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Imaging of aluminium and amyloid β in neurodegenerative disease

The Greater Good Movie A Letter to Idaho’s Governor Brad Little

Greater Good banner
April 25, 2020

During today’s press conference, Governor Little said “We are not going to return to normal until we have a vaccine.” He added that that could be 12-18 months away. He also said he expected people to do the right thing and get vaccinated but that if people didn’t, they would change the code. The Governor literally threatened forced vaccinations. Little touted the success of the stay at home orders and said we would only normalize life if certain criteria were met.

We have a few questions for Governor Little:

How do you know what will happen in one month, let alone 12 months, with this new, unknown organism? How do you know it will behave any differently than other influenza-like respiratory infections which die out in the summer due to increased sun exposure which raises vitamin D levels boosting our immune systems? Please show us the independent science that supports that statement?

Why is the state of Idaho on lockdown when the peak in cases occurred April 10, 2020 at which point a mere 6% of hospital bed capacity was required in the state?

Why did you renew an executive order with many factual errors? Recent science has shown Covid-19 was in the US as early as September or December of 2019 yet you state it was not here till January 2020. You state the need to expand our health care system capacity but Idaho’s capacity utilization peaked at just 6% of beds on April 10, 2020. Why do you claim “extreme peril” exists in Idaho to justify your executive order when there were only 2 lab confirmed and 3 probable cases of Covid-19 in the entire state from April 20-22, 2020?

Why are you perpetuating the myth that stay at home orders are responsible for the decline in Covid-19 cases when a growing number of studies have demonstrated that Covid-19 behaves in a cyclical way, irrespective of lockdowns?

Why are you ignoring research findng that infections may be 85 times as high as cases with millions already exposed or infected without incident?

Why are you ignoring the fact that Sweden never locked down yet has experienced the same disease cycle as the countries that did lock down without all the negative effects of these draconian policies?

Why are you supporting an antibody test when WHO officials say the antibody test may not work and that antibodies may not be proof of immunity? If antibodies are not proof of immunity why are you, an elected official, pushing vaccines which supposedly create immunity by producing antibodies?

Why are you ignoring prudent policies and recommendations by experts encouraging those at risk to self-isolate while those at low risk become exposed and develop immunity as this approach would be the safest for those at risk and truly protect them?

Why are you ignoring the research finding that tens of millions of Americans have already been exposed, without incident, proving that for vast majority of people, Covid-19 is not a threat?

Why are you, an elected official touting one approach to dealing with an infectious agent, a vaccine, from which commercial interests will benefit, when there are many other ways to deal with and manage disease beginning with a strong immune system but not ending with homeopathy, naturopathy, herbs, supplements, chiropractic and more? Please show us the legislation that empowers you to select the winners and losers?

Why are you promoting vaccines when no vaccine manufacturer, no doctor or nurse who administers vaccines, no health official, no elected representative has any liability for vaccines because federal legislation recognizes vaccines injure and kill some recipients? Will you be personally liable?

Why are you ignoring the country of India which used homeopathy prophylactically on the recommendation of the Prime Minister Modi and has experienced only 23,000 cases and 700 deaths in a nation of 1.3 billion?   READ MORE HERE.



That’s easy. Most staff at the nursing homes had their own homes and families. Their children were going to school and picking up and transmitting coronavirus there, they went home and gave it to their parents

You've been cheerleading this for quite a while now. And although I've disagreed with a lot of what you've said, I'm grateful every day that we live in a society where we can post differing opinions all day long.

But on this one, I seriously have to ask how you arrived at such a conclusion? Because according to the story in the link below:

" A nine-year-old who contracted COVID-19 in eastern France did not pass the virus on to any other pupils at three ski-schools, according to new research that suggests infants are not large spreaders of the disease ."

Are you aware of this finding? And don't you think it contradicts what you've suggested above?



That’s easy. Most staff at the nursing homes had their own homes and families. Their children were going to school and picking up and transmitting coronavirus there, they went home and gave it to their parents. Who then introduced it in their workplaces, including nursing homes. They continued to go to restaurants and cafes, which have notoriously remained open, or went to retail stores. Most Swedes have continued not to wear PPE. Most of those who transmit the virus were asymptomatic at the time. And the result has been large numbers of deaths avoided by other, locked-down Scandinavian countries.

