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Whatever happened to Paul Offit’s 10,000 vaccines?

Jon Rappoport on Bologna Italy and Coronavirus

Italy coronavirusNote: Excerpted from Jon Rappoport's blog from March 17, 2020.  ...So, for those people straining to find a reason for the “devastation” overtaking Italy—it’s karma for ancient Rome trying to conquer half the known world; it’s the ghost of Martin Luther obtaining revenge against the Vatican; it’s a bioweapon with the power to cut down millions of people overnight; it’s a virus that came in with a small meteor and crashed outside Milan; it’s Chinese revenge against Marco Polo for stealing the concept of noodles—

Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out

The government of Italy, as everyone knows, has locked down the whole country of 60 million people. So how many Italians have died from COV? Even by the standards of the useless and misleading diagnostic tests?


As far as the Italian Higher Institute of Health knows, at this point:

Maybe two.


Try to wrap your mind around that.

Good luck.

Seems the president of the Italian Higher Institute has some smarts. He understands that people who already have other serious health conditions, which have nothing to do with COV, can and do die from those other conditions, regardless of the fact that they’ve tested positive (on useless tests) for COV. He gets it. I predict a great future for him. If he keeps shooting his mouth off, he might find himself working as a weed puller in a forest. Or he might suddenly be diagnosed with the virus and find himself in isolation.

Grit your teeth and plow through this piece from Rome, 13 March 2020, Agenzia Nova: “Coronavirus: ISS [Italian National Institute of Health]: in Italy there are only two deaths ascertained so far due to Covid-19” (Italian, English)

“There may be only two people who died from coronavirus in Italy, who did not present other pathologies. This is what emerges from the medical records examined so far by the Higher Institute of Health, according to what was reported by the President of the Institute [Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Italian National Institute of Health], Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. ‘Positive deceased patients have an average of over 80 years – 80.3 to be exact…The majority of these people are carriers of chronic diseases. Only two people were not presently carriers of [other non-COV] diseases’, but even in these two cases, the examination of the files is not concluded and therefore, causes of death different from Covid-19 could emerge. The president of the ISS has specified that ‘little more than a hundred medical records’ have so far come from hospitals throughout Italy.”

“…At present, in fact, the authorities are unable to distinguish those who died from the virus, from those who, on the other hand, are communicated daily to the public, but who were mostly carriers of other serious diseases and who, therefore, would not have died from Covid-19. In response to a question from ‘Agenzia Nova’, in fact, Brusaferro was unable to indicate the exact number of coronavirus deaths. However, the professor clarified that, according to the data analyzed, the vast majority of the victims ‘had serious [non-COV] pathologies and in some cases the onset of an infection of the respiratory tract can lead more easily to death.’ To clarify this point, and provide real data, ‘as we acquire the folders we will go further. However, the populations most at risk are fragile, carriers of multiple diseases’.”

Translation into non-medical language: the people dying in Italy have other very serious traditional diseases that have nothing to do with COV, and it’s obvious they could have died, and probably did die, from those other diseases. Nevertheless, we’re locking down the whole country.

So, for those people straining to find a reason for the “devastation” overtaking Italy—it’s karma for ancient Rome trying to conquer half the known world; it’s the ghost of Martin Luther obtaining revenge against the Vatican; it’s a bioweapon with the power to cut down millions of people overnight; it’s a virus that came in with a small meteor and crashed outside Milan; it’s Chinese revenge against Marco Polo for stealing the concept of noodles—

Take a break, relax, have a plate of pasta, turn on the TV, and because all the stadiums are empty, watch a rerun of a soccer match from 1979.   READ MORE: Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out


Beleaguered Autism Mom

John, I would like to see the death rates by month rather than year. (this Feb to last Feb) It is really too soon to tell for March. Flu virus death rates are dramatically different in Feb compared to May-Sep. Why are we assuming a new virus is contagious at ever increasing rates year round? I would also like to find the death rates for flu and pneumonia for the same time period. Isn't is possible the new virus is less deadly than the flu and is competing with it? (there is only so much space in human lungs)

John Stone

I fear we have left behind the point where we can regard the present situation as normal. Normally, Lombardy records ~100,000 deaths a year which means ~250-300 deaths a day. On Saturday there were 561 Covid-19 related deaths alone (even with so many measures to prevent the spread). This is way out of order.


To Aimee:
Here is a French publication on the treatment you have asked. I don't believe rapidly prepared vaccine will be safe or effective, but naive people may line up for it and there will be more deaths and more diseases.


@Aimee Doyle this article has some very interesting information about Chloroquine/Plaquenil for the treatment of COVID-19:

The references section contains links to research on the use of these drugs.


