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Anne Dachel Interviews Brett Wilcox

Radio micBy Anne Dachel

I recently talked with Brett Wilcox, a long time advocate for personal choice when it comes to mandatory vaccination. He has written and spoken extensively on the subject. For taking the position he has, he has paid a personal price, the loss of his job.


A couple of weeks ago I put out a blog about COVID19 and the COVID19 PSYOPS, and I made it very clear that I don’t even anything about COVID19. I’m not a medical professional, I’m not a scientist.

I have no idea where this was caused, who brought it out, whether it was natural or whether it was manmade, or what country it started from, or how dangerous it was or anything like that. I don’t anything about that, but I do that there’s a history of bad people, criminal people, that take these things, these events and they turn them into something else. There’s an agenda involved,

And so the purpose of the blog was to talk about what looked like an unfolding agenda and how this thing was being blown way out of proportion.

I quoted Paul Offit, who is not necessarily our friend in the vaccine informed community, but he had come out and said we’re really not very good at evaluating risk. We’re blowing this way out of proportion.

I looked at the numbers—I can use a calculator. I looked at the numbers and I thought, yeah we’re blowing this way out of proportion. Paul and others have said it too. I put that out there as a blog, and I said this looks like something else is going on. I shared that on a local Sitka, Alaska, Facebook forum, and I received a whole lot of negative comments about it.

I got a feeling for how people were being affected by the news. People were very much taken in by the fear, by the hysteria, and by that date Sitka had zero confirmed cases, and now, even as of this date [April 4th], it’s still zero confirmed cases. But people were terrified and are terrified.

Some people read my blog and my comments and made a report to the hospital where I work and said I was sharing these things. Some even said they were afraid of me. Maybe I wasn’t taking this seriously, therefore I would infect other people and make them sick with my presence.

I learned about these things on Thursday [April 2nd] when I was called down to the basement and I stepped into the room and I saw who was there. I knew immediately that I was there to be fired, and I was. It took about fifteen minutes, and they explained that these things had gone on, and that I was expressing personal opinions that went against the policy of the organization. Therefore I was being let go.

Interesting about this: the previous day, April 1ST, that was Wednesday, I posted another blog on the subject called The Cure, in which I talked about the history of pandemics in a different way. I talked about Nazi Germany, the hysteria and the propaganda. I talked about that in terms of being a pandemic, a pandemic of delusion that led to very bad outcomes. I talked about how that spread around the world.

I talked about how sad it is that medical professionals are now locked in a system that is dysfunctional, demoralizing, and where they can’t really even talk to their patients about natural means of promoting health.

They’re there to sell pharmaceutical products, and if they don’t do that, they get their hands slapped. It’s a very sick system, and I caught the brunt of that sickness the next day when I went to work and had been fired. 

Brett 2

…One of the big differences between COVID19 and previous pandemics is the level of hysteria that’s really taken this to a whole new level. I just wanted to say that it’s always been in the vaccine world, we’ve all been taught that the healthiest children among us who are the unvaccinated children are little disease bombs because they haven’t been vaccinated.

And somehow we are indoctrinated to believe that these unvaccinated kids are disease bombs and everywhere they go, they’re going to explode their diseases all over the vaccinated people, which doesn’t make any sense because if the vaccines worked they would have nothing to worry about.

The PSYOPS involved in COVID19 is that now we’ve been taught that everyone is a disease bomb. It’s totally changed our psychology, the way we feel about ourselves, the way we feel about each other, the way we socialize. It will forever change how we feel about our own species. We will view each other with greater suspicion, with hostility, with paranoia, our anxiety will go through the roof, our depression will go through the roof.

Because of all the economic fallout from the shutdown, which is immense, we’re going to be experiencing all the things that go along with poverty. We’ll have increased violence, we’ll have increased addiction, increased self-harm, suicide—all of those negative repercussions will come out of this global shift in the way we feel about ourselves and the crushing economic situation in which we find ourselves now.

Brett 3

[The blog] on April 1st was called The Cure and in it I started out and explained World War II from a different perspective. I said that this was not so much a war between nations but it was a pandemic disease that struck Nazi Germany particularly hard, and this disease deluded the people into believing that they were a special, superior race and that Jews were a risk to public safety. They practiced social distancing and isolation and quarantine to protect themselves from their Jewish neighbors. Eventually the result was the Holocaust. Following that we had Nuremberg that at least in theory was meant to kill off this pandemic.

It didn’t work because many of the most afflicted of this disease travelled around the world and set up their homes in Argentina, the United States, where they were employed as scientists and they had special value in the pharmaceutical industry because of the things they had learned by experimenting on, torturing and killing little girls and boys, men and women in the concentration camps.

This disease then also spread out to the medical schools where medical professionals were taught that toxic formulations from the pharmaceutical industry was the only thing they could prescribe to help their patients rather  than teach them how to work with nature to strengthen their immune systems and extend their longevity and have peace and happiness and all that.