Laura Hayes

Wanted to share an email with AoA readers that I am sending to my email group. Thought this would be a good spot for it.

Subject: Beware the "contact tracers" - and beware permitting testing

Oh the synonyms with which one could replace "contact tracers", and those calling for them! I will let you come up with your own list. Frightening.

The same people who want to force scores of toxic, health-destroying vaccines on newborns, babies, children, teens, and more and more adults, now want widespread/universal Covid testing and subsequent "contact tracing". These people care not a whit about public health, for if they did, they would be the first to call for: an immediate moratorium on each and every vaccine, as not one has been tested or approved properly or ethically; the immediate elimination of vaccine mandates, as both individual and public health are best achieved when each individual and each family makes the best health-related decisions for itself, minus any and all government interference; the immediate elimination of glyphosate use, genetically-modified foods, and CAFOs, all of which are ruining our land, our water supply, our food supply, and our health; the immediate elimination of direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals, which increases interest in and dependence on pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical companies' profits, and their ability to control our media, regulatory agencies, medical industry, legislators, and judicial system; the immediate elimination of adding fluoride to municipal water supplies, shown to reduce IQ scores; the immediate stopping of/removal of 5G installation, a new technology fraught with ways it will damage our health, increase the surveillance of us, and expand the growing police state; the immediate elimination of toxic pesticides, herbicides, cleaners, and other products which are destroying our air, water, land, food, health, and all living creatures; and equally importantly, they would develop and promote education campaigns focused on time-proven, effective, non-harmful means of achieving health through nutrient-dense, non-toxic food, clean water, clean air, regular exercise, adequate sleep, meaningful relationships, and more.

These same people now want to encourage/socialize/eventually force universal "Covid" testing on the populace, in the name of "public health" be followed by "contact tracing", i.e. hunting down every Tom, Dick, and Harry with whom a person may have had contact with...illegally violating personal privacy, and likely freedom of movement, and other Constitutionally-guaranteed rights, on a scale never seen before. The list of possible nefarious purposes behind this charade of a public health initiative is long and frightening.

Below are 2 worthwhile videos about this testing and subsequent tracing. Every citizen needs to beware and be warned. Imagine if your family member/friend/neighbor/co-worker/UPS driver/grocery clerk/mailman/office cleaner/haircutter/doctor/food server/babysitter tests positive, then names YOU as someone they have had contact with (or it is determined that you have had contact with this person, directly or indirectly)...will you be forced to stay at home, be tested, provide a list of those with whom you have had contact, sent somewhere against your will, be medicated, be vaccinated? Eventually, there won't be a person left who hasn't "had contact" in some way with those testing "positive"...which is, of course, the ultimate goal. It is likely just a matter of time, which is why each of us needs to think through the consequences of what we permit, and what information we provide.

The Amazing Polly's latest: Beware the Contact Tracers (around the 26 min. mark, she talks about how what is transpiring is a form of terrorism)

James Corbett's Stop Calling It Contact Tracing

The tyranny is escalating. Can we/will we stop it? Thinking we need a brand new Just Say No! much to say no to these days, much of it under the guise of "public health". Those two words should raise alarm every time you hear them, as well as the words "for the greater good".


Angus Files

Oxphord now the Pharma disinformation epicentre -World Data funded by - drum roll,.I always wondered why Sweden was inexplicably having a higher death rate than everyone else- albeit over 50% of the deaths coming from senior citizens homes. With social restrictions being enforced in the homes such as in lockdown countries .
02 FEB 18
A grant of almost $1.8 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is enabling Oxford Martin programme Our World in Data
Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development at the University of Oxford, and Co-executive Director of Global Change Data Lab, the non-profit organization that publishes and maintains the website and the data tools that make our work possible.

Pharma For Prison




As I had said. Sweden didn't exceed healthcare capacity. They didn't deny medical care to anyone.

Read this link for explanation:

They were talking about what they would do in a hypothetical situation which never happened.

Rationing of medical care is something that happens in any country. It's not unique to Sweden.

