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Levi Quackenboss: Seven Silver Linings of the Pandemic

Heart cloudNote: It's been some time since we heard from Levi Quackenboss. This most recent post is sure to raise eyebrows and maybe even temperatures. Levi pulls no punches. While we're all coping with isolation or in many cases zero privacy at all, I'm reminded of the song, What the World Needs Now, Is Love Sweet Love.  Jackie Shannon is still performing - you can see her beautiful face on her website here. When I listen, my memory takes me to our kitchen in Attleboro, Massachusetts in 1966 and the smell of lemon Pledge, as sun streamed through the shutters. Safe times. When being in Mom's kitchen was the happiest room in the house.  Now, I'm Mom. And my office and kitchen and sitting area are all wrapped up in the end of our small ranch house. It's the only thing, that there's just, too little of....   Stay well.


Seven Silver Linings of the Pandemic

A few weeks ago, as I was desperately looking for an upside to a national shutdown, a post about the Earth healing from pollution came my way. The world’s air was cleaner, the water was getting clearer. That was nice, I suppose. That was something to hold on to in such a crap situation. And then people finally started washing their hands for the first time in their lives, which was a miracle in itself, hopefully that habit will stay. Then homeschooling and homebirth came to the masses; both significant sub-movements of the health freedom and parental rights movement. As long as one has money to put food on the table, it’s lovely being home in the evening to go on a sunset walk and read books to your kids and tuck them into bed.

I try to hold onto these thoughts because this shutdown has been more divisive—in my personal life and in this community of ours— than the 2016 election. I have felt friendships die. I have read accusations that I don't think I'll ever get over. 

But it’s been three weeks now and I’m happy to report that my relentless optimism has bounced back three-fold on this wild ride, and I want to give you all my seven major pandemic wins to bounce around in your brains while you wander from your pantry to the sofa and back to the pantry again. 

  1. The whole world is waking up to the corruption at the W.H.O.

This massive pandemic win is only in the beginning stages of unfolding this week and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Today the President announced that the U.S. would be withholding funding from the W.H.O. because not only did their incompetence bungle the initial response to COVID-19, but they assisted China in covering it up while inexplicably praising China’s actions and alleged "transparency."

Senator Graham echoed the same defunding message this afternoon and assured Americans that there would be no W.H.O. funding in the next Appropriations Committee hearing. Last year the U.S. gave a total of $500M to the W.H.O., so this is no small potatoes. 

For those of you who don’t know, leading up to 2017, the Gates Foundation and China rallied hard for an Ethiopian warlord named Tedros Adhanom to become the W.H.O. Director despite his crimes against humanity, and despite the fact he is not a medical doctor. He defers completely to China, going so far as nominating a fellow Zimbabwean warlord as a Goodwill Ambassador to the W.H.O. at China’s request, because the guy allowed China to rape Zimbabwe of its natural resources with impunity. Here is an absolutely outstanding roundup of this madman’s resume.

Yesterday a few U.S. Senators began calling for the W.H.O. Director's resignation, and tonight there is a republican resolution for defunding the W.H.O. until he resigns. The brightest part of this event isn’t whether or not we are directly impacted by any decisions of the W.H.O. Director, but more so that that our fellow Americans have had their dreams shattered and realized that the W.H.O. is not an unbiased nearly-Godly public health entity doing what’s best for all of mankind.

  1. The N.I.H.’s Anthony Fauci has taken a hard tumble.

In just 14 days, Dr. Anthony Fauci went from having his face featured on New York cupcakes to trending #3 on Twitter with #FireFauci. It’s been a beautiful ball of fire. He’s been sidelined at press conferences, he’s been contradicted, he can’t keep his story straight, and he’s pivoted 180-degrees on whether America will return to normal soon because his buddy Bill Gates, captain of Team Apocalypse, told him to.

This little thug has multi-million-dollar conflicts of interest at the N.I.H. and he’s telling us that there will be no picking up and continuing on until his new vaccine hits the market. Do you have any idea how much money he’s commanded from taxpayers? For SARS, for MERS, for ebola, for zika. Thirty years to make an AIDS vaccine that doesn’t exist. How is this guy still employed?

Have you ever looked at his Wikipedia? You know how it is when you’ve needed to write your resume and you’re like, “Damn, how do I make myself look like I’ve accomplished something when really I’ve been treading water for years, praying not to get fired?” That’s Anthony Fauci’s Wikipedia. He’s made “important scientific observations,” and he’s “contributed to some understandings,” he’s “outlined some mechanisms,” he “developed some strategies.” I’m not making this up. He has never produced one FDA-licensed vaccine for any of the billions of dollars he’s demanded from Congress. 

He facilitates pharmaceutical money laundering, that’s what he does.

The masses have watched day after day as he’s refused to endorse a 30-cent potential cure for COVID-19 and Americans have had enough. He’s standing by and letting people die while the world waits, and waits, and waits for his vaccine. 

Yesterday he almost started laughing when he said, “I hope we don’t have so many people infected that we actually have that herd immunity.” There was an inappropriately huge smile on his face when he said it. Don’t tell me this is about saving lives; it’s about not rendering his vaccine useless by the time it comes to market, and Americans are getting a big corrupt spoonful of what we’ve known for years. 

  1. Infants are missing vaccination appointments and SIDS rates are dropping.

Not every infant, don’t get me wrong. Pediatricians are doing a full court press begging new parents to keep their “well baby” appointments as an essential reason to leave their houses. Do you remember what it was like to have a two-month-old in your house? Would you have taken your precious baby to a doctor during a pandemic? Me neither.

Some will, some won’t, but here are the facts: 3,500 babies die of SIDS each year. That’s almost 10 babies lost per day, every day of the week. If half of all new American parents skip the two or four-month vaccination appointment from March 15 to May 1, that’s 221 babies who don’t die in those 45 days. If more than half skip, that’s more babies who don’t die. If all parents skip, it’s 442 babies saved in six weeks.

Do you know who tracks this data? The CDC. They have it all. There’s a federal form that even asks pathologists about which vaccines were given to the child in the last 72 hours before death.

Read more at Seven Silver Linings of the Pandemic.



Hi Cia,.
I do wish for more data. I would say though, that our current policies have shown dismal failure in protecting the health of elderly people in nursing homes. They are for the most part more isolated than the rest of us, ( they can't even go on a shopping outing to the grocery store as most not in actual quarantine can,) they can't visit family, and we are not saving their lives.
In fact it seems that our current policy seems to be isolating them in nursing homes to die. We cannot pretend, given what is happening , that they are being "protected" when it at least appears that there is also a massive failure to provide them with either hospital care, or in the event that they do not want extraordinary measures, hospice care. And I question this, not because I don't care about the elderly, but because I do. At the very least, everyone deserves death with dignity and comfort,and medical care provided as they need and want it.
Though there is not enough data or research about this yet, it is sadly notable that adult deaths seem to follow, imo, the highest vaccination rates. Health care workers, nursing home residents, nursing home staff, all are heavily pushed to require annual flu vaccines. Certain parts of New York recently required adult MMR vaccination, ( In the poorer parts it was either mandated or heavily suggested for adults to get the MMR vaccine, I believe? ) The same study that suggested that the TB vaccine could be protective against other illnesses also suggested the opposite for the MMR. ( must find that study again.) Is this one of the reasons we are seeing a huge fluctuation in responses and seriousness of the illness? I don't know, but I would like to see more data, say comparing zip codes of COVID patients with severe illness in New York with the zipcodes pushing MMR vaccines .. Kids, even highly vaccinated kids, seem to be mostly ok for now. I don't know why vaccination would just effect adults, or if it does. At the moment, this is just a question that I would love to see researched, proving what is going on, one way , or the other. Imo, it is what appears to be an interesting correlation right now..

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Dear Cait from Canada, Do you think you are the only one who can spot half-truths and inaccuracies? If you think a business tycoon (known for creating a monopoly) is the best person to call shots in a pandemic, that is one person's opinion. IMO, we need someone knowledgeable about infectious disease transmission as opposed to the "he's no dummy" about money billionaire. Buying competitors to suppress alternatives was standard operating procedure for Microsoft under Bill Gates. Testing vaccines on healthy 18-55 year olds, (rather than older at-risk adults) and then ramming it into the vaccine schedule for children? That is the definition of tobacco science: A generic term for biased reporting of scientific data, especially which favors a particular industry's agenda. Would you mind sharing your knowledge of autism?



You're most welcome for those links; I hope you DO check them out.

Looking at the Big Picture scope of things, I am constantly reminded of the quotes I'd read from Dr. Archie Kalokerinos. He was a true humanitarian and at one time fully believed in the vaccine paradigm.

Here are a few of his quotes:

Quotes by Dr. Archie Kalokerinos, MD

“You cannot immunize sick, malnourished children and expect them to get away with it. You'll kill far more children than would have died from natural infection...It needs to be appreciated that children in developing countries are at a much greater risk of complications from vaccination and from mercury toxicity...because poor nutrition, parasitic and bacterial infections and low birth weight.”
“In 1976 I was working in the Gulf Country around Cape York, in an aboriginal community of about 300 people. The Health Department sent around a team and vaccinated about 100 of them against flu. Six were dead within 24 hours or so and they weren't all old people, one man being in his early twenties. They threw the bodies in trucks to take to the coast where autopsies were done. It appeared they had died from heart attacks”.

