last few months there has been a 60% spike in deaths exceeding the usual numbers?


What is your source for that information?

Angus Files

Exactly John, another study here lockdowns didnt work anywhere in EUROPE !

Full lockdown policies in Western Europe countries have no evident
impacts on the COVID-19 epidemic.
Thomas Meunier1,2∗
1 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Falmouth, Massachusetts
2 Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education, Ensenada, BC
April 24, 2020
This phenomenological study assesses the impacts
of full lockdown strategies applied in Italy, France,
Spain and United Kingdom, on the slowdown of the
2020 COVID-19 outbreak. Comparing the trajectory
of the epidemic before and after the lockdown, we
find no evidence of any discontinuity in the growth
rate, doubling time, and reproduction number trends.
Extrapolating pre-lockdown growth rate trends, we
provide estimates of the death toll in the absence of
any lockdown policies, and show that these strategies
might not have saved any life in western Europe. We
also show that neighboring countries applying less
restrictive social distancing measures (as opposed to
police-enforced home containment) experience a very
similar time evolution of the epidemic.

Pharma For Prison




We talked last week about flattening the curve possibly meaning to extend the situation over ten years until everyone had had exposure to it and possibly had long-term immunity to it. So decision makers in Sweden took it upon themselves to doom thousands of Swedes to death on the theory that it was better to just go ahead and get it over with. Meaning a death rate three or four times as high as its locked-down neighbors. But that rests on several unproven assumptions, that the disease will not attenuate or disappear on its own, as SARS, the Spanish flu, and H1N1 did, and that methods of prevention and treatment would not improve, as I think they already have. It meant turning a deaf ear to those pleading to be protected. Most people would want to extend their lives for as long as possible. And what have they gotten for it? Immense suffering, three thousand deaths so far, a death rate considerably higher than that of the US. Was it worth it? Immunity may only last for eight months, and you often get none at all, and immediately contract it or a similar type again. Norway, Finland, and Denmark have had a much lower death rate and dramatically fewer deaths. Have they suffered a lot more than Sweden? Not that I know of. No one there has starved because of the lockdowns. So what did Sweden gain from the exercise?

About the U.K., who can say? Right up to the moment of the lockdown, many didn’t think the situation was serious. The Netherlands and Belgium have also suffered great losses. The UK, the Netherlands, and Belgium are the most densely populated countries in earth, and I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. That, and an unaccountable insouciance about taking basic precautions like using mask and gloves, social distancing to the extent possible, and relentlessly sanitizing.


Your link John Stone 3 in 1000 is no longer working. At least not for me?

Several of 15 children admitted to New York's hospitals for Kawasaki's disease tested positive for coronavirus. Several is Two.

The ages ranged from 2 to 15 years of age.

What was that upper age limit for the United States BEXSERO to be given again?


BEXSERO is an FDA-approved vaccine to prevent invasive disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B. BEXSERO is approved for use in individuals 10 through 25 years of age.. Approval of BEXSERO is based on demonstration of immune response against three serogroup B strains representative of prevalent strains in the United States

All I could find on it, for the United States.
But dang; all vaccines are capable of causing Kawasaki disease.

Is the coronavirus worse on those that have been the worse vaccinated because their immune systems are damaged by vaccines, and over react? Two nurses that worked in nursing homes died this past week here in Kentucky from the coronavirus . Did they get those flu shots along with the nursing home residents every year?


This morning my husband told me that Dr. Oz reported on Fox News that Kawasaki disease has increased in children, blaming the coronavirus.

I wonder if Bexsero has been introduced here in the states?

John Stone

The trouble is that in the UK we have had six weeks of draconian lockdown and we have the worst figures in the world, and at least twice as bad as Sweden

Obviously, the government tried to make this feel like a modern Dunkirk but it is just abysmal, a global laughing stock.



I am not pushing or recommending the Swedish Model. I am merely stating the facts.

I am aware of the mortality statistics in EU countries.

What you don't mention is that the lockdown was not to introduced to decrease the total number of infected cases over time but to make sure that hospital overload doesn't occur.

If you flatten the curve you also extend it that means less deaths now and more deaths later.

Here is what WebMD says about it:

"The flatter curve shows what happens if the spread of the virus slows down. The same number of people may get sick, but the infections happen over a longer span of time, so hospitals can treat everyone."

I don't believe one can compare Denmark to Sweden while the pandemic is still ongoing and say that this shows that Sweden is killing people needlessly.

