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In Memoriam: Dr. Toni Lynn Bark

Toni Bark
August 1, 1959 - March 3, 2020

This morning, we read with sadness that Dr. Toni Bark has passed away.   I had the pleasure of meeting her last Spring at an event. In person, she was so vibrant with watchful eyes, flowing hair, and she just exuded life. Cancer does not care. It ravages the body but it can not touch the soul. 

You can read full details on services and the Shiva (Jewish period of mourning and visitation) in Evanston, Illinois HERE.

Dr. Toni Bark's speech at the Doctors For Accountability In Medicine PRESS CONFERENCE in D.C. on March 31, 2017. Camera, sound and editing by Joshua Coleman.



At first i had missed the first 3 episodes of VR-23, i watched 4-9, then 1 and 2. The whole time thinking wow she radiates love and compassion, and then i finally got to episode 3 and learned the sad news that she passed 3 years ago. God bless you Dr. Bark, woof woof!


Dr Toni is part of my soul. My love to all who loved her 💕

Brad Puddephatt

I'm at least glad I got to have chats with her the 2 times we were both at A1. She was so wonderful.


We have lost a true hero, but only in her physical form. Her tireless efforts to stand for truth and justice in the realm of public health have made so many around her wiser and stronger, and her message will only grow exponentially. And with regards to the comment above by "Huxley" who said -

"I would just note that she was a vegetarian. Many studies show vegetarians have higher cancer rates. I do believe that was the only mistake she made. Do not flame me for saying this. There are many, many lies out there, and vegetarianism is one of them."

No one is going to flame you, but I will point out just as Toni would do that your generalization is simply not backed by legitimate, peer reviewed science.

Thank you Toni for the enormous contributions you made to humanity. Your spirit, your voice, your courage will be carried on by every person you inspired!!!


Sorry to hear this. She wasn’t afraid to be a nonconformist. We need more people like her. I would just note that she was a vegetarian. Many studies show vegetarians have higher cancer rates. I do believe that was the only mistake she made. Do not flame me for saying this. There are many, many lies out there, and vegetarianism is one of them.

Anne Curtis

From an Aussie mum/admirer: Deeply saddened to hear of Dr. Bark's recent death. She was an incredibly vibrant and powerful voice of truth, driven unflinchingly to shine the spotlight on the medical/environmental wrongs being inflicted on her fellow man/woman/child.


I was so shocked to read Larry Cooks post that Dr Toni Bark had passed from this mortal coil.
I watched her talks on all the docu-series re adverse effects of vaccines and childrens health. She was such a powerhouse, full of life, courage, energy, wisdom and beauty. An incredible human who touched so many people and made a difference. I light a candle for safe passage onwards of this amazing lady.

Tom Petrie

I was listening to Del Bigtree on Hardwire and learned of the sad passing of Dr. Toni Bark. His commentary on her life was also touching. She was a tireless fighter for medical freedom, and an inspiration to all of us who just want our children to be healthier! She will be surely missed!

Krishna Murphy

I deeply regret that I never had the opportunity to know Dr. Bark; her voice and presence in the discussion of what constitutes health and proper care to maintain will be missed. I had no idea that she was dying of cancer!


I am so sorry to hear this sad sad news RIP Dr. Bark you will be dearly missed. You have touch so many. You were just an angel a warrior here on earth. A beautiful soul. Thank you for all you did. May you Rest In Peace. Praying for comfort for her family and friends.

Gary Ogden

A bright light dimmed too soon. Gracious and gutsy she was. I, too, heard her speak in Atlanta in 2015. Sincere condolences to all her family and friends. For those of us facing the Emperor of All Maladies, essential reading is Travis Christofferson's "Tripping over the Truth." This is my therapeutic guide.

Michael B

Dr. Bark gave me clinical advice about VAERS reporting more than once.. She was a voice for the voiceless and hero to so many.. I am deeply saddened by her passing and sending condolences to her family..

Tiffany Anne

Dr. Bark was a blessing to the world. Sending her family all my love.

Shelley Tzorfas

I am not sure that she knows how loved she is. Elegant spicy and a conscientious doctor who knows and speaks the truth. She is/was intelligent with a creative flair. Toni you are a hero! Your passing has hit me hard in the gut though I only met you a few times as you spoke to the crowds. Love, Shelley

Andrea Kruppa

So deeply sorry and shocked over Dr. Bark’s death. She was one in a million. She educated me so very much on vaccine issues that are dear to my heart. Thank you, Tony, for your tremendous contribution to society. You will be sorely missed. Deepest condolences to the family. May God bring you comfort at this sad time.


You will be missed, Dr. Bark.
Thank you for this amazing speech, and all you did for vaccine injured families and children.


Very sad,too young,too soon.
What a really smashing speech/presentation at Doctors for Accountability -March 2017
Giving the training standards deficiencies and defectives a supportive, gentle , industrial strength
" Ear Roasting"
A true integrative practitioner trained to know "Those that can do, those that can will!"
Surely will be a very sore loss for family, patients, and friends .
Respectfully hope that the family may find comfort in their grief .

Psalm 23 to The Bays of Harris - YouTube

Jill in MI

Thank you Toni for your passion, intelligence and integrity. You will be missed. Rest in peace beautiful warrior.


Dr Bark had an insidious form of cancer. We welcome condolences and memories. We won’t publish comments implying intrigue because we know the cause of death. Thank you.