Now we’re in this situation where we’re repeating the same type of cultural circumstances that happened in Nazi Germany, where we’re living with fear, we’re living with hysteria.

People used to rat out their neighbors in Nazi Germany and now people are ratting out their neighbors in the U.S. There are people calling the police and say, ‘I need to report there were people not living in fear.’ I learned yesterday there’s actually fake police officers going around saying you need to get home because you’re out on the street and this is a dangerous time.

We’ve got this situation where we’re now clamping down on each other, we’re reporting each other. And this enemy is now really all of us. We are all the enemy because we are all these disease bombs waiting to explode on everybody else.

That’s got us in a situation where we’re thinking with our limbic brains, which means we’re really not thinking at all. We’re just being controlled and manipulated by fear. We’re now ready to submit to whatever government tells us is the solution.

And when they come out and tell us that the solution is surveillance and control and digital payouts which will give us a token sum to kind of quell our rage at this situation. Then we’ll all submit to that and be grateful to the government and we’ll say thank you Big Brother for doing this, for saving our lives. And of course we’ll line up for the mandatory, liability-free vaccinations.

So I conclude that blog by saying we’re living in this 1984 dystopia, and the cure for 1984 is still 1776 where those who are awake and informed, just a small number, rise up and say no to tyranny, and enshrine individual liberty, which has changed the course of history as we know it.

Brett 4

After we finished our run across the United States we came back to Alaska—that was August 2014—that was the month that William Thompson came out as the CDC whistleblower. He confused that he and his buddies had trashed the data linking the MMR vaccine to autism, and that was also the month that I went back to work with my employers, a health care employer.

They had just instituted a mandatory flu vaccine policy, and I told them in no uncertain terms was I going to get that jab. I essentially said it was against my religion to do business with criminals. They consulted with my supervisor and asked whether they should fire me at the time.

My supervisor said no, don’t fire him, he’s a good councilor. They kept me, but it’s been a tough time in the last five and a half years. The more I learned about vaccines, the more passionate I became about it. I wrote the book, Jabbed, How the Vaccine Industry, Medical Establishment, and Government Stick It to You and Your Family.

I was very active on social media. I was putting posts out all the time on the subject essentially because I wanted to save lives in other people’s families just like I wanted to do in my own.

Eventually that led to increased tension with my employer. They said I was free to continue speaking online. You do that, we don’t have anything to do with that and we’re not going to get involved in that.

That lasted until just a few weeks ago. When I posted the blog separating the COVID 19 with the COVID 19 PSYOPS that’s driving it. Someone complained to my employer, and on April 2nd I went to a meeting and I was fired.

It was not unexpected. We knew that was coming from a long, long time. Because we know, Kris and I got together about two and a half years ago and said we need to come up with an alternate form of income.

We created an e-commerce business called 57 Peaks.

We mainly design leggings. These are our own designs, mostly our own photographs. We put a lot of love into these designs, and many of them originated in Sitka from the nature that exists around here.

It’s really a celebration of everything that is good and clean and natural and wonderful in nature. It’s a nice counterpoint to the darkness that I often fill my mind with when I talk about corruption in the vaccine industry. It was a way for me to kind of maintain my sanity when I’m delving deep into very deeply pathological systems.

Our online store turned into a brick and mortar store a couple of years ago, and this summer was the summer we anticipated that it would fully replace the income from my fulltime job which I no longer have.

Because of the current situation the tourist season is going to be deeply, deeply damaged this summer. Of course we can’t predict how bad that might be, but it’s not going to go well.

We now find ourselves in a situation where we’ve lost my primary source of income and we’ve lost a good share of what was going to be our replacement income.

We’ve invested thousands and thousands of hours into our e-commerce store called 57 Peaks because Sitka sits on the 57th parallel. We still have our brick and mortar store downtown. We’ll see how many people come to that.

At this point if you appreciate the work that I do in raising awareness regarding vaccine industry corruption, I would invite you to go to our store, take a look at our leggings and hoodies and jackets and jewelry and bags and those things.

Any purchase that you make will help me to continue to do the work that I do because what I’d really like to be doing, if I wasn’t worried about money at all, would be talking about his problem so that I could continue to save lives. I really believe that work that I have done is instrumental in saving lives. Of course all us that are involved in this work know that’s true.

That’s where we’re at. I know a lot of people are struggling. There are big needs out there all over the place. Our heart goes out to you, to them, for everything that they’ve got going in their lives as well.

We’re in a difficult situation, but we hope and pray that goodness will prevail and we’ll get through this.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Laura Hayes

Bob Moffit,

Well said, as always, thank you :)

Angus Files

I hope you get some justice Brett and I think this is the end of Globalisation and all its corruption.

Missouri becomes first state to sue China over coronavirus pandemic

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

@ Laura Hayes

As Edmund Burke warned a long, long time ago … "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

In my humble opinion .. "refusing to "speak up" is probably the greatest example of COWARDICE"

Laura Hayes

“I've come to realize that I wasn't fired because I spoke up, I was fired because because other people refuse to speak up.”