“My final conclusion after 40 years or more in this business is that the unofficial policy of the World Health Organization and the unofficial policy of the Save the Children's Fund and almost all those organizations is one of murder and genocide. They want to make it appear as if they are saving these kids, but in actual fact they don't.”

“We know the cause of SIDS. We can and have prevented them. It's all done with a compound called ascorbate. Not to use it means deaths will continue. There is no other answer. There never will be. For our findings are based on scientific facts. Not medical opinion.”

“Only after realising that routine immunisations were dangerous did I achieve a substantial drop in infant death rates. The worst vaccine of all is the whooping cough vaccine... it is responsible for a lot of deaths and for a lot of infants suffering irreversible brain damage. In susceptible infants, it knocks their immune systems about, leading to irreparable brain damage, or severe attacks or even deaths from diseases like pneumonia or gastro-enteritis and so on.”

Cait - There is no way in hell Bill Gates isn't aware of these same issues. I don't care what sort of 'initiative' Gates has allegedly set up in order to find therapeutic remedies for COVID-19, his clear cut goal, as he has stated on the record now, numerous times, is to find a vaccine for everyone re COVID-19.

Interestingly, should you take a look at the rhetoric now being spewed by several Governors regardiing the lockdown issue, one thing I've found and that is they are all using the soundbite that "unless/until we have a COVID-19 vaccine, we were not be able to fully end lockdown/quarantine."

The BBC documentary that someone here linked to was very, very good. I hope you've a chance to watch that one.

As I have mentioned at times here on this blog, my Dad was deeply entrenched within our intelligence community. I do not say this lightly, but with a heavy heart. He knew terrible things that were going on in this world and would, at times, tell me that not only did evil exist, but "evil beyond comprehension" existed. And to respect that, meaning never, ever underestimate it's power.

I am heartened to see so many people stating they will refuse any vaccine the powers-that-be may try to force on us.

People are definitely waking up...

Cait from Canada

@Bayareamom: I think you were missing my point, which was that Levi Quackenboss's article is riddled with half-truths and inaccuracies.

I am by no means an apologist for Bill Gates — though I think the fact that he is not an MD and did not graduate from college is entirely beside the point. I mean, the guy got into Harvard, and then dropped out to start the business that became Microsoft — he's no dummy!

According to NYU Langone, the Gates Foundation did launch an initiative called the Covid-19 Therapeutics Accelerator, whose stated goal is to speed the identification and testing of potential treatments. It is at the very least premature to call this "tobacco science".

Thank you for the links, I will check them out.


Just to warn against any complacency. In the UK we have taken the opposite course to the US in that many COVID deaths are likely to be registered as all cause, particularly many in care homes. Presently, the number of all cause deaths in London has risen from around 1,000 (around the average) in week 12, which would have been the beginning of the lockdown, to 2,500 in week 14.


Complacency comes in many forms. And it's also important not to develop tunnel vision, and get stuck on the notion that social distancing, enforced by a government enforced shut down, is the only (... or arguably even the correct) solution to the pandemic.

This world wide lock down is stressing the living crap out of people. Many people have actually lost their jobs, and aren't sure how they’re going to feed their children in the coming days.

The following link is to a fairly recent story out of Indiana

One of the things it mentions is that national sales of alcoholic beverages have spiked considerably since the start of the lock down. Which for those who can self-regulate, might be one way to cope. But for those struggling with addiction, it's a recipe for danger.

It also highlights that Indiana's 211 hotline went from receiving roughly 1,000 calls a day regarding mental health — including suicidal ideation — to 25,000 calls a day.

We should also consider deaths from things like strokes and heart attacks. And how many of those deaths can be attributed to people having ignored early warning signs. And chose instead to stay home, to avoided making the ER visit that could well have saved their lives.

Cait from Canada

Cia: I'm not arguing against HCQ by any means. It does seem to show promise as a potential treatment for Covid-19, and I would certainly give it a try if I knew I had been exposed to the virus. Although I'd be reluctant to take it longterm as a preventive measure.

I have a question for you and others. I have been following the global stats on Worldometers, and am confused by one thing. Among resolved cases, the proportion of deaths has remained pretty consistent (for the last week or 2) at around 21%. But the proportion of open case that are serious or critical has also remained pretty consistent at around 4%. I am not sure how to interpret this discrepancy.

Cait from Canada

Michael: I found the protocol information on the site

The low-dose vitamin C given is 250-500 mg (not 200-500 as I posted previously).

NYU Langone is involved in the research. They published this article about the research on their site.


@cait (all),

Must read article re Gates Foundation/India lawsuit re vaccine program from The Economic Times:



You stated, "...Yes, Gates is very pro-vaccine, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t also hope to find viable treatments for Covid-19..."

Source? I've not read one single sentence, or heard one word out of Gates' mouth, that he is interested in other viable sources for treating Covid-19. What I HAVE heard, out of his mouth, is that a vaccine is THE ONLY SAVIOR for all mankind re Covid-19.

So until/unless anyone can show me a credible source which provide irrefutable proof that Gates is so concerned for humanity that he is also putting billions into finding other viable sources of treatment for Covid-19, Martin Luther Gates needs to take a step down. He is not a physician, nor is he a college graduate.

He has money. Lots of it. Doesn't make him a savior of humanity.

And he's anything but...


I agree that HCQ is not entirely benign, but it has been used for nearly a century and most people have no problems with it. The retina problems are usually only after many years of use. The Swedish man, Carl Sydenhog, had peripheral vision problems which were still continuing when he was interviewed after recovering from CV. He says that yes, it cured him, but it caused vision problems. I'd just say that everyone should be aware of the potential side effects. I think it's much more effective than C alone. They just discovered how it prevents CV lysosomes from damaging the heme in the red blood cells much the way it does in malaria cases, and this heme damage seems to play an important role in the disease process. Peak Prosperity has a new talk about that, up today, Listen to the Dead (autopsy results).


Cait, All Good Points. I was looking for the dose of Vitamin C used in the Bershteyn study--where did you find it? Was there a head to head comparison of HCQ to vitamin C?

I once asked two nurse's aids staffing in a skilled nursing facility--a really good one-- if they ever saw themselves being there. One said, "he preferred to be eaten by a bear," and the other said something about watching a beautiful sunset intending to OD on some heavy duty drugs.

Cait from Canada

Getting back to the article itself, it disturbs me that Levi relies so much on half-truths to make his various points. His unsupported claim that Tedros is a warlord has already been discussed. Another example is the claim (silver lining #5) that: “The Gates Foundation got exposed conducting tobacco science.”

“The Gates Foundation is conducting a study on people sickened with COVID-19, to see whether hydroxychloroquine, the darling of the pandemic, is more effective than a placebo at saving lives. But guess what the placebo is? It’s vitamin C, which, in itself, has been a successful COVID-19 treatment! Gates has all of his eggs in the vaccine basket, naturally, and is attempting to defeat hydroxychloroquine in the media, so stay tuned for the results of his study to be released in a few weeks or months.”

First, it’s a bit too soon to call this “tobacco science.” Yes, Gates is very pro-vaccine, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t also hope to find viable treatments for Covid-19. He has plenty of eggs, and no need to put them all in the same basket. Second, while the Gates Foundation is one of the organizations supporting the research, it is not conducting the study. Third, the people participating in the study are not people sickened with Covid-19, but people who have no symptoms who have been in contact with someone with Covid-19.

And finally, while it’s true that the placebo used in the study is vitamin C, the dose is only 200-500 mg per day given orally, whereas the vitamin C treatment protocol that has been used successfully against Covid-19 is 1,500 mg given intravenously 3-4 times per day. Perhaps vitamin C wasn’t the best choice of placebo, but other common placebos are salt and sugar, neither of which is entirely inert, and both of which could adversely affect someone with heart disease or diabetes.

We need to remember that hydroxychloroquine is not completely benign. Someone I know took it for rheumatoid arthritis, and had significant side effects, including serious vision problems. If it turns out that hydroxychloroquine does not show benefit beyond that produced by low dose vitamin C, I for one would just stick with vitamin C.

The fact that Levi plays so fast and loose with the truth makes it very difficult for me to trust his conclusions.



I agree that people can have an agenda that's why it's important to always question what is reported.

To clarify, I used the percentage of people that tested positive or that were infected and died.

I think that is what is used most of the time.


Nursing home. Ah.
My, my, my put a bunch of old folks and sick folks all crowded together and give them a flu shot every year full of mercury and aluminum on top of it all.

What could go wrong?

My cousin had MS and so she was put into a nursing home rather young. Her mother put herself in the same nursing home when she became disabled. They both died days apart, both with the same illness that involved liver failure.
My other cousin - daughter and sister to them wondered at that.
I told her that that flu shot must have been a real kicker that year.
These nursing homes ain't natural.

susan welch

John, I have no idea whether or not the tales of DNR for the elderly, particularly in care homes, are true. However, if they are, would not this account for a rise in deaths in UK?


Thank you, John, I agree. This is a very serious threat and we should not be in any way complacent. I mentioned that in NY the number of people found dead at home with signs of having died of Covid was comparable to numbers dying at the hospital of it, and were three or four times the comparable numbers on the same dates a year ago.

In the UK many are being pressured to sign do not resuscitate orders: old people, disabled people, cancer patients, and the autistic. In some cases doctors have signed them against their patients’ wishes.

But everyone should be aware that everyone has an agenda and will put forward statistics which promote their preferred interpretation of events. It’s still hard to understand how a civilized country like the U.K. could turn its back on those members of society it considers to be of no economic value and just let them die.



