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The Conflicting Narratives of COVID-19

VaccineChoiceCanadaExcerpted from Vaccine Choice Canada.  The Conflicting Narratives of COVID-19

By Edda West

As more and more information pours in from around the world, what’s become crystal clear is that there are two conflicting narratives informing us about the ‘pandemic’. The dominant mainstream narrative wants us to believe that COVID-19 poses extreme health risks to individuals and all of society – that extreme measures are needed to stop the virus from proliferating – that the risk of death is very high and requires draconian measures to win this viral battle  and that we must all wait patiently in isolation until a vaccine is developed before the lock down is lifted.  Fear of COVID-19 apparently justifies the shut down of society and with it the economy we all depend on for survival.

Juxtaposed with this doomsday scenario is a growing alternate narrative that questions the validity of these draconian measures and challenges the dire straits projections of mainstream analysts.  A more nuanced and balanced perspective is found in international data sets that compare hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 with those occurring in previous annual surges of seasonal respiratory illnesses, of which coronavirus is one of many respiratory viruses that circulate every year.  The analyses of many skilled scientists reassures us that there is no evidence that warrants the lock down of society.  The focus should be on tracking down and isolating contacts of those who test positive and are ill while offering effective and safe treatments to those needing medical care.

Searching for answers, investigative journalist, Rosemary Frei, MSc, molecular biology, delves into the many unanswered questions a growing segment of the population is asking.  In this extensive report, she asks, Where’s the Evidence Supporting the Drastic Measures Against COVID-19?

In the March 26th broadcast of The Highwire, Del Bigtree; reviewed important international statistics which clearly show that the number of COVID-19 deaths are actually within the normal range of expected deaths that occur  every year among the frail and elderly at risk from any of the seasonal respiratory pathogens that circulate through the winter months. Included in the broadcast are the impactful commentaries of top scientists and epidemiologists who disagree with the extreme ‘lock down’ measures and are challenging the medical establishment’s doomsday scenario.  Their intelligent analysis of what is really happening is both enlightening and reassuring.

We can only imagine the devastating fall out our society will reap from the closure of all non-essential businesses, schools, travel and suspension of the entire economy for an indefinite period of time. The fear pundits say that isolation and lockdown should be imposed until a new coronavirus vaccine is developed. Human trials have already begun, bypassing the normal required early phases of animal testing to determine baseline risk/benefit and safety parameters prior to experimentation on humans.

Which begs the question, is the unprecedented level of fear and anxiety whipped up by the incessant media coverage of viral doom “laying the psychological groundwork for people to eagerly embrace ‘magic bullet’ medical solutions, no matter how experimental?” Is this how ‘they’ will usher in mandatory vaccination for everyone?  Lyn Redwood and Mary Holland tackle this pressing question as they address the urgent need for effective therapies for sick patients by repurposing existing drugs, providing access to non-toxic treatments of IV vitamin C, as well as off label use of hydroxychloroquine, an anti malaria drug in use for decades.

Most concerning is that the medical system has no effective treatments for critically ill and dying patients, yet resists all non-mainstream treatments that have been proven to save lives over decades of use.  Is it the case that our pharma captured medical system would rather let people die, than allow them to receive non-mainstream treatments that have been proven successful over many years and are currently saving lives in China and other places?

Often critically ill patients develop sepsis, a life threatening condition involving multiple organ failure.  Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care physician is saving lives with his IV vitamin C protocol treatments.   At the hospital where he works, Dr. Marik’s treatment protocol is “standard care for sepsis”, but few others are following; “unfortunately many hospitals are still dragging their heels waiting for more clinical trials to be completed.”   READ MORE The Conflicting Narratives of COVID-19


Angus Files

Thanks Kathy,
I get a lot more out, from the likeminded postings on AOA than I could ever contribute and forever grateful to AOA. John Stone is 100% right it`s too early to call what’s happened and from where. I also doubt if we will ever be able to tell what has happened. I don’t think it is one thing either, but many confusing things all being put into a global morphing pot and called Corona.Simply, so that they can bring in for one thing, worldwide compulsory vaccination amongst other totalitarian Orwellian rulings. You have me bitten on Bitten Ill be ordering it for sure, as we have loads of tics round here in the Scottish Highlands because of the Deer and lots of MS sufferers but it’s probably Lyme’s at different stages. Bed time reading, my wife says no wonder I can’t sleep reading books like these going to bed.

