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Mid-Month Blues

What Do You Miss

522F2DBF-C17F-4504-8A84-647F1BFECE53Yesterday morning, I brought out Gianna's lunchbox to package something I needed to keep cool to bring across town.  Gianna bebopped into the kitchen and stopped short. "My lunchbox!!" She looked happily surprised.

You know what she thought, right?

"I'm going back to my day program! My life!"

It broke my heart to tell her "No, G, no Kennedy Center today."

She launched into self-talk to calm herself. "It's OK, No Kennedy Center today. Maybe Kennedy Center will open in May."

Kennedy Center probably will not open in May. And G will not be carrying her lunch box anytime soon.

What do you miss? Whom do you miss? What about your loved one with autism? We have some rough situations going on in homes. We have families whose children are in residential school or group homes and unable to see family. There is a family where Mom, Dad and the teen with autism have COVID. Dad passed away. Alone. Mom is home sick.  And the teen with autism is in seclusion in a hospital with severe, severe behaviors for which he is being chemically restrained.  Alone.

Gianna uses Nick Jr and that calendar you see on the counter to calm herself and feel safe. Me?  I use the Siriusly Sinatra channel on Sirius Satellite radio. The old standards of Sinatra, Martin, Bennett, Lee, Horne, Satchmo and Darrin remind me of the safety of childhood and my parents listening to the record albums on the large, console stereo "hi-fi." This song came on and I thought it was appropriate in a way wholly unintended by the writer.

People who need people,
Are the luckiest people in the world
We're children, needing other children
And yet letting a grown-up pride
Hide all the need inside
Acting more like children than children

Listen, even if you aren't an old fogey like me.

Stay well. Stay safe.





Sweden has 16,004 cases now, 1,937 deaths, 172 of them today. That is an exponential leap since April 4, two and a half weeks ago. Five days ago their total deaths were 1400, so almost a 50% increase in five days. 192 deaths per million, when less than a week ago it was 150. On April 5 they were at only 200. Where have they almost gotten to? A level of death from Covid not seen until now in what one thought was an advanced country? Meanwhile, locked down Denmark has had 384 deaths, 14 today, 66 deaths per million. Which is preferable?

Tim Lundeen

Sweden: no lockdown, no problem.

Angus Files

Oooops! Sweden on the home straight now-no shut down, no nothing, plus` the ` herd` thingy`mabob!

Sweden could have ‘herd immunity’ next month, says health chief in row over relaxed lockdown and rising deaths
19 Apr 2020, 14:44Updated: 19 Apr 2020, 16:11
SWEDEN could achieve "herd immunity" as early as next month, according to the country's health chief.

Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, who flanks PM Stefan Lofven at TV briefings, said pressure on the country's health care services appeared to be easing.
In comparison to most EU countries, primary schools, and public gatherings of 50 people are still allowed in Sweden while shops are also open - with no new laws in place to crack down.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Already, but they hardly got started with the Pharma shut down.


Pharma For Prison


go Trump

Would there be a chance that they decide to scrap the CV virus thing and begin to search for the COVID 19 gene that just suddenly showed up ?

THAT would take YEARS and billions of dollars ... and keep people locked up almost forever.

Angus Files

I asked my son (non - autistic aged 14) what’s the music your listening to? One Direction was the grunt deciphered. Very summery cheerful happy sounds. Then I thought at that age I was listening to Wheels Of Steel Saxon that was my idea of summery music as it had memories of getting the motorbike out and going for a blast on it. If our autistic kids could only do that Kim switch on a song and calm themselves down or gee themselves up it would be a blessing. We’re missing the swimming pool being shut as he likes that a lot twice a week.I hope it all gets back to normal soon-the old normal not the Fauci Pharma new normal.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


I can promise you Kim drew my attention to the Bocelli concert last week!

Mary Maxwell

Ms Rossi, you might like to hear this music, to which 37 million have already listened! Andrea Bocelli in Milan Cathedral, all alone. I think you will like Gounod's Ave Maria which lasts from 0 to 9 minutes, but then swish over to 19 mins for an extremely touching visual re Amazing Grace. Was blind but now I see.


Kim-I love all the old standard music you mentioned that I also used to listen to with my parents on our hi fi stereo and it brings back memories of happier times of youth. My adult son's day program is also closed just like Gianna's and we just have to help them keep busy doing things they enjoy at home. We have thousands of cases here in New York and Governor Cuomo has just put a mandatory face mask when going out in public into effect here it is so bad. We must all try to stay home as much as possible, but we have to go to the supermarket as we have no choice there. Stay safe and stay well you and your family.

Vicki Hill

My son lives in a group home. He has a strong preference for staying in his room, using the Internet as his lifeline to the outside world. We have spent years cajoling him into interacting with people outside of his home...and now the entire world is cajoling us all to stay at home!

On the plus side, it means that the group home caregivers are not having a problem with him during this time of crisis. He is perfectly content to stay in his room. But I have to wonder: will we ever again be able to convince him of the benefit of going out and engaging with people in person?

Bob Moffit

Thanks Kim for beginning my day with 3:39 minutes of what music used to be .. uplifting and inspirational .. great relief from what I am sure most of my day .. 24-7 covid coverage .. ahead will bring.

Your list of 'old standards" brings fourth fond memories indeed.

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