Government Has Never Even Tried to Flatten the Autism Curve
The Lentiest Lent

Covidian April 11, 2020

Kim Easter bunny 71
Kim in 1971, in a costume her Grandmother made for Easter

By Kim Rossi

I'm sitting here writing to all of you on a Friday night, the 5th Friday that we have been on Staycation. Or as I like to call it, The prison known as Covidatraz. And Al Capone is NOT here to do my shirts, my cooking, my cleaning or any of our laundry. These past 36 days have been pretty good here at our little blue house.

Al capone does my shirts
Great book, about a boy with a sister with autism, before anyone knew what autism was.

I am so proud of my girls, who have given up everything familiar outside of the house. No school. No day program. No helpers coming in and taking them to the mall, the park, anywhere. Just Mom. All day. Every day.

I know that many of my friends are struggling mightily with new or returning behaviors in their children, young through adult, with autism. We've seen regression too. Fortunately, it has been mostly benign. Mia has been listening to songs I used to play in our very first minivan back in 1997, when I would drive her and Gianna to and from daycare.  Sesame Street songs. It's nice to hear her sing the lyrics from when she was a child. I think it comforts her. I hope so. Gianna has been a trooper - although she is relying on her calendar more than ever. Each morning, she wakes around 4:30am, and I can hear her open the door to our lower level, (don't be impressed, we have a darling 1950 3 bedroom ranch, but the lower level is fully finished) go down the stairs, creak, creak (did I mention 1950) creak and there she puts an "X" through the date on her whiteboard calendar. Every day, this is the first thing she does. I know that it helps ground her. Heck, I have to ask her the date ten times a day! Isabella, has been distance learning with school. A challenge to say the least, but it gives her a look at familiar faces, if only to signal her that the world still exists.  She has her dime store beads at her side at all times.

I expect this house arrest to continue at least through May. I worry about forced vaccination when we're out of this. I worry about having to show proof of COVID to participate in life. But I know that tomorrow's worries are for tomorrow.  Not today. This is Easter weekend. Passover too. I'm baking (I have a 55 poound bag of Italian flour - yes, 55 pounds) and I'm not afraid to use it! Cooking and baking are my comforts. The scents of my own childhood.

A warm kitchen means a safe home. And that has been my priority for my daughters. Safety. Security. A gentle life with joy exactly where and how they need it. Sesame Street songs. A white board calendar. Shiny beads. And fresh baked goods.

Tell me how you are doing in our comments. I really want to know. I'm thinking of doing some Facebook live broadcasts from our little blue house. The most important thing I need is to know that our crew, our squad, all of you, are OK, getting by, no matter where you are.

Oh, on Monday I have a funny surprise for everyone. It's silly. But I think you'll like it.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay sane.





I am grateful to hear you and your daughters are doing well through it all. Bless you and I pray every day we are able to side step any future mandates.

Angus Files

Sounds and I`m sure its lovely Kim Happy Easter to you all -if you can send the cooking aromas down the phone please, that will do.They sold out of flour here weeks ago.My wife bakes my sons bread GFCF as a lot of people like us do .Whats annoying is that most of the ones that bought the flour probably thought I know Ill make bread never having baked a loaf in their life or maybe its pancakes what drives people to buy like that its borderline madness -and or so the flour will sit doing nothing.
Tomorrow we have hot cross buns,for breakfast then later on lamb roast and trimmings followed by ice cream or something and a prayer that the totalitarian leaderships are stopped.

God Bless you all.

Pharma For Prison


Benedetta F Stilwell

After three weeks - today is the day that we are completely off of Keppra, and no neurologist appointment date in sight! NO safety net!
He is still taking lots of showers and baths, and walking around with a stiff, hurting neck. He already had three showers this morning, and is in there now, letting water run over him. I found out by experience these last three weeks that it takes about a week for the effects of Keppra to wear off, if it ever does? I need to fill out the psychiraitrist questionaire. Then we would at least have some kind of appointment - wether it might cause more danger than not?

I spend my days back and forth from my parents to my house, and because of them, and a house hold at home with immune issues I am careful where else I go.

Which is only to the grocery store which is rather picked over. Since when did a beef rump roast cost 8.99 a pound? Lucky me, that I just happen to be a food hoarder all my life, and have four freezer's full of stuff, so I will now wait those prices out. Or kill our own beef.

If I have to run to the grocery store; I pick a cart that has been sitting out in the parking lot sun. UV light is the ultimate tearing asunder DNA/RNA. I look for those in the sun even over those being sprayed by something and wiped down

I wear gloves, but no mask.

My hot van that I park in the sun is amassing slowly - left over gloves.

I am learning a great deal about feeding tubes, and just yesterday my Dad went from a 35 ml an hour feed to 250 or even faster feed. The VA nurse, bless her heart came out wearing a mask, and telling me that she may be called in up at Lexington to work with cornoavirus patients, but this is what she signed up for.

Dad and I am so very happy that he is no longer tied down to a line, even if he is in a wheelchair with Parkinson disease. I found out yesterday giving him a whole food can too fast that it caused him to have heart burn later on.

I am reading a book about Silica water by Dennis N. Crouse PH.D. I found out that an exercising body can lose 2 to 3 liters of water in just an hour through sweat! I did not believe it, so I looked it up, and found out in a hot environment, not even exercising we can lose 5 liters of water an hour through sweat! .

I found out that Dr. Exley was not just talking out of the side of his mouth that silica water can eliminate aluminum from the brain, cause gosh darn it -- there is good research that proves it. Takes about three months the research seems to point to.

Can you all drink 1.6 liters at a setting? I think I can, if I get really thirsty. Now I must lay plans on how I am going to make this happen?


I for one, would LOVE to see a live broadcast from your home.

Gary Ogden

Colossal stupidity closing the schools, closing so many businesses. Nevertheless, we soldier on. Keep calm and carry on, I say. Love to all this wonderful community.

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