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Autism, Twenty-Seven Years Later and What Have We Learned? Part 1

Meg sick age 5By Teresa Conrick

My daughter, Megan, turned twenty-seven on March 2nd.  I remember it like yesterday.  My water bag broke gently on the 1st and I was put on IV antibiotics in the hospital.  Labor was induced and Megan was born at 5:20 am.  Her apgar scores were perfect and I was a happy and grateful mother.  As the months went by, she seemed to react to her vaccines, crying, up all night with each one.  After her MMR vaccine, she developed a full body rash, fever, and stopped talking. Endless ear infections began with one right after the other--or -- were they just the same one never to be cured?  Antibiotics were prescribed with the hope she would have relief from the pain.  Counting blocks ended and she just stared at them,  tapping on them in a repetitive way.  This continued, crying, gut pain, infections, rashes, food allergies, and self-injurious behaviors.  An autism diagnosis ( pervasive developmental disorder) came right before her third birthday.  Since then, seizures developed, autoimmunity was diagnosed, as well as Nonfamilial Hypogammaglobulinemia, a problem with the immune system that prevents it from making enough antibodies called immunoglobulins. Antibodies are proteins that help your body recognize and fight off foreign invaders like bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In addition, Megan has PANS which makes these infections so much worse. It has been a mission of 

mine and so many other parents to try and figure out what happened for some important reasons --- 

1 - How can I help my child? 

2-  How can I help other parents with their very ill children?

3-  How can this infection-type of autism be prevented in other children?

I say this because a recent study brought all of this surfacing again as it is very pertinent for Meg and so many others affected with autism, especially those severely affected. Meg is one of them and her medical issues have been denied for too long from the medical community.  Our children, no matter their ages, are very ill and the clues continue to show how their bodies are suffering and what science can do to help. Note too, that the authors call autism, a disease:

Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Gut Microbiota of Children With Autistic Spectrum Disorder as Possible Predictors of the Disease 

The gut microbiota (GM), which contains thousands of bacterial species, is a reservoir of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) called resistome. Early life exposure to antibiotics alters significantly the composition and function of the gut microbiota of children, which may trigger symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). …..Our results show an increase in ARGs in the resistome of the GM of children with ASD.

What this means is that those who have an autism diagnosis seem to have MORE gut bacteria genes that are resistant  to antibiotics than children without an autism diagnosis.  If antibiotics are unable to fight infections, a person can develop chronic infections and can be at risk of acute, life-threatening diseases. Antibiotics are being chosen as THE culprit but let's take a closer look.  There are other connections that need to be explored.

Mercury Connections To Antibiotic Resistance

There is much research showing that these antibiotic resistant microbes can have other sources, like MERCURY:

Co-selection of mercury and multiple antibiotic resistances in bacteria exposed to mercury in the Fundulus heteroclitus gut microbiome  The emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria is currently one of the most serious challenges to human health. To combat this problem, it is critical to understand the processes and pathways that result in the creation of antibiotic resistance gene pools in the environment. In this study, we examined the effects of mercury (Hg) exposure on the co-selection of Hg and antibiotic-resistant bacteria that colonize the gastrointestinal tract of the mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus), a small, estuarine fish....our results highlight the possibility for the creation of antibiotic resistance gene pools as a result of exposure to Hg in contaminated environments.

The linkage between antibiotic resistance and metal exposure   has been known for many decades, when it was first discovered that penicillinase was linked with mercury exposure (Fraser 1971; Richmond et al. 1964). Two mechanisms are involved in the possible linkages.Cross-resistance involves a single gene that confers resistance to both the antibiotic and metal, e.g., an efflux pump. Co-resistance is when separate traits are closely linked, e.g., on a transferable genetic element or operon, and are transferred together (e.g., Richmond et al. 1964). In both cases, metal exposure is sufficient to select and maintain AR genotype (Baker-Austin et al. 2006).

Very low concentrations of heavy metals, antibiotics contribute to resistance

New Swedish research shows that plasmids containing genes that confer resistance to antibiotics can be enriched by very low concentrations of antibiotics and heavy metals....When these chemicals spread in the environment, bacteria with resistant plasmids will be selected. This indirectly results in antibiotic resistance increasing as well. What's more, in most environments there are complex mixtures of antibiotics, biocides and heavy metals that, together, have intensified combination effects,' Andersson continues....'These results are worrying and suggest that substances other than antibiotics that are present in very small quantities in the environment can drive development of resistance as well. The results underline the importance of reducing the use of antibiotics, but also suggest that our high use of heavy metals and biocides in various contexts should decrease too,' says Andersson.