Was also discussed in New York, Switzerland and happened in Italy. Guidelines need to be in place to prepare for worst case scenarios.


Sweden has behaved shamefully in not preparing when it still had time to do so. If it had, a rich, civilized country like that could have made plans, procured needed resources, maybe built new hospitals or requisitioned spaces to prepare. And then, at a time when Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland were locking down, Sweden deliberately chose not to do so, even after the grisly examples of Italy and Spain played out before our eyes


You think Sweden behaved ' shamefully' ?

Well that's interesting, since it would appear that (.. for today at least) the WHO completely disagrees with you

Taken directly from the second paragraph of the article...

" Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO’s top emergencies expert, suggests learning from Sweden — which never shut down completely — as a “model” for battling the coronavirus."


Vaxxus and Hera,

The fundamental problem is that Sweden spent months blowing off the looming danger. It could have stopped incoming travel, made plans for closing schools and businesses when the first cases appeared, set up more hospital beds, equipment, and ICUs, produced and mandated the use of masks, bought a lot of HCQ, and would have saved thousands of lives. Infectious disease specialist Steffan Sylvan said months ago that Sweden wasn’t prepared for a major epidemic. Director of the Board of National Health Olivia Wigzell said they would have to triage patients since they did not have sufficient resources for all of them. But over 80% of even those over 80 recover if given adequate care.

Sweden has behaved shamefully in not preparing when it still had time to do so. If it had, a rich, civilized country like that could have made plans, procured needed resources, maybe built new hospitals or requisitioned spaces to prepare. And then, at a time when Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland were locking down, Sweden deliberately chose not to do so, even after the grisly examples of Italy and Spain played out before our eyes. Why was it necessary to triage at all? In Italy it was sadly often necessary when it was the first transparent country to go through the fire. Everyone else, including Spain, had warning and could have prepared.

Who’s going to do a careful analysis of biological vs chronological age? What difference does it make? Most other countries have made no such announcement, and have had majority survival rates in every age group. Most of the desperately ill in Sweden wouldn’t have been in that position and wouldn’t have died if Sweden had behaved responsibly to start with. And we don’t know what they’re really doing. If they leave anyone of any age out in the hall to die, who would know? Tegnell has said they’re no longer going to announce case and death numbers. Gee, sounds like something you might expect of North Korea or Venezuela. What does Sweden have to hide? Oh, yeah, thousands of elderly Swedes dying when they would not have died even under corona conditions in other Scandinavian countries. I think Sweden’s pride and perceived superiority got the better of it. What was it’s scientific basis for saying that children under 16 could not spread it? Even after numerous schoolchildren, even babies, had died of it. How did it theorize the magical germ-repelling force field which it thought children have?



I don't think they aren't refusing to treat patients over 80. The Karolinska University Hospital said that patients with a low chance of survival are not prioritised if capacity is exceeded.

That doesn't mean they don't treat them but that they would treat a patient with a higher chance of survival first. Hospitals in Italy have similar policies. That is probably happening in many hospitals not just in these two countries.

That doesn't mean that this is actually happening but that it could happen if they exceeded capacity.

Also decisions will be made based on biological not chronological age. If someone over 80 is healthier than someone aged 60, they would receive treatment first.


Hi Cia,
I think that sadly New York has done at least as badly by its elderly as Sweden.
I have always found it more useful to look at what people's actions show, rather than what they say they are doing. New York says it is protecting it's most vulnerable, ( Nursing home residents.) So what has it actually done? Prevented all family members from seeing the elderly and advocating for them. You might say but this is just to protect them. However, in that case why has New York decided to force Nursing Homes to accept COVID 19 patients? Why did New York refuse to allow Nursing homes to send their COVID 19 ill residents to the USS Comfort, even though it was half empty?
If someone told me they were isolating me from my family for my own good, and by the way, they were also going to send COVID 19 patients to live with me, knowing that I was high risk, and they were going to stop people from sending me to an available hospital, then it would start to look, imo that the plan was not to keep me alive. In fact, I would be hard put not to think that my life was at the very least being treated as disposable, if not that I was deliberately being forced into a situation likely to kill me.
I don't necessarily think any country that deliberately isolates its elderly in a building with infectious patients has any room to claim the moral high ground...


