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Autism, Twenty-Seven Years Later and What Have We Learned? Part 1

Maine Votes NO on Question 1 by a 3 to 1 Margin, "Ratifies" New Law to Remove Exemptions

88131807_10157547454013387_9087288158449565696_oby Ginger Taylor, MS

Maine was the stage for an experiment yesterday that told us that putting vaccine exemptions on the ballot is very poor strategy.

The vaccine choice community has learned that it is unwise to put the rights of an oppressed and hated minority in the hands of low information voters being informed by the oppressors who fan the flames of hatred.

We are the ONLY minority citizens in the country that it is now not only OK to harass and oppress, and it is now believed to be virtuous to segregate us from society and deny our civil rights.  We can't win ballot measures.

Anybody working on either side of this in Maine has watched rabid vitriol and venom be poured out on even a mom of vaccinated kids who simply doesn't want Gardasil forced on her family.

I talked to two moms this week who went door knocking and were told by another woman that she wanted them shot. I talked to another mom last weekend who just got an apology from a No on 1 friend who attacked her, telling her that she let her anger get out of hand. 

Facebook is a nightmare, and Twitter is a horror show.

Because the vaccine industry is just fine with destroying friendships, blood family relationships, and even marriages to force their products on people. The hatred is not an accident. It is a marketing goal.

I will put it bluntly. The "Yes on 1" campaign was a fool's errand from the beginning, and a waste of considerable resources.

The rank and file Mainers who fought this fight should be praised to high heaven for their work, and they have all my respect and affection, but they were sold a bad plan. It doesn't matter how hard you work, if you are not working smart.

Here is an overview of LD 798, the ballot measure, why it failed, and why no state should try this approach.

Mainers fought like lions all year to prevent LD 798 from touching their children for a year now. This absurd law removed vaccine exemptions Maine that have been in place since the 70s, in order to prevent things that have been successfully prevented with those exemptions since the 70s.

Nanny "I support vaccine exemptions.  Wait... no I don't" Mills, the dems (with both chambers in her pockets), and the vaccine industry, have argued that even though we have never had an immunocompromised school child catch a vaccine targeted illness that they could not fully recover from since the vaccine uptake rates were below 70% for DPT, MMR and Polio (and none of the other vaccines currently mandated even existed), that Maine children will suddenly start dying if even one school in Maine has below a 95 vaccine uptake rate.

They still have not explained that how a policy that has been in place for four decades and prevented all such imaginary terrible, outcomes will suddenly become "dangerous," but the people who sell vaccines says it is, so it must be. Trust them.

Maine CDC works proudly under its 100% uptake goal of all of the CDC recommended vaccines for all Mainers (more than 170 doses over the average life span), which of course, will injure 100% of all Mainers who are predisposed to vaccine injury. Repeatedly.

After their vaccine push of the last six years, they have left themselves very vulnerable in many ways that are primed to be exploited.

But a very small group of Mainers decided instead to do battle with this rapacious and morally bankrupt industry that has captured the governmental entities that are supposed to restrain it, by launching a ballot Question 1 to kill LD 798. They, very unadvisedly, chose to try to fight Pharma on its own battlefield.  Their home turf of money, media, and manipulated masses.

The vaccine industry has ALL the money, most of the media, mesmerized masses of rabid defenders, zero conscience, and decades of abuse experience of every mental and emotional trick know to man on how to manipulate humans since Edward Bernays used Freud's ideas to convince women to give themselves cancer using New York Debutantes and their cigarettes, I mean "Torches of Freedom," a hundred years ago.

For decades we have known that they can always out money us. There was no reason to believe they would do anything other than throw cash at the problem. Which they did. In a conscience free campaign.

The work that I have watched friends do to fight this has been both a huge blessing and and a curse to me. I have found myself in tears watching so many Mainers who were cheering from the sidelines for the last few years become full time, fearsome fighters, and watched those who knew nothing about this a year ago finally hear their cries, and flood into the battlefield behind them. (This is THE best secondary gain of the last six months.)

But having spent 15 years fighting the LIABILITY-FREE arm of the Pharma Monster, I know how truly evil they are, I have watched their tactics, and I can report that the vaccine industry has no conscience. This is a business that is perfectly happy to let a newborn baby die to sell a $35 dollar product, rather than showing existing science to doctors, and telling them that they can do a simple blood test from their birth heel stick to screen for biomarkers that can be predictive of vulnerability to neurological damage from their products. Because every baby that is screened out before a potential vaccine induced SIDS event is $35 dollars out of their pocket.

Mainers have fought earnestly and honestly and should be able to believe that the system would force them to do the same, but as most of even newbies certainly know by now, open fraud is their standard operating procedure.

