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Seattle Coronavirus Vaccine Skipped Critical Animal Testing

Dr. Richard Moskowitz: Advisory on the Coronavirus

Richard Moskowitz MDNote: Thank you to Dr. Moskowitz, a practicing family physician outside of Boston, Massachusetts for this post. Yesterday, my daughter's school shut down until further notice. So did our town district and several surrounding towns here in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I'm thinking of keeping my older daughters out of their day program for now. Trader Joe's was a madhouse - with carts running from the cash registers to the back of the store. Stop & Shop has been utterly raided. We all want to remain healthy and avoid contracting COVID-19. Social media is chock full of remedies and ideas and suggestions - some seem logical, others, not as much. Dr. Moskowitz has decades of experience as a practicing physician. I value and trust his judgement and gentle suggestions. Stay healthy and well, friends. KIM

By Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

When I first heard of the outbreak, my attention was fixed on the coincidence that it began in Wuhan, near the Chinese bioweapons lab, and the obvious speculation that the virus was manmade, which still hasn't been ruled out. But the Trump Administration's slow, reluctant, and utterly incompetent response to it has created an honest-to-God public health emergency that has quite rightly upstaged the absorbing mystery of where and how it originated.

In particular, the systematic defunding of our public health infrastructure and the inexcusable lack of testing materials that it helped bring about, when combined with the large proportion of people carrying the virus and thus contagious with very mild illness or no symptoms at all, have prevented any accurate measure of the number of people infected, and thus also of the actual death rate, which can be expected to decline once these mild and asymptomatic cases are identified and included in the tally. This radical uncertainty has already eliminated the possibility of containing the outbreak; the best we can do now is to mitigate its spread by slowing it down, lest it overwhelm our clinics and hospitals and available personnel to staff them.  What seems virtually certain is that there will be a lot more cases once we begin testing on a wider scale.

The CDC has already publicized the main things we can and should do to protect both ourselves and everybody else, namely, 1) avoiding large crowds, postponing unnecessary travel, and keeping a safe distance from those you're in contact with; 2) washing hands often with soap and water, and wiping off objects and surfaces in common use that you've touched or grasped; 3) remembering not to touch nose, mouth, and face with your hands except when necessary; 4) limiting contact with the elderly and those weakened by chronic diseases as much as possible; and 5) getting tested if you fall sick, covering nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, and staying home if you test positive: all good, sensible precautions.

In addition, many physicians are recommending high doses of Vitamin C, say 3000 mg. daily for prophylaxis, and even more for the actual illness, with coughing and shortness of breath, at which point Dr. Brownstein suggests adding Vitamins A, D3, and iodine as well.

Homeopaths have had and continue to have great success treating epidemic diseases like cholera, yellow fever, measles, influenza, and the like, using a simple method that deserves much wider recognition and use.  Once about 20 or 25 cases have been investigated, one remedy will be found to fit around 75% of the cases, and is therefore designated as the basic remedy or genus epidemicus of the outbreak.  It can then be given out prophylactically to people who are not yet sick, whether in the vicinity or recently exposed, and also to early cases.  More advanced illness may call for other remedies. 

In the US, too few cases have been seen and treated homeopathically to identify the main remedy; but colleagues in Hong Kong and Taiwan have had the most success with Gelsemium, followed by Bryonia and Eupatorium perfoliatum in advanced cases with their typical indications.  For prophylaxis, they therefore recommend

Gelsemium 30C once a week in towns, rural areas, and neighborhoods far from those most seriously affected; and in neighborhoods or crowded with many cases in the vicinity, Gelsemium 30C daily for seven days, and twice a week thereafter, until the outbreak is over.

Sounds good to me: definitely worth a try!


Cait from Canada

Bob, with all due respect back to you...

What I objected to in your initial post was the fact that you conflated what Moskowitz actually said with something he didn't say, i.e. TRUMP CREATED THE COVID PANDEMIC. Rather than addressing any of the points he raised in his short article, you instead took exception to the words that you yourself put in his mouth. This is a classic example of a logical fallacy called the straw man.* I really don't see how it is useful or helpful.

