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Johnson and Johnson Creates TV Show with Lisa Ling to Follow The COVID-19 Vaccine "Birth Story"

1984Yesterday on Twitter I saw a sponsored Tweet from Johnson and Johnson promoting their TV series with Lisa Ling as they create the COVID-19 vaccine. That's right folks, vaccination is now Must Inject TV. Should be interesting to see the approach they take. This is a first, following a drug or vaccine as infotainment. This softens the seriousness and I assume is  meant to make Americans feel part of the process. Boy will they....  Grab a glass of metal filled infant Tylenol and powder yourself up with asbestos. It's time to recoup those $8 billion dollars in fines and what better way than with a globally mandated, liability free vaccine?


Johnson & Johnson and Award-Winning Journalist Lisa Ling Explore What It Takes to End a Pandemic

Johnson & Johnson and Award-Winning Journalist Lisa Ling Explore What It Takes to End a Pandemic
A live weekly original video series will delve into the work underway to develop a vaccine to help bring the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic to an end.

Tune in live on Tuesdays at 12 PM EST on, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as producer, journalist and author Lisa Ling shares progress on work being done to create a potential vaccine for COVID-19.

The eight-episode original series will uncover the incredible scientific efforts underway around the world to develop a vaccine at unparalleled speeds. In each episode, we will discuss how it is being made possible—and what we might expect from an approved vaccine.

Each Tuesday Ling will be joined by expert Johnson & Johnson guests, like Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels, M.D., as well as leading scientists, public health experts and community health workers who are working tirelessly to help end the outbreak—from the lab to the front lines.

The 30-minute show will cover the latest news on the pandemic and the world’s progress on the road to a vaccine, as well as explore related topics affecting people globally and pay tribute to the unwavering commitment and dedication of healthcare workers who are leading the fight today and bringing hope and health to patients around the world.


Angus Files

Thanks pogo the biggest told you so goes to Orwell..were getting there he missed the China assistance.

Pharma For Prison



C= Certification
O = Of
V = Vaccine
I = I
D = D



God, I hope I'm not the only one to point out that J&J got about $600Million for a coronavirus vaccine from that $2Trillion in Federal funny money Congress just tossed to the winds of greed, ignorance, and arrogance. Or is it $600Billion? I forget....

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