What parents have done in Maine over the last year has been powerful! I talked to the Secretary of State even before the vote last spring, and he said he had never seen a seen a reaction to an issue like this in his life in Maine. But the hard reality of this attempt at overturning LD 798 is that it could not work.

First, the people's veto in Maine does not work on conservative issues.

The track record for people's vetoes in Maine (which go back to 1909) is that the only measures that have passed since the invention of the radio are are liberal causes that the newspapers back. This should not be considered a "conservative cause" but it is.

The only exception to that in the last 80 years is the take down of the gay marriage bill 10 years ago. And they only won because the Mormon church backed up a truck load of money into Maine and launched a fear campaign. (That was Merck and Pfizer's move this year.)

Other than that effort, there has not been a "conservative" win via people's veto since 1939, with the hardly controversial vote on the question: "Shall the Law enacted by the 1939 Legislature entitled " An Act Relating to Provide a Police Commission for the City of Biddeford" be Ratified?"

Biddeford miscreants beware.

If fact MOST ballot issues fail. They are just hard to pass.

Second, Pharma has all the money. All of it. They can (and did) find 250k each in their couch cushions. They boldly crowed they would simply put a zero on whatever Maine raised to defend itself. And they could put two or more zeros on that number to purchase the bodies of the children of Maine. And if they ran out of zeros, they could just call up the Federal Reserve and say, "Hey, can you just put a few zeros on the end of our bank accounts? Kthanksbye."

I was kinda, "Well, they have to do this cash dump with some sort of discretion, because it would look bad and be precedent setting to actually have individual vaccine makers plop down, let's say, 250K apiece on a direct ballot measure to force people to buy their products... "

Maine Campaign Finance

(This is who Biotechnology Innovation Organization is.)

"Nope! Nevermind!" Merck and Pfizer seemed to literally throw an FU at Mainers and be like, "yeah... we just texted each other and grabbed a random number of 250k a piece. Screw you... we don't even have to hide it and there is nothing you can do to top our financing. We have a lot of couch cushions we have not even looked under yet." It was a bold move.

And the very arrogant physician that was the public mouthpiece of Pharma for the last year was even, "Ugh! We have nothing to do with Pharma! Do you even know who I am ! I'm a DOCTOR! HOW DARE YOU! *campaign finance report issued* Well actually we do have everything to do with Pharma, but Pharma loves you and offers you a wonderful plan for your life, so it's all good."

No shame at all.

Third, It is unwise to put the rights of an oppressed and hated minority in the hands of low information voters being informed by the oppressors.

Forth, It is unwise to put the rights of an oppressed and hated minority in the hands of low information voters being informed by the oppressors.

Fifth, It is unwise to put the rights of an oppressed and hated minority in the hands of low information voters being informed by the oppressors.

Ad infinitum. 

And now unfortunately we may have an upsetting coda waiting in the wings. Nanny Mills and the dems who believe they own your body already have an "emergency" vaccine bill written by LD 798 sponsor Rep. "Imagine a Boat" Tipping to now allow online students back into school as long as they never set foot on campus... not even for graduation.  They can simply strip the language out of it, change to whatever they want, run through the same legislature that approved LD 798 in the first place, and in no time flat Maine can be worse off than it was before this campaign was launched.  The bill adds things into the mix and declares their horrible law "ratified" by the Maine voters.  

Mainers have been tricked into doing all the footwork for, and paying for, the "ratification" of their own downfall.  "Maine voted and this is what it wants," will now follow every discussion on vaccine exemptions in Maine.  (and probably in your state)

In the end, vaccine mandate opponents, through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, raised an unheard of $670,770.04 to try to keep their exemptions.  The pharmaceutical industry donated $872,459.14, with no effort at all.  And even with all that effort by Mainers to keep their rights, the vote was not even close.

Maine can still further amend the bill to make things worse, like move up implementation, add Gardasil to the schedule, add teacher mandates, suspend the rules, and pass it under the hammer... who knows. The No on 1 campaign doctor mentioned just last week that she was looking forward to adding adult mandates to the law.

Honestly, if I were them, and had no conscience, that is what I would do. It is unlikely that they are going to have this chance again, having Mills and both chambers. Mainers on both sides are quite upset that they are working together to sell off Maine to the highest bidder. The legislative pendulum is primed to swing. And the Dem party is in trouble nationally.

So Maine might not get a breather. We have to wait and see what the rest of March brings.

In the meantime, to my beloved friends in Maine. You have fought like warriors, many of you are becoming experts, I am proud of how bold you have become, and those who fight in truth and honesty win no matter the outcome. You have made Maine a better place.