Keep safe

Pharma For Prison



Angus -
Thank you for all the REALLY GREAT links that you posted yesterday April 3 from NIH BLAST and others from pubmed. Amazing...absolutely amazing. It's all out there isn't it but we won't be reading about it in any newspapers or hearing it on television!

I previously mentioned the book "Bitten". which documents Lyme disease and other biological weapons. The author Kris Newby did all of her research at the National Archives and also video recorded scientists who did the actual work. As an example - they were weaponizing ticks with BUBONIC PLAGUE....YES, REALLY... way back in 1956. There was so much more.

Here we are in 2020 with another "experiment" gone global.

Anita Donnelly

@benedetta is there any way neurofeedback could work? My sister had a head injury that caused her to be OCD about change--it had to be even. She would keep buying things til she got back even number change. She did neurofeedback (back about 20 years ago) and after a few sessions, the OCD simply left. I wonder if there is anything you can try online


New criteria and Guidelines published yesterday , narrative becomes direct action for suspected symptoms of covid -19 ! a to z of topics covid-19
Health Protection Scotland Corona virus [Covid -19]
Includes .
Heading Further information -Managing Covid -19 SYMPTOMS
NICE Rapid Clinical Guidelines 3 April 2020
NICE-National Institute of Clinical Excellence
States Take into account that not all patients will have Covid -19
At time of publication [April 2020]
Opoids and benzodiazepines -DID NOT have a Uk marketing authorisation for this indication
Anticipatory Medication -With Covid -19
States If there are fewer health and care staff You may need to prescribe ....... and carers or family members may need to administer them .
These damn guidelines Could easily fit onto the backside of a postage stamp saying
suspect covid-19 symptoms
then just PTS !
PTS = PUT TO SLEEP It's what vets say on their medical records for animals!
The Culling Guidelines and criteria / we call it MURDER !


Cait from Canada:
As you see, maybe it could be true, or maybe not. Just like Tucker said.
The truth is --- what?
*Did it come from some kind of weird market from pangolin, to pythons to bats? They had all of these except bats.
*Did it come from some lab "VERY" close by that was working on a common virus from a bat? And they were, that part is -- what is reported as true.

And how bad really is this infection?
I mean really? Is it enough to make us all afraid? To change our lives? To shut down jobs? To shut down sporting events? To shut down churches? No more gathering of more than 10 people?

Prior to the Revolutionary War , something that did not happen in Canada; the British banned gathering in large groups.

Who can we criticize? Vaccines do not cause autism. Vaccines do not cause seizure -- well very often.

Yet, I am here sitting beside a young man that had an adverse event with vaccines and has not only PDD-NOS but seizures as well.

Right now my crisis is not some cold virus that we might or might not fight off. Right now our crisis is a reaction to the seizure medicine Keppra. I mean it is a crisis. OCD in his thoughts, same recurring thought over and over again, despair, fear, anxiety over that same thought. I also paid the 110 dollar water bill this morning for his actions of his OCD. But the thoughts that will not let up on him is still far worse.

Just saying.

go Trump

One item of comfort is that they have been lying about Autism for over 30 years,

so perhaps most of what they have have been telling us the past 60 days about the coronavirus pandemic is not true, and things will not get as bad as they say.

Angus Files

Go to the NIH's BLAST database and search for a genetic match to virus serial # AVP78033.1 and it comes up with a 100% match for the "Wuhan Seafood Market Virus". AVP78033.1st was registered with the NIH in March of 2018 by the Chinese Military. A lab in the U.S. just found HIV attached to the Coronavirus.$=prottop&blast_rank=1&RID=3CFMZWSH01R (Now withdrawn)

Pharma For Prison




I agree. I wrote a comment about Ferguson: BECAUSE of the dire predictions first published by the Imperial College, the US and UK changed course, implemented preventive policies, and as a result successfully bent the curve to some extent, resulting in a much lower forecast of mortality.

