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Autism 27 Years Later Part 2

Meg sick age 5By Teresa Conrick

Part 1 is here

What Can Be Done For Those With Autism and Antibiotic Resistance?

Here are some treatment ideas but more are needed for so many ill children and adults.  These are based on research so I need to do the usual disclaimer:

This website and author does not provide medical advice. The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or 30F1D8D3-10BF-49DF-AE56-F5045AFE504Dtreatment. 

What I also want to say as this is usually cutting edge information that I report so you may need to go to your doctors/practitioners and give them this information.  As always, this may be years before it becomes common knowledge in any medical school or practice.

From the researchers:The gut is the epicentre of antibiotic resistance  

“Techniques are available to prevent, detect, and treat the carriage of resistant organisms in the gut. However, evidence on these techniques is scant,...”

1) Oral digestive decontamination for preventing nosocomial infections and antibiotic resistance...SDD relies on non-absorbable antibiotics (aminoglycosides, polymyxin E, and amphotericin B) applied to the oro-pharyngeal cavity and administered into the stomach, usually in combination with an intravenous antibiotic (third-generation cephalosporin) for three days. The use of SDD was highly controversial at first, chiefly because early studies found no significant decrease in mortality [53] and many physicians were deeply concerned about the risk of selecting organisms resistant to the drugs used for SDD [54-56],. Recent studies, however, documented a significant decrease in mortality [55,57,58] and a paradoxical decrease in resistance to the antibiotics used locally or systemically [55,58]. 

2) Probiotics have been suggested to maintain or restore gut homeostasis. Probiotics are defined by the World Health Organisation as ‘live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host’. Lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria are the most common micro-organism types used as probiotics, although certain yeasts and bacilli may also be helpful. Saccharomyces boulardii is a tropical yeast which has been shown to maintain and restore the natural flora in the large and small intestine [59] and is classified as a probiotic. Non-pathogenic E. coli strains such as Nissle 1917 (EcN) are also classified as probiotics and have been studied in animals, normal volunteers, and elderly patients [60-64].

3) Antibiotics with local effects for managing outbreaks.  Targeting resistant bacteria with non-absorbable antibiotics is an extremely appealing strategy that has been investigated in patients carrying multi-resistant strains, as well as during outbreaks. ..Oro-pharyngeal chlorhexidine baths combined with oral paromomycin (plus an oral antibiotic in patients with urinary tract colonisation/infection) was effective in 76% of patients carrying ESBL-producing E. coli or K. pneumoniae[70]. 

4) Faecal microbiome transplantation.  Faecal microbiome transplantation consists in administering faecal flora from a normal individual into the gut of a patient with the goal of achieving colonisation with a well-balanced community of organisms. Faecal microbiome transplantation has produced excellent results in patients with C. difficile relapses [75-77]. In two recent systematic reviews, faecal microbiome transplantation via the oral route or colonoscopy was effective in 83% and 92% of cases of C. difficile disease, respectively [75,76].

5) Beta-lactamase treatment.  Oral treatment with enteric-coated beta-lactamases has been used in dogs and in humans [79,80] in an attempt to prevent the appearance of antibiotic resistance in the gut during intravenous ampicillin administration. The desired effect is destruction by the beta-lactamase of residual antibiotic in the distal gut, to prevent the acquisition of resistance without affecting systemic drug levels. Both studies were encouraging, in particular the study in human patients, which included a control group [79,80]. However, the development of this compound has been stopped due to a lack of resources. This topic deserves further attention, since the concept is appealing.

6) The search, destroy, and restore concept.  The ‘search and destroy’ concept was used initially in The Netherlands to prevent and treat MRSA colonisation and infection. Patients at risk for MRSA carriage were screened, and cultures of the pharynx and sometimes of the skin were performed [81]. The patients were isolated until the results became negative. Patients with MRSA colonisation were treated with nasal mupirocin, often combined with chlorhexidine baths. This strategy may be among the reasons explaining the very low prevalence of MRSA in The Netherlands [64]. The search and destroy strategy has also produced favourable outcomes in Ireland, Denmark, and other Scandinavian countries [82,83]. 