I didn't say that Pueyo had said it: I read it at the time his articles came out, but I don't remember where.

I just skimmed his second article and he says that it would take a long time. He says we won't have to stay in lockdown indefinitely, we just need to do it until the opportune moment. And he says it's only until we get a vaccine.

I don't have all the answers. But I don't think consigning many thousand to death is a good answer. This is much more serious than the flu, even in those who seem to have only mild cases. I support mask mandates and social distancing. I support contact tracing and universal testing for both the current disease and antibodies, of everyone. Many multiple times. No, we can't do it forever. And I think Sweden made a criminal choice in the context of an advanced, civilized nation. It is criminal to refuse to even try to treat those over eighty. Even though mortality is high in that age group, most recover if treated, and like all human beings, they deserve to be treated as valued human beings.



Are you really sure that Tomas Pueyo said that it would take everyone 10 years to get it?

Do you have a link? That doesn't seem to be an accurate statement.

It's not possible to do a full lockdown for more than a few months by the way so I am not sure how this would apply to any real world scenario.

If you did this for many months or years you would cause a complete and I mean complete collapse of the global economy and mass starvation in many countries and millions of deaths more than COVID-19 could ever cause. In addition when society breaks down, chaos will follow and the virus would spread again. You would just double the damage done.

This is not about the greater good. As long as you don't exceed the healthcare capacity you are not causing additional deaths. You are not sacrificing people.



On the other hand, the disease is very likely to become milder in the next few years, the way H1N1 did, and the original H1N1, the Spanish flu. Measles and pertussis.

At the time of the first Tomas Pueyo article at Medium, it was said that flattening the curve enough to slow down the occurrence of CV to a number which wouldn’t crash the hospitals would take about ten years for everyone to get it. I don’t think they could really calibrate it that exactly, but the concept is humane and workable to some extent.

The U.K. and the Netherlands were considering just letting it blow through relatively unopposed, but then when they read the Imperial College report, they decided they didn’t want to be responsible for that many deaths, and about a month ago both went into lockdown. Unfortunately, both have had a staggering number of deaths anyway, but it would have been a lot more if they had not changed course.

Every country which has been polled overwhelmingly supports the lockdowns. It would be very tsom a hundred thousand deaths among those of you listening, but it’s for the greater good, so that’s all right. Makes the herd stronger, you know. Most heads of state are not going to say that, and most people would not support it. What will Sweden tell its people five years from now, if the disease is attenuated and mortality goes down? A lot of Swedes would have lived to see that day the way their fellows in the rest of Scandinavia did.

I knew someone in Mexico who said that the world would be better off if people feeble enough to react to vaccines with death or disability were removed, and he specifically said people like me and my daughter. I argued ably in our defense, but ultimately, it’s his worldview which is morally unacceptable. Utilitarian to a point at which you wonder whose life would be of value in such a world.



Why do you think the Swedes that died could have been saved?

As long as the healthcare capacity is not exceeded a lockdown might not save a single life but it can certainly do a lot of possibly long-lasting damage to the economy and society.

Their approach was based on their healthcare capacities and culture. It might not have worked in other parts of the world but it could work for them.

If what they are saying is true and they will reach herd immunity soon then they would have been able to minimize the impact of COVID-19 with their method.


Sweden faces better prospects for a second wave? As of today, it has had 233 deaths per million. Nearby locked-down Denmark has had 75 dpm and locked-down Norway 38 dpm. The locked-down US has had 172 dpm, so Sweden in their high death rate for the past three weeks has far surpassed us. As to whether they have made the right choice, we’ll have to wait a few years to compare outcomes, but I’d say the thousands of Swedes who have died unnecessarily would rather have locked down and lived.

The large number of deaths in many countries of the world indicates that we have had little advantage from our modernity in facing a serious new disease.

LA just announced double the usual number of deaths this past week. The Jenner Institute in Oxford just announced good results for a vaccine tested in six rhesus monkeys. I’ll wait for further information to form an opinion.