And you know what? You can take whatever they throw at us. This past year has made you into a warrior. You have seen how dirty your enemy fights. You are just starting to get to know how strong you are.

In the last couple of days I have heard from a few exhausted souls... "This is my last hope."

"If this fails we are leaving."

"I don't know what I am going to do if...

Please don't despair! Don't leave! Never, never, never, never, never give up!

The price of freedom IS eternal vigilance.

It is now time to come at the monster using your own diverse strengths and creative approaches. You have special teams starting to form that can go after each part of the monster in Maine. You have built, not an army, but several armies. You can now become a diverse fighting force, like the branches of our military.

You have trained yourself for war. You know now for a fact that Merck and Pfizer are not simply your "opponents" but your "enemy." And there is more than one way to shut them down. You can start by simply refusing to buy any of their products that you don't need to stay alive.

You can systematically educate your doctors and school boards on a wide variety of information.

You will need to put together door knocking teams for our legislative champions, those challenging legislators who would not protect us, and throwing cash at those elected officials who got in front of cameras time after time and acted as your voice to Maine.

There are more state government entities to be approached, lawsuits to be filed, media projects to start, fraud to be exposed, shenanigans to be documented, and ideas to be fleshed out. We have many more battles to fight, and the ones that have the best chance of making an impact are still ahead of us.

If you are too beaten up after this round, Natasha Suleiman is head nurse over at Health Choice Maine Hospital. She can get you patched up. And then Health Choice Maine will be suiting up to organize new efforts.

So we leave this battle much wiser, and bolder. The best is yet to come.


Jennifer Klyver🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️

Thank you 😊 for your support! I am from Maine and I was so depressed that this passed. Voted 🗳 yes and so did my friends! Keep trying!


@Tim Lundeen I despaired until I read your comment and realized that you are right. 25% is in fact a very sizeable minority. These draconian mandates are surely in response to the growing number of parents opting out. The people will eventually prevail.

Hans Scholl

Posted by: Tim Lundeen | March 04, 2020 at 10:52 PM

Yes I agree with you. There is some cause for celebration in the numbers who voted against.
The criminal authorities must be very worried when they see number s like that voting No.
And if there was a sizeable number of people not cooperating with the policies then they cannot implement these unjust criminal unconscionable new laws.

In the end its looking more and more like civil disobedience will have to be the route.

Angus Files

I wonder when the vaccines are made compulsory if the figures of damaged kids will be showing to go up with the increased vaccine uptake-probably not as they are fixed just now as it is.We fight on.

Great article Ginger thanks.

Pharma For Prison


Tim Lundeen

One more thought: actually getting 25% of the vote is awesome. If those 25% voted to oust everyone who voted for vaccine mandates, there would be a major turnover in elected politicians. A group does NOT need a majority in order to be heard -- they just need enough votes to swing an election. 25% is HUGE. It would swing most elections easily.

Perhaps the strategy now should be exactly that: try to oust all the politicians who voted for vaccine mandates. At least give them a strong fear of losing their seats and never being elected again.

Natasha Moen Suleiman

Excellent piece, Ginger.

The largest group of voters in Maine are over 65 years old, and they seem to be unaware that:
*We haven't had polio in over 4 decades
*The places in the world with polio outbreaks are from the oral polio vaccine
*they have no idea of how many vaccines babies receive - they got theirs and they're fine
*They want to help the immuno-compromised

And then we run into the equally low-information voters in the younger age range: they think their parents know nothing (ask me how I know) and that vaccine mandates are awesome, because OBVIOUSLY their parents are stupid and no one on instagram or twitter or wherever would ever lie to them.


Thank you so much Ginger for all you do!!!

Go Trump

A sad day in Maine, but once again Americans need to demand the vaccine status of recent presidential children and a few others rather elite Americans.

I very much doubt they have had three doses of Gardasil.

Perhaps public FLU shots for Congress would be a good idea, Pharma money could be then handed out at the same time.


I'm not even finished reading Ginger's article, but felt the need to chime in just the same. I had this same discussion with just a few activist minded people in our community awhile ago, explaining why some of these strategies weren't going to work, for various reasons. I explained that we just did not have the numbers, meaning that we did not have the ear of a well informed community. BP has been masterful with the weaving of its propaganda on a global scale. We are dealing with essentially a fear based populous and as long as this fear based populous continues to stay moribund in FEAR, BP's strategies to sell its goods to the unsuspecting, will hands down override anything our side of the fence tries to tell them...

...until what we've been saying all along happens to them. But even then, not all of whom have witnessed vaccine injury with their loved ones, may even accept that the injuries they are witnessing are due to vaccines. It's this sort of indoctrination/mindset that, time and time again, conflicts with the reality. And the deeper one gets going into this rabbit hole, the more frightening it becomes. But that's another topic for another day...

