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COVID-19 and Vitamin D: Could We Be Missing Something Simple?

Alternative-sources-of-vitamin-dBy Katie Weisman and the CHD Team

[CHD note: With the United States largely shut down and the deaths from COVID-19 rising, we wanted to share the following information and questions with our readers.  Please share this widely on social media, particularly with health professionals on the front lines, government officials and anyone who might be interested in studying Vitamin D and coronaviruses.]

Briefly, the literature on Vitamin D’s role in immune health has exploded in the past 10 years, particularly in relation to viral infections and autoimmune disorders.  Approximately 80% of the literature is new in the past decade and much of it has been published overseas.  There are studies showing that Vitamin D sufficiency is important to reduce mortality in ventilated patients.  There is a large and growing literature on Vitamin D’s role in preventing viral infections and reducing their severity.

The populations at highest risk of severe cases of COVID-19 (the elderly and those with underlying health conditions) and the timing of the outbreak (end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere when population Vitamin D levels are typically lowest) are consistent with deficient Vitamin D status being a risk factor for COVID-19.  The relatively small percentage of infections in children may reflect children’s higher milk consumption since milk is fortified with Vitamins A and D.  Vitamin D is both a vitamin and a steroid hormone with hundreds of roles in our bodies.

A 2018 study based on NHANES data from 2001-2010 found that 28.9% of American adults were Vitamin D deficient (serum  25(OH)D<20ng/ml)  and an additional 41.4% of American adults were Vitamin D insufficient (serum 25(OH)D between 20ng/ml and 30ng/ml).  Americans who were black, less-educated, poor, obese, current smokers, physically inactive or infrequently consumed milk had higher prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency.  Those with intestinal disorders (Crohn’s or celiac) that reduce dietary uptake of Vitamin D and those with liver or kidney diseases that may reduce the body’s conversion of Vitamin D to its active form may also be at increased risk of deficiency regardless of age.  Vitamin D is a fat-soluble steroid hormone that regulates over 200 genes in the human body.  

Questions that need answers

Based on the breadth of the research on Vitamin D in acute respiratory disorders and the many viral infections in which Vitamin D status plays a role, the following questions need to be answered:

  • Are hospitalized COVID-19 patients Vitamin D deficient (serum 25(OH)D levels < 20ng/ml) or insufficient (levels between 20ng/ml and 30ng/ml)?
  • Are hospitalized COVID-19 patients more Vitamin D deficient than would be expected in matched controls?
  • Are hospitalized COVID-19 patients who need intensive care more Vitamin D deficient?
  • Does giving high-dose Vitamin D to COVID-19 patients reduce their need for mechanical ventilation and/or reduce the amount of time that they require mechanical ventilation?
  • Does giving high-dose Vitamin D to health-care workers reduce their risk of COVID-19?
  • If Vitamin D deficiency is found in severe COVID-19 patients, what recommendation should be made to the general public, particularly those who are quarantined and/or fighting infections at home?

While only time and studies will give us definitive answers to these questions, Vitamin D testing is widely available, supplements are inexpensive and in a COVID-19 critical care setting we should consider anything that might reduce the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  Even a 10% reduction in one of these metrics would have a major impact.

The literature supports the importance of Vitamin D sufficiency

There are studies suggesting that sufficient Vitamin D reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections.  Also, the literature supports the importance of Vitamin D sufficiency in reducing morbidity and mortality in critical care settings.  This is a sample of the literature.

A 2017 article in the BMJ states the following: “25 eligible randomized controlled trials (total 11 321 participants, aged 0 to 95 years) were identified… Vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk of acute respiratory tract infection among all participants (adjusted odds ratio 0.88, 95% confidence interval 0.81 to 0.96; P for heterogeneity <0.001).”  The protective effects were greatest in those who were deficient (serum levels <25 nmol/L = 10ng/ml) and in those who took Vitamin D regularly (on a daily or weekly basis) compared to large bolus doses. READ MORE AT CHD HERE



Tim Lundeen

Here's another ship with more than 80% immune to the coronavirus.


Tim Lundeen

A good protocol for COVID-19, from Dr Paul Marik, MD Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA. Includes IV Vit C, other nutrients that help with blood oxygenation, and not using ventilators unless lung muscles fail.


Tim Lundeen

@barry Re selenium status for Diamond Princess occupants. We can't know for sure, but "Selenium deficiency is very rare in the United States and Canada" per the nih (fwtw). Older people have lower selenium levels, as the ability for absorption/regulation declines with age. It would be nice to analyze blood sample for the people on the ship and see.