This too- important for doctors, researchers, and families to know:

Microbiome Disturbances and Autism Spectrum Disorders  

“Diet, Prebiotics, Probiotics/Synbiotics, Postbiotics, Antibiotics, and Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT).”  

I also like this mention of Charcoal: Toxins produced by gut microbiota may also lead to injurious effects in the brain. Consequently, activated charcoal may be useful in microbe-induced neurobehavioral disorders, including ASD. A few studies suggest activated charcoal suppresses the growth of antibiotic-resistant intestinal bacteria.

This sounds like a study that expectant and new parents would love:

Early-life gut microbiome modulation reduces the abundance of antibiotic-resistant bacteria Colonization of the gut of breastfed infants by a single strain of B. longum subsp. infantis had a profound impact on the fecal metagenome, including a reduction in ARGs. This highlights the importance of developing novel approaches to limit the spread of these genes among clinically relevant bacteria. Future studies are needed to determine whether colonization with B. infantis EVC001 decreases the incidence of AR infections in breastfed infants.

This may sound like sci-fi but it’s real and what may end up being very important in autism treatments:

Engineered viruses could fight drug resistance  

In the battle against antibiotic resistance, many scientists have been trying to deploy naturally occurring viruses called bacteriophages that can infect and kill bacteria.

Bacteriophages kill bacteria through different mechanisms than antibiotics, and they can target specific strains, making them an appealing option for potentially overcoming multidrug resistance. However, quickly finding and optimizing well-defined bacteriophages to use against a bacterial target is challenging.

Yes, challenging but not impossible.  Here is an actual conference coming up that is looking exactly at antibiotic resistance which could help many affected.

Welcome to the Bacteriophage Therapy Summit 2020

The only industry-focused forum dedicated to facilitating the discovery, translation & acceleration of bacteriophage research into targeted therapeutics with clinically significant results.

As phage therapy offers an opportunity to tackle the ever-growing problem of antibiotic resistant infections, the 2nd Bacteriophage Therapy Summit returns to not only drive forward the translation of phage pharmacology into the clinic but also generate discussion around the direction that phage therapy is heading and how this can be commercialized and delivered into the hands of physicians and patients in need.

This hot off the press study is hugely important and promising as it uses “in vitro cultured gut microbiota as transplants.” -

Therapeutic Effects of the In Vitro Cultured Human Gut Microbiota as Transplants on Altering Gut Microbiota and Improving Symptoms Associated With Autism Spectrum Disorder  The present study demonstrated that GMT with in vitro cultured microbiota also improved behavioral abnormalities and chemokine disorders in an ASD mouse model compared with GMT with original donor gut microbiota. 

To summarize - Those who have an autism diagnosis have more antibiotic resistant genes in their gut. There is evidence that it can develop from prenatal exposure to antibiotics, exposure to mercury, exposure to their environment, and we may need to include an increase of antibiotic resistance among non-vaccine serotypes.  This line of research shows we need to be concerned , - Rapid replacement of vaccine with non-vaccine serotype pneumococci is likely to have important implications for invasive disease. Population-based surveillance in the Upper River Region of The Gambia conducted between May 2008 and December 2014 showed a 47% increase in non-vaccine-type invasive pneumococcal disease,....It was also striking that 19A invasive pneumococcal disease persisted between 2013 and 2014 among children less than 5 years old despite widespread use of PCV13 in the country..

Of course, I must go back to Megan, my catalyst on this long autism journey.  She turned 27 and I wanted to share her birthday night. 

She loved the gluten-free broccoli and pasta with the awesome cast iron steak I made.  Of all her gifts, she loved the Mama Mia CD from her sister and also the DVD of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Live in Concert, that I gave her.  I made a gluten free, dairy free cake and it was pretty good.  Her sister and I were both so happy that she had so much joy.  Meg is sick with infections and PANS often yet much better with immune help. We love to see her happy and not in pain. 