"A straw man (or strawman) is a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent."

Bob Moffit

@ Cait from Canada

".... But the Trump Administration's slow, reluctant, and utterly incompetent response to it has created an honest-to-God public health emergency that has quite rightly upstaged the absorbing mystery of where and how it originated."

These are Dr Moskowitz's words .. in which the Dr clearly believes .. it was Trump's "incompetent response" that CREATED AN HONEST-TO-GOD PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY.

So .. with all due respect … according to Moskowitz .. the Coronavirus ONLY became an HONEST TO GOD PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY BECAUSE OF TRUMP.



Hindsight is best sight. Trump was trying to stave off financial collapse. Call a quarantine and shut everything down and you may reduce the impact of the pandemic, but you shut down the economy. Protect the economy and people die, maybe just a few old people, maybe an extreme number of young people too. And then you overwhelm the hospitals and potentially millions of people die. It is a difficult balancing act, and no one could have gotten it exactly right. Here at this site many of us spent a month downplaying the seriousness of this pandemic, and many are doing so still.

In hindsight, public authorities should have put the entire country on lockdown two weeks ago. If it had worked and disaster have been averted, we’d just be reading harsh criticism of certain people for having done it. It’s very hard to make drastic decisions. A former teacher invited C to go out to lunch tomorrow. At first I said Sure, C is extremely depressed, lonely, and unhappy. Then I thought about it some more, heard Fauci say he wouldn’t go out to a restaurant at this time, and wrote to say we didn’t think C should go. Who knows if that was a wise or a silly decision. At least it didn’t have billions of dollars riding on it.

Cait from Canada

To Bob Moffit:

"So .. we are to believe … TRUMP CREATED THE COVID PANDEMIC"

Dr. Moskowitz made no such claim. Of course Trump did not create this global pandemic. But for weeks Trump has downplayed the seriousness of the outbreak, despite alarming news from around the world, and his administration is now playing catch-up. It is useful to point this out, if only because it's critical at this juncture for America to adopt a more pro-active strategy, in order to slow the spread of the virus within its borders.


That was interesting and valuable information. But it said early treatment using the sepsis protocol recommended was necessary. The two major problems are respiratory collapse from pneumonia and the cytokine storm. I don’t think the protocol would be applicable as the first treatment for respiratory collapse and maybe not for cytokine storm either, I don’t know. It seems likely that most patients in a critical state have passed that early intervention stage. I also saw that the difference between the 7% mortality in Wuhan and the less than one percent in other regions of China was because there weren’t enough resources to provide the critically-ill Wuhan patients with the necessary treatment as the numbers had crashed the system, as they have done in Italy and may do elsewhere. Like here in the US.


I checked the information I put up a while ago, that the US reached a thousand cases on Tuesday and two thousand on Friday. Five hundred new cases from yesterday to today, and it checks out, I think it’s true. Another stunner: “Flattening the Curve” is a deadly delusion, by Joscha Bach. I didn’t realize there was such a big difference between containment and mitigation. If you even look at the figures cursorily, you see that twenty percent of patients need to be hospitalized, a quarter of them need intubation, oxygen, some ECMO, and none of that five percent of the whole will survive without ICU equipment. And there isn’t enough in the US to meet the need. The article explains why Singapore style containment measures are necessary to prevent a large number of deaths, so large I can’t bring myself to say it. There are rumors, I can’t say more than that, that the federal government will declare a large scale quarantine, possibly for three weeks or even longer, to break the chain of transmission.

Aimee Doyle

@Carolyn - "Kim thank you for being Switzerland."

I appreciate your comment. Everyone - from both parties - has blind spots. It's hard to see our own, which is why we need each other to point them out. Understanding starts from a place of respect and communication. Without understanding, it's hard to move forward to solutions that benefit us all.

david m burd

Pft, Interesting you brought up 1918-1919 "Spanish Flu" episode.

Got news for you: Scores of millions of extremely toxic vaccines were dispensed throughout ALL Western Allies, and into ALL American inductees (4,700,000 million Army and Navy until Armistice November, 1919). Also, huge lethal doses of newly promoted aspirin were taken by scores of millions of civilian Americans (and our military) in the Panic back then (like today).

