Autism: The Original CDC & WHO Failure with No End in Sight
The Social Distancing, Quarantining Mega-Marathon Called AUTISM33

Why is "Karen" Seeing Autism Rates Drop?

Meet Karen. Her son does not have autism. Be like Karen.

Disease experts say the parents least likely to vaccinate their kids live in some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country. They’re well-educated, and have exceptional access to healthcare. And while some pockets of low-income communities of color are “under vaccinated” for religious or financial reasons, studies published in places like the American Journal of Public Health show that the parents opting out for “philosophical reasons” are mostly white and mostly wealthy.  Source:

And there's this "How the name “Karen” became an insult — and a meme. By Aja Romano@ajaromano Feb 5, 2020, 1:00pm EST: Karen: The anti-vaxxer soccer mom with speak-to-the-manager hair, explained


From SafeMinds:

A recent study showed autism rates dropping among wealthy whites while increasing in minority groups.  The Haves and the Have-nots have switched.


From Safeminds:

New Study Shows Rates Escalating Among Poor but Declining for Wealthy Whites in California

SafeMinds Interviews Lead Author to Gain Insight

A startling new study out of the University of Colorado Boulder exposed an unexpected trend. Autism rates are escalating for African American and Hispanic families as well as economically disadvantaged families, while the rates for wealthy Caucasian families have declined.

Fig. 1: California – Statewide Autism – By Ethnicity and Birth Year

California - Statewide Autism - By Ethnicity and Birth Year

Safeminds CA 2020Read the article at SafeMinds here.

Don't forget Senator Richard Pan, author of SB277 in Califorina, and his "white privilege" comment regarding vaccine exemptions.

White priv Pan


Bob Moffit

@ Anita Donnelly

I too was at Jenny's "Green our vaccines rally" .. was greatly encouraged by the many people present so many years ago … when we were first learning what happened to our precious children .. in my case .. grandchild now twenty years old who remains non-verbal needing 24/7 supervision. A few months ago I met Jenny at a book signing with J.B.Handly … (shame on my can't recall name of their book .. which I have read) … and she quickly reminded me that was 18 years ago .. how time flies.

Unfortunately our community has GROWN since Jenny's rally .. a rally if held today would be much larger as evidenced by THOUSANDS protesting in every State against removing exemptions to vaccines as well as protesting the cruel attempts to add even more vaccines .. such as .. HPV which I believe was the topic of J.B.'s book.

Stay strong .. WE WILL PREVAIL …..

Anita Donnelly

I was at Jenny McCarthy/Jim Carrey's Green Our Vaccines rally in DC in (I think?) 2008. Dr Rimland's theory that vaccines caused autism literally saved my child's future. So I was there.

Nearby was John Edwards, campaigning for president.

I got in line and talked to him. Here's what I led with "My husband works in tech. We can afford all the special treatments, doctors who are autism biomed specialists. We can afford the lawyer to fight the school district to get him the care he needs. I quit my high tech job just to drive my son to all the various therapies. But when I was touring the "special ed" options in CA, the ones the public school wanted to throw him into, I saw children rolling on the ground in pain, I saw a terrible world of what happens when parents work 2-3 jobs and one can't take time off to shepherd the care. I am speaking to you because autism is hard enough if you are middle class. It would be impossible if you are impoverished. Those children are in pain."

And here's what he said "Autism costs are a terrible burden to bear, so hard on the family, and I applaud you for doing everything you can to heal your son. I will be sure to remember all of these children if I am elected". This is a paraphrase. I don't remember if he said anything about vaccines, but back then even John Kerry said vaccines might cause autism, since he had met a trucker with identical twin sons and only one had autism.

So, I used my "white privilege" to advocate for familes of all colors who couldn't be there at the rally, because they weren't aware, or they were so entrenched in autism care or not enough money. And I have been speaking out about autism and vaccines for many years, because I remember those little children, with disadvantaged parents, rolling on the ground and being bribed with M&M's while my child was on a GFCF diet. . . .

So very many of us have spoken out against mandates BECAUSE we realize how impossible this would be without sufficient income. And becasue, like me, we are now fairly broke ourselves because it was the only way to help our child. And some lost everything but their child didn't get measurablely better, but they STILL fight and speak out. We have ALWAYS spoken out for ALL of us, and at that green our vaccines rally, I realized that I was the 1/1000 parent of a child with autism who could leave him with his other parent and attend the rally. Because my son had improved so much.

And CA NOT ONLY TARGETED EXEMPTIONS they targeted the AMAZING DOCTORS who help our children recover. The doctors who could probably figure out how to help COVID19 patients recover as well.

I cannot understand why otherwise compassionate people listen to misogynist malignant narcissists like Dr. Pan. It was like he hypnotized them all. Believe me many of us told this story. We tried to get them to see that we have used our "privilege" (the privilege of living through crapisodes etc etc? ) to save the children of those who don't have privilege.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. In the efforts to vaccinate every last child, CA and possibly other states reduce payments intended to people at the edge of poverty, if they don't vaccinate (yes, that's a thing). Give up your child to state-paid pharma profits, and you don't get $50 a month docked from this payment. (I don't think there are medical exemptions on this).

This is "vincible ignorance." Look it up any pharam trolls reading this. Look it up.

You took away the ONE THING underprivileged families had: The capacity of their children to grow up and give their family a better life. You harmed the BRAINS of an entire generation. AGAIN.


I am an almost 60 year old aspie. I was diagnosed at about age 43. Once again I am getting bullied this time by my Michigan medicine nursing superiors. I thought if I wrote about my fears here to the only people who could possibly understand then maybe I can get the courage to make it one more day at work. I have two autistic kids and one unvaccinated normal girl. I know that the older you are when you get the toxins the better off you will be. I Humbly ask Please pray for me. I need my job so badly. Although my kids are adults, Kevin 24 needs a lot of help with everything. My Aspie 26 year old is employed, but her younger "normal" sister is still needing financial help from me to get through a internship. Those of us dealing with the brunt of Autism need to help each other and pray for each other. Peace my friends! As one beautiful Miracle Leager said to me one day: We are all struggling together!!


Bob Moffit - What a wonderful idea!
Yes, apparently autism rate are leveling or dropping in my home county.
But that is on the bodies of our children, and on our shuttered lives.
That is because we were not silent, and we will not be silent anymore!

Jonathan Rose

Of course the notion that vaccine skeptics are all affluent whites is a myth. A 2016 Economist YouGov poll found that 31 percent of all Americans believed that vaccines might cause autism, but the rates were higher among African-Americans (44 percent) and low-income families (34 percent). The difference is that minorities and the poor can't escape vaccination because they can't afford to send their children to private schools, and because they are more likely to be dependent on Medicaid. The recent legislation in New Jersey (that we fortunately defeated) would have abolished religious exemptions in public schools but retained it in private schools, a grossly discriminatory policy that would have effectively given "white privilege" the force of law.

Bob Moffit


Maybe it is time to measure autism rates by PROFESSION???? Such as CEO'S OF VACCINE COMPANIES????

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