Thoughts and questions we may need to consider and please add yours in the Comments section.  All of these factors - antibiotics, mercury, and vaccines have a part in this dangerous recipe of changing the gut, tilting it to the tipping point. Information is not always honest as industry and profits cloud the true message of health  -- For example -- here we have multiple studies showing injury and lifelong health disease from mercury in fish yet here is the NYT with an article saying “no adverse effects.”:

Exposure to mercury, seafood associated with risk factor for autoimmune disease 

Heavy metals in fish and its association with autoimmunity in the development of juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a prospective birth cohort study

Why Children (and Pregnant Women) May Want to Eat More Fish  

1- Is anyone looking into more research on serotype replacement from vaccination and increases in antibiotic resistance

2- Why is there not more research on both prenatal antibiotic and vaccine consequences in infants later diagnosed with autism?

3- Could those diagnosed with PANDAS and PANS also have an increase in antibiotic resistant genes ?

4- Since “gut bug communities are likely passed down from generation to generation”  is it also possible that each generation’s gut microbes are becoming more toxic and less resistant to antibiotics?

5- Can history and decades of damage to the microbes of health be the catalyst for so many diseases today ?

6- Why are some of these topics taboo to investigate?

7- Our children and future generation look to be at risk.  Isn’t human health more important than the goliath Industries out to make a buck?

Our good friend and founder here at AoA, Dan Olmsted,  wrote an entire series over 15 years ago on the premise of autism being an environmental illness of the body, affecting the brain and not some sole psychiatric diagnosis.  He and Mark Blaxill then went on to write a ground-breaking book on the historical links to mercury, in their amazing The Age of Autism book , published in 2010.  Dan was so correct fifteen years ago with this article: The Age of Autism: A whole-body illness .  We will never give up on helping Megan and thousands more.



Thank you!! for your always valuable comments!!

And Teresa, thank you for such an Excellent article & links!!
So nice to read your daughter experienced such joy on her birthday!

david m burd

Pam, THANK YOU, for adding to the exposure of a Vaccine System that perpetuates a mercury-laden vaccine being injected into infants, children, and everybody else. Thank you.

david m burd email: [email protected]

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Teresa, Thank you for sharing the photo of your daughter - with her looking away from the camera, clutching a fidget, next to her AT device, with her arms bent in a defensive position. That is my son's brand of autism. I struggle to understand why, so I can help him to feel at ease and be able to communicate with less effort. I am grateful you are willing to help us understand what may be going on inside those with ASD.


The comment "Thimerosal was removed from all childhood vaccines" is patently FALSE.

The Mercury Free Act in Ca. and other states is not even close to being Mercury free.

Letters are frequently sent to the State's Secretary of Health & Human Sevices Agency with the first paragraph as follows:
Due to delays of preservative-free flu vaccine across the U.S., we request a temporary exemption be granted to allow health care providers to administer thimerosal-containing vaccine to children under 3 years of age and pregnant women.

Please check out this 2015 memo from the Ca. Dept. of Public "Health" regarding the exemption to the Mercury free Act:

As stated by an M.D. In Calif....."The CDC is the ultimate broker for flu vaccines that are used in every state, and even if a state has a law that says they will only order mercury free flu vaccines, the CDC will never let them do that. The CDC restricts the supply of mercury free vaccines to every state regardless of their laws, because the agenda is to keep Thimerosal in play."

Angus Files

So no evidence of any vaccine in the world having gone an independent safety check but your wholesale advocating for vaccines-very obtuse that, is it not when they haven’t properly independently been tested especially when you know that under 1986 law absolving Vaccine Manufacturers from liability? Why would such a wholesome health benefit need to be indemnified?
Right so the link I supplied says Pharma start removing mercury from some vaccines after pressure in 2003 but overall increase the amount that is in the child vaccine schedule. So why did pharma buckle if there was no smoking gun and at the same time increased the amount given to children? Were they not scared that if they removed it totally Autism would cease- of course they were absolutely? The effect is Autism the cause was mercury.

