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Kiss My Grits

Kiss My GritsNote: Our Cathy is serving up a great post this morning. For those of you who are not familiar with the sitcom Alice, Kiss My Grits became a catchphrase spoken by Flo, the lovable, straightforward waitress who predated Flo from Progressive. We Italian Americans might say, "Kiss my polenta!"  :)

By Cathy Jameson

Ronan had 4 follow-up appointments on Friday.  I knew it would be a long day for both of us, so I prepared some thoughts ahead of time for the providers we’d be seeing.  I am usually able to answer every question asked of me about his health and am complimented on how much I can add to the complex medical conversations his providers and I have.  I hesitated, though, when a question asked was directed at me.  That part of the conversation had started with Ronan, but then…

“Has Ronan had his flu shot?” the specialists asked.  

I gave her the same answer I gave the nurse when we’d arrived, “No, he had a reaction to that one.”

A look of shock fell over her. 

She asked, “So none this year?”

“We don’t do them anymore,” I answered. 

After a short pause the doctor asked me pointedly, “Well, have you had yours then?”

I quickly replied, “I don’t do them either.”

“You don’t? Just...don’t?”  The doctor’s response was polite enough but the tone and the strange look on her face told me that my reply was not the one she expected.  She looked as if she was about to lecture me, but I stayed composed as she looked me up and down and confidently told her, “I do not.” 

I could tell that that answer didn’t satisfy her.  I was ready to give her one of several responses if she pressed for more information.  Taking another moment to formulate her thoughts, she opened her mouth, closed it and then refocused on why we were all sitting in the exam room:  on Ronan.  

It was his appointment, not mine.  

The doctor got back to assessing Ronan and what brought us to her clinic.  I could tell that she was still baffled and thinking about us lacking those flu shots she must assume everyone gets.  I wanted to assure her that neither of us had the flu, that we didn’t have other diseases, and that we both posed no risk to her health nor anyone else’s for that matter.  The fact that she, like so many other medical providers now, asked if I had a flu shot still made me cringe as she spoke, but I was ready with a comeback if needed. 

Flu shot? 

No, and kiss my grits

Just Get all the shots
Just get all the shots!

Years ago, we’d be asked if we had “a flu shot” not have you had “your shot”.  I know it can be hard for some to wiggle out of the conversation when someone else is suggesting a flu shot belongs to them.  But when it comes to our family’s history, we’ll never feel like those are something we should have or possess.  I’ve joked in the past with my kids that the nurse needs to put the pronouns away and to stop labeling a vaccine as “my shot” or “your shot”.  I was ready to tell this doctor exactly that had she persisted. 

Thankfully, she did not.  

This was a new doctor for Ronan.  It was also a new specialty for him, too. I’ve always hoped that we could leave one of the several specialty clinics I take Ronan to, but with how complicated his needs are, we add them.  I’m glad for the help we received today, especially since I don’t know enough about his latest diagnosis.  I’m most grateful that, even though I haven’t learned everything about her field yet, I at least got to establish to the doctor that I, Ronan’s Mom, knows enough to say, thank you...and not ever to one thing that the mainstream medical world thinks we all have to have.  Flu shots?  No, we don’t want them.  And no, we won’t get them.  End of story.   

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


Where was I when I needed me?

I think BEE's letter is a very interesting demonstration of the fog in which people make judgements. People, for instance, think that pharma is corrupt but are convinced it doesn't matter all that much because that is what mainstream media tells them, irrespective of the fact that pharma owns the mainstream media for all intents and purposes.

susan welch

BEE 'Promising hard' will not alter the fact that there are no safety studies which prove vaccines do not cause autism for those vaccines administered in the first 6 months of a babies' life. I accept you believe fervently in the safety and efficacy of vaccines. However, very many of us on this site have witnessed regression and reactions leading to lifelong disability after a round of liability free multiple shots.


You can't tell she is asking about the shot for the health of your child? If your child (as some do) has a poor reaction to the flu shot doesn't mean they should be more susceptible to the flu. Herd immunity is important. If the mass of us can control the spread of diseases and viruses with preventative measures, then we are safer from these diseases. That will also prevent the excessive use of antibiotics that is building up in humans today. If your child has a weak immune system I imagine you would be diligent to make sure you are doing all they would not catch it. And I swear to god credible sources and science support vaccines. I keep seeing things about untrustworthy sources and bad science but it isn't. I promise you so hard that even if big pharma and corporations are corrupt, medicine and science is not the enemy. lots of medicine is natural medicine because if it works it works. It's not about trying to fix things with chemicals and brain controlling America, it is genuinely scientific information about the best ways to prevent people from dying nasty awful deaths.

Kathy Sincere

Sent to me by a scientist friend. The flu shot makes one MORE susceptible to other respiratory virus, like COVID-19/Corona. Check out the links and youtube. Pass this information on to those who believe (and have been told by their doctor!) that getting the flu shot will somehow protect them from the Corona Virus.

Covid19 SMOKING GUN Evidence from Department of Defense~ Flu Vaccine INCREASES RISK of Coronavirus Infections!
Pub Med Study :

Subject: Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among DOD personnel during the 2017-2018 influenza season.

PURPOSE: ---Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference.

Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus;

Format: Abstract Vaccine. 2020 Jan 10;38(2):350-354. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2019.10.005.Epub 2019 Oct 10.

Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017-2018 influenza season.

Wolff GG1.

