Mid-Month Blues
For Some Families Quarantine Means A Black and Blue Autism Awareness Month

When Doing Your Best Looks Like What Used to be Your Worst

Today was rough

I read this yesterday on Facebook. It's from the Crunchy Mama page @CrunchyMama0128 on Facebook. I think it applies to all of us right now, from cantankerous kids to apoplectic adults. Tantruming teens to ever-angry elderly. COVID quarantine is taking a toll on all of us. I even notice it here in our comments. We're all tired. We're out of routines. Out of sorts. Headed toward out of money. And all close to all out of patience.

We've gone from a nation of vax versus anti-vax to masks versus anti-masks.

I saw two people in my town all but schedule a duel in the parking lot of our local grocery story on social media over the weekend over masks.  "Yeah! You and what army!" might have been the last sentence in the spat.

I've growled at my daughters out of the blue over some nonsense or other. I'm tired of hearing Gianna listening to Peppa Pig. And Daddy Pig is NOT an expert in anything except loving his piggy family, so I guess that's pretty cool. Distance learning starts again today. Bella and I sit in front of the screen trying our best. Her team is awesome and while I've always respected their work, now I bow at their feet for guiding Bella 5 hours a day at school. Mia has pretty much turned into Mike TV from Willy Wonka.

Let us know how you're doing. For real. Use a fake screen name in your comment if you need anonymity. We won't squeal on you. Like the woman who called 911 on her next door neighbor for having an open flame in her yard - and it was one of those cool "fire looking" yard lanterns.  We're going to simmer over at some point. As someone said recently and I laughed out loud, "Do you smell boiling frog?"  The pot is getting hotter with each passing day. Night. Day. Night. The blur of days we face.

Be gentle to yourself. Be gentle to fellow readers. Stay well.




My 17 year old was in the midst of dealing with overwhelming anxiety issues when all this happened. The only place he was doing well was at his school and now- 24/7 at home is beyond challenging for him. All he wants is to be surrounded by younger kids and babies (his favorite!) but he’s an only child and stuck alone with mom & dad instead. We’ve set up short sessions online with BCBA and aides and try FaceTime with his cousins but the days seem longer and longer and more and more meltdowns happening. Trying to balance my full time work schedule from home around his needs is a very thin line to walk. Thanks for reminding me I’m not alone!

Anita Donnelly

My heart goes out to all of you in this situation. 1 autistic child = 4 NT children in energy and intensity.


Kim-we are in the same situation as you are with our adult autistic son stuck in the house for weeks and weeks now and we are all trying to cope as best we can. Sometimes he is perfectly happy to watch his videos of Sesame Street, Thomas the Train and Disney favorites as well as using the computer to search for topics on animals, the universe, cars and other topics he likes. Then at other times he will start to worry about the weather and when he hears we are going to have a thunderstorm he gets anxious because he worries about blackouts as he hates them ever since we had no power for a week after Hurricane Sandy. He thankfully loves to be comfortable in his home and glad to be with the rest of the family. I hope we can all get through this trying and very stressful time without losing our minds and I know we are all in this very difficult situation together facing a pandemic with children on the spectrum. Stay safe and stay well with your beautiful daughters.

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