I also tried to post a link to a really interesting and very technical article at Nature with a lot of what I would consider proof that it was a natural occurrence and not a bio weapon. They haven’t been put up yet.

I picked up Sonia Shah’s Pandemic again. She says that there have only been a few diseases in modern times which have become pandemic: bubonic plague, smallpox, cholera, and influenza. She discusses SARS, but it never became pandemic the first go-round. However, she fills a whole book with discussions of several new diseases with pandemic potential. It’s new to us (other than H1N1 ten years ago), but it shouldn’t surprise us as much as it has.

Kathy Sincere

Anyone who questions the possibility that Covid-19 could be a weaponized virus - please read "Bitten -The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons" by Kris Newby. An eye-opener.

Millions more are sick (REALLY sick) from Lyme disease than Corona Virus in this country. Many will not even know the cause of their suffering, even if they get the traditional Lyme test that often gives a false negative. The only laboratory I would suggest for Lyme analysis is ArminLabs in Germany.

Lyme disease was caused by the U.S. Government-run biological weapons program. And now we have Covid-19.......... NEWS 03 FEBRUARY 2020
Harvard chemistry chief’s arrest over China links shocks researchers

Cait from Canada

Benedetta, I checked out the link and noticed a pretty significant discrepancy. In February, the researchers SPECULATED that the virus may have originated in a Chinese CDC lab near the Wuhan market. On April 1, Tucker Carlson referenced the same research but claimed the researchers had CONCLUDED that the virus had started in a lab.

SPECULATION does not equal CONCLUSION... and as Cia pointed out, later research suggests that the virus was not man-made but a natural occurrence.

In any event, regardless of where or how it originated, the virus is here now, and I don't think it's fear-mongering to say that we need to take it seriously.


This is the article which a friend sent which gives a very detailed analysis which shows that novel coronavirus developed naturally and was not bioengineered in a lab.



Ferguson in the modeling for the Imperial College report specified that the worst-case scenario was predicated on no preventive measures being taken. Fortunately, the US, UK, and many other countries were alarmed enough that they did in fact take preventive measures, stay at home, social distancing, masks and gloves, etc., and the result has been a drastic lowering of the predicted mortality. It is too late to prevent all deaths from coronavirus.

The bat is the reservoir, the pangolin the vector. I’ll have to link the study which says the natural provenance if the disease is beyond doubt when I go downstairs to the computer.



It is true that most carriers and spreaders of coronavirus are asymptomatic. It’s true of many diseases that many carriers and spreaders are presymptomatic or get immunity from subclinical cases that never cause symptoms, and that is true even without vaccination. You can give others flu, chickenpox, measles, etc., the disease for several days before you get symptoms.


Cia here is the link to Tucker Carlson's reporting on the horseshoe bat. I hope the link works. Let me know if it don't.

Here is the link to Bigtree's math on the numbers of mortality from the coronavirus and the breaking news about the Ferguson changing and lowering the numbers while Bigtree was actually doing his show live.

And this weeks episode by Del Bigtree in which he is looking at the NONE reporting -- or LOW KEY reporting done on Ferguson lowering the numbers by -- A LOT!

Fake Scientists

All: a must watch on how we are bring played. 30 minute Video reveals key players (‘dr? Colleen Smith, Tim Hogan, Meredith Kelly) who are all simulation, communications people, connected to DNC oddly enough.