Author information



Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference. Test-negative study designs are often utilized to calculate influenza vaccine effectiveness. The virus interference phenomenon goes against the basic assumption of the test-negative vaccine effectiveness study that vaccination does not change the risk of infection with other respiratory illness, thus potentially biasing vaccine effectiveness results in the positive direction. This study aimed to investigate virus interference by comparing respiratory virus status among Department of Defense personnel based on their influenza vaccination status. Furthermore, individual respiratory viruses and their association with influenza vaccination were examined.


We compared vaccination status of 2880 people with non-influenza respiratory viruses to 3240 people with pan-negative results. Comparing vaccinated to non-vaccinated patients, the adjusted odds ratio for non-flu viruses was 0.97 (95% confidence interval (CI): 0.86, 1.09; p = 0.60). Additionally, the vaccination status of 3349 cases of influenza were compared to three different control groups: all controls (N = 6120), non-influenza positive controls (N = 2880), and pan-negative controls (N = 3240). The adjusted ORs for the comparisons among the three control groups did not vary much (range: 0.46-0.51).


Receipt of influenza vaccination was not associated with virus interference among our population. Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus; however, significant protection with vaccination was associated not only with most influenza viruses, but also parainfluenza, RSV, and non-influenza virus coinfections.

Published by Elsevier Ltd.


Department of Defense; Influenza vaccine; Respiratory illness; Virus interference

PMID: 31607599

go Trump

A FLU shot in March? for a FLU season that should be ending ? Any idea which one she wanted to give to Ronan ? Are they still pushing mercury ?

Perhaps there is a way to buy some Walgreens band aids that parents could put on when they have to visit a doctor, one could then just point at the official red FLU shot band aid, which means they have also poisoned another child on the other side of the world.

Cathy Jameson

Tracey RN,
Thank you for sharing that! I love that you and your co-workers knew that you had options. Stay strong,


Kathy, I sort of twisted the "Get Vaccinated" graphic.

Mine would read--Support Bad Science: Get Vaccinated

Tracey RN

Working in the medical field they decided to give the “ flu shot” this year when you came for a skills day. I had received a letter in the mail stating the reasons you could opt out several weeks prior..
I walked into skills lab and the nurse was waving her syringe at me saying ,Come get your shot !! I looked at her and said I’m not getting that . She then said well didn’t you get the letter? your going to be terminated if you don’t !!! I replied I received my letter and no where does it say I will be terminated but it did give me 3 options and I’m choosing my personal religious one... She then said Your religion isn’t against this . I looked at her and said Quite Frankly it’s against the LAW for you even ask what my religion is!! P.S. I’ve worked in the facility for 34 years ! I continue to wear my mask along with 6 others in my department!


I used to respond to flu shot inquiries as no thanks.
Last time I was asked, there had been a person filmed in the Vaxxed series in the waiting room of the doctors office.
My response changed that day to I don't believe in them anymore-the stunned look I got!


The idea is a very good one, though I think it would be more productive to say that you have carefully researched the issue and have concluded that the dangers of vaccines outweigh the benefits. If pressed, one could recommend some books and say that the responsibility for making the decision is yours and that is what it is. With many viruses having a long latency period of infectiousness before symptoms appear, it would be unwise to ignore that.


I am ashamed to say that I didn't know what grits were till in my 50s. I found out what it was about the same time that I found out that polenta, like grits was just old corn mush! Oh, is that what all the Southerns and Italians have been talking about for years! Corn mush is what they called it in the Appalachians.
Kiss my grits though sounds much better than kiss my polenta or corn mush for some reason.

I have been though the flu shot thing for a long while now, but it was over a shingles shot that a little, Oriental, VA doctor and I about came to blows. I kid you not.

I ended up having to go into details about every year over 50 that the efficiency of that vaccine goes down 10 percent which was only about 50 or 60 percent efficient at the start. Which is about how it is in nature so it probably does not work at all. Shoot by the time they are 80 or 90 years old, it is way down.
In which she wanted to know where I was getting all of my information? From the internet? She after all is a brilliant doctor, even a foreigner, even with an accent, cause she can speak more than one language were as around here we can barely speak our own native language, cause we are down trodden and stupid. She in her saint hood is here serving this down trodden community of hillbillies.

One thing about it, if nothing else my BA, and two masters in the science, environmental, health crap does helpme out in these conversations. Tell 'em it is all written up in the pubmed area--- on the internet--- the same stuff they go to for their information.

Laura Hayes

The follow up question is:

If this doctor does not know why he shouldn’t be recommending/pushing flu vaccines, how can he be trusted with regard to any of his other medical advice? If he’s willfully ignorant, influenced by untrustworthy sources, pridefully and condescendingly arrogant, and/or possibly corrupt/bought in one area, one must assume he likely is in other areas, too.

One could argue that a litmus test for any doctor worth seeing would be whether or not they administer/recommend/push any vaccines. If they do, keep looking for someone more informed, ethical, and competent.


Once a few years ago at a doctor's office, the nurse asked me about vaxxes....
I calmly smiled, looked her in the eye, and said,
"No, I prefer to remain in the CONTROL GROUP".....

(In case there's somebody who doesn't get it, I'm saying that I don't want to be a human guinea pig for mass-population drug and vaxx testing....)...

KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!


If you feel pressured into a corner about vaccine consent ,you could always ask the professional ,
"Do you have a pet ? yes/or no" , for either response answer ,gently guide and signpost the professional towards "The Burns Unit!" and if you are going to slam the door behind you as you leave the consulting room ? Please make sure that it's loud enough to make a statement,but not hard enough to damage the hinges or the door frame!>app>2019/04>nhc-guide 03 -2019-lfg1-v104 [pdf]
Veterinary Guide To Natural Healthcare By John Burns BVMS.

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