I have said every time I mention it that most patients who got coronavirus had not yet recovered so we didn’t have complete figures. On the other hand, the longer they are in the ICU, the more likely they are to die, which may be many weeks later.

In addition, the count often reflects an agenda. Among symptomatic cases of Spanish flu, 40% of those who took aspirin died; 25% of those who didn’t take aspirin. Afterwards everyone in the world had antibodies, whether from symptomatic or asymptomatic cases. About two percent of the world population died from it. So it would be accurate to say either that it had a 30% or a 2% case fatality rate. It’s important to clarify your statistic. Many don’t think mild or asymptomatic cases of Covid should be counted, especially as it is unknown at this time if they get lasting protective antibodies.

SARS was similar. It started with 2% mortality and people thought it would remain the same or go down, but instead it increased to ten percent.

I don’t know what will happen with Covid, but it has killed a numerically very large number of people. At this time it is the most common cause of death in the US. I don’t think diluting the numbers by trying to say something which is unknown at this time, that most Americans have already gotten and recovered from it, meaning either that it’s no big deal or that now most of us have antibodies, so it’s not a threat, is appropriate. We have no idea. Maybe each strain is different and requires different actions, maybe antibody protection is weak and not durable, maybe it takes a severe case to generate antibodies. There is evidence for each of these. But it means that this is not the right time to say 80% of Americans have already gotten it. Yesterday was the highest day for deaths so far in NYC. We have not turned the corner. The new antibody test has shown very low percentages in the populations tested so far.



Is the problem here we don't know the number of mild and asymptomatic cases in the general population or when the infection actually started. Infection in the care homes can only happened if a carer , relative has passed infection on .

John Stone

Just to warn against any complacency. In the UK we have taken the opposite course to the US in that many COVID deaths are likely to be registered as all cause, particularly many in care homes. Presently, the number of all cause deaths in London has risen from around 1,000 (around the average) in week 12, which would have been the beginning of the lockdown, to 2,500 in week 14.



The deaths to recovered percentage is the most unreliable number you can use and can greatly overestimate how lethal the virus is.

It doesn't in any way show us what percentage of infected individuals die. The US would have shown a 50% death rate at one time.

There are several problems with that calculation and I wouldn't recommend using it at all at least if you want to get an accurate estimate.

If you want to make the virus seems as dangerous as possible and like a second black death pandemic then it can of course be useful.

The cruise ship data showed that around 1-2% of an elderly population died after infection with coronavirus and in the general population this will be a fraction of that number.



I just saw photos today from Sinai-Grace Hospital, Detroit, of many bodies in black body bags piled up in a room before they were able to get a number of refrigerated trucks to put them in, from one 24-hour shift earlier this month. I saw photos of mass graves with coffins in them from an island in New York, mass graves in Iran, and videos of mass drive-through funerals in Spain. Nothing like the usual course of affairs. Hundreds of people found dead on arrival by police in their homes in New York, several to many times more than the same period a year ago.

This is real. We just went to Schnucks, our supermarket. The checkout boys were very proud of how conscientious Schnucks is being, and said they disinfected the checkout line and belt several times a day. I asked if they had been provided with their masks and they said yes, and that they took their temperature every morning. I told them Natural News said this morning that our lockdown has already saved two million lives. They were aware of that, and proud of what we’re doing as a community. One said he thought he had had it several months ago and I said I thought I had too, but didn’t know if that would give me any protection or not. I said they were predicting food shortages and that I had ordered carrot seeds on Amazon but they wouldn’t arrive until the end of May. One boy told me about his mother’s planting green and yellow onion bottoms and cucumber seeds. I told them that we sprayed our latex gloves with Lysol spray when we got home then saved them to use again, and sprayed our N95 masks with vinegar solution, and sprayed the bottom of our shoes with Lysol spray, wiped the steering wheel, gear shift, and handles with Lysol wipes where our gloves hands had touched. We enjoyed our conversation, our efforts to contain the virus and prepare for the future, and parted in good spirits. It really made me think of Victory Gardens and the Home Front. I didn’t get the gelsemium I ordered, getting two aconitums instead, found that gelsemium 30 C is sold out at most places all over the world, but was relieved to find a whole vial among my old homeopathic remedies. We’ll start taking it tonight for prophylaxis.

I can’t understand denying that there is any problem. I think it is a real and very great problem. They just discovered that the virus attacks T-cells the way HIV does as well as the ACE-2 receptors. And that HCQ may work so well because it stops the attack on the hemoglobin in the red blood cells just as it does when treating malaria. I think this is real and very interesting. The idea that hundreds of thousands of people are knowingly engaged in inventing the whole thing in order to force everyone to take a vaccine is unfathomable to me. I talked to a friend in Mexico City the other day: she was going out Saturday to buy groceries so they wouldn’t have to leave home for two weeks. We talked about Ecuador, both of us had seen the videos of people flooding the hospitals, lying on the ground waiting for attention, the bodies piled up at the hospitals or lying on the streets. I said Antonella had warned me a month ago that it was headed our way, and I told Paty that now I was telling her that it was about to hit Mexico. I sent her videos with a Czech girl showing how to make a face mask from a t-shirt and a Chinese girl, Dr. Hu, showing how to disinfect things in the home. The first death in Missouri occurred five miles from here at the university hospital, a university professor who’d been traveling in Italy. The bottom line is that if I can be assured of the reality of anything in the world, this pandemic is real.


I am saying Cia; that pneumonia deaths are down because they are being counted as covid19.
As much as can be counted is being counted.
Just like as little as can be counted for autism, stats are being manipulated.

Are there really mass graves?

How do you know from where you are in Missouri?

Is that not the state that has the slogan "Show Me"?


Cia; you be over thinking every thing.
Sorry, but you are working yourself to death, and in the end truths always end up being self-evident .
You remember that. The Devil, and so many people wanting power over you, and even yourself can make things way to complicated. No matter how much you dig here, and there and twist your thoughts around to this or maybe that, in the end; truth is self-evident. .




Also, we need to normalize what we mean in our statistics. I have said that it’s common now to give the death rate in the group of resolved cases, either dead or recovered. At this time, out of the total number of resolved cases, 21% have died. But most of the almost two million in the world who have been diagnosed have not recovered to the point of being considered resolved, so it is still an open question.

Many have a strong desire to establish that an unexpectedly large percentage of the population had the disease in December or January and is now immune, I guess to say it’s no big deal and we can now go back to normal, because that dilutes the percentage of acute and critical cases. Also that almost everyone else had an asymptomatic case throughout which gave them immunity. We need the data, we need reliable antibody tests which would give us the answers. Maybe different ones for the different known strains. Also, many who tested positive and recovered have tested positive again, and even died of it the second go-round. Maybe antibody-dependent enhancement? Maybe like with dengue, a much more dangerous case can occur on reinfection. And there’s some evidence that a mild case gives no antibodies at all.

We’ve known from the beginning that most, by no means all, of the fatalities have occurred in the elderly and in those with comorbidities (but present in the majority of adults). And that increased exposure makes it worse, as among doctors. Or Boris Johnson, who visited a Covid hospital without personal protection and shook hands with everyone. Or the large number of Iranian politicians, who received Chinese emissaries. While most were over fifty or sixty, they were mentally and physically active and vigorous. In many cases, we’re not talking about old, feeble, decrepit people who were already at Death’s door.

And we don’t know the effect of new mutations. The L mutation which traveled west from China has been much more virulent than the original S, and has killed many young, healthy people, even children.

I think a lot of this is from a worldview which trusts Nature, has not believed in the danger of many infectious diseases for well-nourished people, and the inclination to blame the pharma industry and its promoters in government for all the apparent problems. And I totally agree that the Pharma industry and its promoters have been guilty of many crimes designed to bring them profit. But infectious and contagious diseases in themselves can present extreme problems even for the healthy and well-nourished. And then what?



I listened to the interview, but still think it’s after-the-fact blame mongering. The world knew by mid-January that China had a serious epidemic and by the end of the month, when China had declared a lockdown, we were reading about people being bolted into their apartments to contain the infection. So by that time, the entire world was on notice that there was a serious epidemic that had pandemic potential if and when it took hold outside of China. We have known for decades that China, more even than most state players, was not transparent and not honest about what could have a negative impact on its interests. But luckily we had many independent sources of information, from Chinese scientists, doctors, reporters, and civilians, as well as non-Chinese both in and out of China. Why were we not planning how we would try to keep it out of our countries at the end of January? We are said to be rational adults, but we were mostly talking about how it could not happen here. The woman in the interview must be a lawyer. China signed a large contract pledging payment to the US, which may be the reason it hid the severity of the epidemic, hoping to get out of the obligation to pay? Hasn’t that been an issue everywhere? Dorms close, do they owe parents a refund? People decide not to go on vacation, can they get a refund on their airline tickets? People hide their illness so they don’t get fired. I don’t know, how criminal is that? Feed your children vs. maybe infecting someone who might die of it.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to ascribe criminal intent in such situations. Will we be guilty of a crime against humanity when we renege on the billions we owe China?

Everyone has known the score since January, plenty of time to prepare.

