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Three Real COVID Stories from Families of Special Needs Children

Autism Age COVID Spring Campaign: Free Bottle of Hand Sanitizer with Every Donation!

Covid fundraiser
Happy Covidian April, 13, 2020. The other day, I told you I had something kind of funny for this morming, and here it is. I was able to purchase a case of hand sanitizer and I'm giving a bottle to everyone who contributes to our Spring fundraising campaign at any dollar amount. I'll sign the bottle and off it will go. AND I'll wash my hands before signing. Plus I will NOT lick the envelopes!  You can donate through our link in our sidebar - or through this nifty Network for Good campaign that makes everything very easy for me. And you too! We're a tiny non-profit, carrying out Dan Olmsted's legacy. Each donation keeps us up and running. There's no waste, no fat, no extra spending. I assure you!  Please share the link below with family and friends, if you can. Thanks so much. Kim, on behalf of Mia, Gianna and Bella too. XOX

Donate to Age of Autism's Spring Campaign at Network for Good HERE

You can also send a paper check to our PO Box:

Autism Age
PO Box 110546
Trumbull CT 06611


Laura Hayes

Dear Kim,

Thank you for keeping AoA up and running on a daily basis during this busy time for you and your daughters. It is deeply appreciated. I will be putting a check in the mail to you today. Hang in there!

P.S. No need to send me any hand sanitizer. I don't use it. I prefer to use good old soap and water :)

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