David B,

I did not in any way recommend that anyone get a flu shot. They are dangerous and ineffective, and my father was paralyzed by one. The issue was how dangerous coronavirus is, and the answer is extremely. I check several times a day. It gives its sources for everything. I specified that the death rate now is based on statistics incomplete because the vast majority of cases are unresolved, its taking many weeks for most people to recover. Regardless of that, the fatality rate is still extremely high, much higher than for flu, which has mortality of one in a thousand, and that has nothing at all to do with how many get the flu shot. As of five minutes ago, Worldometer reports that worldwide 1,055,853 cases have been reported, 2,573 deaths today, 40,438 new cases reported today (and the day is yet young), 55,740 deaths reported worldwide so far, 223,891 recovered, 776,222 active now, 737,442 of them relatively mild (95%), 38,780 of them serious or critical (5%), 279,631 cases closed, 223,891 recovered (80%), 55,740 of them dead (20%), in the US 1,055,853 cases total diagnosed so far (many more undiagnosed), 12,502 new today, 6,558 total deaths, 587 deaths so far today, 11,941 recovered, 238,880 active cases, there have been 778 cases per million population, 7.2 deaths per million.

I have no desire to mislead anyone, but the bare facts are terrifying.


Cia; we only know what we have been told.
Tucker Carlson said that there was a Chinese science paper - or papers; research papers, that said it was a horse shoe bat virus. Not Pangolin. They have now changed that information yet again.

So, it has gone from a SP something linkage of a SARS DNA arm onto some bat virus to an old virus from Pangolin to what these science papers that were written about the time all this started of it being a horseshoe bat virus.

But what I did not know is that according to Tucker Carlson that there was a infectious disease research lab only "YARDS" away from the wet market. AND yet another lab not more than a mile from the wet market working on horseshoe bats.

50 people were interviewed that shopped at the wet market and 48 said there were no bats sold in at the wet market. However there is suspicion that horse shoe bats from the lab might have been recycled by some of the employees after experimentations and sold in the wet market????

We know nothing except what we have been told.

Oh, and Cia; do you listen to Del Bigtree every Thursday afternoon on the HIGH WIRE?
If you don't you are missing a lot.

Last week he went through the math numbers. He as he calls it geeked out and I loved it.
This week he went through more stuff. Take a look at last weeks and this weeks and then see if you might change your mind on what you think about your math numbers.

Last week he reported that the main model given by Ferguson from the Imperial college that they all were following down graded his numbers on just how bad the coronavirus 19 was going to be by not much more than a bad flu season.

You can find his website by googling Highwire.

david m burd

I know it's impossible for AoA to fact check comments here, but I just have to point out Cia's fear-mongering, and grossly exaggerating 20X (twenty times) the mortality of influenza, misleading the public to take the neurotoxic mercury-laden American flu shot.

As clearly documented by United States Vital Statistics Mortality annual reports up until 2014 the averag- year Influenza deaths were less than 1,500, and with flu vaccines usually but 50% effective anyway (by CDC's own admission) among the 1,500). These facts can be accessed by going to the American Lung Association website, thence to its Research Reports, the report titled Trends in Pneumonia and Influenza Morbidity and Mortality 2015. I'll try to supply this report here in a later comment.

Insidiously, beginning 2014 the CDC stopped disclosing separated Pneumonia/Influenza deaths, and switched the lead word to be Influenza/Pneumonia! Hence, the mainstream media has the habit of idiotically stating such combined totals as being "influenza deaths."


Very good article ,
Oxford covid-19 vaccine programme opens for clinical trial
.Funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation , says so in conflicts of intrest ,How much funding ? with or without conditions attached? considering there is no such a thing as a free lunch or cheap food !
Oxford trial, genetic modification of a chimp adenovirus new tech DNA RNA Vaccines ..
"Good God in Govan!" Do these chumps think us humans came up the Clyde on a banana boat!
after genetic splice -n-dice- gene- forensic- fondling ,some of us might become addicted to GO-APE ! Zipp slides . and want to live in adventure playgrounds instead of houses ?