Bob Moffit

Nowhere else to post these observations .. so I am posting them here in the hopes others stumble upon them and think them worthy of considering

Last week on Del Bigtree's excellent show "Highwire" … I think I heard Del theorize the corona virus is not normal pneumonia type of pulmonary disease … normally diagnosed by "trouble breathing" .. for which the standard protocol for doctors is to place patient on a ventilator to 'help the person breathe". Del theorized the corona virus actually is a BLOOD infection that causes blood clots throughout patient's body .. this infection reduces the patient's oxygen transmission which in turn causes difficulty breathing in lungs. If this is blood disease and not a pneumonia type of pulmonary disease … putting the patient on a ventilator may be dangerously worse for patient then prescribing blood thinner medications to dissolve those blood clots.

UK PM left ICU after a few days during which he was NOT PUT ON VENTILATOR BUT GIVEN PURE OXYGEN INSTEAD. This would be what Del recommended last week.

Also heard a brief "item" that the NIH had given a few MILLION dollars to the same bio-weapon in Wuhan China where this outbreak had occurred???? If true .. WHAT THE HELL IS OUR NIH GIVING MONEY TO A CHINESE BIO-WEAPON FACILITY??????



"I just looked at the article you linked and found that it was disingenuous, not looking at the chances of dying in different age groups"

Who said it would? The chances of dying were calculated in other studies not this one. This one looks at the relative risks of various age groups.

It tells you what percentage of COVID-19 deaths were healthy and below 65 years old.

The article is absolutely NOT disingenuous, however the comments(including yours) that were posted are.



The comments you posted are not useful and are missing the point.

The study does also look at relative risks of various age groups so even if they were correct it still wouldn't change the part I quoted:

<65 years old and not having any underlying predisposing conditions accounted for only 0.3%, 0.7%, and 1.8% of all COVID-19 deaths in Netherlands, Italy, and New York City.

The study doesn't intend to calculate case fatality rates we already have other studies that do that, the criticism makes little sense because no one said that this data alone tells us everything we need to know about COVID-19, it simply adds further information that can be used for analysis.


I just read an article at Vox: Sweden’s Government is Trying a Risky Coronavirus Strategy: It Could Backfire. It says that Sweden has twice as many deaths on a population level as nearby locked-down Scandinavian countries. Sweden’s hospitals are overloaded and it said the other day that it wouldn’t even try to treat patients with a biological age of 80 or more. Really? Is that what we should support? Granny has trouble breathing, just shoot her? It said that most Swedes don’t like being experimental guinea pigs in the great Eat, drink, and be Merry contest, and public transportation use is way down, 85% of Swedes who had been going to go to Gotland for Easter cancelled their trip. We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.



The protocol was interesting, very detailed.

The PM of Sweden said yesterday that they would be imposing more stringent measures. There have been 11,000 cases of Covid in Sweden with 919 deaths. Almost 10% mortality. Do you have a source for saying that 80-ibonta% of Swedes have already had it and may now be immune to it? They have just introduced an antibody test, but I don’t know how accurate it is or how many strains it can detect. I read yesterday that it had found 1.5% of Swedes to be immune, and 15% of Germans in one area. Is there any other way to assess immunity?



I would like everyone to view this, but really hope you do as well:


Angus, is a George Soros-initiated group, and has very little power to change the course of events, certainly not at the WHO or the UN. On January 23, Covid was still just getting started in China. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So far, no country has thought it was going to be disastrous for them until it happened. And then many have been willing to let the ship go down rather than take preventive measures. And, after all, SARS started off with a bang, many deaths, but not that many outside of China. And then it just disappeared, I don’t know why. I think many thought it would be the same with this. Remember the Chinese study which said that only the Chinese had the critical ACE-2 receptors necessary to develop a severe case, and usually Chinese men? We discussed that here, I as well, convinced we were in no danger for the first half of February.

China reported the new disease to WHO in early January. What should the WHO have done? Called off all New Year travel and celebrations? Locked down the country a week or two before it did? Probably so in hindsight. But in the US we had heard of it by January 15. Should we have prohibited Chinese students in the US from going home for the New Year? Or told them not to come back if they did? Maybe. But at that time no one either here or there had any idea what it would become. Should the WHO have advised the lockdown of the entire world in mid-January? No one would have done it. Many are still against it even seeing what the disease has done.

I think this is looking for scapegoats. This is what happens in a globalized world with constant interactions and interdependence among all countries. There are advantages and dangers. But beyond that, how could they have contained a virus with possibly a 5-aught contagion rate? Look at how the bubonic plague spread all across the Old World, how the Spanish flu spread all over the entire world, killing two percent of everyone in the world.

Tim Lundeen

One of the missing pieces has been a good protocol for treating COVID-19.

Paul Marik, MD Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA April 6th 2020, has a recommended protocol that looks excellent:

He says "It is important to recognize that COVID-19 does not cause your “typical ARDS”... this disease must be treated differently and it is likely we are exacerbating this situation by causing ventilator induced lung injury." In other words, the medical system has been killing patients.

Better protocols should lead to a much higher recovery rate!

It's also not clear how much our lockdowns have helped. Sweden did not lockdown, and did not see any problems as a result.

Further, evidence is that 80-90% of the population is naturally immune to SARS-Cov-2, so the spread of the illness is naturally limited.

Angus Files

Nearly 1,000,000 people now,happy days!

Call for the resignation of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General

Pharma For Prison




I just looked at the article you linked and found that it was disingenuous, not looking at the chances of dying in different age groups if you got Covid, but on a whole population basis, including Covid and everything else. The comments under the article are valuable:

Petard Stamo • 2 days ago

"I don't understand his twist in his analysis. Initially he insisted that testing is crucial to determine an approximate value of Infection Fatality Rate. And that in his opinion was the measure which determines how dangerous was the virus. Now he has completely disregarded the number of infections in his analysis. The analysis is based only on deaths partitioned on age and sex and total number of population partitioned on age and sex. What is the difference between P(dying from Covid19 / <65) and P(dying from Covid19 / infected, <65)? How can you say that all people have been infected if we still don't have reliable data about the total number of infections? What proportion of the population has been infected?"

Art Shaposhnikov • 2 days ago

"What is the point in computing the absolute risk and comparing it to the miles driven? It could be very misleading to people who don't understand what the absolute risk means. The absolute risk of dying from covid-19 last year in the US was zero - zero miles driven was riskier. Based on the zero absolute risk number, we should not have spent any resources to prepare for it last year, right? Applying the same logic, since the absolute risk is very low now, we should stop the quarantine immediately, stop the vaccine developments and observe the final absolute risk based on excess mortality data in 2022, which could very well be greater by a factor of 10 to 10,000 than now."

Again, the underlying agenda is important. Many say (and I think it is shocking and immoral), Who cares if one in 36 children reacts to vaccines with autism? The IMPORTANT thing is that almost none of them gets the "deadly" disease measles. So here some are attempting to say: Who cares, since most of those who die of Covid are old and have other sicknesses to start with? (Remembering that hypertension is the #1 comordidity associated with Covid, and 50% of Americans have that.) I'm not old, am in perfect health, so who gives a damn about those older and less healthy than I am? One of the comments I just referred to spoke of the "massacre" of Italian doctors from Covid, hundreds of them killed in the line of duty. I don't know, how many really want to come out and say they'd rather see tens of thousands of people, yes, most of them old, but many of them not, die in agony than try to protect them, because it is costing us all a lot to try to do so? China was in lockdown for 77 days, but is not open for business. The sky did not fall on them. Can we not do as much?


Cia, 2% mortality on the cruise ship was among the highest risk group people above 60 years old.

Ioannidis correctly points out that that would mean an average fatality of maybe 0.3% in the population.

He appears to be right as recent studies in Germany, Denmark and Island found similar case fatality rates.

The virus doesn't strike randomly for the most part. Almost all deaths are found in people with predisposing conditions and advanced age.

Recent analysis shows that <65 years old and not having any underlying predisposing conditions accounted for only 0.3%, 0.7%, and 1.8% of all COVID-19 deaths in Netherlands, Italy, and New York City.


I just now read a little more about the Amhara people in Ethiopia. Some believe them to be a Semitic people, which made me think about the Ethiopian Jews air-lifted to safety by Israel many years ago. They have waged an armed conflict against the Ethiopian government for many years, which shows that it is a difficult and complicated situation which cannot be reduced to the Ethiopian government, and Tedros, just cruelly treating them for no reason other than discrimination because of ethnic background. I have no opinion at all as to whether it should be permitted to become an independent country, just as I have none about Scotland, the Basque Country, Galicia, or California. Or Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia twenty years ago.


I just read a little more about Tedros Adhanom. I would have to read a biography to learn the context in which he has made decisions. I found that he was discussed on High Wire last week. And that Trump is criticizing him for being on China’s side. I found that he is accused of treating the Amhara ethnic group in a discriminatory way for political reasons. And that he was/is a Communist. I found that he achieved many health goals in Ethiopia.

I can only say that it would be extremely difficult to hold any official office in Ethiopia. And that it was a saying at WHO, Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. When I was young and first got involved with Latin Americans when I was at the university, all decent people, at least in our perception, were Communists. My first boyfriend, Peruvian, had a poster of Che Guevara in the wall of his dorm room. He was very Catholic and a believer in Liberation Theology, which essentially was Communism. One Chilean boy said that at his high school the entire school sang Plegaria a un Labrador at the start of every day, a song composed by the martyr Victor Jara, which incorporated words from the Lord’s Prayer redirected to the farm worker. Even now I can sing it from beginning to end. Libranos de aquel que nos domina en la miseria, Danos la fuerza y el valor al combatir. Free us from what holds us down in poverty, Give us strength and courage to fight. Just to say that millions of good people have been Communist. The idea is compassionate, though it has not worked out in practice, but resulted in millions of deaths. It would be impossibly difficult to figure out a way to help Africa raise the standard of living for all. Which is better? Tell the world you have cholera and see Ethiopians die because tourism dries up or dismiss it as watery diarrhea and try to contain it and help Ethiopians as you try to contain and eliminate the problem while not publicly admitting to it? It’s not the case that we’re all in this together and honesty is always the best policy.