Pharma For Prison



Vaxxus, I was thinking about the synergism between thimerasol (in what ever amount) and aluminum (in increasing amounts).



I don't claim Thimerosal is safe. I think it's unsafe and should be removed completely.

I don't think your link proves that Thimerosal causes the current autism epidemic.

It's true that teens do now receive more Thimerosal than they used to but autism is something that develops in infancy or earlier and infants receive little mercury compared to the old schedule with Thimerosal containing vaccines.

Despite that autism rates went up so I say if the vaccines are the main problem there is something in vaccines that is even worse than Thimerosal and that causes the autism.

Angus Files


Thimerosal is the cause of the autism pandemic the previous link I provided provides you with that scientific evidence.
Provide me with one bit of evidence Thimerosal is safe.Provide me with one bit of independent evidence outside Pharma bought tests and studies that vaccines are safe and have been tested to be safe .If they had nothing to hide Pharma would come to the table and discuss the science but they refuse to discuss any vaccine in any independent arena -real science is based on discussion and findings.

`There's none so blind as those who will not sea’. Very true!

Pharma For Prison



Angus Files,

Thimerosal exposure has not increased in the first 3 years of life it has decreased a lot.

Whatever causes autism must be present early especially in year 1 or 2.

School age children receiving Thimerosal containing vaccines could develop other problems but they won't develop autism.

One has to conclude that Thimerosal doesn't cause the current autism epidemic.

Susan Welch,

I think I have explained why Thimerosal can't be the main cause of the current autism epidemic.
That doesn't mean that vaccines don't cause it or that Thimerosal is safe. It means we need to take a closer look at what else is in vaccines.

It's possible that aluminum is a far bigger problem than Thimerosal.


susan welch

Either mercury is the main cause of the autism epidemic but it's not coming from vaccines anymore or another environmental factor is causing it.

Thank you for making me laugh, Vaxxus. After all the comments on this thread and you come up with the above sentence. Did you actually read anything?

That is the sort of response I would expect from a troll on Facebook or Twitter who has been given excellent information but refuses to accept it.

Angus Files

Denial is a great place to be but in time you will see its not a real place just a temporary place where your brain can go and adjust to the new info which has been around for decades,but new to you.


"Astoundingly, the total level of mercury exposure, if a child receives all the possible CDC-recommended vaccinations that are still Thimerosal preserved, from 6 months to 18 years of age, has actually increased. Significantly, if you put the amount of mercury added to the immunization schedule as a result of the CDC-recommended seasonal and (in 2009) H1N1 flu shots** on one side of a scale, and the amount of mercury that was subtracted from that schedule by reformulating early childhood vaccines without Thimerosal on the other side, the total amount of mercury added far outweighs the amount of mercury subtracted. In addition, today most tetanus shots and the multi-dose Sanofi Menomune® vaccine that are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still contain 25-micrograms-a-dose mercury.

Currently, the actions taken by the vaccine manufacturers, the FDA and the CDC have increased the possible maximum childhood exposure to mercury from vaccines to twice the level that triggered the 1999 call to remove mercury from all vaccines as soon as possible! Also, new vaccine formulations with 25 micrograms of mercury per 0.5-mL dose are still being approved by the FDA for administration to pregnant women and children."

Pharma For Prison



Michael, yes I read the Simpsonwood transcript and Exley's work.

After Simpsonwood Thimerosal was removed from most vaccines but autism rates still went up.

This leaves only two possibilities:

Either mercury is the main cause of the autism epidemic but it's not coming from vaccines anymore or another environmental factor is causing it.


Vaxxus--welcome to Age of Autism. There's a lot to know. By the way have you read the Simpsonwood Transcript or Exley's work?

david m burd

@ Vaxxus, We indeed have agreement that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines cause permanent neurotoxic damage, and are yet another cause of the plethora of vaccines' damages, to possibly being sick by influenza, a common ailment forever and never a factor in well nourished children.