Though little known by the public, extra-high doses of aspirin (salicylate acid) are lethal, and a major cause of deaths back in 1918-1919 "flu" deaths, on top of the scores of millions of injected "pus-vaccines" so injected - manufactured/distributed by disparate makers such as the Mayo Clinic, New York City Dept of Health, along with the U.S. Army making scores of millions of toxic doses.

if you like:

Lots of info if you care to know:


This link seemed to work:

david m burd

All, so many conflicting views/opinions here on this thread.

I specialize in knowledge of dangerous/toxic Pharma drugs actually causing deaths, and when quickly stopping their use in Canada back in the "Corona" hype 2002-2003 panic abruptly stopped any more Canadien "SARS deaths".

Elswhere back in 2002-2003, the extremely toxic nucleoside toxic drug called ribavirin was deployed in high doses both in Canada and SE Asia where all the SARS deaths occurred. When Canadian health system issued an Emergency Stop use of ribavirin, Canadian deaths ceased, As to SE Asia SARS deaths my research also they stopped its use; thence SARS deaths dropped to zero. Voila!

As to MERS (MidEast Respiratory Syndrome) also attributed to a coronavirus, ribavirin was also extensively employed, definitely CAUSING deaths as this drug destroys red blood cells, called hemolytic anemia (fatal). As to today's bizarre panic, who knows what idiotic, toxic drugs are being used (time will tell, though some have been cited).

If you spend a few minutes, just check all the medical/drugs sites, using the keywords, "ribavirin" and "toxicity" and MERS, and SARS, and "hemolytic anemia".

I would bet today's covid19 panic is yet again fueled by extremely toxic drugs that actually CAUSE a patient to slide into an iatrogenic death. The LAST thing the world needs is yet another dangerous/lethal vaccine to be dispensed like candy, to add another toxic vaccine to poison our children.


The link to the reports by two doctors at hospitals in Milan didn't work for me. I just got this:

The link which worked for me is in Dr. Rob's comment from today, March 14, comment 22. It's titled Way worse than the media are reporting.


I just listened to this recording by two doctors in Milan describing the situation there as really critical. The first one says that many young people are affected and getting pneumonia. The second says that they have three thousand ventilators in Italy but need a lot more. She says it’s crucial to slow down the spread.

I also just read that the US passed the thousand mark on Tuesday and the two thousand mark on Friday, yesterday.

Tim Lundeen

It looks like best practices could reduce mortaility from covid19 by 5x what we are seeing:

The trick is to use an IV of Vitamin C, thiamin, and hydrocortisone. Vitamin C alone works well (with high doses), but the combination is synergistically effective.

Carolyn Donnelly

Kim thank you for being Switzerland. As a progressive Dem I have been upset about stuff here too which proves you are doing the right thing. The truth can be hurtful because even our heroes make mistakes.
MY favorite series was when you had awesome writers of each background write about what conservatives and progressives got wrong about vaccines.

John Stone


We will see but my impression is that the Italian government was more on the hysterical side than trying to reassure people. I have also had second hand reports from the Seattle area, which are calm to say the least.



I don’t think what they’re saying is true. I have read both that it’s just old people who are dying and that in Italy half the critical cases and many of the deaths were in those under sixty years old. I think a lot of the narrative is to reassure people that they personally are not in danger if they are not yet old. Last week in Italy half of all coronavirus patients were hospitalized at a time when both hospitals and patients had a lot of motivation to not be hospitalized unless absolutely necessary. Look at Iran. Mass graves visible in satellite pictures, many indicators that two to three million Iranians have gotten it, thousands of deaths, with credible reports from Italy confirming that this may well be the case.

The narrative is being controlled everywhere. My Panamanian friend the other night just repeated memes: masks don’t help anyone at all, only the sick should wear masks, and healthy people shouldn’t wear them because it takes them away from the doctors who need them to keep from getting sick.