Everything published has an agenda. Right now it’s fashionable to blame China for the coronavirus pandemic, which I think is very unfair. Trump is angry because Tedros favors China at least in some ways. But China has given a lot of aid to a lot of countries, seeking to expand its influence and its power. I cannot fault them for that, although I oppose it. I cannot fault Third World countries for accepting it. So part of this criticism of Tedros, which did not occur when it happened, but only now, is an indirect attempt to tarnish China. Which is also a valid enterprise, to the extent that it is based on truthful statements.

I have seen no evidence at all that he is or was a warlord.



I said in my first comment about him that I knew close to nothing about him and would not either defend or castigate him. But accusations should be based on facts and reason. He was accused of being a warlord. I recently saw an interview with a man in South Africa whom I WOULD consider a warlord: he was actively and vociferously commanding the murder of certain groups of people and assuming control of their land without compensation. I don’t know about Tedros refusing medical care to a certain ethnic group. I have no medical insurance and could not afford medical care here in the US. Is it because the medical system is controlled by warlords? Hmm, maybe so... In general, I support measures to prevent overpopulation, the root cause of most of the world’s problems.

Could you say on what you base your assertion that I have a faith based love for Tedros? I’ll look him up, at this time I don’t know what he looks like or if any of his activities establish him as a warlord.


Just found this info. re the DOD investigation on Dr. Redfield (below). Regardless as to the info. I amnow discovering on True Pundit's founder, he may indeed have been giving completely credible/factual information on that podcast I linked to via an earlier comment here. He stated during the podcast that he was reading verbatim from the paperwork he had just received at the time of his podcast.

Here is a snip from Wikipedia regarding this DOD investigation:

..."In 1992, the Defense Department investigated Redfield after he was accused of misrepresenting the effects of an experimental HIV vaccine, the study of which he had overseen.[19] In 1992, the U.S. Senate gave a $20 million appropriation for a private company, MicroGeneSys, to develop a therapeutic HIV vaccine based on the protein gp160, which went into clinical trials. As Randy Shilts, author of And The Band Played On writes in his followup book that the idea of a therapeutic vaccine was a radical idea that came to Redfield while reading his children a book about Louis Pasteur which he then discussed with Jonas Salk who was in support.[20][page needed][verification needed]

At the time a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Redfield was the army's leading AIDS researcher, and a proponent of the vaccine. In July 1992, Redfield gave an abstract presentation on the vaccine at the international AIDS conference in Amsterdam on the preliminary data. Based on preliminary results of 15 of the 26 patients who got the vaccine, Redfield said that the viral load of patients getting the vaccine was lower than patients who did not get the vaccine. Most researchers believe that viral load would be a good sign of vaccine effectiveness. The vaccine later turned out to be ineffective. Many researchers said that Redfield had made a reasonable interpretation of the preliminary data by selecting only 15 patients who had been on the vaccine for 18 months, but a US Air Force scientist Major Craig Hendrix, MD (now at Johns Hopkins) said that he committed scientific misconduct by selecting data that were favorable to the vaccine.[6][page needed][verification needed]

In 1993, a U.S. Army investigation determined that Redfield had not committed scientific misconduct,[21][19] and he was promoted to colonel thereafter.[citation needed] Redfield is quoted in the comprehensive book on the controversy Big Shot: Passion, Politics, and the Struggle for an AIDS Vaccine as saying of his accusers "I am disappointed in the institutions for not holding the individuals accountable for what I consider conduct unbecoming of an officer."[6][page needed] Importantly, Redfield carried on his studies of the gp160 vaccine beyond the work presented in the abstract presentation; the results of his 27-author phase II clinical trial was published in the Journal of Infectious Disease in 2000 (with Deborah L. Birx as lead author).[22] Redfield's multi-site study, a collaboration between the Department of Defense and the National Institutes of Health,[22] laid the groundwork for future vaccine development and provided a better understanding of the biologic basis of HIV infection and its interaction with the host immune system.[citation needed] The work did not, however, result in an effective vaccine.[19] On the other hand, the aim remains an important one in the field; Jon Cohen noted in Science, despite "intensive efforts and massive investments, no vaccine to prevent HIV infection has yet proved itself", researchers have "celebrations" when they have "glimpses of hope" even at preliminary reports of success.[23]

The investigation did say that he had an "inappropriate" close relationship with the non-governmental group "Americans for a Sound AIDS/HIV Policy" (ASAP), which promoted the gp160 vaccine. The group was founded by evangelical Christians that worked to contain the HIV/AIDS outbreak by advocating for abstinence before marriage, rather than passing out condoms — a view Redfield says he's since changed.[21][24] Redfield served on the board of ASAP, which gay groups criticized for anti-gay, conservative Christian policies, such as abstinence-only prevention.[25] Redfield also authored the foreword to the book co-written by ASAP leader W. Shepard Smith, "Christians in the Age of AIDS" which discouraged the distribution of sterile needles to drug users as well as condom use calling them "false prophets." The book described AIDS as "God's judgment" against homosexuals.[26] At the time of his nomination to head the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Redfield maintained close ties with anti-gay and anti-HIV activists[25], although he has publicly supported the use of condoms and denies ever promoting abstinence-only interventions.[11] However, in the 2000s, Redfield was a prominent advocate for the ABCs of AIDS doctrine which promoted abstinence primarily and condoms only a last resort..."

*I will state that in all my years performing research into the vaccie issue, I have learned that truth can also come from, at times, from individuals who may not have always provided credible information, depending on who they are, and who they claim to be.

While it certainly appears as though True Pundit has a shall we say colorful history, he may have been completely above board during the podcast.

Lessons in discernment...


A lesson for me re due diligence: Normally I am a fanatic when it comes to making sure I post factual info. (regarding anything of interest).

I now realize that Mike Moore of True Pundit fame may not be 'who and what he says he is. After doing more research, I found quite a few things about him that are more than troubling.

Overall, I think the big picture that he speaks about in that podcast are true however.

Anyway - my humble mea culpa on this one.



There have been eleven deaths out of 712 diagnosed cases on the Diamond Princess, and ten more are still in critical condition. The longer it continues, the more likely they are to die. So it’s about a 2% fatality rate, maybe more.

No one knows yet why some clusters are much more deadly than others. There are different strains of Covid, different genetic profiles, age and comorbidity profiles, and different results from different treatments. But 2% mortality is in itself very high in most people’s estimation, and whom it strikes the hardest is unpredictable in many cases. And getting it and recovering seems to give unreliable immunity and there are always other strains. I’d like to know why SARS 1 just disappeared after killing 10% of patients around the world.


Cia; Why the blind faithy like love toward the WHO director?
Tedros used health policy to reduce population of one Ethnic group, tantamount to ethnic cleansing. He made sure these groups did not receive health care, or aid, and for some reason their birth rates plummeted under his watch in his own country.

Kind of reminds me of the miscarriage epidemic in Kenya after a WHO and Gates in collaboration with each other, and of course out of the goodness of their hearts; gave out tetanus vaccines laced with anti-fertility drug human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). A lone doctor and Catholic priest stood up for that population.


I posted this in a different thread last week, but the following link is to a 10 minute talk by Dr. John Ioannidis (Prof of Medicine, Epidemiology & Population health), wherein he discussed one of the earliest reported outbreaks aboard the Diamond Princess Cruise ship.

That outbreak occurred among a captive population of fairly elderly people (mean age ~58, median age ~ 65). And although the infection rate was ~ 19%, and older people have the highest risk of becoming severely ill with this virus, the data currently shows that only 1 % of those who got infected have died.

Any fatality rate is obviously an awful outcome. But if the virus produced a 1% fatality rate among a crowded population of elderly people, how can it possibly be generating a 5-10% fatality rate among the general population?

Coronavirus: Bill Gates exclusive interview@ BBC Breakfast 12 April 2020

Has he got problems?
Has he got issues ?
Has he got difficulties?
Is he getting henpecked at home or something?

John Scott-music from Crooks and Coronets film 1969 youtube
That yin is a genuine howler!
No crown, only a tin halo covered with fools gold to make it look like it sparkles !


I am still listening to this podcast. I have no idea as to whether this information has made it out to the general public, but it's about to if this journalist doing the podcast has anything to say about it.

Turns out, Dr. Redfield and Dr. Birx have both been investigated by the Department of Defense for research fraud regarding an HIV/AIDS vaccine; this was around circa 1992. Physicians in the Army and other military sources, were the whistleblowers re this investigation.

So question: How in the heck did these people come to be in charge of the coronavirus issue?

Alert: Graphic language in this podcast, but highly recommended:

Angus Files

Thanks for the links Laura Hayes Trumps needing to do a bit of head hunting globally just a handful at the top needing stopped -problem solved.