Animal Disease and Human Trauma , Emotional Geographies of Disaster
By Convery ,Mort,Baxter, Bailey>Book [ PDF]

www.pulse>clinical>respiratory 20040409 article.
Italian Embassy corrects Uk Minister claim that over 60's not intubated [with covid -19 ]

DNACPR Forms mean Do Not Resusitate !Mm


A friend sent me a scientific article the other day which found that coronavirus was not bioengineered, but a natural occurrence, very close to SARS 1. China delayed several weeks in notifying the WHO, but at that time it was still a small outbreak, and I don’t think it was negligent not to tell WHO until it was clear how serious it was. I’m sure China lied about its numbers, which were undoubtedly larger than it reported. Still are. China allowed movie theaters to open, then shut them again five days later, probably because someone went and infected a lot of other people there. It’s not over. But that’s just what China and many other countries do, hiding weak points to project strength and keep from being taken advantage of.

Would it have made any difference? We’ve heard since January how awful it was in China. But even after reading about hell on earth in China, Iran, Italy, Spain, NYC, New Orleans, many are still downplaying the danger, resentful at staying home, not wearing masks and gloves. A group of college kids from a university in Texas went to Mexico for spring break, partying in crowds on the beach. Getting back, half tested positive for coronavirus. Most are now living with their parents during the lockdown and infecting them. The church choir met in March 20 to rehearse, and all used hand sanitizer. Three-fifths got coronavirus and two died. The CDC is now fighting among themselves about recommending/requiring the use of face masks, embarrassed that for months they’ve insisted that non-doctors should NOT wear them. And now it’s clear that any kind of mask works well to prevent infection, everyone in Eastern Asia has been wearing them from the beginning, and now most people in Europe. But so far almost no one in the US. So how much difference would it have made if China had tried really hard to tell the world how dangerous it was? Which they did in January.

John, I don’t know when it started. They’ve traced it genetically to the pangolin sold at that wet market and the first cases had bought pangolins there. Most illegally-trafficked animal in the world and I had never heard of it. I had what may very likely have been coronavirus in December, but I don’t know if it was the same strain. They think that novel coronavirus started in China in November or early December. Coronaviruses all seem to start in China, like flu. I don’t know if MERS started in China then traveled to the Middle East. A Chinese traveler with a new strain could easily have introduced it in America in November, but I read it would only have been in a few cases. But I related about the Mexican waitress who may have had it and the many people on the planes with a severe cough. And then me a few days later. In other words, a lot of people, and it was thought that it was B Victoria, unusually early and severe. With a lot of children severely affected. I’m looking forward to learning more as they do antibody tests. I hope they will be sensitive enough to pick up in different strains. If they were, I’d like to have one done on me.

John Stone

Go Trump

I don’t believe Gates vaccinates, and I seem to remember him suggesting that people like his social set - the super-wealthy - didn’t need to in an interview once on CNN ie he virtually said it. But I think the report on the link is a made up story.


I don’t believe the Chinese caused it - I think the virus has been circulating some time but first exploded in Wuhan.

I have an open mind on foul play.

Angus Files

China after causing the problem(who do we know does that) acting like the Godfather with a favour and a nod here and there,supplying kits to everybody and the UK that "DONT WORK" giving false anti-body counts ..anyway`s the UK will keep ordering the same from the same trusted humane honest country China,until they do work.
Maybe they did work and werent giving high enough figures to start with? and not giving the right illussion.

HEALTH SECRETARY "Hancock exposes UK's coronavirus testing nightmare as he admits vital kits 'don't work'
MATT HANCOCK stunned BBC viewers when he revealed that the "frustrating" reality of the coronavirus tests as the ones the Government had been procuring from China did not actually work when used."

Pharma For Prison

Gary Ogden

Everybody: Donate to AoA, which needs your love and support now more than ever. My check goes in tomorrow's mail. Most of us will be getting our government gift soon.

go Trump

Bill Gates should need to PROVE his children are fully vaccinated, which they are not.

I would also doubt the recent presidential children have all had three doses of Gardasil.


Here are ten more highly credentialed experts questioning the agenda:

Anita Donnelly

One thing to keep pointing out:
Because some carriers are asymptomatic, we are seeing the problem that happens when people who are vacciinated are asymptomatic carriers.
To me, this TOTALLY proves why it is ludicrous to keep unvaccinated children out of schools, or blame them for the spread of disease. At least we know when an unvaxxed person is sick.
And also: we need to provide sick days for all Americans, ESPECIALLY in fast food and transportation jobs.