However, it is puzzling how you don't grasp the dangers of endlessly repetitive, EVERY 12 MONTHS, injecting the mercury-containng flu vaccine into babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults (and with all its other toxic excipients and unknown contaminants in this flu-vaccine shot) .

my email: [email protected] Anytime.

david m burd



If you read the book The Age of Autism you will see that mercury in vaccines HAS caused a lot of autism. However, just plain vaccine encephalitis, which can be triggered by any vaccine, can cause autism as well. So just when they reduced mercury in many vaccines, they also both increased aluminum and added many more doses of many more vaccines to the schedule.



I don't think I am extremely ignorant or dangerous.

I don't think Thimerosal is safe or should be in vaccines but it's obvious that the decline in Thimerosal usage correlates with a massive increase of autism so it should be clear at this point that we are dealing with something that is even worse than Thimerosal and it would be important to figure out what it is.

One of the suspects could be aluminum containing vaccines.

David m burd

@David L,

As documented by Olmsted/Blaxill book Age of Autism, autism was virtually nonexistent prior 1940. Yet, beginning late 1800's the U.S. and England blanketed the populace with mercury soot/emissions for 50 years (causing great numbers of respiratory illness and deaths) - yet basically no autism.

These last 30 years coal-fired Utilities have gone down to but 26% of our power, and with mercury scrubbed out by 95%. Yet, autism and a horrible onslaught of other chronic injuries keep rocketing up -- all this in tandem with Vaccine Schedules also rocketing up. Seems pretty clear that coal-plant emissions, while not good, are virtually nothing compared to vaccines' toxicities.

David m burd


The 85% flu-vaccines free of Thimerosal is an Absolute Con Job by the CDC and their vaccine- maker Partners in crime.

The truth is that the "selection" of all the different flu vaccine makers do indeed have 85% of their "selections" to not have more than a trace of ethylmercury, with but 15% of the selection of flu vaccined still containing 25 micrograms via shots coming out of multidoses vials.

In reality, however, is that approx 80% of flu shots ACTUALLY GIVEN come out of multidose vials having full-srength Thimerosal. And, these are the shots going from pregnancy and into babies, forever.

You have been conned by CDC's propaganda (that's their specialty).

David m burd


The mercury-laden vaccines Laura Hayes and I discuss and condemn here on AoA pertain to those given HERE in the U.S.

You, sir, ARE one of the most dangerous AoA commentors (NOT Laura Hayes) and with zero memory of the numerous factual AoA Posts over the years factually documenting Thimerosal still in flu-shots pushed onto pregnant women, with now OVER 50% of American mothers-to-be having their fetus POISONED with ethylmercury, thence repeatedly poisoned beginning 6 months old,thence every 12 months, forever. These FACTS, by themselves, can easily account for the still strongly rising tragic autism spectrum CATASTROPHE here in the U.S.

Anybody including Eindeker can mail if you want, [email protected]

David m burd

David m burd

Vaxxus, (but first thank you Laua Hayes for actual, truthful facts on thimerosal/ethylmercury 50% by weight STILL in the huge majority of flu shots injected starting in fetuses thence @ 6 months, thence EVERY 12 months!! - with permanent brain damage incessantly and permanently accruing!!!!).

I have personally acquired the Vaccine Manufacturers Flu Vaccination production data going back 15 years (and have repeatedly presented this several times here). THE bottom line is for every year since 2003 at least 80-90% of pediatric flu shots contain the mercury amounts cited by Laura Hayes in her comments here.

This is a massive, unforgivable CRIME that will someday soon indict the damn CDC, and should by any justice dissolve their evil empire.

Vaxxus, YOU are extremely ignorant, and extremely dangerous spouting your indoctrinated ignorance.

Hans Scholl

Posted by: Vaxxus | March 10, 2020 at 04:28 AM

No vaccines - No Autism

This vaccine program is the greatest crime in all history ever.

Vaccines are the vehicle to deliver a myriad of different poisons.
So to focus on any single ingredients is ridiculous.
Themiserol is toxic at nanograms - part per billion- Dr Frank Engley did the studies in 1947
Making it one of the most toxic substances known to mankind.
So "small reduced amounts" discussions will not cut it with me.

