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Mid-Month Blues

Blue tearBy Cathy Jameson

April snuck up on me this year.  Over the years, I’ve come to dread this month.  Before it even begins, the mainstream media and many for-profit companies begin to cash in on a disorder that’s left my son with more problems than solutions.  For 30 solid days we hear how glorious the media think autism is.  Forgetting that it’s a spectrum disorder and that many children, like mine, have very limited abilities because of autism, it can be nauseating. 

COVID-19 created massive changes this April and reduced autism reporting and product-label hijacking normally seen.  Instead of the typical blue-washing that usually happens this month, I’ve seen a thousand times more COVID-19 related stories than autism stories in the news.  I haven’t seen nearly as many autism signs or packaging in grocery stores either.  I appreciate that I am seeing less autism awareness campaigns in 2020.  A staunch supporter of autism action, I believe that awareness can only go so far.  The continuous increased rise in autism, which is now 1 in 54, proves that. 

That rate was announced in late March.  Not an unusual time to share that sort of information, I had forgotten that an updated rate would be announced around then.  Thanks to COVID-19, by the end of March a Tuesday felt like a Sunday, and a Friday felt like a Monday.  Well into the kids’ new eLearning schedule and our family’s quarantine routine, I’d begun to lose track of time.  With no appointments to run out to, each day began to meld uneventfully into the next.  I had truly forgot what day it was and what month is was.  That is until Ronan had seizures.  It wasn’t until I went to document the 11 seizures he had on the calendar that I realized it was April 1st

How ironic.

While the mainstream media focused their news stories on COVID-19 and fast-tracked liability-free vaccines, Ronan had a steady stream of seizures on the 1st day of a month I usually wish we could skip over.  One right after the other, it was not an easy day for him.  It was not an easy day for any of us.  With the whole family home, we sprang into action taking seizure watch.  We then took turns making sure Ronan stayed cozy in one spot as the emergency medication took effect.  Sometimes he will get quick relief.  Other times, it can take an hour or longer for him to be comfortable again. 

Hoping that Ronan would be able to sleep off the late-morning seizure activity, Ronan stayed awake into the early afternoon.  Sitting behind me in an over-sized chair in our office, and through two scheduled Zoom meetings of mine, I kept an ever-watchful eye on him with the help of his youngest sister for the rest of the day.  Without any further seizure activity, Ronan fell asleep at his usual bedtime later than night. 

The day after a rash of seizures can be just as frustrating and emotional as the day of the seizures.  He got to sleep in, but I wasn’t surprised when Ronan woke up on April 2nd, which society has dubbed World Autism Awareness Day, a little grumpy.  Dude, I feel ya, I wanted to say.  I’m not a big fan of this day either.  But I kept that to myself and got Ronan everything he’d need to have a carefree, easy day.

Easy for him meant more taxing for me.  I keep a watchful eye on Ronan every day.  I kick up that constant supervision on seizure days.  Post-seizure days are no different.  A new round of seizures can happen that following day.  The third day post-seizures is better, but even then, I can never fully relax.  Autism doesn’t allow it.  Seizures don’t either.  So I hover.  I hover over him looking for any signs of seizures and constantly pray that he’ll be okay. 

Other stories may have taken autism out of the daily newsfeed, but it’s still here.  Ask any parent who has a kid like mine, and we’ll let you know.  Autism is still here.  Awareness this year may have diminished, but the need for some action to reduce the rate of a debilitating disorder has only grown.  When autism gets its turn in the news cycle again, I hope that the media will consider changing their narrative and get on the autism action bandwagon.  We’re painfully aware that autism exists, and it’s beyond time for some action. 

Reduce the rate, and prevent the problems that have come with it.  Autism isn’t a novel virus.  But it is medical and treatable.  Isn’t it time that this disorder be taken as seriously as the coronavirus has been?  With all of my heart, I think it is.   

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Shelley Tzorfas

I recently spoke with an intelligent mom who has a 1st grade child. All she knew about Autism was what she read in newspapers, magazines, or TV. They run story after story about the one third of high functioning autistic kids. She thought they were all just quirky computer geeks or gifted musicians. She had no idea about the severely affected kids with Autism who bang themselves on the head, cannot talk and still wear diapers past the age of 25. Many of them are severely ill and end up in some kind of group home or institutional setting especially as the parents age and no longer have the strength to lift them and take care of them. She never heard that the other third, the kids with the middle severity who will never be able to live alone, drive a car, hold a job, cannot go unsupervised for a day in their lives. I thought this was just one mom's impression. Several days later I received a call from an older gentleman from another country. He wanted to write an article on how autistic kids were gifted in a variety of ways; as chefs, artists, linguistics.. I asked if he knew that Autism was around one third severe, one third moderately severe, and one third high functioning? He never heard of the more severely affected-only high functioning. The ones who had Asperger's before the DSM REMOVED them or that term. Nice way to make it look like the illness is decreasing? "Autism Awareness" has done a good job of showing successes at the top and hiding the rest from plain sight! Autism Isn't Speaking!