Coronavirus has killed over a thousand Americans a day for the past few days. Seasonal flu averages 94 a day. It appears that coronavirus is over ten times deadlier than the flu. At this time, according to Worldometer, of the cases which have reached an outcome, either death or recovery, 20% have ended in death. Seasonal flu kills one in a thousand. We’ll have to wait until current active cases resolve to get an accurate picture, but right now it’s two hundred out of a thousand who are dying rather than the one in a thousand of flu. Cuomo is scrambling to get ventilators, being five days away from having no more to meet the demand. I think we need to stay home, wear masks and gloves, and pray that this come to an end. They’re reporting that China is experiencing a second wave of the epidemic. This is not the flu.

Fake Scientists

This brave author tells Bill Gates to pick a side regarding his obvious conflict of interests. It reminds me of Paul Offit and his vaccine. What about the CDC’s inherent conflict of interest.

This seems huge. More people are openly questioning the whole agenda.


I think ultimately this will lead to a show down where the vaccine wary migrate en masse to a few states that protect their right to choose. My body, my choice!


Revelation 15:2 2And I saw what looked like a sea of glass glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea, those who had been victorious over the beast and its image and over the number of its name. They held harps given them by God.

the sea of glass; Many, many honest people, and all glowing, or burning with the fire of indignation.

Tricks like this last fear mongering "it's a coming!" surely will bring us that sea of glass soon!


The MSM will declare there are no (specific) treatments for covid19, end of story. What About Non-specific Treatments? I have yet to hear from NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, PBS, or Fox that you might want to increase your daily intake of vitamin-C, Vitamin-D etc which likely would enhance your body's ability to with stand the covid 19 experience you are likely to encounter.

I wonder how many of these MSM pundits go home and google vitamin C and have done what many have done and increased their intake as a hedge?

Gary Ogden

This is worth reading:

Bob Moffit

"In living memory, human society has never collectively experienced such extreme police state measures based on highly flawed and questionable data. We can only hope that the intelligent and honest voices of experienced and knowledgeable scientists will prevail."

As an admitted cynic .. I find the panicked governmental response to Covid19 highly suspicious .. coming at a time when thousands have taken to the streets throughout Europe and USA … demanding SAFE VACCINES be guaranteed before mandating vaccines that many thousands have come to believe .. many based on personal experience .. are UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE .. being of high risk to perfectly healthy children. WHO chief officer in charge of monitoring global vaccine CONFIDENCE rates has reported the increasing numbers who no longer have CONFIDENCE in vaccines … most notably among the most critical medical professions that administer vaccines as recommended and approved.

It would not surprise me to see public health authorities … in conjunction with politicians and media professionals … establish legal framework to require EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD be VACCINATED with Covid19 vaccine … NO EXCEPTIONS … declaring refusal to be vaccinated a THREAT TO THE PUBLIC HEALTH .. business would be required to hire only VACCINATED individuals .. State, local, Federal government agencies deny the unvaccinated passports, driver's licenses, on and on …

Imagine trying to justify not getting vaccinated in your community … you will become an outcast as a threat to your community's public health.

The frightening future possibilities of refusing vaccination are unfathomable … as THE WORLD WAITS BREATHLESSLY FOR THAT MIRACLE VACCINE TO FINALLY ARRIVE.

Caroline McIlhenney

The autism epidemic has always had 2 narratives, and the COVID narratives are splitting along almost the same lines.

Angus Files

I see below they are going to use a tobacco based vaccine -wait for it people will now be allergic to tobacco if indeed we were ever meant to be smoking it in the first place.

Coronavirus breakthrough: New vaccine set for mass production in MAJOR development
BRITISH American Tobacco (BAT) has claimed that it could have a vaccine against COVID-19 ready as early as June, in what would be a major breakthrough in the fight against the lethal virus.


I also remeber the natural remedy for Ebola was coco beans injested which had been used in the jungle by the natives since the day dot as a cure for ebola.

Pharma For Prison


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