Pharma For Prison




It's more of the public health vs. economy issue. If you announce that you have cholera in your country, everyone will cut you off, and people will die as a result just of that. If you have a big problem, like Haiti in 2010 with the earthquake, you may get public health workers flock to your country to help you, but in that case they brought in cholera to a country which had not had it for decades. As they are saying now about the lockdowns, which may cause death for different reasons independent of Covid. But again, is lack of transparency on disclosure or not of a public health problem proof of being a warlord? Do the leaders have more of an obligation to protect the interests of their own people or those of foreigners?



My comment was tongue in cheek ,we know exactly what he is planning ,we are all going to be micro-chipped like our pets.

Where have all the good journalists gone - to Big Pharma


Cait from Canada and Cia;
Tedros called cholera a watery diarrhea in his country, until it spilled over to the neighboring countries and it got renamed cholera.

Considering all the college kids got parotitis, but not the mumps as all the health departments (under the CDC) called it.

Yeap Tedros is very well qualified.

Laura Hayes

Tomorrow on the BBC we are going to be treated to a full length interview with Bill Gates and his solution for the present world crisis we are now facing . I wonder what that could be ? Here in the UK the newly appointed leader of the opposition Keir Starmer has also suggested the same solution , we wait with baited breath.


Why is the world looking to Bill Gates for a solution to this world crisis??

Beyond the fact that he is supremely unqualified to give any kind of medical advice, you would need to have slept for the last 20 years, not to know that he's going to recommend mandating a vaccine this will ultimately make him gobs more money. And establish a truly scary precedent for the future of the free world.

Are there any real journalists left at the BBC?


Beleaguered Autism Mom,

I do not wish to defend Tedros Adhanom, I don’t know enough about him. But there have been many situations in history in which good and principled people joined armed militant groups for good reasons. As just one of hundreds of examples, I get periodic updates from Free Burma Rangers, a group started by the military officer, physician, and Christian missionary Dave Eubank.

As for saving the lives of children under five, in societies with very limited food supplies and a burgeoning population, some solutions are humane and others not, but surely reducing new births to sustainable numbers is a worthy goal.

There are five schools of Islam, but in only one of them, Shaf’i Islam, is female circumcision mandatory. That is the school practiced in Egypt, Somalia, and the Sudan, where close to 100% of girls undergo the procedure.

I don’t think these grounds are good support for establishing whether or not Adhanom is a warlord.

Laura Hayes

Have you heard this yet?

Laura Hayes
Laura Hayes

A must-watch, don’t-miss video from Truthstream Media:


Tomorrow on the BBC we are going to be treated to a full length interview with Bill Gates and his solution for the present world crisis we are now facing . I wonder what that could be ? Here in the UK the newly appointed leader of the opposition Keir Starmer has also suggested the same solution , we wait with baited breath.

Angus Files

oF course ...nothing to see whiter than white.

Sur la chloroquine, le Haut Conseil de santé publique et l ...

The head of the WHO was the 3rd most powerful person in the TPLF, a Communist Revolutionary Party in Ethiopia that was listed as a terrorist organization in the 90s and, as a political arm of a minority ethnic group (6%), reportedly conducted systematic discrimination and human rights abuses against the majority ethnic group. So odd that the MSM would neglect to mention this. I thought they hated racial discrimination, ethnic persecution and human rights abuses?

Guest post by John Martin via Rough Estimate.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, as well as being the first WHO director without a medical degree, also has a somewhat political background compared to his predecessors. On his online biography, the WHO lays out his qualifications as Ethiopian Minister of Health from 2002 to 2012, impressive stuff.

Aside from his medical credentials, Tedros happens to be a member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which is an organisation about as peaceful as its name suggests. Founded as a communist revolutionary party that came to power in 1991, it led a guerrilla campaign against the Mengistu dictatorship and formed a coalition with two other ethnic parties after his exile.

Over time, the TPLF began to exert more and more influence over the other two parties. Most military generals and key leaders within the government are Tigray, including the Prime Minister who ruled the country for 21 years before his death. The Tigray represent only 6% of the population of Ethiopia, one of the major ethnic groups are the Amhara who mostly made up the Mengistu regime.

Favourable treatment under Megistu created a lot of resentment towards the Amhara from other ethnic groups like for example the Oromo. Tedros himself hails from the Tigray region and was a senior member of the party and became involved with the TPLF after the removal of Mengistu. The same party that in its 1968 manifesto called the Amhrara people its ‘eternal enemy’. Just how senior was Tedros? Well this Ethiopian newspaper listed him as the 3rd most important member of the politbureau standing committee, which gives the impression he was more important than a simple medical administrator.

The TPLF was listed as a terrorist organisation by the US government in the 1990s, and is still listed as one by the Global Terror Database because of its unfortunate habit of carrying out armed assaults in rural areas.

The Amhara people have reported systematic discrimination and human rights abuses by the current government. Humans Rights Watch in 2010 wrote a report on how aid in the form of food and fertiliser was withheld from local Amhara villagers because of their affiliations with the opposition party. Other forms of aid denial involved the refusal of emergency healthcare by ministry of health workers; the same ministry which was at the time being led by one Tedros Adhanom.

The Amhara People’s Union, an activist group based in Washington, has issued many other accusations of human rights abuses against the TPLF led government, including noting that the birth rates in the Amhara region was far lower than those experienced in other regions. They noted at a session in Ethiopian parliament that, around 2 million Amhara were found to have “disappeared” from the population census.

Not content with denying aid to political dissidents, Tedros was also health minister at a time when the regime was accused of covering up epidemics. A cholera outbreak spread the region in 2007, infecting thousands in neighbouring countries. When it spread to Ethiopia, the government simply renamed the outbreak and called it Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD). International organisations were pressured not to call it Cholera (despite the UN testing the infected and finding Cholera), and were pressured by government employees not to reveal the number of infected. Another stunning victory for the health minister.

The deadly famine which struck Ethiopia in the 1980s forever associated the country with the word, but it’s not entirely a thing of the past. The WHO itself after pages of gushing reports on how well Ethiopia’s health sector was doing, admitted in 2016 that at least 8.6 million people still needed food aid to survive, and that the situation had not improved at all for at least four years. So at the end of Tedros’ illustrious term in office he could boast a mere remaining 8% of the population who would be left to starve to death without foreign aid.

But after his shining accomplishments in health, Tedros had bigger fish to fry. In 2012 he was appointed foreign minister and there quickly followed a crackdown on journalists and government opponents in the country, and an attempt to extradite those who had fled to Yemen in exile. The two countries entered negotiations to track down and deport dissidents from Yemen and imprison them in Ethiopia. Tedros himself led these negotiations, there’s even a nice picture of the medical man during the talks with the Yemeni foreign minister.

One such case was a British citizen Andy Tsege who was arrested at Sana’a airport and twice given a death sentence in Ethiopia. This led to the involvement of the British government who threatened denial of aid to Ethiopia unless he be granted asylum. Tedros responded that Tsege was “being treated very well. He even has a laptop, have you ever heard of a political prisoner with a laptop?” Andy of course, after his return to the UK told a somewhat different story of being tortured for days on end, alongside dozens of other prisoners.

Pharma For Prison


Beleaguered Autism Mom

Dear Cait from Canada, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front is an armed militia. What kind of microbiologist/health leader joins an armed militia? His resume is based in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a world leader in female genital mutilation. Ethiopia is NOT known for its management of infectious disease. He was selected as WHO Director for political reasons - his bragging points in his biography are about improved contraception among teenage girls and vaccination. Less babies being born is his solution for decreasing the number of children under 5 dying of diarrhea (the number one killer of children worldwide). Last year Tedros/WHO listed anti-vaxxers in the "top 10" world health threats. Name calling - that is what Tedros brought as Director of WHO.

Cait from Canada

"For those of you who don’t know, leading up to 2017, the Gates Foundation and China rallied hard for an Ethiopian warlord named Tedros Adhanom to become the W.H.O. Director despite his crimes against humanity, and despite the fact he is not a medical doctor."

I'm curious to know where LQ got the idea the Tedros is an Ethiopian warlord. I can't find any information supporting that claim. I have read that Tedros was a member of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, which helped to overthrow the Soviet-backed Ethiopian dictator Mengistu in 1991 (when Tedros was 26). I don't think that makes him a warlord.

Tedros is also a microbiologist with a PhD in community medicine who was the Ethiopian Minister of Health and then Minister of Foreign Affairs prior to becoming director-general of the WHO. It is true that he is not a medical doctor, but I doubt many doctors would be better qualified to lead the WHO.

And if Tedros should resign because of his tardy response to the crisis, Trump should surely follow suit.



I have not said a single positive word about a vaccine. I have said that it is inevitable that one be produced and that most people will eagerly take it. I’ve said that, among all the other many dangers of all vaccines, that attempts at producing a SARS vaccine failed because of antibody-dependent enhancement, which everyone realized made it too dangerous to market. I don’t know why coronaviruses seem to be prone to this reaction, but am assuming that a vaccine for novel coronavirus would have the same problem. I’m hoping that within a couple of years the virus will become naturally attenuated and that HCQ etc. will be universally available and effective treatment. Of course no vaccine should be mandated. But I don’t think the dangers of the virus should be minimized. At this time it is extremely dangerous to a large portion of those who get it. Vaccines are not the only possible response to it. As always, I think accurate knowledge must come first and then people must be left free to make their preferably well-informed choice. So far, no country has let it just burn through its population, we’ll see what happens in the next few months. No matter what choice anyone makes, there will be unintended consequences. We’ll see what happens when vaccine pushers encounter antibody-dependent enhancement.