Co-occurrence of resistance genes to antibiotics, biocides and metals reveals novel insights into their co-selection potential  

The ‘ARG-BMRG cluster’ suggests that mercury and QACs are particularly likely to co-select for antibiotic resistance to a range of different classes of antibiotics. Although mercury compounds are nowadays rarely used in clinical settings and in agriculture, resistance genes to mercury are frequently found together with ARGs on plasmids, especially on plasmids with class 1 integrons and transposons [28]. Recently, a correlation between environmental mercury exposure and increased antibiotic resistance has been observed in E. coli isolates from different human populations [29]. Furthermore, 25 % of some 800 antibiotic-resistance plasmids isolated from clinical E. coli strains carried mercury resistance determinants [30]. Genetic co-occurrences and empirical observations together provide indications that mercury can promote resistance to a wide range of antibiotics.

The Association Between Mercury Levels and Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 

Results of the current meta-analysis revealed that mercury is an important causal factor in the etiology of ASD. It seems that the detoxification and excretory mechanisms are impaired in ASD patients which lead to accumulation of mercury in the body. Future additional studies on mercury levels in different tissues of ASD patients should be undertaken.

New Jersey preschoolers have highest autism rates in the nation, researchers say   New Jersey preschoolers have the highest rates of autism ever measured in the United States, a rate that has increased faster than in other states studied, researchers at Rutgers University reported Thursday. The rate of autism among children in the state has tripled in a generation. ..."The explosive rate of autism is impossible to ignore," 

“Legacy” Mercury Pollution Still a Problem in New Jersey Meadowlands Waters        “Legacy” mercury pollution from decades ago and miles away is an important source of contamination in New Jersey Meadowlands waterways, according to a Rutgers-led study that could help guide cleanup efforts.

Antibiotic Resistance Pattern Among Gram Negative Mercury Resistant Bacteria Isolated From Contaminated Environments

Our results showed that Hg resistance genes in contaminated areas are exchanged between residing bacteria along with the antibiotic resistance genes and resulted in prevalence of antibiotic resistance among residing bacteria.

Study suggests link between environmental mercury, autism   “The main finding is that for every 1,000 pounds of environmentally released mercury, we saw a 17 percent increase in autism rates,”....Large-scale mercury exposures such as accidental spills long have been implicated with developmental disabilities, but this study is among the first to examine the relationship between potentially chronic, low-dose mercury exposure and a developmental disorder such as autism, Dr. Palmer said.

Is exposure to mercury a driving force for the carriage of antibiotic resistance genes? 

….the data that we have presented support the hypothesized link between mercury and antibiotic resistance, which likely should be studied prospectively on a larger scale.

TC Ceresan

There are connections here that need further research. Mercury has become a dirty word as it does have a connection to vaccines.  It is important to be able to discuss its involvement in antibiotic resistance as this is a new development and an important clue in autism.

Other Connections That Need A Spotlight

Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve  

Recent research suggests, however, that some pathogen populations are adapting in ways that help them survive in a vaccinated world, and that these changes come about in a variety of ways. Just as the mammal population exploded after dinosaurs went extinct because a big niche opened up for them, some microbes have swept in to take the place of competitors eliminated by vaccines.

Vaccination can drive an increase in frequencies of antibiotic resistance among non-vaccine serotypes of Streptococcus pneumoniae

The bacterial pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae is a major public health concern, being 16 responsible for more than 1.5 million deaths annually through pneumonia, meningitis and 17 septicemia. Available vaccines target only a subset of serotypes and so vaccination is often 18 accompanied by a rise in the frequency of non-vaccine serotypes. Epidemiological studies suggest 19 that such a change in serotype frequencies is often coupled with an increase of antibiotic resistance 20 among non-vaccine serotypes......

“Vaccination”, another word that can cause a frenzy of emotions but it is important to look at data and how these medical phenomena occur.  It ultimately comes down to --- how to help those very ill.  

The Association between Autism Spectrum Disorder and Pre- and Postnatal Antibiotic Exposure in Childhood—A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis  Specifically, prenatal antibiotic exposure was significantly increased in children with ASD; however, postnatal antibiotic exposure was not.