Tell me why you believe the hospitals in Sweden can't handle the number of coronavirus cases and people are dying as a result?

We will only know if Sweden's approach was superior or inferior when the pandemic is over.

That doesn't mean that even what Sweden is doing works it is the best choice for other countries. Sweden has better healthcare capacities and social distancing is life as usual and for some reason nordic countries have been hit less hard.



Who is disingenuous? You seem to be pushing Swedes overboard without a care in the world. The bottom line is that out of a population of ten million, 2,854 have died of Covid so far, 90 of them yesterday, 85 so far today. 283 deaths per million. Because they refused to lock down, refused to let schoolchildren stay home despite the pleas of many parents and teachers. What’s that, you say? Public health, the rights of the individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Nonsense. We’re trying to make a point here about how harmless Covid is, how silly and uncapitalistic it is to fear it. Now fall in line!

And so we have locked-down Denmark, 503 deaths total, 87 deaths per million, or less than a third of Sweden’s deaths on a population basis. Or locked-down Norway, 214 deaths total, 39 deaths per million, or a quarter as many as libertarian Sweden on a population basis.

Why are you making fast and loose with thousands of precious lives? Because Tedros and the WHO were hoping at one point to use Sweden as a fig leaf for their own crimes?

If Sweden had locked down as its neighbors did, as every other developed country in the world did, it would have had about a thousand deaths, on the basis of Norway and Denmark’s experience. Its foolish defiance of common sense and the precautionary principle have resulted instead in almost three thousand deaths. But what the hell, right? What’s an extra two thousand deaths here and there! You didn’t know them or know anything about them.

Based on China’s absolutely honest, transparent experience ( leaving aside the new lockdown of Harbin, a city of over ten million), the epidemic lasted 77 days. Sort of like the spring 1918 first wave of the Spanish flu, but the much more severe second wave was still to come. And the third wave. The book on the Spanish flu, Pale Rider, ends by giving a death toll of twenty million, but recent investigations, and the fact that many entire villages in Asia were entirely wiped out, leaving nothing but corpses which no one counted, have concluded that the death toll from the Spanish flu was closer to a hundred million. But who cares about ten million this way or that, right?

We have not yet taken the measurements of Covid. Now evidence has been published that it was scientists monkeying with genes and inserting the nucleotide sequence PRRA, a furin cleavage site, which made the virus the monster that it is. In their increase of function studies to make the virus more transmissible and more pathogenic. So have we seen the final result as to how successful they were? No, we have not.

Angus Files

Go Trump you forgot his Sponge Bob Square Pants glasses.

The best thing with Hancock is the inability to make decisions on behalf of the people who voted for him.Trump has stood up for many of the campaigns he got elected on -bar us.

The WHO now admitting Sweden is the way to go..

WHO laud Sweden’s lax coronavirus policy as ‘model’ for future as Ireland prepares for lockdown extensionA top World Health Organisation (WHO) official has praised Sweden’s response to COVID-19 and hailed it as a model for other countries opening up from lockdown.

Dr Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO’s Emergencies Program, praised Sweden’s ‘ramped up testing and adequate capacity in hospitals’.

Pharma For Prison




Please don't make disingenuous comments about Sweden.

Sweden does treat COVID-19 patients over 80 years.

They never exceeded healthcare capacity, the numbers of patients in the ICU is steadily dropping actually.

Also rationing of medical care happens everywhere not just in Sweden. This policy is not unique to Sweden as you are trying to suggest to make them look irresponsible.

Jenny Allan

Thank you John. although our bone-headed political and health leaders in the UK are unlikely to pay any attention, so 'in thrall' they are to the idea of a vaccine 'saving the world'. This idea is getting fed to us on a daily basis via the BBC and most of the mainstream press and media outlets.

I was fascinated by the following article which appeared, to my surprise, in the Telegraph and the Sun, normally very pro-vaccine publications:-
"Coronavirus dies out within 70 days no matter how we tackle it, claims professor
Prof Isaac Ben-Israel claims his analysis shows virus is self-limiting and peaks at 40 days before entering rapid decline"
“An Israeli professor claims all efforts will lead to the same result, because the disease is self-limiting and largely vanishes after 70 days – with or without any interventions.
Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, the head of the security studies programme at Tel Aviv University and the chairman of the National Council for Research and Development, claims his analysis proves that Covid-19 peaks at 40 days before rapidly declining. “

This scenario is EXACTLY what has been happening. Those countries which were most affected first by Covid-19 are now slowly getting back to normal, starting with China and Italy, and now very slowly in the UK, where the virus has now 'peaked' and infections and deaths are decining.