Sherri Peters

You should really watch/listen to Del Bigtree/The Highwire. Facts, facts, facts; they seriously change the narrative.


Hi Cia,
People dying is certainly a big deal. Masks, social distancing, protecting the vulnerable, all good things.
And we also need to consider the law of unintended consequences.
For example, lets say we mandate the first poorly tested vaccine that someone gets on the market after rushing through reduced safety trials.
And lets say, in a worst case scenario,after vaccinating multiple millions of people, on pain of forcing them to isolate forever, we end up discovering that just like the dengue fever vaccine, it causes cytokine storms. Millions of people, all vaccinated at around the same time, dying of pneumonia, next time the coronavirus comes around. Our vaccinated health care workers may, some of them, be dying as well. Or maybe it will just be the ones who haven't been exposed before, similar to the dengue vaccine, so it may just be the young kids who die. Either way, there is the potential for a disaster as big as thalidomide ( which, of course, also passed all the safety tests.)
The same cytokine storm that is causing coronavirus deaths, also causes dengue fever deaths.

And that is how the dengue fever vaccine killed, also.

Studies right now are already showing more and more autoimmune damage in our population, including abnormal ANA results in more adolescents.

Or, to take another example; to protect nursing home residents, all visiting has been stopped in some places. Has this actually led to increased survival rates? Or has it just lead to people being isolated away from their families while they die? Family members have often served important functions in nursing homes: coaxing Nana to eat or drink, telling the nurse when she is starting to feel sick, advocating for nursing care ( we want her in the hospital, NOW) and instead, nursing home patients are dying in droves, while overwhelmed staff in some places give up, or get sick, and stop going in to work. Has our policy really saved lives in nursing homes, or have we just isolated people to die, while being cared for by minimally trained nursing aides who are certainly not, and cannot be expected to be, RN's let alone ICU nurses?
Questioning policy decisions is not the same as not caring about the sick.

Laura Hayes

Vaxxus and Hera,

I’m reading a book about the Spanish flu right now, Pale Horse, which confirms that for the vast majority the disease was mild, with the patients making a full recovery. And yet for many, it was a truly devastating new disease, in many quickly causing an autoimmune reaction which resulted in severe and massive cytokine storm and pneumonia which consolidated their lungs and killed them by the millions and millions. The author notes that while many died of hemorrhage caused by taking aspirin, most died without having taken aspirin and most victims lived in countries or circumstances in which aspirin was not available to them.

Should we say that the Spanish flu was not a serious disease because for most who got it, it was not a big deal? For countless millions it was serious and it killed them. Afterwards, 100% of all the people in the world had antibodies to it, which may eventually be the case with novel coronavirus. To me it seems that saying that for most it is not a serious disease is like saying that for most, vaccines do not cause autism or any other disability. True, but still true that for many, they do.


We don’t yet know the answer to those questions. RNA viruses like corona and flu viruses are prone to undergoing mutations. We know that Covid has at least two strains: the original S, somewhat less virulent, and L, much more virulent, which swept through Italy, Iran, Spain, and now New York. I don’t know about the one in the US in December and January, maybe it was the S strain, coming from the west, from China, perhaps as early as November. There are very likely many strains: at this time, many more young and healthy people are dying of it than at the beginning. Although if we believe that a civilized society values and protects all of its members, concern for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses should lead us to protect them, and as a group they form the majority of adults.

I also read about the cases in which Chinese people had it, seemed to recover and test negative, only to get it again or perhaps relapse and test positive again. It might be that the virus had receded to such low levels that the test could not detect them, then massively came back again. While it’s possible that there’s some cross-protection among strains from having gotten one of them, it’s also possible that there is only partial or no cross-protection, like with flu or cold viruses.

What is certain is that it has caused massive numbers of deaths wherever it strikes, more than any contagious disease in living memory. Like with vaccines, you don’t get a replay or a do-over. If you let down your guard and say Let’s just let it burn through, once it kills thousands in one week, it would be too late to decide maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

Of course the judgment call is subjective: how much economic destruction equals how much disease burden and hospital collapse? But they are also interdependent, and just ignoring the disease, business as usual, would also probably lead to financial, employment, and supply collapse. So do you shut the barn door before the horse gets out or only when the tsunami hits it?


getting a mild case may also mean, that just like the measles, you have lifelong immunity. It would certainly appear to suggest that your body is able to handle the virus easily.
Given that the test is certainly not 100% accurate,it is very possible that inaccuracies with the test itself is the reason people are testing negative, then positive, then negative again.
At one point, they were suggesting that two negative tests were needed to say that people were no longer infectious. The fact that the two tests often did not get the same result, and that the CDC itself at the time did not consider the first one to be accurate on its own, seems to suggest it is more than likely that the test itself is dodgy.
I notice that Bill Gates is saying that the economy can only reopen if people buy a product ( vaccine) for the coronavirus that he is said to have just invested millions in..
Interesting decision for him to make, given that he is not one of the ten million unemployed, some of whom are now possibly facing food challenges , and some of whom will also have lost their medical coverage as well. I wonder how many people will die because they stay away from hospitals with strokes and heart attacks because they have no health insurance? How many will die because they can't afford insulin or epi pens any more? People are already known to have died in the past because they tried to ration insulin, and hospitals are already commenting on the huge numbers of stroke and heart attack patients who are not being admitted.
It is unlikely that they are just suddenly not getting strokes any more, so how many are not being treated? Certainly, fear of being infected in the hospital may be some of it; lack of money and lost health insurance also most likely is playing a part.
I am all for social distancing, mask wearing, and protecting the vulnerable, but we also need to consider that there are vulnerable on both sides of this equation, and shutting down the economy with the long term results of millions being unemployed , losing income and becoming broke is not just "unpleasant" ; for some it can be life threatening.
Funny how we can't get a flu vaccine that works to prevent more than 1 in 100 infections, and we can't get an HIV vaccine after 20 plus years, but somehow this vaccine , where the testing is already being truncated, is going to be safe and somehow work more effectively than the flu vaccine that they have been working on for years.Then of course, there is the dengue vaccine that passed all the tests, and still managed to make an infection of dengue fever more dangerous unless you already had caught the disease and had some natural immunity.
It passed WHO vaccine trials, by the way. Interesting to see the possibility of a criminal trial for the researcher who designed the safety studies.
.Of course,if the coronavirus does start mutating, then it seems possible that previous infection will still provide some protection. It is also possible that the vaccine will, like the flu vaccine, always have to play "catch up" .How often do we hear that the flu vaccine is a bad match for this years flu, because it was based on last years version? Shutting down the economy for 18 months until someone can make huge sums of money off a vaccine, that if the virus mutates may be ineffective anyway; seems a good way of harming many people.


Cia, there is no evidence that milder cases need to get COVID-19 over and over again until they get finally a severe case and die or can become immune.

There have been some cases that have become re-infected again but that wasn't common.

This is an example of why one needs to look at things objectively and rely on good data in order to prevent mass panic and poor decision making.

go Trump

Thank you Levi. I would hope some Americans begin to figure things out before they mandate ALL the adult vaccines.

War is when the government tells you who your enemy is.
Revolution is when you figure it our for yourself.

Angus Files

As Trump slams 'China-centric' WHO, says agency 'called every shot wrong' in coronavirus pandemic all the projections of death were wrong and greatly exagerated.

And about time...

Graham said during an appearance on Fox News that he would use his position as chairman of the Senate Appropriations subcommittee overseeing foreign operations to ensure the WHO did not get funding from the U.S.

"I’m not going to support funding the WHO under its current leadership," Graham said. "They’ve been deceptive, they’ve been slow, and they’ve been Chinese apologists. I don’t think they’re a good investment under the current leadership for the United States, and until they change their behavior and get new leadership, I think it’s in America’s best interest to withhold funding because they have failed miserably when it comes to the coronavirus."

Lindsey Graham says he’s going to take the burden off the President and use his position on the appropriations subcommittee to eliminate any money for the WHO in the next appropriations bill

Pharma For Prison




I knew the case rate was different from the case fatality rate, but don’t know how important it is. I’d like to know how many have gotten and recovered from it, but there’s reason to believe that you need to have had a fairly severe illness to get immunity. So there may be a range of levels of immunity and how long it will last. So getting a mild or asymptomatic case may not count for much, may not mean you’re protected from getting it again. We don’t know yet. But does it make much difference if a) 20,000 die from it but 100,000 million have immunity of some kind to it, or b) 20,000 die from it but only 5 million have immunity to it? Or 20,000 die out of 100,000 cases compared to 20,000 dying out of 200 million cases? Isn’t a large amount of suffering and loss the important thing?



Yesterday I gave current figures comparing deaths in New York from cardiac or respiratory failure now as compared to a year ago, also Fire Department figure for Dead on Arrival cases now compared to the same two-week frame a year ago, and the figures now are three or four times more than what they were a year ago. Most of the DOAs show evidence of death by respiratory failure. Why does it seem difficult to believe that people dying of respiratory failure during a pandemic of a new disease which kills by respiratory failure died as a result of their having the disease?



Those who die of respiratory failure while having Covid should be considered to have died of Covid because of the simultaneity of the events, and because we know that the lung condition caused by Covid often results in complete respiratory failure. If they had not had Covid, they would not have died at that time.


