While World Panics over COVID 19, CDC’s Official Autism Rate Rises 10% from 2006 to 2008 Birth Years
Is 5G a Deadly Trigger for the Coronavirus?

The NIH National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Exists

Have you seen this woman?
Helene Langevin, M.D. Director, NCCIH

by Ginger Taylor, MS

Wanna know an open SECRET?
NIH has an official center for ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE.

The NIH National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health exists.


This is their job: "NCCIH’s Funding Priorities and Research Focus
The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds and conducts research to help answer important scientific and public health questions about complementary health approaches. NCCIH works to determine what is promising, what helps and why, what doesn’t work, and what is safe."

Have they answered your questions about safety and efficacy of natural health alternatives?

All those "untested" natural health things that we are all discouraged from doing actually have had a place to be researched for DECADES, and they have done both jack and squat for us.

They even have a PLAN that they developed for the years 2016 to 2020.

Sounds like the kind of place that would be PERFECT to research the impact that high dose IV Vitamin C would have on viruses doesn't it. Corona-virus 2019 for example. And all kinds of viruses, right? Here's what they say about effective natural treatment for colds:

"Complementary approaches that have shown some promise include oral zinc products, rinsing the nose and sinuses (with a neti pot or other device), honey (as a nighttime cough remedy for children), vitamin C (for people under severe physical stress), probiotics, and meditation."

Sounds interesting, right? So why are they not at the press conferences next to the president? Putting out detailed recommendations for doctors on the front line? They have a budget of $151M per year.

Why are they not in high gear repeating the Chinese doctors reports of 50,000 units of IV Vitamin C turning CV cases around in real time?

Ever heard of Helene Langevin, M.D.? Me neither. 

Via her twitter account she has a puppy cam pinned to the top of her feed, and just RTs NIH, HHS and CDC tweets. But she does take the time to let us know that, "Per the
@NIH_NCCIH #ColloidalSilver fact sheet, “Silver has no known function or benefits in the body when taken by mouth.”

Why do they only have 68 staff members? Can I apply for a job? https://nccih.nih.gov/about

Here are their thoughts on autism:

  • No cure has been found for ASD. However, a variety of therapies, including behavioral management therapy and physical therapy, may help.
  • Early intervention can greatly improve a child’s development.
  • Intensive behavioral therapy for toddlers or preschool children with ASD can improve their cognitive and language skills, research shows.
  • Also, there are medications that help some people with ASD function better.
  • There’s very little high quality research on complementary health approaches for ASD.
  • There’s no scientific evidence that secretin (a gastrointestinal hormone), hyperbaric oxygen, chelation, or antifungal agents help people with ASD, and they may be dangerous.
  • Melatonin may help with sleep problems in people with ASD.
  • Studies have examined omega-3 fatty acids; acupuncture; a modified version of mindfulness-based practices; massage therapy, including qi gong massage; and the hormone oxytocin. It’s not clear whether they improve ASD symptoms, and they should not be used in place of conventional treatments.
  • Special diets may help some people with ASD but their nutritional well-being needs to be carefully monitored before and while on the diet.
  • There’s very limited evidence that the high-fat, very low carbohydrate “ketogenic” diet may help with seizures sometimes associated with autism.
  • A ketogenic diet, used to treat medication-resistant epilepsies, causes the body to break down fats instead of carbohydrates.

  • If you’re thinking about giving a child a dietary supplement or trying another complementary health approach, it’s especially important to consult your child’s health care provider. Few complementary approaches have been studied for children.1
  • If you’re considering a dietary supplement, remember that “natural” does not mean “safe.” Some dietary supplements may have side effects, and some may interact with medications or other dietary supplements. Taking too much of a supplement or substituting supplements for prescription medicines can be harmful—and even life-threatening.
  • The effects of special diets, such as a ketogenic diet, aren’t fully understood. People with ASD need to be monitored when they are on a special diet so they avoid any harmful side effects.
  • Marijuana hasn’t been studied for ASD, though there’s interest in its use by some patient groups to help with behavioral symptoms associated with ASD. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has information on many aspects of marijuana, including how chemicals in it affect people’s brain and body.
  • Talk to your child’s health care provider to get help assessing what, if any, complementary approach would help your child, since children respond differently to interventions.

Do you have any input to offer them here?

Can you think of anyone who might be a better fit for the director of this government agency?