I can guarantee to all here Eindecker does not take his seasonal annual flu vax .
But Eindecker I wholeheartedly recommend that you do. Better to be safe than effective.

susan welch

Vaxxus. Does it have to be 'either/or'? Why not all?


Just to clarify. I don't support Thimerosal in vaccines and I don't think it's safe.

I don't think it is responsible for the autism epidemic because Thimerosal content in vaccines has been much reduced and it was removed from all childhood vaccines but is still found in some flu shots.

While Thimerosal exposure is now only a small fraction of what it had previously been autism is now more common than ever.

The Thimerosal can't be the real problem. We need to focus on other vaccine ingredients or other sources of exposure.

Blaming it on Thimerosal won't help us.

Jenny Allan

Eindeker turns up to defend the governments and pharmaceutical industry whenever this thread exposes a raw nerve. Mercury in vaccines is indeed a 'touchy' subject. These days it is more or less universally agreed mercury in the form of Thiomersal or Thimerosal, (one a generic -the other a brand name for the same chemical ), is potentially a harmful vaccine preservative. As Laura Hayes points out there are NO safe levels of mercury. Injecting this stuff into tiny babies could even be called a crime against humanity.

The posts of 'Vaxxus' -on the other hand are a perfect example of how the press and media influences the public. The UK Daily Mail is presently campaigning to 'persuade' parents to vaccinate their children. In one article it was admitted the MMR vaccine, (which has never contained mercury), is the main target for their propaganda. Some of the articles are quite vicious against so called 'anti-vaxxer' parents, with the ubiquitous dragging up of Dr Wakefield and a 22 year old Lancet article, which had 13 authors, none of whom conspired to 'fraudulently' present their multidisciplinary findings.

The following Mail article, from 2017, perfectly demonstrates the way this pack of hyenas deals with dissenters. In this case a popular Scottish DJ, called Calvin Harris, who pointed out (correctly) mercury is STILL in vaccines.
"Government health officials have attacked superstar Calvin Harris after he controversially claimed the flu jab is a 'neurotoxin shot'.
The Scottish DJ, who has 12.7 million followers on Twitter, became embroiled in a row on the social media site after telling them the vaccine contains mercury.
His false allegations were dismissed by various experts, including Mail on Sunday's resident GP Dr Ellie Cannon, with whom he engaged in a war of words."

Ellie Cannon is one of the Mail's resident doctors and she is totally pro-vaccine. Well she WOULD be wouldn't she? I don't know whether she is genuinely ignorant or paid to tell lies but the following quote from her is in the article. She also bangs on about the 'science'. How dares she?-
"Some flu vaccines contain thimerosal preservative', she revealed. The non-toxic compound related to mercury passes harmlessly through the body."
RELATED to mercury??? This stuff is nearly 50% Hg by molecular weight. Some relative!
Vaxxus - have we converted you?

David L

Autopsy studies have shown dental amalgam to be the main source of mercury in human tissues, responsible for at least 60–95% of mercury deposits. Wi-Fi exposure of 2.4 GHz for 20 minutes significantly increased (approximately doubled) the amount of mercury released from dental amalgams into the body of the Wi-Fi exposed group compared to the non-exposed group. Other research showed exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) such as mobile phones and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and x-rays significantly accelerates the release of mercury in dental fillings. The blood and urine mercury load of a person with amalgam fillings is often five times that of a similar person without. Studies have consistently found that modern, high copper, non-gamma-two amalgams have a high negative current and even a much greater release of mercury vapor than conventional silver amalgams and are more cytotoxic. Recent studies have concluded that, because the high mercury release levels of modern amalgams, mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings is widespread throughout the population. Amalgam also releases significant amounts of silver, tin, and inorganic copper which also have toxic effects, with organic tin compounds formed in the body being even more neurotoxic than mercury.