Brett Wilcox

I've come to realize that I wasn't fired because I spoke up, I was fired because because other people refuse to speak up. The good thing about this mess is that more and more people are waking up and speaking up.

Thanks all for your supportive comments.

@Irena, I don't know what to think of Chrome blocking you from 57 Peaks. Try a different browser and see what happens. Please let me know.


Google seems to attack / discriminate against 57 peaks.
At least Chrome doesn't allow me to get to the site.

"Connection is unsafe"

"Web Page Blocked!"

Zach Vorhies - for your Google blacklist.


For anyone who needs any tidings of good cheer, hop on over to Instagram and check out the comments on Gates' official page (thisisbillgates). This morning when I starting watching there were over 238,0000 comments and now there are just over 248,000. And this is with whomever manages the page actively deleting them. There are many commenters saying, "You delete, we repeat." People are angry. Very angry. After scrolling through hundreds, I could only find one that was supportive of Gates. All of his previous posts have an average of 7,000 angry comments. Ironically, he may have unwittingly catapulted the health choice movement exponentially ahead of where it might otherwise be.

Laura Hayes

Dear Brett,

I deeply appreciate your courage and willingness to speak truth to both power and evil, even at great personal cost to yourself and your family. Thank you.

I look forward to perusing your 57 Peaks website this weekend and supporting you by choosing some active wear for myself and family!

Keep on keeping on, fellow warrior and freedom fighter!

Terri Lewis

Thank you for your incredible courage telling this truth no matter what. A lot of people who lived by the needle will, I suppose, die by the needle too. I hope, instead, that many come to truth, God, light, and goodness.

You're right that the tendency to be suspicious of one another is already growing, but I do believe we can counter that. I also believe that Revelations is unfolding.

When it comes to that. . .the very end. . .no buying or selling without the Mark. . .may we be in a place of love so that giving and taking, or whatever underground economy we have in place. . . .will sustain us until the worst of the evil passes and God's promises are fulfilled again.

Meanwhile, I don't think this is the end. I see a roller coaster ride ahead, to be sure--and I am not alone in that view. Goodness wins. Goodness always outweighs evil. The evil they have done is real and has hurt and killed many. But God wins. Love wins.


@Brett I deeply respect your courage and commitment to telling the truth. May you be blessed moving forward.

Angus Files

well done Brett fighting for our thoughts these days never mind free speech your a warrior.

Pharma For Prison



After the book of Revelations that mentions the sea (of people) that gave rise to the seven headed beast, with one of his heads having a mortal wound that healed which gave rise to another beast from the earth and made people receive marks on their hand and foreheads. or they could not buy and sell ~ there is the next chapter.

That chapter said there is a sea of glass, mingled, or mixed with fire.

Probably the very day that "SPIDERS" wrote their letter, I had an experience with the Holy Ghost and God while I was in my fall garden that was unbelievable. I wondered what in the heck was going on, what was it all about. I had a rush of good feelings as I turned over every last one of Cinderella pumpkins to find black widow spiders under them all. The wonder of it all!

I am a believer as you can see. More so when I think God thought I was important enough to celebrate with him.

And Brett Wilcox you too are part of the sea of glass, mixed with fire. You are among the many that will be playing God's harps.

The truth in inevitable.
I think this is a bad virus. It is looking like more all the time that it is from a lab, and the news is actually reporting that it looks that way. That is the first time that the news has reported the truth about the origins of a plague. Once this is brought to the public's attention, might they then consider that other things that has happened in the past don't feel right: like AIDS, or Lyme, or even polio! Will the masses finally begin to question? Truth might be inevitable but dang it sure has taken so very long because of the blind faith in the so called system

Love the thoughts on Nazi Germany having a pandemic. It was world wide at the time that some people, were just unworthy and should not breed. World wide, not just in Germany.

Brett Wilcox

@Allie, grounds, perhaps. But filing and winning are two different things. At the moment, I think bigger and better things are in front of me, not behind me.


@Brett: If they told you that you were free to continue speaking out online and then fired you for it without warning, doesn’t that give you grounds for a lawsuit?

Bob Moffit

What the hell happened to our once proud, free and liberty loving country .. where someone can be fired for "exercising their Constitutional Right of free speech"? THIS IS NOT THE COUNTRY I INHERITED AS A CHILD AND IS NOT THE COUNTRY I WANT TO BEQUEATH TO MY PRECIOUS GRANDCHILDREN.

A few days ago . NYS Gov Cuomo lectured the people of New York to refrain from believing any "levelling of the curve" was caused by their PRAYING TO GOD .. according to King C .. HE and HE alone … is responsible for instituting "social distancing" that shows the "curve may be levelling" .. King C emphasizing once again … GOD HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

Apparently King C believes HIMSELF A GOD.

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