I don’t understand. The rates of people dying from the lung condition caused by Covid continued to be extremely high. Those given HCQ etc. soon enough often experience a dramatic turn-around and recovery, and I hope that soon it will be possible to give them to whomever wants them. What do you mean by deaths being down from that regular pneumonia? Are you talking about Covid pneumonia, which causes ground glass opacities in the lungs, what one British woman said felt like breathing with shards of glass sticking into her lungs? An American man said that when he coughed it caused crackling sounds when he was hospitalized two weeks ago with Covid pneumonia. Are you saying that the pneumonia is becoming milder? Flags are at half-mast in New York today in honor of the numbers dead from Covid setting a new record every day. With endless quibbling about whether or not HCQ should be offered, which the FDA now permits. A legislator in Michigan said it saved her life but she nearly wasn’t able to get it because the state government didn’t want to permit its use. Why not? A survey just showed that a third of American doctors think it’s the most effective treatment on offer.

IF we were to try to go back to normal now and we saw the deaths that New York is seeing now, millions of people would refuse to go to work, sending the economy into another tail spin.

Wuhan is getting back to normal now after nearly three months of lockdown. Can we not wait that long for the sake of sparing millions of lives? You can say it wouldn’t be that many, but based on other countries’ experience and our numbers, it is very likely that it would be.

Fake Scientists

Amen Levi! Their game is being exposed. Media, science types are losing their minds over hydroxychloroquine and cheap effective solutions. Bogus ‘placebos.’


Cia, I know but I just wanted to point out that CFR isn't the same as Infection Fatality Rate (IFR).

If we want to know the true death rate we need to use IFR which is difficult to estimate. CFR will likely overestimate the fatality rate.

Here is a good overview:

"Taking account of historical experience, trends in the data, increased number of infections in the population at largest, and potential impact of misclassification of deaths gives a presumed estimate for the COVID-19 IFR between 0.1% and 0.39%."

I am not saying COVID-19 is harmless, I don't believe that nor do I recommend to take or not take specific actions.

I am trying to look at things objectively. We need to do tests in the general population to find out what is happening. Unless we are doing this we are flying blind.


Cia All those people died in New York city from the coronavirus, but the good news is that typical number of deaths from that regular pneumonia are - really, really way down..

david m burd

All guesses of people having anything like covid19 are just that, and actually are wild guesses.

**People can actually be infected, have no symptoms, shrug it off, maybe making antibodies, or never making antibodies.

**People can be infected, come down with symptoms, then shrug it off; MAYBE have antibodies, maybe not.

**People exposed to covid19 but never be infected because their vibrant health. HOWEVER they may test "positive" for antibodies, but the tests for covid19 could react to other coronaviruses we've all been exposed to throughout our lives, as antibody tests would be non-specific to an unknown degree.

**People are very sick, already with other deadly pneumonias such as Staphylococcus Aureus, but if tested "positive" for covid19, then die, would then be (fraudulently) listed as covid19 death, just as Deborah Birx said on national TV 3 days ago now.

**People tested to be "positive" for coronavirus, maybe even have covid19, BUT die from fierce antiviral drugs such ribavirin and quite a few others, being an iatrogenic death, but who is counting? But who would have lived via Vitamin C therapy, chloroquine, etc., therapies, but still pooh-poohed by Anthony Fauci (in my opinion the worst Medical Butcher of all time).

**We know probably hundreds of millions around the Planet have been indeed exposed to covid19. With essentially zero mortality to anybody under age 40 (and those deaths all having prior serious co-morbidities), and with very, very small numbers from age 50 to 70 being more than mildly affected,

This present hysteria is the Mother of ALL "Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill"



I gave the CFRs as they have been reported. We don’t know how many may have already had it, but we do know the numerical count of diagnosed cases and deaths. The US has had 435,941 diagnosed cases with 14,865 deaths, already more than the 12,000 from H1N1 flu ten years ago. 1,940 deaths yesterday. While many are having mild or asymptomatic cases, there have dalso been many undiagnosed deaths from Covid.

And regardless of how many may be immune to it now, extremely large numbers are getting it with large numbers dying of it. If you just look at the cases which have resolved as of now, bearing in ? that most who have been diagnosed with it still have active cases, the CFR just keeps going up and according to Worldometers is now at 22%. So is An a good time to just throw caution to the winds and end the lockdowns, which are indeed bending the curve?

New York is digging mass graves for the dead, is using refrigerated vehicles for the dead and has ordered several hundred more. and many people there are dying oag of Covid in their homes, all alone. Is that what we would accept in the rest of the country? If so many got immunity several months ago, why are so many dying of it now?



I think you are overstating the numbers. The case fatality rate is very unreliable because they test a lot people that are already at risk of developing serious illness and that seeking medical treatment.

No attempts have been made to understand what the real case fatality rate is in the population.

The best study that was done so far was in Iceland where they tested 30% of the entire population and the real case fatality rate wasn't higher than 0.3%

Without knowing what the real infection rate is in the entire population you can't calculate a reliable case fatality rate.

Some scientists believe the infection rate in the population could be 10-100 times higher than what were are reporting.


Better times. I'm from that area too. Memories of Pleasant St. Pharmacy after a trip to the doctor, ice cream at Bristol Farms or Bliss, trips to Capron Park. The smell of Lemon Pledge reminds me of spring, when my mom would finally get to open the windows again. She would have the 8-track going with Helen Reddy, Anne Murray, or Kenny Rogers.


I think we need to continue the lockdowns. The case fatality rate has turned out to be much higher than was first speculated, and has performed very close to what SARS did, rising from an estimated one percent to ten percent. South Korea, one of the countries in the world with the best response, has a 1.9% CFR; Germany also 1.9%. At this time we cannot provide effective drug treatment to every coronavirus patient. I hope HCQ/Zpac/zinc works out and we have enough distributed to give to everyone, but at this time we don’t. And I don’t know how much it’s universal use would reduce deaths, especially in older adults and those with health problems.

About three thousand just in New York City have died. 400 died in less than 24 hours earlier this week. It has been revealed that hundreds in New York have died alone at home. 2,192 dead on arrivals in the last two weeks, when in the same period a year ago it was 453. And that’s in a state with advanced medical care readily available and every effort being made to cope with the disease. It now appears that ventilators aren’t a stellar treatment: fatalities WITH a ventilator in many places being fifty percent.

Maybe a lot of people already have immunity from coronavirus cases in the US in December and January thought at the time to be flu. But we won’t have any idea how many until a reliable antibody test is available. And we don’t know how good or lasting the antibody response may be.

But with 220 million adults in the US, a two percent CFR would be 4.4 million deaths, and under crash circumstances could potentially reach twenty-two million if everyone got it. Even if everyone who died was over fifty and had comorbidities, as 60% of Americans do, are many people willing to pay that price?

Wuhan after three months is verifiably getting back to normal and is open for business again. Probably if we maintain the lockdowns they could be gradually phased out in another month, probably discontinued by June 6. And then maybe situationally reinstated as outlined by Tomas Pueyo in The Hammer and the Dance, because yes, like the Spanish flu, it might come back in new waves.

Bob Moffit

"But here's our prize: fully ten percent of poll responders said they would not get the vaccine at all. Wait, what? They’re all OK with vaccinating babies but the buck stops with vaccinating themselves?"

Perhaps that explains why no one .. no media .. no politician .. no public health official .. dares recall/ mention only a few months ago .. last summer .. that NYS Gov Cuomo, Mayor De Blasio and others .. declared a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY in New York over MEASLES .. resulting in targeting zip codes comprised of largely Hassidic Jewish communities for what we now recognize as 'SOCIAL DISTANCING" .. banning their perfectly healthy unvaccinated children from public schools, day care centers, well attended religious public events .. and NO ONE OUTSIDE OUR SAFE VACCINES COMMUNITY SAID A WORD .. NADA .. ZIP …

Well to remember history to prevent repeating mistakes … such as …

1976: President Gerald Ford orders a nationwide vaccination program to prevent a swine-flu epidemic. Ford was acting on the advice of medical experts, who believed they were dealing with a virus potentially as deadly as the one that caused the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic.

“Some of the American public’s hesitance to embrace vaccines — the flu vaccine in particular — can be attributed to the long-lasting effects of a failed 1976 campaign to mass-vaccinate the public against a strain of the swine flu virus,” writes Rebecca Kreston for Discover. “This government-led campaign was widely viewed as a debacle and put an irreparable dent in future public health initiative, as well as negatively influenced the public’s perception of both the flu and the flu shot in this country.”

Unfortunately if we use history as our guide .. accepting a mandated vaccine would not be the first time in recent history that American citizens voluntarily surrendered their Constitutional Rights to LIBERTY to gain some sense of SECURITY .. as happened following 9/11 and the PATRIOT ACT which spawned a "new normal' where citizens submitted to "pat down and intrusive body searches" while boarding a plane or entering a stadium .. where being scanned entering a public place or public school is not only expected .. it is welcomed.

When Gate's miracle vaccine finally arrives …. don't be surprised that many fellow citizens will believe taking the vaccine is the PATRIOTIC DUTY OF ALL OF US

Angus Files

As reported by the "conspiracy seekers/truth seekers on here over the past decade one silver gong I hope the world wakes up to is Gates and his extermination foundation..

“Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

“…Microsoft and MIT developed ‘tatoo markers’ that show whether you have recieved a vaccine or not. This will be coupled with Gate’s new invention, ID2020, which is a digital ID microchip implanted under the skin.”

Pharma For Prison


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