Autism Action Month Begins
The Conflicting Narratives of COVID-19


73CD742A-CD19-4F9E-9590-E979D253D694My goodness, if we thought the measles scare was pitting neighbor against neighbor, based on vaccination status, we were amateurs. COVID is turning neighbors into informants.  I see this on social media, Facebook. We have several town lists - it's like Christmas meets the Fourth of July for Gladys Kravitz. AAAbner! There are children outside! Call the police!

These are the necessary prerequisites for civil war. Turn brother against brother and you can make men murder.  When the immediate chaos of COVID subsides into the next phase, will the public still fear measles or even flu as much? Or more? Will vaccination status be more important or less? Will exemptions be in the media and on legislative dockets. The flu vaccine is never reliable. What makes anyone think that a COVID vaccine would ever work especially when produced in a mass panic?


susan welch

Bob, I was thinking exactly the same. It came along in 'the nick of time', didn't it?

Bob Moffit

Gee who'd thunk it .. the ONLY sector of the entire world who will PROFIT enormously from Covida19 .. is …. wait for it .. THE VACCINE INDUSTRY!!!!!

Just in the nick of time too … because the VACCINE INDUSTRY has been under heavy fire for last decade … increasing numbers across the globe taking to the streets in public protest questioning the entire MYTH upon which the VACCINE INDUSTRY rests .. that MYTH BEING .. THE BENEFITS OF VACCINES ALWAYS OUTWEIGHS THEIR RISKS.

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