Antimicrobial-resistance genes in the human gut prior to the antibiotic-therapy era   

Antibiotic-resistance has long been associated with the use and abuse of antibiotics. However, increasing evidence is suggesting that antibiotic-resistance is in fact a phenomenon that has been occurring in natural environments for thousands and possibly millions of years.,,,,,This has also enabled the characterization of ancient human gut microbiomes, which also include antibiotic-resistance genes..... Mummified gut remains represent a unique opportunity to characterize the microbiome and antibiotic-resistance genes prior to the antibiotic-therapy era. Surprisingly, mummies from the Inca and Italian nobility cultures showed to possess antibiotic-resistance-like genes similar to modern-day antibiotic-resistance genes .......   

Some may find that incredible --  that ancient mummies had antibiotic resistant genes as there were not even any antibiotics then!  But again, looking at the other known culprit that can cause this, mercury, we can see how antibiotic resistance could have happened .  It’s worth mentioning that the first children ever identified with a new disorder coined, “autism” by Dr. Leo Kanner, were children born beginning in 1931 . No antibiotics then either, yet the parents had many connections to toxic chemicals, especially mercury .  There is no denying that antibiotic resistance has increased over the years.

TC Clearview health

Our gratitude for this image from Clearview Health.

But as we can see from all of this research, there can be much more to this science of antibiotic resistance.  It is crucial to look at the treatments also. We will do that in Part 2.



I'm going to make a bold statement, which I'm sure that some of you here at AoA will strongly disagree with. Good. I hope you do disagree, and comment here, so that I can come back to this comment section later and read your responses....
"So-called "PANS" does NOT exist, - it is an imaginary "disease" that was INVENTED and/or CREATED, to serve as a cover-up, a way to $ELL DRUG$, and act as a means of social control, and to help protect and further the pseudoscience of psychiatry and the reputation and prestige of psychiatrists".....
"Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It's 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. So-called "mental illnesses" (including "PANS"), are exactly as "real" as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT more real. The DSM-5 is best seen as a catalog of billing codes. Every alleged "diagnosis" in it was either INVENTED, or CREATED, and NONE were "discovered".
So, here's my question, and I'm going to also answer it:
Was "PANS" *discovered*, *invented*, or *created*....????....
That's all I've got for today, on my "anti-psychiatry & psych drugs crusade"....
As usual, I find lots of excellent information here on AoA.
I'm looking at SEVERAL HOURS of READING and STUDY, at the College/University level,
just from today's AoA! THANK-YOU!.... and as always,
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!

ps: EVERYBODY KNOWS about "antibiotic resistant bacteria", but how soon will we hear about
"vaccine-resistant viruses"....Isn't so-called "CoVID-19" a vaccine-resistant virus....????....
pps: Why isn't the "N" in "PANS" *neuro-psychological*....????....what makes it "psychiatric"....????....

Angus Files

The overuse of anti biotics in food is also one to be aware of.They tried to put my wife on anti biotics after being dignosed with streb B which I believe 60% of all women can be dignosed of having it whilst expecting.Having read from Mercola the dangers of IV antibiotics during birth we refused to have it ALONG WITH EVERY VACCINE TO DATE that was 14 years ago.I cant find the article.Thanks Teressa funny I was talking to a central heating apprentice lad yesterday working at our boiler,and the lad refuses to have any vaccines because his mother whilst having him was put on IV antibiotics and the lad nearly died during birth.His mother refused vaccines because of what happened with the IV and lost trust in the nurses and Drs at that time.The lad has gut problems hardly eats "when offered a snak and a cup of tea "no thanks am a fussy eater and hardly eat".

Thanks again

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

For additional important information on thimerosal, its use in vaccines past and present, and its damaging effects, please read point #3 in my “Why Is This Legal” presentation:

Shelley Tzorfas

I have read numerous times that the only reason NJ has a higher Autism rate is because they have to report the numbers. That means that if every state was required to report it-you would most likely see that those are the real numbers. Mercury is used in the processing of vaccines the supposedly all washed out. Therefore it is not required to be listed as an ingredient. There used to be an easy to find law, the California Thimerosal law. The definition of thimerosal (mercury) was changed -if it was below .5 mcg then they are allowed to say its" Preservative Free," but anyone who understand homeopathy knows that a small amount of a substance can have a large effect. I think I'll call this the Pharmaceutical Butterfly (Buttery) Effect.


