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A Letter To Keele University on Rejecting a $15,000 Donation by Robert Kennedy Jr

Rejected-300x287By James Lyons-Weiler


Pro Vice Chancellor and Professor David Amigoni

University of Keele

Dear Professor David Amigoni,

It is with great displeasure that I find that I must address this letter to you regarding the University of Keele’s blatant disregard and disdain for academic freedom. I am referencing your decision to decline a $15,000 donation by Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in support of the research program of Dr. Chris Exley, a fully tenured professor on the faculty at the University of Keele.

Are you aware that the contradictions in you text and verbiage in your declination letter is stunning example of what George Orwell called “Doublespeak”? First, let’s review how Orwell defined “Doublespeak”:

“In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defence of the indefensible … Thus political language has to consist largely of euphemism, question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness … the great enemy of clear language is insincerity. Where there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms…”

Now, let’s look at your communication to Mr. Kennedy in which you refused the $15,000 donation:

“Whilst the University is keen to support all its academics and wholly embraces freedom in the area of research, there are certain undeniably controversial research fields of which the University is tolerant: but for which accepting any large donations from prominent public figures or foundations could place the institution in an ethical and reputational predicament. To do so could generate potentially negative media coverage and may also jeopardise the strong relationships it holds with its existing major funders and partners.” (emphasis mine)

The University cannot “wholly embrace freedom in the area of research” and simultaneously be “tolerant” of certain research fields.

Further, by revealing that your decision was based on your expected loss of donation from “existing major funders and partners”, you have revealed that the University of Keele has a policy of biasing “allowed science” due to a serious conflict of interest, and thus it is abundantly clear that you have created a breach of ethics by your refusal of the donation.

It is neither Dr. Exeley’s responsibility nor fault that the use of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines are “undeniably controversial“. Controversy exists as part of the dynamic ecosystem of any thriving scientific line of inquiry. Where would we be on the heliocentric model of the University were it not for controversy? Where would we be without controversy on evolution by natural descent with modification, co-authored by Sir Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace? Or on Plate Tectonics Theory by Alfred Wegener? Perhaps we should have never seen the development of quantum physics by causing Einstein’s inquiries into to go unfunded out of fear of a little scuffle with those who supported Newtonian physics as a sufficient model for understanding how the universe itself works? Do you yet see what you have done?

Dr. Exeley consistent and cautious approach to the question of aluminum toxicity is worthy of consideration as a model for how to safely navigate the torrents of political maelstrom while nevertheless persisting in the face of unbeatable odds of bias. As you should well know of Dr. Exeley’s contributions, especially in the role of aluminum in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases – have been fundamental, careful and thorough in their demonstrations that, counter to prior assumptions, aluminum enters the brain; that aluminum is increased in the brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease, autism, and Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Exeley is far from alone in his inquiry. My research, quite independent of Dr. Exeley’s, has found that official positions and policies on the safety of aluminum in vaccines is based on stratified unfounded and baseless assumptions, including the use of measurements of toxicity of aluminum from dietary forms in adult mice to assess the safety of injected forms of aluminum in infant humans. The requisite studies of injected doses of aluminum into mice to test hypotheses of autoimmunity, a role in developmental disorders and neurodegenerative disorders have never been conducted. This lack of information, however, only plays the role of sustained ignorance, which plays into the agenda of those aligned with the “other funding sources” your University might stand to lose should the University truly abide by Dr. Exeley’s well-earned academic freedom. You should decline any source of funding that comes with such obvious marionette strings attached.

Read the full letter from James Lyons Weiler at his site here.



Grandma Peg...Margaret J. Jaeger

Hi Margaret!
I too am excited about it all.

Exeley said in a conference - some years back that you can get the aluminum out of all the organs including the brain by drinking water rich in a special type of silica molecule; a hydrous type of silica, that is in an acid form . There are many forms of this molelcule of silica and water, and all can be arranged differently, but this one form of molecule called orthosilic acid strongly grabs the aluminum in the gut and drags it out in the urine and feces.

If the aluminum can be kept out of the diet then aluminum will eventually come out of the rest of the organs, including the brain, by drinking this water, and only in a few short weeks!

Exeley was telling us this because there is actually research that proved this was happening in rats!

I ordered a book written about all of this, by a Harvard professor Crouse; cause some sweet soul here on
"Age of Autism" pointed me to the book.

The title is "Silica Water the Secret of Healthy Blue Zone Longevity In the Aluminum Age" By Dennis N. Crouse PH.D.

In his book he list the studies that show it is in fact taking the aluminum out of the brains of rats.