As for the viral video featuring Dr. Erickson and a colleague, physicians but not MDs, I’d say a seeking attention and giving bad advice. We don’t know how many in the general population in California or most other places have antibodies. The tests cited by them were done primarily on people who already thought they had had Covid. The recent results for one California county were on self-selected people who responded to a search for volunteers on FB, not random. The write-up in the Wall Street Journal was by the very researchers who did the study, who did not disclose their conflict of interest.

Dr. Erickson doesn’t think lockdowns do any good? I’d ask for his opinion on statistics from Sweden. If he thinks survival of the fittest is the name of the game, fine, but he should just say so. If germ carriers have no opportunity to transmit their germs to anyone, then those people have been prevented from getting and maybe dying of Covid. Has everyone already forgotten the group of spring breakers from one college last month who went to Mexico and most of them tested positive for Covid when they came back? And then went to live with their middle-aged parents?

We’ll see what happens next. I think we’re just going to have to learn from reality. At this time most places in the US have not turned the corner, meaning that by and large any reduction in cases and deaths is entirely the result of protective measures. If they are ended too soon, in a few weeks we’ll see another spike in cases and deaths. But I guess it’s like with toddlers, only the burned believe in fire. Or maybe like toddlers who say that it’s fine as long as it’s just Mom, Dad, Auntie Em, and Grandma who get burned, and not them.


Here is the 4 minute local ABC news report on the two doctors from Bakersfield (must see) .
It is a more balanced report on Covid19 than I have seen on any mainstream media outlet so far. They actually permitted to the doctors to get their view across without ridiculing them. Fauci in my view came off second best.
The full interviews from the Bakersfield doctors are listed in links on the AOA comment from Coram Deo below.

Then for the more scientific minded their is this 8 minute professional explanation from scientist Andreas Klacker of "Why ClO2 works against Covid 19 a scientific aproach". He pretty much has it all figured out in my view.
I shared these on my Facebook page.

Angus Files

Sweden queries basis of lockdowns as Germany keeps its guard up
Looser regime means Sweden is better placed to face second wave, says chief epidemiologist



Tonya Prim

@Greg Hill
I think that is a great idea, banning direct to consumer pharmaceutucal ads.

Tonya Prim

You said, "The choice is to stay home and cooperate with the protective measures or participate in causing the death of many people."
That is a false dichotomy. It's not that black and white. And your references to the Spanish flu assume that nothing has changed in the past 100 years that might also have an effect on viral mitigation. The country has vastly improved in the areas of nutrition, sanitation, and living conditions. Plus, so much recent research coming out in the past months, weeks, and even days points to the fact that this virus is not the extreme danger that it was purported to be. The evidence is clear. Use common sense means to keep vulnerable people protected while allowing most people to resume their normal lives.

Tonya Prim

@Laura Hayes
Regarding the new vocabulary, I first became concerned when I kept hearing about the need to "flatten the curve".
I read everything I could about it, trying to figure out where it was coming from. Shortly after that, we were introduced to "social distancing". I saw that as a particularly nefarious attempt to get the general public to view each other with suspicion as possible vectors of disease. That obviously has primed the public to welcome the idea of "contact tracing".


I feel terrible for all those California families that moved to Idaho after Senator Pan's horrid campaign. They must feel so scared and angry.

@Cia thanks for my new nickname - "GC"

Leslie Manookian

Cia - no one forced him to say he'd change the law if people didn't do the right thing and be good little citizens. That is twisted, dangerous, authoritarian thinking.

And there is evidence the Spanish flu wasn't contagious at all. See Sally Fallon's very interesting write up which states this about Spanish flu: "Health officials in those days were very interested in the question of whether the Spanish flu was contagious. Doctors from the U.S. Public Health Service tried to infect one hundred healthy volunteers between the ages of eighteen and twenty- five by collecting mucous secretions from the noses, throats and upper respiratory tracts of those who were sick. They transferred these secretions to the noses, mouths and lungs of the volunteers, but not one of them got sick; blood of sick donors was injected into the blood of the volunteers, but they remained stubbornly healthy; finally they instructed those afflicted to breathe and cough over the volunteers, but none became sick. Researchers even tried to infect healthy horses with the mucous secretions of horses with the flu, but the results were the same."