Studies carried out during the mid 1990s found a correlation between the mercury concentrations in the kidneys of newborn babies and the number of amalgam fillings of the mother. These studies found that the mercury concentration in the urine of pregnant and lactating women positively correlated with the number and surfaces of amalgam fillings and with frequency of fish consumption.

Maternal exposure to electromagnetic fields in mothers with dental amalgam fillings are but one single factor that can cause elevated levels of mercury and contribute to autism rates. Tests of 168 baby foods from major manufacturers in the US recently found 95% contained lead, 73% contained arsenic, 75% contained cadmium and 32% contained mercury. One fourth of the foods contained all four heavy metals. A total of 1.6 million Americans live next to the most polluting incinerators in the country. Of the 73 incinerators across the US, 79% are located within three miles of low-income and minority neighbourhoods exposed to the vast majority of pollution coming from these waste-burning plants. The burning of household and commercial waste can give off a stew of pollutants, including mercury, lead and small particles of soot. A study of mercury in the environment and its correlation to pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders found that on average, for every 1,000 pounds of mercury (all forms) released into the environment via air emissions or wastewater effluent, as documented by the Environmental Protection Agency's Toxic Release Inventory, there was a 43-percent increase in the rate of special education services and a 61-percent increase in the rate of autism. In a more recent study, investigators of environmental mercury exposure found that for every 1,000 pounds of mercury release, there is a 3.7% increase in autism rates of school age children living near coal fired power plants. For every 10 miles from industrial or power plant sources, there was an associated decreased autism Incident Risk of 2.0% and 1.4%, respectively (p<.05). Risks for autism were elevated by 50% in tracts with the highest chlorinated solvents and heavy metals. The highest risk compounds were mercury, cadmium, nickel, trichloroethylene, and vinyl chloride, and the risk from heavy metals was almost twice as high as solvents. Our results suggest a potential association between autism and estimated metal concentrations, and possibly solvents, in ambient air around the birth residence...

Laura Hayes


The flu vaccine IS a recommended childhood vaccination, and the VAST majority contains thimerosal. These Hg-laden vaccines are INJECTED willy-nilly into pregnant women, infants, and children.

Let me do the simple math for you:

- Fetus exposed to 25mcg Hg via maternal flu vaccine
- At 6 months, baby receives 12.5 mcg of Hg via flu vaccine
- At 7 months, baby receives 12.5 mcg of Hg via flu vaccine
- At 18 months, baby receives 25 mcg of Hg via flu vaccine
- At ages 2, 3, 4, and 5 years of age, child receives 4 more Hg-containing flu vaccines for another 100 mcg of Hg

Total Hg before age 6 for typical U.S. child from flu vaccines alone is 175 mcg. And that is if the BASTARDS at the pharmaceutical companies can be trusted with amounts listed on product labels (they can't be), and if the multi-dose vials were actually administered with a perfect 1/10 of the Hg per injection (next to impossible). Some children likely receive far more than 175 mcg of Hg before age 6 here in the U.S. Let me remind you that there is NO safe amount of Hg for a human being.

Now, combine that toxic, neurotoxic mercury with the alarming amounts of toxic, neurotoxic aluminum received via vaccinations during that same timeframe...and formaldehyde...and polysorbate 80, which personally escorts the Hg and Al across the blood brain barrier and through cell walls...and foreign DNA from both human and animal sources...and viruses and retroviruses of both human and animal origin...Triton-X 100...squalene...and more, including ingredients not required to be listed due to "trade secrets" and other nefarious means. Talk about a recipe for crimes against humanity.

Yes, Hg is still a HUGE problem, along with the many other heinous ingredients in vaccines. This is not difficult to understand for those who desire to comprehend.


First, the title of the study you posted is purposefully deceptive, as it implies that thimerosal was removed from ALL vaccines, which was not the case. The first paragraph from the link you sent clearly states:

"Autism cases continued to increase in California after the mercury-containing preservative thimerosal was eliminated from most childhood vaccines, according to a new report. This suggests that exposure to thimerosal is not a primary cause of autism."