I think what is ripping through Italy and Iran (and probably the rest of Europe, which I’d really like to know) is a more virulent strain. If that’s not the case, I’d LOVE to have the data one way or the other. I became aware of the danger when it started killing patients at the nursing home in Washington state. I think that was three weeks ago. If it were the same as the Italian strain I think it would be in every community in the US by now. And I think it soon will be. But that was three weeks ago and so far there have still been only two diagnosed cases in Missouri, one in a girl who had been studying in northern Italy.

I would welcome more information. I think the best course would be to implement Singapore style restrictions to at least slow it down and avoid crashing hospitals. I think probably the virus and humans will mutually adapt and within a couple of years the virus will blend into the four human coronaviruses which are rarely serious. Maybe that will not be the case. We need more of a track record to examine. And more evidence before concluding that recovery does not provide lasting antibodies. I read last night that it was possible that in those who seemed to be recovered, then got it again, they may still have had low levels of the virus which were undetectable, but which were reactivated.

Angus Files

Its a reduction of peoples movement now, and oops,we will just forget what was in place before Cororna 2020 leave the Police on the streets with the new powers and the people oppressed forever..Gates off to his bunker paradise..

Police to get powers to detain coronavirus victims in sweeping emergency laws

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


Thanks, although I have to admit that I am dubious about the possibility of any kind of immunity with this virus. We may just have to avoid it or build ourselves up against it as best we can.

Angus Files

John well spotted great response. I think the old ways were best Corona virus party where we can all obtain immunity..lollipops with the virus coming soon..

Health Expert: 60% of Britons Need to Catch Coronavirus to Develop ‘Herd Immunity’

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


What seems to have marked out the path of the virus in Italy is the speed with which it travelled rather than that it was terribly lethal. Note my response in BMJ on-line:

The Italian Conundrum
Dear Editor

The average age of those dying in Italy (mostly men) is 81 [1] while the average life expectancy of Italian men is 81[2].

So, on the face of it nothing is happening except for shortages of staff, beds and respirators, and a virus spreading like wildfire - but mortality measured against the norm seems to be zero. Perhaps, the difference is in how people are dying, and as Richard Smith was recently pointing out the ultimate fear is not of dying, since everyone does, but of dying before your time on a hospital trolley in an emergency department [3]. The failure lies in not having kept the infrastructure for an emergency [4].







What are the different strains circulating? I realized that the one in Italy and Iran was much more serious: what is the strain in the rest of Europe?

I think it’s good to quarantine, shut everything down, wear masks, stay home, etc. You recognize that just letting it go crashes hospitals. I don’t think it’s enough to try to exclude milder cases. A huge number are very serious cases which need advanced treatments to save lives. Slowing down the spread, flattening the curve, reduces the number of critical cases who need help, and keeping the numbers within the limits of what’s available.

Within a week we should see whether the situation in Italy implodes. And whether France, Germany, and Spain are going to go the way of Italy.


Well, that was disappointing coming from Dr Mosowitz. Testing is really not the answer. Treating those who are truly sick which tend to be mostly older people, is whats important. Testing is only needed on that group since mild cases all treated the same as flu. Hardly anyone tests for flu in those with mild symptoms. CDC uses models to estimate numbers. Indeed, 16% of those with flu are asymptomatic and infectious.

Viruses spread, health human immune systems deal with them, even with new strains. Immune cells have receptors that can identify any pathogen, even new ones. Older people with chronic inflammation have dysregulated immune systems so are more susceptible to immune dysfunction in response to infection. Its the immune response that kills, not the virus. Interesting trial being done to test complement (part of innate system) inhibitors for covid-19. Complement molecules are more prevalent in older people and cause more inflammation as part of immune defense than in younger people.