James Lyons-Weiler has posted an important prophecy on his website that all should read and help him pass on. He is obviously frustrated —like we are — that few can see the road down which the authorities are already leading us down.


Unfortunately the medical and public health system have been overtaken by virus hunters who provide the meat for the virus preventers/treaters to profit from. Autism is a casualty of virus preventive measures that are so profitable, and so must be ignored much like those with ME/CFS which also has a viral origin that began with the Brodie Polio Vaccine of 1934 and LA County Hospital outbreak and Yellow Fever vaccine in 1931. Both vaccines were passage through mouse tissue. Autism also began at this time.

Judy Mikovits reported a mouse virus may be responsible for both diseases which spiked suddenly in the early 80’s. Her latest book Plague of Corruption is worth reading.

Anyways, autism and CFS are collateral damage in the War on Viruses (actually a War on People whom they consider a virus ravaging the earth). They will be ignored because their origin should it become known would destroy many careers and profits. Eugenics never went away it just got renamed and rebranded and has become profitable to boot.

Grace Green

As well as the really difficult time families with severely autistic children and adult children are having in this crazy situation, those of us who have "milder" autism but who live independently are finding it extremely difficult to adjust to all the many changes to the way we're used to doing everyday things like shopping. My supermarket, Sainsbury's, have treated me abominably, and forced my adult son, who was helping me to learn how to do the self checkout, to wait outside, even though we had gone during the "disabled and elderly" hour. No awareness, and no action!


Why isn't there the usual autism news? Because the usual is one psy-op at a time. And the covid is a doozy. Even wiped out flu and measles.

It's not that there is no actual threat with covid, it's what they do with it, just like with autism. I realized watching the current insanity, with Fauci announcing that going forward humans would never shake hands again and his buddy Gates announcing that every human on earth will be needing an "immunization certificate" in order to live in society, that the "sexual revolution" of my youth was also a massive psy-op. All of it, the free sex, the music, the drugs, the idea of not trusting anyone over the age of 30 (remember that?), the "new normal." Mind blowing realization.

This is yet another massive global behavior modification experiment from out of the darkness that aims to end in a final blow to human freedom once and for all. Slavery, not health, is the goal.

Laura Hayes

Thank you for your sage comment, Bob Moffit.

Yes, where oh where is the war on autism? Although, having just typed that, we see where the "war on cancer" has gotten us...rates of 1 in 2 for men, 1 in 3 for women, and ever-increasing rates of cancer in children. And we here at AoA see where this war on Covid-19 is headed.

Clearly, those in charge of medicine, public health, and government are not to whom we should look for help. Why then must our hard-earned tax dollars continue to pay for these perpetrators, enablers, and promoters of cruel and devastating health crises?

go Trump

Blessings to you & yours Cathy, we somehow managed to avoid the seizures, but know others not so fortunate.

The Goal of the present Covid 19 efforts, is to of course, Mandate a CV 19 vaccine for American adults and also for the entire World along with perhaps a free vaccine microchip.

On the lighter side below, I see a “Bad Flu a Risen”, “Don’t Stand by Me” and a few other virus songs.



I agree that autism is a medical problem and it is really a neuroimmune dysfunction syndrome that is treatable and curable if researchers would find the right medications to finally cure this disease. We need qualified researchers to work around the world to discover the medications that will finally cure this devastating condition. It can be done and we have waited far too long for it to happen. We need, as Bob Moffit says, a war on autism NOW!

Bob Moffit

"Reduce the rate, and prevent the problems that have come with it. Autism isn’t a novel virus. But it is medical and treatable. Isn’t it time that this disorder be taken as seriously as the coronavirus has been? With all of my heart, I think it is."

The stark differences between public health responses to equally catastrophic PANDEMICS … AUTISM AND COVID ... is very revealing. COVID was pronounced a PANDEMIC almost immediately upon recognition .. accompanied with dire predictions for rising numbers of infections that unleashed extraordinary governmental regulations to "level the curve" of COVID .. so as to protect our public health system … hospitals, staff, beds, equipment .. from collapsing … AUTISM ON THE OTHER HAND HAS BEEN RISING INEXCORABLY FROM 1 IN 10,000 TO A POSITIVELY FRIGHTENING NUMBER OF 1 IN 35 IN NEW JERSEY .. with every rise in autism accompanied by statistical evidence that autism has created demands for special education that threaten to overwhelm our public education system … as well as overwhelming individual family cohesion ..

One has to wonder why a 1 in 35 rate of autism .. predicted to continue trending UPWARD for the foreseeable future .. some expecting a rate of 1 in every 2 children in coming decades .. has been relegated by career public health bureaucrats to a "natural phenomenon" .. not even an EPIDEMIC let alone a PANDEMIC .. while these very same corrupt public health bureaucrats have DECLARED WAR ON COVID.


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