Jeanne J


I can only say, "Wow" concerning that video link. It just proves what Adolph Hitler and the Nazis knew about human nature. All you have to do to completely capture a society to your way of thinking is to get rid of the knowledge base of your seasoned and older adults, and brainwash your youth to believe what you want the to believe. Modern medicine has allowed the family doctors, pediatricians, internists of the past to retire and has captured all of the medical schools with pharma-based learning, so that the only thing this generation of doctors know is what pharma has feed them. And by pounding into them that double-blind placebo research is the "Gold Standard", they are never trained to listen to their patients, observe and think for themselves. Are we better for it or sicker for it. We all know the answer... sadly.

Fake Scientists

Also to note regarding Australia. They ignored UN/WHO’s initial advice and banned travel relatively early.

Fake Scientists

Hmmm a Daily Mail article asks what New Zealand Australia are doing so right in flattening their curve? Is it vitamin D? Delayed spring in the northern hemisphere might suggest so.


Of course we are missing something simple. Purposefully. Gates revealed the reason for the lockdowns in this interview:


Fake Scientists


Speaking of vitamins Anna Bershteyn cooks up a study comparing two known effective means of combatting COVID - her ‘placebo’ is vitamin C, and she compares it to hydroxychloroquine which will serve to hide HCQ’s efficacy. I think Ive seen this statistical sleight of hand before? Gardasil trials using aluminum as ’placebo’ to hide bad effects. I think enough people are into their game.


You cannot catch corona viruses when you have good selenium status. That's why more than 80% of the people on the Diamond Princess were immune.



I'm not saying this isn't true, because it's a great thing for the world to know if it is true.

But how can you be so sure that more than 80 % of the people on that ship had greater than 98.7 µg/L of Selenium in plasma or serum?


Jeanne J you mentioned, " I think many people get the importance of these vitamins to our health." Yet I haven't heard any one of the left-leaning MSM pundits or doctors mention let alone discuss what is so obvious to many of us. MSM bought and paid for by conventional-medical-dogma. Things are so bassackwards in this country.

David m burd

THE takeaway from Katie Weisman's (representing Children's Health Defense) to me is:

Our U.S. Govt. Health Institutions NEVER bring up the critical roll of adequate nutrition, examples being deficiency of Vitamin D and Vitamin C that are clearly a MAJOR factor in stopping infectious disease like pneumonia pathogens from being more than most always a transiant episode.

Instead, since these Health Authorities are nominal (and direct in many cases) Partners with Pharma and vaccine makers; thus the CDC and NIAD CREATE (purposefully or not) the present covid19 catastrophe we now have.

THE FACT that malnutrition is NEVER mentioned, but instead A VACCINE is the ultimate answer proves how corrupt are our Institutional Leaders.

Tim Lundeen

You cannot catch corona viruses when you have good selenium status. That's why more than 80% of the people on the Diamond Princess were immune.



Cod liver oil and orange juice was provided free to British children during WW2. There wasn’t any question back then about its health benefits. As a kid my father got us a very large jar of cod liver oil and malt every November. Maybe because Britain had a large fishing industry and the working class had fish and chips every week that it was self evident that fish oil with its omega 3’s, Vit A and D fought off illnesses. So I find the mere discussion of this topic by the current day medical community surprising.
Here’s a short 16 second, wartime public information film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4PgMIPQb7U

Grace Green

Of course, what the "public health" people are missing is that the primary source of vitamin D is sunshine! So the advice for people to stay indoors is the worst they could possibly give (as is most of the rest of their advice) - so go out in the sun and get your daily dose of vit. D.


I think if you just took a multi-vitamin every day it would probably be enough for most people. Don’t most people take a multi-vitamin? I’d still feel better with the extra insurance, though.

Fake Scientists

I noticed Trump really emphasized the black community being hit hard by the virus. Besides obvious co-factors (high blood pressure etc) I recall a study a whistleblower pointed out where black children were many times more affected by autism. Vitamin D related? Interesting.

Jeanne J

My son's biomedical doctor has made it very clear that no one should go out in public with this virus if they have low vitamin D levels. It should be fairly easy to understand that all upper respiratory viral infections increase in the months with the least amount of daily sunlight, and decrease in the months with the greatest amount of sunlight. But, our pharma-captured medical and scientific community can't see something that simple.

Also, has anyone noticed that the shelves of brick and mortar vitamin/health food stores, as well as on-line vitamin sellers are out of just about every reputable brand of vitamin C? I think many people get the importance of these vitamins to our health.


We’ve been taking D3, zinc, three thousand mg C, and selenium every day for the past month. Just extra insurance.

Bob Moffit

I suspect when it comes to evaluating the long term benefits of vitamin D verses the anticipated long term benefits of a covid19 vaccine … public health experts will choose the vaccine EVERY TIME.

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