Crouse also has the recipe in the back of his book, for silicade water which has as much orthosilic as Fiji water. Fiji water is expensive, but just going to the Fiji watering holes (Walmart) has now become impossible for me, and to me it is a bit much to order it off of Amazon, even though Crouse said he did it for his parents.

Crouse also list how aluminum is getting into our diet. Baking powder being one and our municipal water another.

In addition to that Crouse also has a video where he makes the silica -- Othorsilica acid water from your own tap water.
It is not hard to make.
I did have to order the special teeny tiny measuring spoons off of Amazon, as well as sodium bisulfide off of Amazon too. The Chemical company on line did have Low alkaline sodium silicate. That last one was 26 dollars; but additional with shipping it was about 35 dollars, but it should last me -- with six people -- a very long, long time.

Oh and I ordered the Britani water filter pitcher. I thought that was just a bit to high. Crouse says to filter the water cause tap water has lots of aluminum in it. Well that, and just maybe the silica dioxide has some too?

But Since I am going and getting my water from a spring coming out of sand stone; I have not been filtering my water. Maybe I am wrong? At any rate; I am not doing that part of the recipe. Maybe I should?

But I am making water by the gallons so far. I think it takes more than a week to get the viscosity of Fiji water, and there was an after taste at first, but after waiting a couple of weeks it is gone, to become a great tasting water. Fiji water has the highest orthosilic acid in it, and if you look at a bottle of it, on the back they actually list orthosilic and the amount of 130 ppm.

The French water too., "Arie", but is that even available here in the states?.

Crouse also mentions the Orthosilicic acid drops I have been buying. He says that they do not have anywhere near the amount that Fiji water has, and in addition to that they add choline to the drops to stabilize the Orthosilicic acid molecule. It says on those dropper bottles do not exceed 20 drops, some bottles say only 10 drops. It turns out that too much choline has been linked to prostate cancer.

Here is the video of Crouse making it.


I have been wrestling with this part knowledge for a few years, and at last got some answers from Crouse.

Good luck!

Jenny Allan

Grandma Peg - Silica rich water is just water which has been sourced from an area rich in dissolved silica. In the UK the most famous of these bottled waters comes from the Auvergne area of France. Recent (in geological terms) volcanic activity has resulted in silica rich groundwater, which is bottled at source. I am probably not permitted to name the water, due to advertising laws, but the brand is named after the town where the water is bottled.
The brand is sold in more than 60 countries and is available in the US. Prof Exley recommends it, but he also points out other bottled waters also have a high silica content. Do your research

Grandma Peg...Margaret J. Jaeger

What is this special water that can leach the aluminum out of my grandsons brain and body..? I've never heard of it before today...but then I dropped out of the care with alternative therapies about 13 years ago....when funds and time ran out. This one comment today means more to me than the usual asinine behaviors of bigots in colleges who are bought out by big pharma. Their behaviors have Never been scientific as repeatedly pointed out because they consistently refuse to include to investigate, vaccines and their adjuvants, to avoid stepping on the ..udders of their fat money cows.

Here is that comment repeated ...can anyone provide more info on this?? Aside from googling it..?

In making your own siicade water, the recipe says it is best consumed a week later; I think that might be two weeks later, the water after two weeks is just like Fiji water, no taste, and it has taken on that smooth like texture (?) of Fiji water.
Posted by: Benedetta | May 07, 2020 at 03:57 PM

Ms Grumpy

So the problem is not so much Exley's research but taking money from RFK Jr. What are they trying to say, that research is not impartial? Ooohhh.....

Angus Files

The fight is in Professor Exley he aint running -hero.

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

Just an aside further to my post below:-
"Offit cited a 2017 study that examined the relationship between the aluminium levels found in the blood and hair of children aged nine to 13 months, their immunisation history and their cognitive development, finding no relationship."

This demonstrates the utter ignorance of this man regarding autism and its causes. 'Cognitive development' is basically about intelligence markers , usually recorded via tests devised by psychologists. It's a fascinating subject. The work of Piaget is particularly interesting. You can look it up yourselves.

My grandson was assessed at age 4 by the Council psychologist. His conclusion was my grandson was one of the 2 'thickos' normally expected in a class of 30+. This would have meant my grandson would have been bunged into mainstream schooling with no extra help. The psychologist did not carry out a single cognitive test when assessing my grandson. If he had done a reading test, he would have discovered my grandson could read every word in the Oxford dictionary . We did not teach him and he had little idea of the word meanings at that time. He could also do complicated numerical sums in his head. At the same time he had a very limited verbal vocabulary. We used his reading ability to teach him to talk. His speech therapist was initially despairing!

On my advice his parents complained to the Council. The psychologist was obviously more interested in saving money, than properly assessing my grandson's development. In the end, my grandson was properly diagnosed with autism and was able to be educated in a mainstream class with extra support. That's as it should be. My grandson is now in his twenties and has a good university degree. Sadly these days there are so many autistic children, only a few of them receive the kind of support my grandson received.