I think you made a mistake putting this up.

If that truth made you squirm, then you're definitely not going to like this one.

Nothing unusual, just a highlight video from a 'Cornovirus Pandemic tabletop exercise'. That was held back on Oct 18th.

As far as I can tell, the first reports of pneumonia didn't emerge from Wuhan until late December

Aimee Doyle

@Cia - "There are studies showing that chloraqine phosphate and hydroxychloraqine are very effective treatments for coronavirus. Even better if azithromycin (zithromax) is used as well. After six days, 100% of people positive for coronavirus went to negative.

Could you provide the links to those studies? I'm trying to convince a friend that chloroquine (or another drug might work) - she's of the "only a vaccine will save us" camp.



There are many videos on YouTube showing a very long convoy of Italian Army trucks carrying the coffins of dozens of coronavirus victims. Also if one Catholic Church in Bergamo with dozens of coffins on the ground waiting for a final blessing by a priest.


There are studies showing that chloraqine phosphate and hydroxychloraqine are very effective treatments for coronavirus. Even better if azithromycin (zithromax) is used as well. After six days, 100% of people positive for coronavirus went to negative.


David M Burd,
I do think that when everyone has an agenda, it is very hard to find out what the facts really are. And to a degree , the only way we will know how serious this all really will be is to look back at it from a couple of months time, at which point it will become more obvious.
Having said that, I lean to believing that this is serious.Generally when the information comes with an agenda, I try to look around the edges of things to see the information that people don't bother to cover up to support their opinion. In studies; what are they leaving out, and why. And for example with autism; if it is all just better diagnosing, then what is happening to other autoimmune conditions like diabetes type 1, which cannot be "better diagnosing" since untreated, it causes death. ( Yep, going up. So Houston,we have an autoimmune problem..)
In this case, for example, it can be useful to look at obituaries. In Italy, one page has become 8 pages or more in some cases.That means people aren't just dying from diagnostic substitution, they are dying a lot more often . Kind of gruesome, but : is there a problem with body disposal after death? Looks like yes.
Then who is complaining? If it is hospital administrators looking for more money, tend to ignore them. Doctors and nurses who are actually in the hospital working with the patients; their point of view is likely to be more accurate..
Nursing homes; when the people there are dying a lot, that also gives me pause. And in Italy, just as the tests may not always be trustworthy, and dying "with" coronavirus can be different from dying "from" coronavirus, still , in the nursing homes in Italy, per the news, ( not always an unbiased source, of course) people are dying, but not being tested,in which case there deaths don't count as "coronavirus" deaths.
The overall data, as it looks right now, seems imo to point to this illness leading to a definite, actual, large increase in deaths overall.
But more data, will maybe tell a different story. Still as it stands, I tend to agree with Bayareamom. This seems to be a real issue.

David m burd

For those who care to have constructive dialogue about treatment drugs that actually cause more death than benefit, my professional investigations go back 35 years, including being a U.S. patent examiner specializing in medical technology, and being a free-lance consultant assisting private patent lawyers and their clients.

Age of Autism is a great source, having aired so many genuine, objective scientists and brilliant investigators like Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill and Boyd Haley, on and on. Of course there will always be some serious disagreements, but that's how truth finally gets out.

David m burd

Soooo, this morning Jon Rappoport's blog states the extremely toxic drug called ribavirin is directly implicated in Italy "corona" deaths.

As I've disclosed here on AoA numerous times, the 2002-2003 SARS mini-epidemic worldwide panic evaporated when the medical world stopped their idiotic use of heavy ribavirin therapy. Poof! SARS bye bye!

Ribavirin is a nucleoside analogue poison developed 40 years ago as a potential cancer chemotherapy; it is toxic as it gets, immediately destroying red blood cells, thereby depriving a patient from getting oxygen. CAUSING fatal hemolytic anemia - the drug KILLS the patient.

As to today's hysteria, there were many reports as early as January that toxic, deadly treatment drugs were - yet again - actually killing these early "coronavirus" patients. Where ribavirin and its fellow antiviral drugs go, death tags along. It's called iatrogenic death, CAUSED by medical treatment.

Maurine Meleck

While I know that the govt's and media are having a picnic over their scare tactics and the flu is highly over-rated and govt's have gone way too far interfering in our freedoms, JR's article is over the top on the opposite side. I have lived in Italy. I still have a sister and brother-in-law living in Rome and nephews and cousins and friends that I am in contact with and his article is simply not true. More than 1 or 2 have died including a number from COVID19 itself. The people there hate what the government is doing and know it's an invasion of their freedoms. But that does not mean that the virus there is a no burger. It's real.


