Safeminds on AB-2004 from Axial Biotherapeutics
Did Fauci's NIAID Grant To Wuhan Lab Violate President Obama's Funding Halt



Some excellent comic relief:

Fake Scientists

@Tim Lundeen, agreed. Better stated than my wording!

go Trump

Obviously, vaccine status in the United States will soon be expected to be public information, that could determine an individuals freedom on many issues.

Mr. Gates should have no problem with providing the vaccine status of his own children. The Gardasil status of some recent Presidential children would also be of interest and would likely put an end to the discussion of American vaccine mandates.


Laura Hayes may have linked one of Polly's previous videos in a prior comment; have another one of Polly's, below. Am still viewing, but what she's saying so hits home with me that I thought I'd share it here:

Tim Lundeen

@Fake Scientists -- we fight for public/open data and required reporting of all studies, not just the ones that show efficacy and safety


He who controls all the information controls the world.

A very timely article. Micro$oft published this yesterday, announcing their plans for a Planetary Computer to monitor the World and all human activity.

The article doesn't say what we do when it displays the ‘Blue Screen of Death’. Supposes we just turn the World off and back on again.

Fake Scientists

So a few singers are planning a fundraiser for the WHO this Saturday: Together at Home.

I propose a campaign to counteract it: Together We Fight

We fight for real science, science as a method of investigation, not science as religion.
We fight for valid studies (whatever did happen to the Harvard brain study freezers?)
We fight for no obfuscation of statistics and suppressed cures.
We fight for injured children (do they really not know the cause of autism when it is xx times more common than polio?)
We fight for pharmaceutical companies being absolved of any liability for vaccine damages.
We fight for murdered and silenced whistleblowers and doctors.
Together We Fight.

* feel free to improve and share. This is a battle of information and we can see that we are making an impact with our voices raised up against theirs. They dumped their sickening Abramovic video and Ellen’s comments after Gates interview.
Together We Fight!


Wee Willie Winkie using the "DUFF" Tweetments to fund the toxic Oinkments !
The Amadain and their resources are easily parted !
History holds a mirror straight at them !

Vaccination is not a panacea for an old Pox with a new label ? This walking pneumonitis needs basic nursing care /so where are the nursing voices /, visable by their absence ?left dangling in a big long awkward silence !

When The Battle is over ! Scottish National Pipe and Drums Corps and Military Band YouTube!

David Leslie

Hi guys, great article. I was thinking, there is a German study where they went to peoples homes wth coronavirus to see if it is detectable on surfaces. They found no coronavirus on any of the sufaces at any of the homes. Weird right? Now couple that with CHD latest article on mice where they over react and drown in saliva after being vaccinated and exposed to a coronavirus. Just like people in the hospital. Now add the fact the the fluzone high dose vaccine was only given to seniors and a few other lucky souls. Are people vaccinated dying of covid 19 and the rest of us just walking around dealing with a typical seasonal flu?


Ellen DeGeneres has deleted all of the comments on her interview with Bill Gates from her website.


"Maybe Bill should give the WHO more money."

Probably already has...


Maybe Bill should give the WHO more money.



Thanks for that link. Great information.


This seems like a good place to put this link: short but excellent interview with Judge Napolitano...

Jonathan Rose

Hey, Mr. Gates, can we have our world back?

susan welch

Incredible reporting on today's UK Column. Their commentary on the situation over the last few weeks has been absolutely excellent. Almost a UK version of Highwire!

Angus Files

"slowing " to mean expediating ..makes the lie more matter of fact.Pharma needs the HOW more than ever..What a monster you know your in company of evil when they are as calm as that and knowing what it has done.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

Bill Gates pimping for WHO reminds me of Baghdad Bob who pimped for Iraq's Saddam.


Ellen interviewed Bill Gates and had to disable comments on the show due to the overwhelming response against Gates.

There are a lot of great comments on there, but my favorite is "The man has been in software longer than vaccines, and he cant even stop your f@$king pc from getting a virus. I switched to Apple more than 10 years ago, and not a single issue since. Maybe Apple needs to find a vaccine for this planed-demic of his, and only him and his family should be subjected to it."

Fake Scientists

Karma. I see a lot of comments from Africa that say they want nothing to do with him. Sued by India as well. His Microsoft pairing with Marina Abramovic didn’t go over well at all.


Despicable human being. Wakefield, Bigtree, Kennedy Jr., Mark Baxill, and Dan Olmsted got Trump's ear early, but Gates, must be one smooth talking got to Trump later.

Go ahead Gates criticize Trump and play right into our hands. Trump is a counter puncher and the truth always as DR. Wakefield said - will come out.


Google and the like is sure making it hard to get on to facebook. Maybe it is just my poor little me's computer? It has been that way for three days now.

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