I was not trying to be a Negative Nancy about this, but rather was trying to inform those in our camp that one really needs to understand one's audience before putting something like this to a ballot. As I believe I just read in Ginger's article, it doesn't matter how hard one fights regarding this issue, if that fight it put to those of whom are not well versed on the subject.

To me, one of the best strategies I have witnessed which seems to be working was the documentary film VAXXED. If you can get people to watch this film and witness, on a heart level, what all of these parents/grandparents/doctors are stating, then you are reaching more people on a heart level who may be going through some of the same things but just hadn't realized the vaccine connection.

I am not at all saying that I have all the answers as to how to better reach people on this subject, because I don't have all the answers, but I do know that some of the strategies employed to try to turn this thing around weren't going to work because we just don't have the NUMBERS (well informed masses).

So thank you, Ginger, for writing about this, and as difficult and sad as it is for me to read this, I hope that better minds perhaps can gather after this storm settles and the lessons learned from Maine will be put to better use in the future.

I am so, so saddened to read about this, Ginger. But I cannot honestly say I didn't see it coming.

Tim Lundeen

One hopes this is a pyrrhic victory for pharma. That we got over 25% of the Democratic vote is encouraging, and the public airing will make parents more concerned about vaccine safety. Right now many vaccine injuries are not recognized, and more parents will start putting 2 and 2 together with this increased awareness. I do not think it was a mistake to fight this bill, and the worse the laws get the more people will get active.

I agree that it would have been better on the Nov ballot, where there is a higher Republican turnout. That also would have given the issue another 8 months of exposure. But what's done is done, and perhaps that was not possible anyway.

Rebecca Lee

Hi Ginger, I met you once years ago when you came to Montpelier. I sat down at a table with you and Dr. Toni at the statehouse. Thank you for your clarity and perseverance.
As I wrote in a comment to the article above, this is very hard to bear...but bear it we must and gird up our loins and keep on going. "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."
Rebecca Lee


Jonathan, I am speculating that Maine law requires the election to be held at a specified time after the petitions have been validated.

"[I]f I were them, and had no conscience"; well that's our problem--we have a conscience.

Dr. William H. Gaunt

Will the turning point be a big win against a vaccine company for fraud?

Kristen Chevrier

Thank you, Ginger, for the analysis. Thank you to all who worked so hard. God bless you, and God bless us all. Education from the ground up is our best strategy. You all take a quick break and then get back in the saddle!

Bob Moffit

Unfortunately big pharma usually wins easily in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION .. which of course is controlled by MONEY .. where the LOUDEST VOCIES are public health officials, doctors, academia, media, etc …

I am curious to know how many VOTERS who defeated LD798 have children of school age? I suspect there will ALWAYS be a clear majority of voters who are old enough to have raised their children or do not have any children at all. Too bad THIS issue was not limited to VOTERS WHO HAVE "PROVERBIAL SKIN IN THE GAME" .. their OWN children .. as opposed to voting to deny the rights of children not theirs.

The lesson learned here is relying upon a vote taken within the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION .. to protect our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS .. is too risky .. our ONLY protection lies within the JUSICE SYSTEM .. A COURT OF LAW WHERE EVIDENCE IS PROVIDED AND DECISIONS MADE BASED UPON THAT EVIDENCE.

Remember .. Hitler was VOTED into office and was extremely popular with the German people .. after all .. he wasn't a threat to them .. unless they were Jewish. In Maine .. the people voted to defeat LD798 .. because the bill was not a threat to THEM .. yet.

Jonathan Rose

But surely it was a serious tactical mistake to schedule the vote on primary day, when only Democrats would turn out to vote. (That we were able to win more than a quarter of Democrats strikes me as impressive.) Why wasn't the vote put off until the November elections, when Republicans would have turned out as well?


"It is unwise to put the rights of an oppressed and hated minority in the hands of low information voters being informed by the oppressors." There's the rub. Rights cannot be voted away, they are inherent. Part of the great brainwashing has convinced many people that we live in a democracy. The fact is, we live in a Constitutional Republic that is supposed to protect our rights. The notion that any right could be voted away would be preposterous to our founders. I know they worked hard, but it was a fools errand from the beginning.
If children have a right to a free and appropriate education, determined at the federal level, where does it state what parameters the states can impose on being able to access it? Unfortunately, big pharma can afford the best lawyers, and they already own most of the government.

Hans Scholl

Ginger I can see your point (naively I thought it was good strategy).
What should we do ?

Very disappointed

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