Coronavirus belongs to the 'common cold' family of viruses, continuously mutating and changing. This makes a vaccine for any one 'strain' of Covid-19, more or less a complete waste of time. As I understand it the vaccine being developed in the UK by the Oxford Vaccine Group is designed to prevent the virus entering, and infecting, cells, an innovative approach, but not a 'tried and tested' formula.

Far more sensible is the immune therapy, presently also being trialled in the UK, where plasma from Covid-19 recovered patients, is injected into patients seriously ill with the virus. This kind of therapy has been used for years and is very safe. The recovered patients have Covid-19 antibodies which help those sick patients' own immune systems to fight the virus.

Other therapies are being explored; sometimes therapy for other viral infections, can also help Covid-19 patients. If Professor Isaac Ben-Israel is correct, and it looks that way already, the Covid-19 virus will have burned out in the UK and US long before the vaccine is ready to be 'rolled out' to the general population. Already there is talk about introducing the vaccine early in the UK, and even making it compulsory. This is sinister.

In the UK the Government propaganda machine is in full on mode, 'playing up' their so called successes. We are all locked down to 'protect the NHS' and its staff. Unused buildings were quickly converted to hospitals for Covid-19 patients, and yes as John pointed, out huge money diverted to vaccine development and production. As I write this, only 20 patients were ever treated in one of these 'Nightingale Hospitals' . The rest are apparently being mothballed. Our other hospitals have empty beds . Cancer and other therapies are 'on hold'. Accident and emergency departments are ghost towns.

The sad reality is the UK Government have themselves failed to 'protect the NHS', by their failure to timously provide enough personal protective masks, gowns and visors for frontlne staff, many of whom have died from Covid-19. Care homes have been virtually abandoned; the death rates are appalling. A much vaunted Government plane load of PPE took more than a week to actually land in the UK with its desperately needed cargo. They are finally rolling out proper testing, which should enable people to get back to work safely. Too little too late.

I made a donation to the new Daily Mail Charity, 'Mail Force'. Already a plane load of PPE from China was chartered and paid for. The equipment is already being distributed to desperate care homes and ambulance crews, both previously neglected sections. They have to date raised more than £5 million, but more is needed. Mail Force has promised to continue to provide PPE where it is needed. It is disgraceful neither the BBC, nor any of the Mail's rival newspapers have given this initiative any publicity. Sure-it makes the Government look bad, but they deserve it.

go Trump

Thanks again John.
Bill Gates had to wear a name tag at an event ?? cool



So what is your theory to explain why all over the world for the last few months there has been a 60% spike in deaths exceeding the usual numbers? Many , many countries with exactly the same spike, tens of thousands of deaths over the expected number of deaths. What could it be? Maybe tens of thousands of people all over the world testing positive for coronavirus and asphyxiating? Thousands more just dying without being diagnosed, but still contributing to this mysterious spike? Hundreds of people found dead in their homes with signs around them of their having died from a severe respiratory disease.

In hundreds of cities, unprecedented numbers choking to death on the floors of hospitals, dead bodies piled high in and near morgues, dozens of refrigerated vehicles procured, mass graves dug with dozens of coffins crammed in, even on top of each other. If it is not from CV, what do you think has caused this astronomical sudden increase in dramatic, tragic deaths everywhere?

Angus Files

Yes John he certainly is probably seen your letter.His totalitarian language didnt roll from the tongue like it usually does.
Its a pity they didnt do as they were going to do and leave it to the people as Sweden did and Sweden now being lauded by the WHO.

The World Health Organization lauded Sweden as a “model” for battling the coronavirus as countries lift lockdowns — after the nation controversially refused restrictions.

Dr. Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergencies expert, said Wednesday there are “lessons to be learned” from the Scandinavian nation, which has largely relied on citizens to self-regulate.

“I think there’s a perception out that Sweden has not put in control measures and just has allowed the disease to spread,” Ryan told reporters. “Nothing can be further from the truth.”

Ryan noted that instead of lockdowns, the country has “put in place a very strong public policy around social distancing, around caring and protecting people in long-term care facilities.”

