Stimulus Package Likely to Leave Many Autism Families Behind
J&J Gets $450 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Contract from Trump Administration

Feeling Blue?

Kyoshi Kim Kyoshi Blue BeltIn one day, the blue machine usually goes into high gear for Autism Awareness Month, convincing Americans that autism itself is something to celebrate. EVERYONE with autism is someONE to celebrate. My gorgeous daughters have been warriors during this shut down, adapting like I never imagined they could.

I teach martial arts. In classes, we tell our students that a black belt is a white belt who never quits. We are always white belts, learning every day, an empty cup, waiting to be filled. And boy, are we all finding out how true that is right now.

My girls are teachers.


They are black belts in navigating a world that is not available to them.  Many years ago, I earned my blue belt in martial arts. Stagliano Autism File KarateNow I have not one, but two black belts, one in Karate and the second in Kobudo - weapons.

Little did I know that I actually donned a blue belt the day my daughters were diagnosed. And so did all of you.

How are you managing at home, my friends? We are finding a lovely place of calm, peace, and respect, which is at the core of all martial arts. I am respecting the girls needs. And it works.

Love, Kim


Laura Hayes

Bob Moffit,

Well said with regard to:

"Imagine CELEBRATING COVID19 every April?"

If "Autism" were properly labeled as "Vaccine-Induced Destruction and Devastation", perhaps the world would not be so ignorant and callous as to celebrate it.

Bob Moffit

It is very discouraging to read DAILY comments from POLITICIANS AND MEDIA .. informing the people WE ARE AT WAR WITH COVID19 … while our community has been AT WAR WITH AUTISM and neither POLITICIANS OR MEDIA remain deliberately IGNORANT THE AUTISM WAR HAS BEEN RAGING FOR DECADES.

Imagine CELEBRATING COVID19 every April?

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