We no longer have a government of the people. The government is basically a public-private partnership controlled by Big Business which obviously includes Big Pharma.

Mandatory vaccinations have been a 20 year project starting from Gates funded GAVI. There have been many incremental steps taken focusing on children first. The states move to eliminate choice was a bit of pre-programming for adult vaccinations.

However, they needed a 9/11 type event to get support for that and other projects like digital ID and cashless society and eventually social credit scores tied in with your rights to travel and obtain social services, so this is what COVID-19 is all about. Curious how the Gates funded WHO declared the Pandemic on 3/11 .

The Gates funded CEPI is funding the front runner for the Vaccine (Moderna) and CDC and states are using the Gates funded models from University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) to predict spread and of course he funded Event 201 last October simulating a Pandemic , and Dr Fauci leading the COVID-19 charge is on the Leadership Council board responsible for putting together Gates Foundation’s Global Vaccine Action Plan — a collaboration between the Foundation, NIAID, UNICEF and the World Health Organization

The should have just called it the Gates Virus.

Laura Hayes

Another good watch:

"STOP Calling It Contact Tracing!"

After viewing, think of all the propaganda terminology that has been purposefully and strategically inserted into the public lexicon, going back years, and up to the present. The list is long.


I think he just said what he did to act as though the government had a vision and an endgame for this, when there is none. I don't think they can develop an even moderately safe or effective vaccine. But with public unrest what it is, how could he say that we have no answer for what to expect or when this will end?

The choice is to stay home and cooperate with the protective measures or participate in causing the death of many people. This is new for all of us and there are many hard decisions to be made.

San Francisco flouted many of the social distancing and mask measures mandated during the Spanish flu, and many died as a result.

In many countries of the world, there was a sudden sharp, extreme spike in deaths, 50% more than usual, in the weeks coronavirus was savaging them. The only way to control it without a vaccine is to shut down and stay away from other people, wear masks, etc. If you refuse to do so, deaths will result. Most people agree with a slow release of the lockdown, keeping a close eye on events which might require tightening it again. Everyone's life is harder right now, but hundreds of thousands have died from coronavirus. Who has the right to knowingly endanger others?

Tim Lundeen

Social distancing doesn't need to destroy people's lives to be helpful.

When you look at the data, without labels, you cannot pick out the areas that closed "non-essential" businesses, versus areas that used common-sense social distancing policies. They are all in the same envelope, all have the same shape. For the US, 7 states did not lockdown. Try to pick them out from the current SARS-Cov-2 infection rate at -- you can't. (In this chart, less-than-one means the infection is dying out, more-than-one that it is still growing.) The states that destroyed people's livelihood are not doing any better than states that let people keep working in terms of infections.

Sad that anyone thinks draconian economic lockdowns are stopping SAR-Cov-2.

Greg Hill

Indeed, Laura, I totally agree. This country needs a thorough governmental overhaul today every bit as much as it did in 1776. Actually even more so today, when the political corruption extends all the way down to the state and even the local level, with governors, state legislatures, even mayors and city councils effectively being every bit as much captured by totalitarian tyrants as the federal government, if not more so. The $64,000 question is, "How do we make that kind of democratic overhaul happen?"

A major part of the problem is the fact that the mainstream media (MSM) and huge swaths of the Internet are now thoroughly under the control of the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, using fear-mongering propaganda and outright censorship to intimidate a strong majority of the general public into playing along with their dystopian schemes. There still are, of course, a number of truly independent sources of objective information available, primarily on the internet, but only a relatively small minority of Americans are watching / listening to / reading them, let along believing them. So to my mind, the key to turning all of this around is going to be unfettering the so-called "free press" to do it's proper job.

The first step in making that happen, I think, is going to have to be banning direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of prescription pharmaceuticals, the way it is in every country in the world except the U.S. and New Zealand. If we're going to get politically organized and active, including with things like large public protests, I believe DTCA should be our first target. I wouldn't be surprised if we could get even get a majority of MSM-believing Americans to go along with that. I'm sure they're nearly all sick and tired of seeing / hearing all those Big Pharma ads anyway. So let's get organized any make that happen. I bet we can get the likes of RFK Jr. and Del Bigtree to earnestly support our cause.

