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Cat’s 2020 Autism Action Month Playlist

Music on world offBy Cathy Jameson

Lest you thought I forgot, today is the day I get to share this year’s autism action playlist!  I love to flood my office with music.  I also love to create this annual post.  It’s a favorite of mine to share with you. 

I easily could’ve created a quarantine-specific playlist this year, but those kinds of lists have been made by other people already.  Even with how strange 2020 has been, I’m going to stick with songs I started writing down last year.  Prepping this post long before I sit down to type it, I keep a little notepad in my car and write down the titles of songs I hear that evoke emotion.  Some songs are dedicated to those providers we cannot support anymore.  Others are for that warrior mom or dad who needs a little bit of encouragement.  Some songs are just for fun. 

As always, if you have a favorite one you want to share with all of us, please add a link to the song in the comments section below.  Tell us why you like it, too.  I’m always looking for new inspiration.  If it’s got a good beat, I promise to dance to it in my kitchen. 


Since You’ve Been Gone – Remember, songs may have been written about a terrible breakup or about a scorned lover, but replace that original subject with something in your life while you listen.  Instead of a lover, think about that pushy pediatrician or the deceitful principal who bullied you, and voilà!  The song lyrics are perfect.  As much as we may at one time have wanted to stay with that pediatrician or hope that that administrator would soon be on our side, it was much better to stay broken up.


Little Lies – Kudos to my kiddos who wanted me to include this song in this year’s playlist.  I thought it appropriate to add after that first entry.  Lies, even little ones, are never worth saying.  Be truthful.  Always.  We’d all be better off with more of the truth being shared.


Unforgiven – It’s too bad that some people cannot share the truth.  Look at today’s media reports spinning every untruth they eagerly create.  It’s sickening.  That’s why this next song is perfect.  And, I know…I know.  Just as the truth is important, so is forgiveness.  But some people make that act hard to do.


It’s My Life – One of my very favorite songs, this one is on repeat in my head several times each year.   Last time I had to speak up for Ronan, to raise my voice to get something ordered, to tell someone to do their job, I wanted to yell and scream.  Don’t they understand?!  I don’t want to, but I have to do this because

It’s my life, don’t you forget. It’s my life…

I may cry after those tense moments, but I won’t yell or scream.  Do that wouldn’t make matters any better. 


Save Your Tears – Again, remember to change the subject to something more relevant in life – maybe for the dad struggling with special needs parenting, for the mom who’s losing a fight with the district, or for the sibling who’s had a falling out with family over their beliefs about mainstream medicine, vaccines and autism. 

I don’t know why I run away.

I’ll make you cry when I run away.

Sometimes it’s all too much and you just want to run away.   It’s okay if you feel that way.  I know, because I’ve been in that moment, too.


Sign of the Times – For those of you who know that it’s the end of a time, either for you or your child, you may feel like you can’t change anything.  That’s a really tough place to be, but you accept your fate.  Do look back at what you lived through.  It isn’t a bad thing to learn from the past.  When you do that, you might just make your future different…and maybe even a little bit better. 


Come Out and Play – We were sitting on the front porch after dinner one night last week when this song came on.  Oh, how I cranked up the volume!  What a fun flashback to hear it and remember simpler times of my life.  This song debuted in 1994.  It would be many years before I learned anything about vaccines.  It would be even longer before I heard the term “anti-vax” the public uses when referencing parents of vaccine-injured kids.  Wanting to separate us “anti-vax” from them, the public goes to great lengths to dismiss our experience and knowledge.  These days, the new derogatory term is “anti-mask”, an insult toward those who go outside without a face mask.  Who is right, the vaxxed or the anti-vax?  The masked or the anti-masked?  Whoever it is, the public thinks we gotta keep them separated. 


Memories – According to my kids, this song is cringe worthy (aka, cheesy).  I totally agree!  But that doesn’t stop me from listening to it and liking it.  It’s got a sweet little tune and a message that I really like, which is why I saved it for last. 

Here's to the ones that we got
Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not…

To my friends who live so far away but who check in to make sure we’re okay, cheers and thank you.  We’re doing okay for now. ♥


Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Cat’s other autism action playlists can be found on her Spotify channel


Angus Files

Nice selection talk talk timeless sadly not with us now RIP.

From Jon Rapapport
A growing number of groups in US states are preparing protests against the lockdowns on May 1.

I've found two sites that are publishing information on the protests.



Check out your state and see what's upcoming.


Terry P

My daughter was permanently injured in July of 2000. For years, I cried every day as I fought to get her the help that she needed.

This is our song...my promise to her...I listened and watched this video over and over and still do...and I still mean it....To my dear Hannah P...."This I promise you".....(NSYNC)


Cinda Nichols

The harmony and the beat make me want to close my eyes and forget....for a few minutes. My shoulders drop and my breathing slows down. Need to do this more often. So do you.


The song that my son and I was listening to when we were driving home from college one day, and he set up and turned off the radio. I knew he was struck on some nursing student. She was not giving him the time of day. I figured that was what it was all about, but that is just the way it is, nothing can be done.

He turned it off right at the lyrics saying: I'm right over here, why can't you see me, oh oh oh
And I'm giving it my all, but I'm not the guy you're taking home.

Dancing On My Own – Robyn / Calum Scott


and while we are into songs.

Bon Jovi

"It's my life it is now or never" Scares the heck out of me cause we are running out of time for him and my daughter.


Very pretty, calm the soul somewhat. Well maybe not.

I made silicade water these past few weeks.
So farm every body in the household thought they had a sinus infection when they finished drinking it. Sulfur I think. Anyone else into making their own silicade water have this problem?

Please, I want to hear ????

Maybe I order the wrong sodium biosulfite or is it fate on amazon?

I ordered another one just now that are the prills I think that means it is bigger round and not fine powder, just like Crouse said to get it from the company called Loud Wolf. Sure cost a lot more, and that shipping 7 dollars to mail it to me.

Yeah, and I got some litmus strips too, just to see what Ph is. Sure don't taste like Fiji water.

I swear folks; I had this mean old dragon cast down in the pit, but it is hard to follow around a 33 year old -- and make sure he is eating right. Every thing was going along so well at school, except he was raiding the candy machines, and eating anything he liked. His father is about just as hard to handle. But right now his Dad is beginning to see that maybe it does matter what you eat, and when.

I see that there have been some new studies that I missed about keto diets, (low carb, low glycemic, slow release carbs) and besides that intermittent fasting all being done together. I am so glad there has been some studies done on this since I first heard about intermittent fasting a decade ago.

Oh and then there is this stuff that does seem to work; an herb from India that's name translates into meaning "horse smell", I always loved the smell of a horse since I was little. the name is Ashwaghanda or something like that . It helps, it really does, but not for long periods of time.

Finally we have an appointment, with a psychiatrist this coming Tuesday -- get this guys--- over the internet or computer or tele conference what ever you call it. I wonder how much her fee will be? I wonder at the whole thing?

No word from those aloft neurologists; even though I think my son has had for the past four months break through -- seizures. That is what it is really all about; I think. Do they still just plug em up to an EEG and if they are not having a seizure during that brief time -- all is well still?

I think NIH needs to be rotten tomatoed by a whole bunch of us. They can do better than this, they have bound to know what all of our health outcomes are going to be by now.


Tonya M Prim

Warrior by Hannah Kerr

"Every scar on my skin
is a beautiful reminder
Of a moment when I didn't give in
and I walked through fire."

"I will keep the hope alive.
I will find the strength inside."


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