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J&J Gets $450 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Contract from Trump Administration

Vaccine piperTylenol. Risperdal. Baby powder. Trusted brands. Huge lawsuits.  And now the vaccine that may be mandated for you to access society soon...  Johnson & Johnson has been tapped by the US Government to create a Coronavirus vaccine. Imaging the market - and no product liability.

From DRUGWATCH:  Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest health care company. It is also the highest paid drug company in the world. J&J remains at the top of the Big Pharma list of powerful corporations. It is well known for consumer products like Band-Aids, Johnson’s Baby Powder and Tylenol. Its drugs, devices and products have led to scandals and lawsuits.  A Huffington Post investigation called J&J “America’s most admired lawbreaker.”

HUFFINGTON POST: Over the course of 20 years, Johnson & Johnson created a powerful drug, promoted it illegally to children and the elderly, covered up the side effects and made billions of dollars. This is the inside story.

And in current news:

The U.S. Just Signed A $450 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Contract With Johnson & Johnson

The Trump administration is spending nearly half a billion dollars on one company in the race to find a coronavirus vaccine.

That’s according to a $456 million order with Johnson & Johnson’s Pharmaceuticals arm Janssen, which specified a “new vaccine asset for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19),” Forbes found. It’s the largest reported amount spent on a vaccine project to date, even though the pharma giant hasn’t yet started any clinical trials as other firms have.

The deal was signed with the Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) on March 27, 2020. It followed another order, made as part of the same contract with Janssen, for $150 million on March 20, 2020, for a “new antiviral” for COVID-19.

A spokesperson from Johnson & Johnson didn’t provide any more details on the specific order, but confirmed the $456 million award related to a collaboration with ASPR’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), as announced in February. That work was built on previous contracts for developing countermeasures for other influenzas. The value of the coronavirus-specific work hadn’t previously been revealed and is the largest known contract for a coronavirus vaccine to date.



www.gov.uk>government.groups>joint-committee on Vaccination and Immunisation-GOV.UK .
[JCVI] advises UK health departments on immunisation .
Read- minutes of JCVI meetings.
[PDF ] minute 2020 02 Draft pdf
Updated 18 March 2020 by JCVI and PHE - Public Health England.
Item [1] Communication "Keitel Order?" issued? by Night and Fog Decree a "gag" order on the content of the meeting ? medication transparency forbidden !
DOKUMENTATION unter und bei," Nacht-und-Nebel- Erlass!"

www.ukcolumn .org
UK Column News 1st April 2020
Section 34 Corona virus Act - Allows for obligatiory Vaccinations , another "Keitel Order" perhaps
Covid -19 Do Not Resusctate -DNR Forms freely available/preferable? for this respiritory infection . Especially for those with "Significant life limiting illnesses " Totally different situation as "Terminal illness"
Do they even know the difference between a life limiting illness and a life limiting condition !
Due to a systematic, synergistic, total failure and training deficiency in their early basic training modules many definately and most certainly "Do Not " have a damn clue what their basic roles and responsibilities are re this .
We do though, because we is and we are, original "Coughing Dodgers"

Fake Scientists

Of note: #filmyourhospital is trending, catching many exaggerated claims to be untrue about hospital numbers. Interesting one hospital named changed there story to ‘less people are being admitted but the cases are more serious’
I have seen them ‘bust’ a lot of crisis actors doctors too. Check out twitter reports from people. Apparently Del Bigtrees’s video on the situation is amazing but 2 hours.

Fake Scientists

@Cia, I have seen several articles featuring ‘local insiders’ that confirm the wet markets are operational again. You don’t change cultural practice that’s gone on for thousands of years very easily. I will tell you this, though. I will NEVER get a vaccine because some people cage and butcher animals unsafely (and you should see the candid photos of these wet markets in Asia, Africa etc!)
Yes I had two family members that had something very flulike (high fever, bad lungs for weeks) late December) do its possible many were infected earlier.
It is sickening but predictable that pharma pushes this solution yet doesn’t go hard line on these wet markets, boycotts, whatever it takes and at the same time try to downplay cheap, effective drugs. They are showing their hand through all of this, class action lawsuits. Oh and I heard some tests kits actually harbour the virus.


Golden Chameleon,

Thinking about it, I realized that I got sick very suddenly as well. Monday, December 9, we went to Best Buy to buy another computer and I felt all right. We had bought our Christmas tree the day before, but after both of us pulling the tree upstairs, I was too exhausted to do anything and over several days Cecily put up the lights, gold beads, and a lot of our decorations and I decided that we really didn’t have to put all of them up. She did all of it. Monday evening I suddenly had the very severe cough and couldn’t sing a single carol, but was surprised to learn that Cecily knew all the words to most of them. How strange. It’s just been in the last two weeks that I’ve been reading about people having this and last night a friend sent an article about its often having been mixed up with B Victoria. I don’t know what it means for my immunity to other strains. Of course I’d like to know more about the whole thing. Do they have an antibody test for this? I’d like to know how many had it. Are your parents still breathless? I get out of breath just walking to the door and am wondering if it did permanent lung damage. My ex-husband in Milan is still coughing after a month and is wondering the same.


