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Autism Action Month Begins

Caption this photo of a young man with autism who climbs. And stands. His Mom gave me permission to run this photo. What purpose do you think climbing and balancing serves?  I have friends who children with ASD do this. On playsets. On the roof even. Perched. Guarding.


Jeanne J

I would caption this photo: Neurodiversity has convinced the world this is my super power. As for why our children do this, as an occupational therapist I believe it is part of the sensory seeking behaviors we see in autism, due to impairment in the vestibular/balance system. And if you see it in someone born before 2000, who received the full load of mercury-laden vaccines, I believe it is part of the damage that mercury has done to the structures associated with balance.

Angus Files

Thanks Laura and Patricia very much appreciated. I post like you both only in hope that somebody who hasnt vaccinated reads and learns what devestation can happen and does happen a lot after vaccination/shots.I prefer shots as the kids after wards would probably have faired better with a gun shot..B`s

Pharma For Prison



Angus I think your theory about needing to feel (the crucial word) the edges of his world, to want to feel the space and height of his world, to want to feel his body in balance ( as in yhigh precarious places) is absolutely correct. The inner and outer world of an autistic child or adult are out of sync. Frightening. There is a deep need to remove oneself from that lack of stability. I am no medic or scientist. I am an artist however and understand this disconnection.

Laura Hayes

Angus Files,

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your comments here on AoA. I have been reading them for many years now. Thank you :)

Angus Files

In our son I think its similar to tip toe walking and a sensory thing. Our son does the same strange things such as lies along the top of radiators on or off to the extent of causing a radiator to come away from the stone wall Gyproc sheets attached floor to ceiling and litter the room with drywall and the pipes burst .A really successful fun evening for him. Also when younger he would strip off naked and then step off the dining table via standing on the edge of the back of a dining table chair. not happy to step off onto the floor or the seat of the chair always had to be the back edge of the chair. Yep so we looked at it and took many view points on it involving all his psychologists social work teachers the web as you do, and we had to change house to one with underfloor heating and change the chairs to no backs for a while 4-5 years. We now have our chairs back and he doesn’t want to step on the edge of them anymore. The list can go on. In our experience it was him feeling via sharp edges that he was in that room or whatever sharp edge he was feeling confirming where he was. If anyone wants to argue we were denying him his rights by not letting him kill himself and us -bring it on. So sad because as a toddler he aged around 18 months and his older brother 28 months used to be quite safe in the bath together playing about in the bath and we could go out of the room and let them play with no worries taps covered up with sponges or wet towels. How things change ALL BECAUSE WE TOOK HIM TO GET HIS SHOTS DILLIGENTLY.

Pharma For Prison


Jody Murrens

On the precipice.

Bob Moffit

Who knew autism was always with us … we just dismissed these types of odd behaviors as NORMAL.

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