Bill Chaffee

It makes me sad. Also, I can’t help wondering if she had H. Pylori.


Thank you Toni for making your life mean so much to so many people
So brave and fearless


May her memory be a blessing. I met her in Sacramento during the SB277 hearings. Wow, what a powerhouse. She exuded life - creativity, intelligence, beauty, power, love, humor, devotion, and more. Rest in Peace you Goddess you! <3


May her memory forever be a blessing.

Janet Levatin

Safe passage, Toni. Traveling with the angels now.


So very sad. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the CDC Rally in 2015. May her Eternal Light Shine on us all as we continue to fight for our Medical Freedom and for all the children who have been harmed and killed from vaccines. May she rest in peace. <3

go Trump

So sad / a very good Toni Bark clip here,

blessings for her family & friends

Roslyn Halperin

so sad.. i feel like i knew her just from seeing her in videos... I loved her.. Blessings to her family... i know she is in a better place and did so much for this one.. Thank you Toni..


She will be dearly missed and we all will remember her! 😢


Devastating loss. :(


In restless times of worried doubt
There are none that will compare

To those whose kindest heart
Prevailed them to dare

Rest in Power!!! Beautiful heart!!!!!
And thank you thank you thank you!!!’


Im saddened to read about this. Rest in love Toni. Thank you for fighting the good fight. Condolences to her family. 🙏🏼😔

Angus Files

Such sad news a true warrior

Pharma For Prison


Brenda Lindstrom

I wish you a wonderful time with those new wings! You where an earthly angel now you are in Heaven. You touched so many peoples lives! You will be greatly mised


So grateful for all she did.

Heather johnson

Her warrior heart was fierce and truth-filled. She truly was beautiful, both inside and out. May God give her eternal rest and her fight continue within all of us!! You will be missed!

Neva Thomas

    RIP Dr. Bark

Dr. Bark you were so instrumental in alerting us to the fact, that there's really madness in the science that can never be settled.

All the education you imparted from research we couldn't access, thank you. You gave a lot to humanity.

Your Vaccine Court testimonies have helped parents get awards they'd otherwise not received, to help care for their vaccine injured kids.

You will be missed. RIP. Sincere condolences to your family. 🙏😥🙏

Laura Hayes

Grateful that AoA is covering the loss of Dr. Toni Bark today, a true hero and fearless warrior.

One of the most touching and meaningful things I have heard in my near 25 years of activism were these 2 words that Dr. Toni Bark put in an email: Mea culpa.

Unlike so many other doctors and nurses who have perpetrated vaccine harm on their patients, Toni was terribly sorry that she had unknowingly done so, she was openly apologetic and remorseful, and once she realized the damage and havoc that vaccinations leave in their wake, including to subsequent generations, she made it her mission to tell and teach others, and to expose the corruption that underlies vaccines from manufacture to mandate, and beyond.

Her words profoundly touched my heart that day when she expressed her sorrow and remorse about having vaccinated patients earlier in her career. I cried when I read those 2 words from her, mea culpa. Thank you, Toni, for taking ownership of past mistakes, and for taking the initiative to work tirelessly to stop such harmful medical practices from being continued.

May more doctors and nurses learn from Dr. Toni Bark. May they listen to her words, heed her warnings, and join the fight (of our lives) to immediately ban vaccine mandates, to immediately restore individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making, to immediately restore liability to those who manufacture and administer vaccines, and to immediately hold accountable those who have had a hand in orchestrating and perpetuating these vaccine crimes against humanity.

Thank you, Toni, for your dedication and perseverance to help end the Vaccine Holocaust. You will be missed.

Dr Steven klayman

Sad. A great and noble warrior for truth and integrity.
Your inspiration to us will not expire.
Go on to your next stop.
We will continue the noble war against us wherever you are.

Christy Fritz-Parker

Very sad to hear this. Perhaps her work her was done. Thank you so much for all your work for humanity, Toni. Condolences to all her friends and family.


The world is not the same without her light and laughter and her stoicism and strength. And smarts. And humor And passion. She lived life so fully and she reached so many. There was only one Toni Bark and we will miss her tremendously.


This is true?? She never ever let on, so high energy.. so amazing, so sad she is gone.. :(


watch over is Toni❤️ your heart radiates!!! our angel🐾!!!

Bob Moffit

She will be remembered for her wisdom and courage .. her WARNING the present vaccine industry is UNSUSTAINABLE as presently executed .. it is affecting generations to come .. fully vaccinated parents who refuse to vaccinate their children … are having children with chronic autoimmune disorders/diseases inherited from their fully vaccinated parents.



❤️A wonderful warrior for health truth. She will be so greatly missed.
I too had missed the fact she was ill, and this news earlier today has stunned me.v

Susan Moon

A great voice for Vaccine harm will be mourned by so many!

Gloria Dignazio

She will be greatly missed...

Jenn Biggs

Devastated to hear her voice has been silenced here on earth, but if she has anything to say about it, she'll be present through all our fights. Praying for comfort for her family.

susan welch

If this link works, it is what I will particularly remember the remarkable Toni Bark for. She was a true warrior and will be remembered with such affection and admiration.

I am so sorry to hear this very sad news.

Joan Campbell

She will be sadly missed by our community.
May she rest in peace .


God Bless You Toni. May you rest in peace. We will miss you. xo


I did not know she was ill!!!!

I am shocked at her death!!!!

I am so very, very sorry!!!!

I can't believe another strong voice is gone!

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