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Autism Research Institute Offers COVID-19 Support for Families

President Trump Acknowledges Risks as COVID-19 Vax Quest Hurtles Forward

Risk-Management-ProgramNote: Thank to our Media Editor Anne Dachel for transcribing an important snip of President Trump's press conference yesterday.  The President has been a disappointment to many single issue voters who'd swung his way in the hopes he'd drain the swamp. That's not a political endorsement or disparagement. Just an observation, friends.

TRUMP VACCINES: 44 : 44min. C-SPAN April 5, 2020

Trump: “I want people to live, and I’m seeing people dying. I’ve seen people that are going to die without it. You know the expression, when that’s happening they should do it. What really do we have to lose?

"This medicine has been tested for many years for malaria and for lupus, so it’s been out there. So it’s a very strong, powerful medicine, but it doesn’t kill people. We have some very good results and some very good tests. You’ve seen the same tests that I have. …

"It’s incredible what it’s done for malaria, it’s incredible what it’s done for lupus, but it doesn’t kill people.

"That’s one of the things with a vaccine. When we have a vaccine we have to do tests because when you inject that vaccine, when they take whatever it is they have to take, we have to make sure it doesn’t have a horrible impact, destroy somebody. So we have to test it for a long period of time.

"This one, not so much because it’s been out there. "

Go to 44:44 for this clip.



The toxic septic sceptic crew verses the poison squad ? Just an observation ?
Lunch time news today, politician states . As from today in scotland weekely obituary column statistics will include people with test positive confirmed covid-19 deaths ,but presumed covid 19 deaths as well.
Oh What! Same senior politician stated at the weekend ,over resignation of chief medical officer [scotland] Stated "that there can be more than one truth at the same time!"
"Good God in Govan!" The NHS calls that specific difficulty , "Bumping yer gums out of both sides of one mouth at the same time "
Who in the heck is accountable and responsible for advising our politacal leadership ?
Patric Vallance - Chief Scientific Officer
Chris Whitty -Chief Medical Officer

Both previous senior staff at [GSK] Do they have private -n-personal stocks and shares at GSK, if yes, are they declared as a conflict of interest?
See Book Our Psychiatric Future By Nikolas Rose available to read online Page 130 ,
The Pipeline is empty !

Fake Scientists

Did Trump say he might de-find the WHO?
New video that ties Fauci, Gates, Birx and both daughters... with the global vaccine market


Grace Green

This statement is a lot better than anything coming out of the UK government right now, or at any time. I still haven't given up hope in President Trump.

Angus Files

Good science gone bad, he just has to make the science great again a vaxxed un vaxxed study would settle it once and for all-copy that!

Pharma For Prison



Trump needs to start using the expression anti-medicine! Refer to all people who inhibit the use of meds that might help people recover as ANTI- MEDICINE!!!!!

Ooo, and let’s throw anti-work in there too! All people who believe the financial collapse of millions of families was a proper response are now ANTI- WORK!!!!

Bob Moffit

Duh .. I am a staunch supporter of our President … but … he sometimes disappoints me greatly .. such as …. his following statement:

"That’s one of the things with a vaccine. When we have a vaccine we have to do tests because when you inject that vaccine, when they take whatever it is they have to take, we have to make sure it doesn’t have a horrible impact, destroy somebody. So we have to test it for a long period of time."

As I understand it .. our President has invited RFK and others to the White house to hear their concerns regarding vaccines .. the most pressing concern in my opinion .. is the absolute LACK of tests on vaccines .. such as .. the most common .. gold standard double-blind PLACEBO test .. which has NEVER BEEN DONE ON ANY VACCINE … in addition the absolute refusal to conduct the common sense study of vaccinated v unvaccinated populations to ascertain .. once and for all time .. if the vaccinated population suffers far more life-threatening, life-long, life-altering chronic autoimmune disorders than do the unvaccinated population? Surely the President knows public health agencies have the data, resources, expertise and obligation to conduct that study … THEY LACK ONLY THE WILL TO DO IT.

So if we use history as our guide … we can predict any corona virus vaccine will be approved and recommended using the same FLAWED safety guidelines the President has ignored for the numerous vaccines already in use in the USA .. his "expectation" this NEW VACCINE will be "tested for a long period of time" is ludicrous .. if anything … THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE WILL OCCUR.


What an enormous relief to hear this public acknowledgement from the highest office in the land.

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