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Hi James,

My son questions the Medallion Net Link in your Nexus article. He says where is your proof that the Medallion Net can supply and disseminate the 5G onboard; and did it at all? and that why does the 'Princess cruiseliners company' not advertise it to get a heap of EXTRA new customers all ready with their NEW 5G mobiles. Indeed, they do deny it online. Have they previously advertised it and removed it perhaps?

This is an ultimately important question because we, the 5G heretics are trying to link it directly to deaths via the VGCC activation theory of Pall's. It is ONLY 5G that has proven to upregulate the VGCC's medically, leading to possible death after the virus firstly accessed the endothelial cells via the ACE 2 enzymes - the respiratory phase.
Pat Thornton

david m burd

Grundvig says:

"On the first weekend of spring, images emerged from Italy showing similar scenes of horror that was eerily reminiscent of Wuhan: People walking down the street, collapsing dead without any external force. Dozens of such videos and photos showed the fallen spread eagle, flat on their backs, face down on sidewalks. Lifeless. No blood splatter. Outside of one similar case in New York City, no other place in the world has produced such anomalies.


What causes people, who appear to be fit, to suddenly keel over without a seizure or trembling? What is the underlying cause? What makes Wuhan and Northern Italy different than other parts of the world, where COVID-19 kills people for no apparent explanation?"

As much as I appreciate Grundvig for exposing the CDC's absolute corruption in his prior work, he WRONGLY implies that Covid-19 can bring instant death he alludes to.

Quite a few extremely toxic medicines foolishly given to thousands of Wuhan "corona" patients and/or 85 year-olds in Italy CAN however cause heart attacks, strokes, extreme dizziness, loss of balance, nausea, to then be fodder for the Fear Mongering Media, and their Pharma Allies.

As to 5G, Grundvig indeed has some valid concerns, such as implanted heart pacemakers possibly disabled in a 5G "crossfire", causing sudden collapse and/or deaths in the midst of the present Covid-Hysteria.

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