Seattle Coronavirus Vaccine Skipped Critical Animal Testing
NYT in 2014 on CDCs Sloppy Practices and Threat to Public Health

TACA Offers Coronavirus Planning Tips for Autism Families

Moving forward TACANote: Cathy has today off.  We're grateful to our friends at TACA for this blog entry below.

My 19 year old's school is closed until further notice, which I assume will mean weeks.  They prepared a binder of work and support for her, in a matter of hours, and I appreciate their effort. My 23 and 25 year olds' day program has closed to individuals until April 3rd as of now. The staff is still working, so they will be paid, a relief for all of us. Without pay, many would have quit I'm sure, and finding staff is difficult. My Gianna never fails to make me laugh - she has been listening to a song called " ways to die" for several days. She laughs when she sings the line "use your private parts as piranha bait."  Laugh or cry! Stay well, everyone.


At TACA, we understand that many parents are overwhelmed with questions and stress during this time of uncertainty. This article will give you some resources that may answer your questions and set your mind at ease.

Do you have questions about public special education services and its legal obligations during school closures for COVID-19? Here are some resources for you:

If possible, before your school closes, ask your child’s teacher/IEP team:

  • If you can get copies of curriculum and assignments to work on at home.
  • Will there be compensatory services for closure?
  • Where to find updates about when schools will be open again?




But you need to consider that caregivers are vulnerable themselves, both to catching the virus from families they work with transmitting it to them. With an incubation time of up to a month, who can be absolutely sure of his own status or that of others? I’ve thought about my daughter being at several sites in the last few weeks, about our going to Mass two weeks ago, to the store yesterday... Neither Democrats nor Republicans have access to an employment agency of potential disease-immune applicants. And grandparents would be at high risk themselves, as the Italian doctor said.


Enjoy your day off, Cathy! My heart goes out to all the children unable to access their services. May this end swiftly.


What about child care for the school aged children especially younger or disabed cildren or respite care for the disabled adults during these school closures?! Did either liberal or conservative governors or superintendents consider this hell on the family and they posibility of job loss by missing work to care for the children while they are out of school? I did find that song a little funny.

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