It has long been acknowledged autism is a spectrum, not directly related to intelligence. Sometimes I think the A word is preventing proper diagnosis of what amounts to brain damage.


Stupid is as stupid does.

Jenny Allan

Many AoA readers donated to the GoFundMe appeal for research funds for Prof Exley's Keele University department aluminium in vaccines research funds. We were all upset when these donations were returned. However, it was still possible to donate directly to the department. I will never use GoFundMe again to donate to any cause. They lost a considerable sum of money in commission.

Guardian Newspaper Report:-
"Professor who claims vaccines linked to autism funded through university portal
Chris Exley, who says aluminium in vaccines may cause autism, has raised more than £22,000.
In April, the crowdfunding site GoFundMe took down a campaign started by Exley’s supporters to help fund his research because it reportedly violated the company’s policy against promoting misinformation about vaccines.
When asked about the appropriateness of the University of Keele funding portal for Exley’s research, Paul A Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, said he was not concerned about the nature of the funding for a study, but only with its scientific quality.
“What matters is the strength and the internal consistency of the study, robustness and reproducibility of the data. Period.”
Offit cited a 2017 study that examined the relationship between the aluminium levels found in the blood and hair of children aged nine to 13 months, their immunisation history and their cognitive development, finding no relationship."

Ah yes. Paul Offit can be relied on to 'pour cold water' on any research which questions vaccine safety. You might be interested to know the identities of the 'sponsors' of the Oxford Vaccine Group, presently trialling a Covid-19 vaccine. Bill Gates has already contributed several £millions.
We know 'money talks' but when it is used to suppress vaccine safety studies, this is shameful. Perhaps Keele University would like to identify THEIR 'sponsors'. On second thoughts I think we can already guess WHO they are.
"The Oxford Vaccine Group would like to acknowledge and thank its funders: Wellcome Trust, MRC, NIHR EME and HTA programme, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Action Medical Research, Meningitis Research Foundation, Meningitis UK, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, World Health Organisation, and vaccine manufacturers."

Mark Mcdougall

Look forward to aluminium induced senility in family, friends and yourselves all ye who thwart sound research. Lifes like that, karmas a bitch, but a godsend. Truth will out.


In making your own siicade water, the recipe says it is best consumed a week later; I think that might be two weeks later, the water after two weeks is just like Fiji water, no taste, and it has taken on that smooth like texture (?) of Fiji water.


Exeley was not talking out of the corner of his mouth when he said that to get aluminum out, even from the brain all we have to do is drink rich silica acid water.
Carlisle and Curran at the UCLA School of Public Health found that rats were fed a supplemental aluminum with low OSA diet (OSA is that orthosicilic acid) they accumulated it in their organs and the brain; especially the olfactory bulb (tour smeller) as in Alziehemers first clue is they no longer can smell.
When Carlisle and Curran gave the rats OSA: the aluminum in their organs including all six regions of their brains decreased in a few short weeks.

Exeley's work is as important as Clair (Pat) Patterson on his discoveries of how pervasive lead in humans had become.

Hans Litten

Wowser !

What they wont do ! To block the knowledge they dont approve of.

Bob Mofffit

One ought not blame Pro Vice Chancellor and Professor David Amigoni of Keele University for his determined, unwarranted .. refusal to accept RFK's donation of $15,000 in support of the research program of Dr. Chris Exley, a fully tenured professor on the faculty at the University of Keele.

After all … it seems pretty obvious that Professor Amigoni fully understands he has reached his high position at Keele University precisely because he has shown a personal willingness to .. by his own admission .. deny donations to those "foundations that could place the institution in an ethical and reputational predicament. To do so could generate potentially negative media coverage and may also jeopardise the strong relationships it holds with its existing major funders and partners.”

Unfortunately .. Keele University apparently believes "science" is best determined by maintaining strong relationships with existing major funders and partners … and anyone raising questions in defiance of the "science" of those major funders and partners must be SILENCED .. rather than being proven scientifically wrong.

And so .. Keele University has clearly demonstrated it cares only in satisfying the dictates of their major funders and partners … TRUE PURSUIT OF SCIENCE BE DAMNED.


Maybe a Freedom Of Information request for Keele’s email exchanges between its pharmaceutical tenants on Keele’s Science & Business Park might be illuminating, regarding the starvation of funding for this important and urgent research. Tenants don’t usually dictate to their landlord on how to run his business. If they do, it might indicate something illegal (charter wise) is going on. If so and having been granted a Royal Charter, this ought to be brought to someone's attention. Do we have any legal eagles on the team?

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