Golden Chameleon,

We flew back from Mexico on December 6. On the morning of December 5, still at the beautiful hotel at Chichen Itza, Villas Arqueologicas, an older waitress stood beside our table overcome with a severe and unending fit of coughing. She finally went to the kitchen, still coughing. I was worried and told a younger waitress that she was coughing a lot and maybe needed to be given water to drink, to make sure they knew she was in distress. The next day we flew home, four airports, three flights. There were a lot of people coughing on all the planes. I thought it was a cold or flu going around and I’d probably get it. Arriving in St. Louis at nine we still had a three-hour icy shuttle ride in an I heated van, 35 F outside in capris and cardigan. That was Friday night, and I first felt sick on Monday evening. Extremely severe cough, I was completely unable to sing carols when we lit the Advent wreath and most evenings I was unable to even light the wreath. I also had the strangest profound fatigue I had ever had with an illness, just lying in bed unable even to read. Cecily took over feeding the cats in the evening, I just couldn’t do it, and I would go to bed at seven in the evening. It was the strangest flu I had ever had. I looked it up on the Internet to see what it was, and it said B Victoria flu was infecting millions of Americans. I read that it was unusual for two reasons: it was very unusual for it to have begun in November: usually it doesn’t start until the end of the flu season. And usually it’s much less severe than A flus, while this was often very severe.

With Icelandic scientists having isolated forty strains of this, I think probably this was one of them, but it’s different enough that it didn’t register when they started testing for X (?) strain in February. Otherwise a lot more people would have tested positive for it at that time, as it spreads very fast, with an R0 of at least 4. And since February that strain has been doubling about every three days. It is likely that many of the “flu” deaths this past winter were really deaths from one of the novel coronavirus strains, but they were unaware of its existence and could not test for it. Also likely that flu viruses were also present. All it would have taken was an infected person, probably from China, to have flown to the US to get it going. It turns out that many are asymptomatic throughout but can still transmit the virus. Or transmit it before they get symptoms, which may be as long as 24 days.

I recommend that you look up #masks4all, that’s the Czech initiative to educate the world on the crucial importance of EVERYONE wearing masks in public and if they’re still going to work. We’re wearing mask and gloves when we go to the store once a week, I wipe the steering wheel, gear shift, and door handles inside and outside the car with Lysol wipes when we get home, and spray the bottom of our shoes with Lysol spray.

That may be why people are getting it again after having it and testing negative. They may be getting another strain. Which means that even if you show antibodies for one strain, it still may not be safe to go back into the water.

NYC has now set up tent cities in Central Park to house coronavirus patients, the same as it did in 1918 for the Spanish flu. London has set up hundreds of beds in a large building whose name I’ve forgotten. I was worried thinking of the greatly-amplified viral load there, increasing the danger for both patients and doctors.

And I think the many new mutations may account for changes like many more healthy young people getting severe cases, often dying of it. A 12 year old girl in Georgia, a newborn in the US. a healthy 16 year old girl in France, a 17 year old in Gouda on a ventilator and in a medically-induced coma, a 21 year old girl in the UK last week... How many of them were offered or given hydr- and Z-pak? If not, why not? Its benefits have been known for months.


Another interesting thing is how the MSM and Pharma wagons have been circled to keep people from learning that hydroxychloroquine with Zithromax are extremely effective treatments for coronavirus, now in the standard of care for China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Belgium. A small French trial showed that it cured everyone in the trial. A board-certified physician in New York, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, has shown that it cured 666 patients, only four hospitalized, none intubation or on a ventilator. But his study has been sidelined by the MSM and mocked. Both the US and the UK are starting many clinical trials on it.

The president of Brazil, Bolsonaro, put up a tweet saying that it had been effective all over Brazil, saving many lives. And what happened? Twitter censored and deleted it, deleting it from Facebook as well. In the meantime, the disease has arrived in Ecuador, from which now-familiar videos are emerging of many people lying on the floors of hospitals and of piles of black body bags at morgues. Hydroxychloroquine was widely used for malaria in all tropical countries for nearly a century. It’s cheap and it’s safe: long-term it can cause problems like retinal damage, but we’re talking ten days here, not long-term. Yes, two men in Nigeria overdosed on it and died. A man in Arizona took a different formulation of it used for aquarium cleaning and died. And that’s about all the MSM are saying about it, not that you shouldn’t overdose on any drug and you shouldn’t take non’-medicinal formulations.