I have heard from someone closely connected to Italy, that Italian covid epidemic was brought about by Chinese mafia collaborating with Italian mafia, who established dozens of Chinese companies in Northern Italy which employed thousands of Chinese people on rotational basis. Whether infected Chinese workers arrived to Italy by chance or were purposefully sent (by the mafia or regime) to create European epidemic is not known, but the latter option is likely considering recent economic war between China and the West.

He understands that people who already have other serious health conditions, which have nothing to do with COV, can and do die from those other conditions, regardless of the fact that they’ve tested positive (on useless tests) for COV. He gets it. I predict a great future for him. If he keeps shooting his mouth off, he might find himself working as a weed puller in a forest. Or he might suddenly be diagnosed with the virus and find himself in isolation.

This is the only point I disagree with Rappoport on, that Mr Brusaffero's opinion will be so scorned. This worldwide lockdown in response to the Corona hysteria is causing some very influential and powerful people to lose lots of money. I imagine thy are not at all pleased. In response, I am predicting more chorus of whispers in the media that we might want to rethink the alarm. Yes - 'antivaxxlike' sentiments such as efforts to save the weak and sick, and, even if they are feasible, might come at too dear of a price will start to take hold. For once we might find 'money' on our side.


Reporter Clark Bentson, a reporter for GMA for 34 years, gives a testimonial; he's living in Italy w/his family and two children under Italy's quarantine.

Question: Do some of you think he's lying and if so, on what are you basing your opinion re his testimony.

I've never heard of this man; I don't watch MSM (ever), but found this article about five mins. ago.

He seems genuine to me:


This morning they said that Italy is now equal to the numbers that died in China from the Coronavirus?

Now this article?

What I do know is that there were it appeared to be massive protests over vaccines.
And that some big pharma companies really wanted to, or perhaps have moved in on Italy and set up shop there. It picked Italy over the rest of the European countries.

Bob Moffit

Whatever is the TRUTH .. the one thing we can all agree on the INFORMATION regarding this particular virus is not emanating from a single reliable source .. such as … public health agencies, politicians, main-stream media … since ALL those sources .. rightly so .. no longer enjoy the TRUST we once gave them.

Ah for the "good old days" when we the people TRUSTED those very same sources … the world was much easier than.

Angus Files

Long live Jon Rapport,others on here and a far WHO constantly question the forced fed fake pharma garbage news.When the main media fake news is more concerned about being PC than the actual harships being expereinced by people around the world you have to larf!

The White House alledgedly coins it KUNG-FLU..

"President Trump on Wednesday continued to call COVID-19, the "China virus," and said he doesn't think labeling the novel coronavirus is racist or puts Asian-Americans at risk."

Pharma For Prison


David L

After reviewing the research, the main problem that needs to be understood with COVID-19 is shown by a new model from the peer-reviewed Journal Science which predicts that people who had not yet been tested/diagnosed with COVID-19, but exposed and are asymptomatic were the source of 79% of the reported cases in China. 86% of all infections are shown in the model to be these untested/undiagnosed carriers who are asymptomatic in the early stage.

So these untested people who have been exposed go about their business since they do not have symptoms and spread it to others. It has further been shown that in areas with extensive testing of everyone to find these asymptomatic carriers and isolation of those diagnosed but asymptomatic, the levels of overall deaths of those that are more vulnerable could be reduced greatly and allow others to continue working etc at a reduced level. The researchers explained they had tested all inhabitants twice and that the study led to the discovery of the decisive role in the spread of the coronavirus epidemic of asymptomatic people. EXTENSIVE TESTING AND ISOLATION IS THE SOLUTION. Also look at South Korea which did far more extensive testing and isolation which has far less deaths.

John Stone

It may be mentioned that there have been several pronouncements by the British government that the deaths in the U.K. have so far been among people with serious underlying conditions but the key I suppose might still be how much the SARS-CoV-2 may have contributed. This btw does not fall out entirely according to type - some on our side are very concerned about the virus and some on the other are not. What is appalling is people promoting long shot vaccines rather than the best treatments or boosting your immune system with vitamins and minerals as recommended by the CDC.

David m burd

My family dog looked curiously at me when I emitted a spontaneous laugh upon reading Rappoport, then the comment by Cia.

Career health journalist Jon Rappoport is a sane voice in the lynch mob of doomsayers who are ignoring the simplest of honest statistics disclosing this "new" variation of corona-strains is no more pathogenic or deadly or contagious than a huge variety of lung diseases. My own decades of study of disease morbidity and mortality has me in agreement with Rappoport.