See that pesky little word casually thrown in there, "most". That discredits everything that follows. The ones with Hg that remained on the schedule could have easily amounted to that which would keep the autism numbers going and growing...not to mention that at the same time, the aluminum in some vaccines was tripled (Al being synergistically toxic and neurotoxic with Hg). Can you say "cover up"?

Also, the following is from a VCC publication. It is likely that the U.S. was using the same vaccines.

"Thimerosal, a mercury containing preservative which was widely used but later removed from many pharmaceutical products, lingers on in some vaccines including ones injected into some of the most vulnerable recipients – pregnant women, babies, children and seniors. As of 2011, Canadian vaccines which contain thimerosal as a preservative are multi-dose vials of the influenza vaccines, Fluviral® and Vaxigrip®; Tetanus Toxoid vaccine; Recombivax HB® multi-dose vials of hepatitis B vaccine and Menomune® A/C/Y/W-135 multi-dose vials of meningococcal vaccine. Those which contain trace amounts remaining from the manufacturing process are Infanrix™-hexa (the six-valent vaccine given to babies as young as 6 months and children up to 2yrs old), Engerix®-B multi-dose vials of hepatitis B vaccine and Twinrix® hepatitis A/hepatitis B vaccine."

Perhaps you should friend David Gorski (Orac) on FaceBook and become best buds.

John Stone


Yes, thimerosal was much reduced and and at least the tics began to disappear in young children in the U.K. but the schedule continued to escalate and so did autism - most particularly the hate campaign - of which you are a minor feature - against parents with concern about adverse events and their sequelae has marched forward by the year.


John in the US For the 2019-2020 season, only multidose vial presentations of influenza vaccines contain thimerosal. Approximately 85% of projected vaccine supply produced for the 2019-2020 flu season will be thimerosal-free (i.e., preservative-free).
Laura thiomersal was removed from children’s vaccines in the UK 2003-2005 Thiomersal was removed from UK vaccines between 2003 and 2005, and is no longer found in any of the childhood or adult vaccines routinely used in the UK. Before 2005, thiomersal was present in diphtheria- and tetanus-containing vaccines, as well as hepatitis B vaccine and some flu vaccines.
& finally Laura who exactly needs to stop spreading dangerous misinformation.??? Autism: Removing Thimerosal From Vaccines Did Not Reduce Autism Cases In California, Report Finds https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/01/080107181551.htm


Vaxxus we need to focus on everything vaccine; past, present and future. Thimerasol was dealt with politically and PR; anything but scientifically.


Teresa, my first thought came from my reaction to the disclaimer. There should be a disclaimer on almost everything we read coming out of medicine regarding what is practiced on us in the name of health. My second thought would be a disclaimer on the CDC site which might read something like this:



#8 In answer to 1-7, See Age of Autism 2007-2020



I am not spreading misinformation. Thimerosal was removed from all childhood vaccines. It's remains in the flu shot.

We need to focus on other vaccine ingredients.

John Stone


In the USA thimerosal is not completely out of the vaccines - it can been given in the flu shot to women in pregnancy and also in the flu shot to infants over the age of six months. This is very bad although not at the level it was. In the U.K. I have noted we don’t have the young children with tics anymore but as the vaccine schedule expands we have even more autistic children.


Laura Hayes


Read #3 from this presentation:


Then read this:


Please stop spreading dangerous misinformation.



Thimerosal wasn't supposedly removed, it was removed from vaccines. Apparently Thimerosal doesn't cause the current autism epidemic.

Rebecca Lee

We have found that autism is still chronic mercury poisoning. The Thimerosal was supposedly removed from the pediatric schedule a few years back, but the little kids are still showing up in their hundreds in our support groups. The majority of them have hair tests which show the "deranged mineral transport" that only mercury will cause. 50% recover with the Andy Cutler protocol. Another 25% get a whole lot better but need something else. The final 25% it it is some problem other than mercury.

Rebecca Rust Lee
coauthor with Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD of "The Mercury Detoxification Manual."

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