Are they getting any emergency funding in the $2T bill?


So why are we not showing up at their public meetings and giving input on what we need from the government agency that is supposed to be helping us? Do they even have public meetings?

You can find their contact information here: https://nccih.nih.gov/tools/contact.htm

Share this secret with your friends and organizations, so they can put this secret to good use.


Laura Hayes


Love your "low information people" phrase, and your poignant comments...thank you!


As always thank you Ginger!!!!

This is apropos of my rant about why it is that understanding that vaccines DO cause autism protects you from dying corona viruses. Low information people whom don’t believe that vaccines cause autism are more likely to get an annual flu shot, which an NIH study will confirm makes one more susceptible to severe Corona infection. Low information people whom don’t understand that vaccines cause autism are less likely to employ the proven methods of recovery from corona virus infection and therefore sadly more like to succumb. Low information people whom don’t believe that vaccines cause autism are less likely to understand other injuries vaccines cause therefore more likely to have a condition that makes a corona virus infection more dangerous.

Thank you as always AoA for keeping me informed!!!!


Thank you, Ginger Taylor!!!


I nominate Stephen Harrod Buhner for director of this agency. His work around anti-viral plant protocols is impressive. He melds classic wisdom with biochemistry and immunology. His write-up of therapeutic approaches to the SARS-Cov-2 pathogen is a must read:


Jeanne J

Their thoughts on autism could have been written by a med student. They are the same empty sounds bites doctors who don't have a clue have been saying for years. Who needs a budget to spew out nonsense?!


Its as though: If a pharmaceutical company doesn't hold a patent for a drug or other treatment, then it doesn't exist. Nor is it worthy of investigation in order to jump through the hoops of the FDA.
Other countries are beginning to do scientific trials on their traditional medicines and create databases. From the journal Nature: IMPPAT: A curated database of Indian Medicinal Plants, Phytochemistry And Therapeutics https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-22631-z
So far more than 230 patent applications by western countries trying to steal Indian medical heritage, have either been set aside/ withdrawn/ amended, based on the prior art evidences present in the TKDL database. Quinine was once obtained from tree bark until away was found to synthesis it. Another anti-malarial was obtained from a member of the Chines chrysanthemum family, both with a long traditional dating back to before the USA existed. These examples just being two of many.
If smallpox type measures on international travel, quarantine and contact tracing had been introduced as soon as news came out of China, then this lock-down would have been avoided. Its no long appearing cynical to suggest that the health agencies and pharmaceutical industries wanted this disaster to happen.

Not an MD

Here's another well-unknown government entity, a division of our USDA -- The ARS (Agricultural Research Service). We the people socialize the cost of the ARS through payment of our taxes, then the ARS gives their findings away to PHARMA to develop drugs that can then be sold to us at a handsome profit. Socialized cost and privatized profit. Surprising? Not really.

I discovered the ARS when researching the word "flavonoids", as it was a word I had never heard several years back, and I read an article that used that word, prompting me to look it up in a dictionary. Then, I went down that enormously satisfying and fascinating rabbit hole. A huge variety of known plants and vegetables have been evaluated for their plant flavonoid content. Flavonoids are known virus fighters, and there is a lot of research being conducted on them that is not known about in the public sphere. This is why Tamiflu exists (made from star anise pods- even though it is too toxic for many people) and Veregen (anti-HPV cream made from green tea). https://www.rxlist.com/veregen-drug.htm. Sometimes the parts of plants that we recklessly toss into the garbage have a higher and more important plant flavonoid content than the part of the plant we eat-- like radishes. Guess what? The leafy greens of the radish plant we throw away have more significant flavonoid content than the pretty, red radish root.

My question is why isn't our very own ARS getting involved to inform the public about what plants, fruits and vegetables, in particular, they should be eating to fight against coronaviruses? And why hasn't anyone ever heard of the ARS if our tax dollars are funding it? You just can't make this sh__ up, can you? Where is the transparency? Imagine if we all just ate our fruits (with their pretty skins on) and green, yellow, orange, purple and red veggies? Imagine how many of us would resist viruses and bacteria so very much better and recover much quicker.... I can almost taste the improved health of our population.


I see in the 2 trillion relief package there is this: "$11 billion for vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics and other medical needs". My hunch is that there is not a penny for NCCIH.

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