John Stone and Rappoport and others here on AoA disclose facts, while Mainstream Media (and some AoA contributors here) promote hysteria and submerge common sense.

Hans Scholl

Bloomberg has the story today Cia ? Hidden away of course and diluted down.
No mention of Silvio's killer quote though ?

Why would AoA not run this ?

Corvelva ,Clisvap or Comilva are the groups on the ground over there.
No mention of measles anymore .

Jenny Allan

Sorry Cia - but AoA has a duty to publish views which may not coincide with 'official' government policies. That said, there are common sense precautions we can all take to prevent spreading the virus.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnston was on TV this morning explaining the current UK restrictions. I am giving him 'brownie points' for resisting pressure to close the schools earlier, although all UK schools will close on Friday, a week before the 2 week Easter holidays, although they will sensibly (more brownie points) stay open for the children of key workers, i.e. NHS workers, police and emergency services etc. Boris stated children normally have mild symptoms and recover quickly. Only the elderly and persons with pre-existing health conditions are at risk.

However, the same breakfast TV programme interviewed near suicidal pub, restaurant and small retail business owners who face bankruptcy due to the advice to 'self isolate'. I am in the 'over 70s' category. I have no intention of staying in the house, over the entire spring and summer, but we are lucky to have a car, which I will keep topped up with petrol. A walk beside the North Sea or in the country will give us much needed fresh air and exercise. We will keep a safe distance from other walkers. We will also avoid public transport and public places and take up the offer of dedicated shopping hours in our local supermarkets to buy food, leaving overstretched delivery services to the more needy.

In Wutan, original epicentre of the virus there are now few or new coronavirus cases . These viruses tend to mutate and lose potency. Let's hope this situation is temporary and persons will not be forced to accept some poorly tested ineffective vaccine.
From yesterday's Daily Mail:-
"The desperate race to make a killing from coronavirus vaccine: With an estimated final cost of £477 per injection, there are potentially billions to be made from a coronavirus jab. TOM LEONARD examines the ethical minefield as experts search for the answer."

Jenny Allan

Yes - my parents lived through two world wars, surviving food rationing, the blitz and the V2 bombers; four older siblings were raised in wartime and were very healthy without vaccines, not universally introduced in the UK until after the war, when I was born. I remember the free, or low priced orange juice and cod liver oil. We were all dosed every evening, the CLO with a spoonful of jam. My parents would have been amazed at all the present fuss about coronavirus.

The restrictions will cause far more deaths than the virus. We have gone completely mad!!


So lets see if I’ve got this right.
*Due to rapid mutations and hybridisation there have been thousands of influenza viruses with a SARS spike protean.
*Its only been very recently that technology has enabled very rapid examination and typing of viral DNA.
*Last year a novel and previously uncatalogued Corona virus was identified within a small region of the planet, which is a known petri-dish for encouraging viral hybridisation and mutations.
*This discovery came from samples obtained from patients in this immediate geographical region for whom the infection was proving to be the last straw for their weakened and already stressed immune system.
*Medical practice loves employing ‘inductive’ logic rather than ‘deductive’ logic for its economy of speed in reaching conclusions. It also allows two-plus-two to equal any number one wishes.
*We are witnessing, actions which out born of this logic.
*If more ‘deductive’ logic was employed from time to time, it might dawn on the clinical and political world, that the reason Mothers often report that their child's problems all started after a vaccine is because there is a high frequency of vaccine cause and serious affect.
*Deductive logic thus requires the authorities to...



This is a video I found which I honestly believe (and hope) everyone here will view. This man's less than fifteen minute statement really speaks to the heart of the matter re the coronavirus issue, etc.


SNIP from article/link I just posted:

..."At that time, doctors in the intensive care unit of Policlinico San Donato phone relatives of the unit’s 25 critically-ill coronavirus patients, all of whom are sedated and have tubes down their throats to breathe, to update the families. Lunchtime used to be for visiting hours at this Milan hospital. But now, as the country grapples with a coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 2,000 people, no visitors are allowed in. And no one in Italy leaves their homes anymore.

When the doctors make the calls, they try not to give false hope: They know that one out of two patients in intensive care with the disease caused by the virus is likely to die.

As the COVID-19 epidemic expands and the disease progresses, these beds are in increasing demand, especially because of the breathing problems the illness can bring. Every time a bed comes free, two anaesthesiologists consult with a specialist in resuscitation and an internal medicine physician to decide who will occupy it.

Age and pre-existing medical conditions are important factors. So is having a family.