The Zithromax is an antibiotic, and this is a virus, but that’s not it’s main value here. It also forces zinc into the infected cell and kills it. My daughter and I are taking C, D3, zinc, and selenium just to prepare for if we get it. I read the other day that hydroxychloroquine, among other things, is an immunosuppressant, which surprised me. I think maybe a lot of it’s effectiveness is because it interrupts the autoimmune cytokine storm of severe cases.
For twenty dollars for a ten-day course of hydroxychloroquine and Z-pac.

But the MSM and Big Pharma desperately want the opportunity to sell billions the most expensive drug they can, and are criticizing and sidelining the best choice, when they give it any attention at all.

Laura Hayes

If MSM’s lips are moving, one can rightly assume they are lying. Worth the 12-minute watch:



Oxford brc.nihr.ac.uk>oxford-covid-19-vaccine-programme-opens
Oxford covid-19 vaccine programme opens for clinical trial

BBC Parliament, on tv, 25 March 2020 ,Select Committe, Rooms .
Technology and Global Disease Outbreaks .
Professor Andrew Pollard covid-19 Vaccine Research and Development - CEPI
Dr Melanie Saville
Professor Sharon Peacock ,Director -Director -National infection Service

Jaw dropping poor judgment apparent .
not using sterile water as a control vaccine ?
A rushed job , so just drop the gold standard ?

Dirty Dickie Dandruff -YouTube can provide a template example of ignoring Health and Safety Risk Assessments !

Is it right to cut corners in the search for a corona virus cure .

go Trump

Thank goodness we do not have socialized medicine in the United States, only socialized Capitalism, as our corporations will try to save us again.


456 MILLION … "It’s the largest reported amount spent on a vaccine project to date, even though the pharma giant hasn’t yet started any clinical trials as other firms have."

So what's up with Forbes reporters... are they no longer allowed to use Google at work??

Here's a WSJ article from May 2009, titled "U.S. to Spend $1 Billion on H1N1 Flu Vaccine Production" ( https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052970203771904574181343250485958).

Here's another another article from June of 2009, titled " House Approves $8 Billion for Swine Flu Pandemic" (https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2009/06/house-approves-8-billion-swine-flu-pandemic).

I guess there's no guarantee that everything being' reported', is entirely true

Donna L.

J&J making a vaccine - what could possibly go wrong?!!! On the bright side, if it's true (as I read somewhere) that healthcare workers will be among the first to receive a vaccine, well, things will sure get interesting when they suffer adverse reactions to it. Suddenly, all of us won't seem quite so crazy anymore, eh? Perhaps there is justice in the world after all.


@Fake Scientists, oh, I hope so.....

@Cia my mom and dad think they had coronavirus in December. She said "it went to our lungs the first day, unlike anything we've ever had."


China made wet markets illegal all over the country a couple of months ago. I’m sure the poor animals will continue to be sold on the black market and that the Chinese government will use harsh, but necessary, means to stop it.

They have to develop an effective vaccine. The current situation is not tenable. Scientists in Iceland have identified forty strains of this coronavirus, complicating the effort to learn how many have or had it or them. There is evidence that many Americans got a strain of it between November and January, but a new coronavirus was not on anyone’s horizon, and it was often confused with and diagnosed as B Victoria and then H1N1 and H3N2 A. That might be why they said it was unusual for B Victoria to occur so early and often be so serious. I’m thinking it’s what I caught on a plane in early December.

It makes it harder to make a vaccine, but many vaccines include several strains. It may be that L and S account for most of the cases, but the faux flu strain may be different.

We can’t go on like this. I’m sure everyone has read about the choir practice on March 10 which infected half the choir members, killing two of them. The death toll in NYC, the high toll among doctors and nurses, and police officers. The future vaccine should not be mandated, but the vaccine itself has to be developed.

Fake Scientists

Golden chameleon, yes those class action lawsuits will be coming.

Fake Scientists

You should just see all the astroturfing and cheerleading on their Facebook page, mostly employees.
So instead of stopping dangerous , filthy wet markets we are all supposed to take an untested (as we know most of them truly are) vaccine. From the givers of talc cancer baby powder. No thank you.


We started my son on Risperdal, we have not heard back from the labs, and we don't know if he has an infection or not. The irony of them developing a vaccine; scaring every one to death while at the same time my family is in a crisis from a vaccine given over three decades ago.


I am terrified of the prospect of adult mandates, and I also see the opportunity the coronavirus fiasco represents for a popular uprising against our pharmaceutical handlers. The health choice movement could mobilize around a leader, such as JFK Jr., who could file suit on our behalf. Imagine if all the like minds in America got together to pool resources for key lawsuits. Paul Offit's and Hoetz' recent statements regarding prudence around the coronavirus vaccine are telling. It's like they know an adult mandate could poke the bear.

Bob Moffit

456 MILLION … "It’s the largest reported amount spent on a vaccine project to date, even though the pharma giant hasn’t yet started any clinical trials as other firms have."

The article mentioned "This is the inside story" is long .. but … well worth reading as it exposes just how corrupt J&J has proven to be for DECADES … the obvious question should be:


The next obvious question should be:



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