“What it has done differently is it has very much relied on its relationship with its citizenry and the ability and willingness of its citizens to implement self-distancing and self-regulate,” Ryan said. “In that sense, they have implemented public policy through that partnership with the population.”

He said the country also ramped up testing and had adequate capacity in hospitals to handle any outbreaks.

“I think if we are to reach a new normal, Sweden represents a model if we wish to get back to a society in which we don’t have lockdowns,” Ryan said.

Pharma For Prison


Jill in MI

"Security blanket of vaccines." There is no security blanket. A vaccine is an illusion. An illusion of control over disease. They are using their position of authority to pull out the magic vaccine card. Give people all the facts (transparency) and let people decide for themselves. They also need to know that the vaccine carries 100% immunity for the drug companies. I do not think most people have any idea of that fact. Complete transparency.
What are the odds of that happening? (Sarcasm intended)


I noticed that if Denmark has about half the population of Sweden, its case number has been similar to Sweden’s, but with only a small proportion of Sweden’s deaths. Maybe because most of Sweden’s deaths have been in Stockholm, where the hospitals were overwhelmed? Or maybe because as a matter of policy, Sweden followed through on its announced plan to not treat those over a certain age?



I don’t follow your reasoning. There will probably be new waves of CV all over the world next winter, maybe sooner. And it depends a lot on your distance and personal sorrow at the deaths. Even previously nonchalant Swedish epidemiologist Tegnell says that he’s not sure he did the right thing not recommending lockdowns in Sweden. It’s not over yet, but let’s compare what we’ve got so far. Sweden: diagnosed cases: 22,721; deaths: 2,769; deaths per million: 274. (US now at 210 dpm.) Locked-down Denmark: 9,670 d. cases; 493 deaths; 85 dpm; locked-down Finland: 5,327 d. cases; 240 deaths; 43 dpm; locked-down Norway: 7,824 d. cases; 214 deaths; 39 dpm.

as Denmark can compare deaths per million. Sweden has had between three and five times more deaths because it didn’t lock down. Sweden has about twice as many inhabitants as Denmark. So double Denmark’s deaths and Sweden had three times as many deaths. How can you make this a positive thing from any angle? Sweden screwed up from arrogance and a misplaced belief in its own common sense and sensible, non-hysterical moderation, lagom, normalcy bias. And thousands of its innocent, trusting people have paid the price.

John Stone

Hancock definitely shaken

There is, of course, no independent regulator - the MHRA is entirely funded by the industry, not to mention advised by Pollard among others.


Tim Lundeen

I am hoping that Sweden's caronavirus deaths fall to zero during May, and then it should be obvious that we don't need a vaccine, or lockdowns.


If they stop including 'died with' coronavirus in their death count, it will likely go to zero right away

But then, that game is being played in more than just Sweden

Angus Files

All career politicians are hand picked for sure - they know nothing but think they know everything that clearly points to a political career.

Pharma For Prison



Interesting that reported cases of Kawasaki disease are being blamed on Covid-19 in the UK when a more likely cause may be Meningitis B vaccine.

I think its time to nationalize all these drug companies and clean house at the public health agencies

Grace Green

I believe the great toilet paper rush, widely ridiculed on the BBC, happened because the Mighty Wise Ones told us in the Early Days of The Virus, that we must use a tissue once and then throw it away. They didn't know that many of us Poor in the UK can't afford tissues (unless we use one for a week) so we use toilet paper, which is cheaper. It was also forbidden to use cloth handkerchiefs, yet we are now being told to cover our faces - with a CLOTH cover! I think they're all mad.

Tim Lundeen

I am hoping that Sweden's caronavirus deaths fall to zero during May, and then it should be obvious that we don't need a vaccine, or lockdowns.


They are in a difficult position, needing as authorities hoping for trust to have a convincing answer to this devastating problem. While I would like everyone to take a lot of C and appropriate amounts of D3 and zinc every day, I’m not certain that that would prevent all or even most CV infections, especially in older people or those with diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. If studies could be done on this it would be very helpful. It doesn’t seem very likely that an effective, relatively safe vaccine be developed. About thirty percent on a survey two weeks ago said they would not take it in any case. So that leaves politicians in an insecure place. Many tried to whip up support for thousand dollar per dose remdesivir, but recent studies showed it to have no significant effect on mortality and little (one) or no (the Lancet one) effect on shorter hospital stay. They could all turn to promoting HCQ/AZT/zinc treatment, better still, issue packets of ten each to every resident with instructions to use when a suspicious cough started. That would be their best bet. They could also have massive stores of oral and IV C at the ready. Encourage citizen corps of women to make face masks for all. Trial homeopathic nosodes, gelsemium, and camphor, and if the results were good, stockpile and issue them.