Bob Moffit

@ Laura

I would add one more thing to your list of things we must do … "rise up, resist, refuse and rebel" and demand TERM LIMITS FOR ALL ELECTED POLITICIANS … INCLUDING SUPREME COURT MEMBERS AFTER SERVING 12-15 YEARS ..

Coram Deo

The link for that previous post. Don't know if it attached.

Coram Deo

As if it was planned in advance, billions of people around the globe are being forced step by rapid step into a radically different way of life, one that involves far less personal, physical and financial freedom and agency. Here is the template for rolling this out.
STEP 1 - A new virus starts to spread around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) declares a pandemic.
STEP 2 - National, state/provincial and municipal leaders, as well as public-health officials, start daily press briefings.
STEP 3 - There is a concerted effort by all levels of government and public health to very rapidly ramp up testing for viral RNA, along with production of personal protective equipment.
STEP 4 - When the numbers of cases and deaths start to plateau, local officials claim it’s too early to tell whether the virus has finished passing through their population and therefore, restrictive measures must continue.
STEP 5 - About two or three weeks later, the dramatic increase in testing for viral DNA produces the desired goal of a significant upsurge in the number of people found positive for the virus.
STEP 6 - Large-scale human testing of many different types of antivirals and vaccines begins, thanks to a concerted push from the WHO, Bill Gates and his collaborators, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, governments and universities.
STEP 7 - Soon the new virus starts another cycle around the globe – just as influenza and other viruses have every year for millennia.
The key players repeat the cycle of hysteria and massive administration of antivirals and booster shots every few months. And they implement a variation of steps 1 to 7 when another new pathogen appears on the planet. Sounds far-fetched? Unfortunately, it’s not. With the arrival of COVID19 many countries quickly completed Steps 1, 2 and 3. Step 4 is well under way in a large number of jurisdictions. Step 5 is on track to start in early May. Rosemary Frei

Coram Deo

video - 69 minutes
Bakersfield, California - DOCTORS DISAGREE WITH SHUTDOWN: Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care refuse to wear masks outside. They say the longer people stay inside the more their immune system drops. They're calling for Kern to reopen immediately.
Part 2 of interview here - 12 mins 27 secs -

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Leslie, for this post and the others you have been writing, which can be found here for those who want to read more by Leslie:

Your last 3 paragraphs really sum it up, and remind me of this section from my first rally speech opposing SB277 in CA back in 2015:

"We must ask these legislators: What Constitutional powers have been bestowed upon you to mandate that I must inject my child with known neurotoxins, known carcinogens, ingredients proven to disrupt and destroy both the nervous and immune systems, ingredients that will destroy my child’s gut and gastrointestinal tract...ingredients that YOU, Senators and Assembly Members, wouldn’t allow in your morning cup of coffee, but that we must inject into our children? What legal or moral authority gives you the right to mandate that I must allow risky medical procedures for my child, numerous times over the course of 18 years, procedures that have the very real potential to cause great harm, grave injury, permanent disability, and death? YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT and YOU DON’T HAVE THE AUTHORITY to order parents to play medical Russian roulette with their children."

So much abuse of power by those in positions of authority. We must rise up, resist, refuse, and rebel against this ever-escalating tyranny. We must achieve the position where our elected officials fear the electorate, not the other way around. We must achieve the position where those elected understand that their number one job is to protect our rights, not restrict and eliminate them. To achieve these positions, we must eliminate corporate donations to political candidates and government regulators, in their many forms, and we must eliminate corporate lobbyists and their undue influence from all levels of government and from all regulatory processes, and return to a system of government that is by the people, for the people. So much work to do!

Bob Moffit

Bill Gates must be salivating as the WORLD eagerly awaits HIS Covid VACCINE … and … with politicians such as Gov Little .. a REPUBLICAN none-the-less .. stating with extreme confidence he will enact legislation in his State making GATE'S MIRACLE VACCINE MANDATORY FOR ALL IN HIS STATE.

The Covid Pandemic has been Bill Gates DREAM COME TRUE .. right on schedule.

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