“We have to take into account whether older patients have families who can take care of them once they leave the ICU, because they will need help,” says Marco Resta, deputy head of Policlinico San Donato’s Intensive Care Unit.

Even if there is no chance, he says, you have to “look a patient in the face and say, ‘All is well.’ And this lie destroys you.” "



Ron Paul also has a new video up, stating that the COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax.

My .02: For anyone researching this issue, I would suggest researching all sides to the issue and not just going with something that may suit one's bias (which we all have to a degree). I was firmly on Jon's side of the fence UNTIL I happened to find videos/links to articles of the physicians who are actually working in hospitals, treating those who are ill with the virus.

The first physician's statement I read was written by a physician named Dr. Fink, who works in Tarzana, California. I then found videos of two Italian physicians who spoke on camera, and who clearly had grave concerns due to what they were witnessing.

That's when my head turned and I started realizing that just maybe there was a bit more to this than I'd realized.

Putting it another way: ARE there more deaths in Italy due to the coronavirus, more so than the norm, on a daily basis, or are the numbers incorrectly deeming these to be corona deaths? Italy has a fair number of elderly people, people in their 70's and 80's, who for the most part are going to have at least one health issue they may be dealing with, if not more so.

It seems to be that if most of these older folks are doing fairly well on a daily basis, even if they are dealing with one or more health issues, but then contract the virus, and it fair/correct to say that they did NOT die because of the virus, or would it be more accurate to state that they died from other underlying conditions and not necessarily because of the virus itself?

I would say that it's probably a little bit of both; kind of like saying that the CDC's flu numbers are inflated; how many folks die of the flu, OR complications from the flu?

Or am i missing something here?

But the one thing that got to me more than anything was Dr. Fink's statement, when he stated that he's never seen anything quite like this before. I took him at his word and noted the genuine concern in his voice/words as he spoke to what he has witnessed thus far when treating patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Believe me, I am fully aware of the false flags that go on in this world and am fully aware of the lies and deceit from sectors of our government/authorities regarding various issues. I do not march in lockstep with so-called authority figures -- I never have. Not even as a child. I have never, ever trusted authority figures.

I don't trust any of the Internet pundits who have not been in the trenches, dealing with this pandemic. I DO put more faith and trust with those of whom have spoken out as to what they've witnessed -- those first responders who are dealing with this pandemic on a first hand basis. I believe these witnesses, just as I believed the first hand witnesses re the 9/11 issue, too. Just as I believe the witnesses - the parents - who witnessed their children's reactions to vaccination.

So that's where the gavel falls for me with all of this. There's just too much crap out there from the likes of armchair pundits, conspiracy theorists, and the like -- too much pontificating about what they think may be going on, etc.

For me, it all boils down to those of whom are actively working with, and treating, those of whom ill with this thing.

And frankly, they're the only ones I believe at this point.

I don't know what Jon and some of these other pundits would have people do - completely ignore the precautions of these physicians and what...riot in the streets? Cause utter chaos and pandemonium in the streets because they don't want to be quarantined?

If the 'government' didn't urge precaution and didn't call for active measures to help quell this crisis, and things were to then get much worse, these same pundits would be calling them out on that one as well.

I think calmer heads need to prevail. That old adage "better safe than sorry" was something I was raised on, and I still adhere to that, this day.

Furthermore, EVEN WITH the major concerns our government has with this issue, the U.S. has STILL not gone the route to control the masses as the Chinese have done, or as the Koreans have done. Rather, our Surgeon General is pleading with those of whom are still ignoring the calls for self-isolation, practically begging them to follow the quarantine/self-isolation protocols. No National Guard have as of yet been used to round up those of whom are ardently defying the plea for self-isolation.

I would love to ask Jon Rappoport if he has taken any time to actually speak with some of these physicians who have spoken about their experiences thus far when treating COVID patients?

Rpt - I've noted your numerous comments over at the NO MORE FAKE NEWS blog; do you know if Jon has actually spoken to Dr. Fink, and/or to any of the Italian physicians who have spoken out?

I would love to know...



Well, those 2 confirmed cases were out of a population of 200 (based on memory) that were autopsied. So only 1% confirmed. This does not mean only 1% of deaths were caused by covid 19, just not confirmed as the direct /main cause.

This is very similar to flu. Its hard to say what was the cause of death. Death comes from a cascade of failures. Was it the kidney disease, bad heart , cancer or immune deficiency that was the main reason or was it the virus. They all contribute to some degree.


I think you made a mistake putting this up.

Hans Scholl

TWO seriously ? TWO

Is there any truth that the originator of the current vaccine program was none other than Walter Schreiber ? Does anyone know if there is any truth to this ?

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