They are uncertain and insecure about releasing the security blanket of vaccines. I don’t blame them for their fear, but they have to do it.

John Stone


Sorry, I forgot to respond to your query. Bexsero administered at 8, 16 weeks and a year.


Raymond Gallup

Excellent letter, John.



John Stone

Thanks everybody

Angus: I suppose the only thing about Gove is that he seems to acknowledge that there might not be a vaccine but then he is saying we won’t get over it without one. I don’t underestimate the disease but what we see is the usual lame thinking of the modern politician. The vaccine magically solves everything and then they just dump on anyone with negative experiences, knowledge etc. They become dependant on industry linked scientists who indulge their magical mindset. In this case it is very uncertain that vaccines will help even superficially.,-making-it-more-transmissible-and-dangerous-the-reality-is-that-there-is-unlike

As it is the British government has performed worse than any other with the possible exception of the Chinese. Perhaps what they should be asking is how do you boost the general immunity of the population so everyone can get on with their lives.

Bob Moffit

"The narrative around vaccines must fundamentally change. We must transition away from coercive public policy driven by vaccine protagonists that projects a view of the unassailable safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Doing so only misleads the public over the quality and certainty of the science on which mass vaccination programmes are justified, and denies the public the information needed for properly informed consent."

Unfortunately .. the "narrative" around vaccines is deliberately deceptive STRATEGY as recommended by infamous Sol Alinsky's RULE FOR RADICALS .. particularly rules #5, 9 and 12:


“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.


9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.


“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

Alinsky's rules for radicals has proven successful since the first day published .. and nowhere has it proven more successful than practiced by the pharmaceutical industry to "TARGET" those seeking the transparency regarding the "safety and efficiency" of the vaccine industry .. having spent DECADES RIDICULING AND DEMONIZING them .. all the while promoting the constant FEAR generated by never ending .. many times greatly exaggerated ..THREAT of dangerous diseases.

It is precisely because the vaccine industry has .. for DECADES .. eagerly embraced and successfully practiced Alinsky's Rule for Radicals .. they no longer deserve the TRUST AND CONFIDENCE of the American people .. and the possibility that this morally/ethically bankrupt industry is poised to market a new VACCINE that will LACK THE CRITICAL TRANSPARENCY being called for is not only FRIGHTEING .. IT IS CRIMINAL.


The" Gold Standard" for health and safety risk assessments is a big "dud" most folk know that money does not grow on trees ! yet it's getting printed out of thin air !
Tip -Toe through the terminology of "How to fudge a nudge!"

Vaccination recomendations now being described as essential vaccinations ?
Fast Food outlets in shut down ,but other burgered drive through options available and with active prompting to use them being promoted !
Coronavirus ,Parents urged to keep up child vaccinations.

Track and Trace ?
The Polis might have a note of their back bumper registration numbers ?

Spot checks with breathalyser checks at the roadside ! With Hefty on -the -spot fines!
Those with a high reading will be getting "Done for it!" for using too much alcohol hand sanitiser !
Those with a low reading will be getting "Done for it, also " and fined for not using enough !

Do they really think that the public's heads zip, or button up the back, of our own dear perceptions !

Laughing gas with Police -Youtube


What age is the MenB given in the UK?


Are the powers over the UK people allowing hydroxychloroquine?


There is still plenty of can veggies, and plenty of fresh produce in the stores around here.
What seems to have gone up in price, and for some strange reason was the bought out was meat, mostly ground beef, Oh and butter, Ho and for some strange reason --- toilet paper?

Angus Files

A great letter John many thanks.
Many people voted for the current Goverment due to the Brexit threat but if you look at their pro-pharma rhetoric I twist and squirm and think is this the best we have to vote for-and I belive it is just now.

Then Gove tops it up as if we need reminded..

‘New normal’: Michael Gove tells Britons to get used to restrictions UNTIL vaccine

I``ve started growing my own veg at the back now no doubt we will be excluded from the shops soon,never mind the kids schooling,buying petrol at the pump ....

Pharma For Prison


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