In 1918 people forget there were 2 waves. The first wave during spring was milder. Those exposed in the first wave were protected in the more severe 2nd wave that fall. A 2nd wave was possible because geographical spread was more limited in 1918, even with WWI. Travel today means there would normally only be 1 wave. Subsequent seasonal infections like flu would be facing populations already exposed and not naive populations. Thats why it makes little sense to quarantine and isolate anymore than one would do for flu

Of course, reducing the burden on hospitals is a good idea and justifies slowing the spread, but you can do that by not treating every potential covid-19 patient as having the plague and throwing them into iCU for isolation despite their symptoms not needing to be treated in ICU

Also, show me the data validating the tests accuracy (sensitivity and specificity). Rushed to market as it was, its doubtful any significant testing was done. Also we now know there are several different strains in circulation. And to top it off, a positive PCR test says nothing of the infectiousness of the patient (just picking up remnants rna fragments from a recovered patient who is not infectious).

Jeanne J

There are a number of health/functional websites that have posted articles about how the Chinese government has made the use of intravenous Vitamin C the treatment of choice for the most severe cases of COVID-19 and have recommended that the population at large use Vitamin C for prevention. They have turned the corner on the ratio of the amount of newly infected and deaths to the recovered. That is the message that neither the MSM and Pharma-enslaved medical industrial complex have wanted to get out to this nation. Maybe now that medical teams from China have arrived in Italy to help with their response, Europe can start to filter this information out to the western world!

Kim, in Maryland, many of the adult developmental disabilities agency are closing, as of Monday, just like our school system.

Barry Stern

While a great admirer of Dr. Moskowitz for his work on vaccines, I do not appreciate his critical broadside against the President and his team for their work to contain Covid-19. Presidents have to rely on the experts in their departments when faced with a national emergency. With a corrupt CDC that has been captive of the very industries, it is supposed to regulate (e.g. the vaccine industry), it is no wonder this agency wasn't ready when the time came to perform. It was too busy with self-preservation which is what bureaucracies do. Trump was in the process of cleaning house, i.e. reducing CDC's vaccine unit but not its infectious disease control units, when Covid-19 hit. We should be lauding the president for cutting parts of the CDC budget while expanding the budgets for its decent performers as well as other agencies under N.I.H. Once our federal, state and local governments in partnership with the private sector gain some success in containing the virus, we can conduct a thorough evaluation with conclusions about what worked and what did not.

Richard Moskowitz, MD

Homeopathic remedies like Gelsemium 30C have been diluted past the point of Avogadro's number, so that what remains is an energy rather than a bunch of molecules; many of our remedies are poisonous in their natural, undiluted state (snake venoms, strychnine, etc.), but are wonderfully safe when prepared homeopathically, such that their severest critics tend to dismiss them as placebos.


A Griffin, Dr. Moskowitz is referring to the homeopathically prepared gelsimium in a 30c potency which at that dilution is much different in its action than the plant itself.

Hans Scholl

“Vaccines have to be tested because there’s precedent for vaccines to actually make disease worse. You don’t want to rush and treat a million people and find out you’re making 900,000 of them worse,” said Leonard Schleifer, founder and chief executive of Regeneron.

a griffin

from should be noted in your article.
All parts of the plant contain toxic alkaloids that can cause paralysis and death, and should never be ingested. Gelsemium alkaloids are highly toxic. Ingestion of as little as 4 ml of a fluid extract has been reported to be fatal. Toxic symptoms include giddiness, weakness, ptosis, dilated pupils and respiratory depression. Gelsemicine is more toxic than gelsemine.3
Toxicity has been reported in animals that have grazed on gelsemium, and bees that pollinate the plant have been poisoned.2 Honey derived from the plant nectar has been reported to be toxic.2


Good morning. We’re often accused of being Pro-Trump. We are Switzerland - by Dan’s design. I have no problem with criticizing The President on AofA. Stay healthy, friends.

Bob Moffit

"..... But the Trump Administration's slow, reluctant, and utterly incompetent response to it has created an honest-to-God public health emergency that has quite rightly upstaged the absorbing mystery of where and how it originated."

While I have great respect for Dr Mosowitz's opinion on matters of health .. I was none-the-less extremely disappointed that his very first priority was to BLAME TRUMP … for what the good doctor describes as a "slow, reluctant, and utterly incompetent response" that has …. "CREATED AN HONEST-TO-GOD PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY".

So .. we are to believe … TRUMP CREATED THE COVID PANDEMIC .. who knew .. thanks for that absolutely useless observation.

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