Theresa, Is it customary to be put on IV antibiotics in preparation for birth?

Rebecca Rust Lee

A lot of people got confused by the blandishments of the manufacturers who assured us they had removed mercury from the pediatric schedule out of "an excess of caution." (I always cringe when I hear that phrase used.) This has caused people to start looking at aluminum as the offender, even though aluminum doesn't cause the 'legion" of symptoms that we see in the injured children.
In 2017 the great Andy Cutler, who wrote the book on chronic mercury poisoning wrote, and I paraphrase, " ....autism continues apace. Children continue to be vaccinated a lot. There is no particular change in the character of the autism compared to the 1990s. Thimerosal vaccines continue to be available and there is no public accounting of how many doses of mercury free vaccines are used, compared to how many children are vaccinated." He postulated the "shockingly ugly theory" that the autism continues to be caused by doctors who use mercury-laden vaccines to save a few dollars and then lie about it.

This is not much different from the manufacturers who allow children to die from SIDS to save $35 on their bottom line...that Ginger talks about in the article below this one.

This is all very hard to bear. Injustice is hard to bear. It is hard to bear that that nice doctor has died of cancer. It is hard to bear that people are so credulous and propagandized that they would vote en masse against their own self interest as has happened in Maine.

It is hard for me to bear that the Andy Cutler protocol is so maligned and misunderstood. It is the only way to get the mercury out of these children's (and adult's for that matter) bodies. Get it out and they recover.

Rebecca Rust Lee, coauthor with Andrew Hall Cutler, Phd of "The Mercury Detoxification Manual."

Benedetta F Stilwell

Mercury in mummies and antibiotic microbes! WOW!

Mercury is used in gold mining to bind with the gold. Turn that around and gold injections help in rheumatoid arthritis. Hmmmm? I wonder?

Beast from the earth:

Mercury in vaccines.
Aluminum in vaccines, all the while studies show Alziehemers, multiple sclerosis, autism, and sick sheep have high levels of aluminum in their brains; along with sick mice studies. .
Gadolinium in the X ray dyes causing illness, and a famous actor's wife is the poster child on this one. .
Arsenic and lead together, or even apart suspected for polio epidemics, making syphilis worse with mental illness. All the metals from the earth like arsenic and lead probably causing wars, and wars lost all because of medical treated, insane European royals, including George the III, Czar of Germany, even Hitler in the great wars!

11 Then I saw a second beast, coming out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon.

Beast from out of the earth -- got that part right.

12 It exercised all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed.

First beast is a medical establishment made wealthy by such practices of deceiving.

Will the truth come out?
Will it? This is biblical proportions here!

Bob Moffit

As I was told .. over and over again .. as Wikipedia explains it:

"Ethylmercury (sometimes ethyl mercury) is a cation composed of an organic CH3CH2- species (an ethyl group) bound to a mercury(II) centre, making it a type of organometallic cation, and giving it a chemical formula C2H5Hg+. The main source of ethylmercury is thiomersal."

Again Wikipedia:

"Methylmercury (sometimes methyl mercury) is an organometallic cation with the formula [CH3Hg]+. Its derivatives are the major source of organic mercury for humans. It is a bioaccumulative environmental toxicant."

At that time .. 20 years ago … we were confidentially assured ETHYLMERCURY (Thimerosal) in vaccines was nothing to fear as pregnant women were constantly warned to avoid FISH containing METHYLMERCURY that was dangerous for their child.

I read Theresa's well informed presentation today and I don't remember reading ANY distinction between "Ethylmercury being good mercury" and "Methylmercury" being bad? Obviously … ALL MERCURY IS BAD .. so Thimerosal in vaccines was supposedly removed even though it was not harmful.

For twenty years we have been told there is "no evidence that vaccines cause autism" by the very same "experts" who pretended to have "no evidence THIMEROSAL (Ethylmercury) was as dangerous as Methylmercury in fish" .. the ONLY reason they continue to pretend they have "no scientific evidence" that vaccines cause more harm than benefit .. is because they REFUSE TO SEEK THAT EVIDENCE .. such as .. that long overdue scientific study of vaccinated v unvaccinated populations to see which population is the HEALTHIEST. As long as they can AVOID doing the research that will end this MADDNESS .. they will continue to prevail.

As Dr Tony Lynn Bark said of present vaccine policies .. THEY ARE UNSUSTAINABLE AND THEY MUST END …. NOW.

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