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All Hands on Deck For Vaccine Bills Across the USA

Heart_usaBy Cathy Jameson

I never used to pay attention to politics when I was younger.  I knew the basics and recognized who sat in the top government positions, but that was about it.  Now, I read and watch everything I can about it.  From what’s happening on the state level all the way through to the federal level, I scour the news looking at what my and other representatives across the country are talking about.  When vaccines are on the docket, I pay even more attention.  What happens in one state, could very well happen in another.  

What Is Happening Across the Country?

Things are happening, and in some states, time is of the essence.  Take Colorado, for example.  On Friday of last week, Colorado’s SB20-163 was voted on.  It passed out of the Senate and will now head back to the House. SB20-163 restricts exemptions and forces tracking of vaccinations.  It’s also a violation of privacy as the tracking system being proposed is not an opt-in.  Worth noting is that tracking system opens the door for in-home visits “so interventions can be applied.”  Creating a law that would put the entire population on blast doesn’t protect the people of Colorado but potentially creates a platform to shame its citizens.  Data is already available to anyone who may be curious or concerned about vaccine rates and exemption statuses at schools.  Plus, vaccination rates are considered high in the state so this bill, like others we’re seeing, is an overreach.  One more thing this bill does is force parents, who wish to use an exemption, to either submit a signed document from a medical professional or require them to watch a video about vaccines.  The video was created by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, a group that publicly supports SB20-163.  Suggested next steps by those in Colorado are for people to continue to show up at the capital, to contact Governor Polis and ask him to veto the bill, and to call and email representatives urging them to vote no.  

Three concerning bills were filed by early January in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Each was considered a “bad” bill by those wishing to preserve liberty.  They were being carefully watch by families who’ve witnessed a vaccine injury also.  The first two bills didn’t make it too far, but the third one has moved rather quickly through several committees.  HB1090 isn’t just a bad bill; it’s a terrible bill.  Instead of the Commonwealth having a say in which vaccines would be required for school entry, it hands that authority over to a federal group, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).  Children attending daycares and schools in Virginia would have to follow current and all future ACIP recommendations, no questions asked.  Parents are already given a hard time as they try to make informed decisions regarding vaccines, but they will never be given the opportunity to make a choice if this bill passes.  That decision will be made for them.  Citizens should call their representatives about HB1090 and urge their reps to vote no.  It’ll likely be heard on Monday, so March 2nd is the day to show up at the capital.  This bill needs to be killed before the legislative session adjourns at the end of the week.   

On March 3rd, the people of Maine will get a chance to overturn LD 798.  Signed into law by Gov. Janet Mills, this bill removed religious and philosophical exemptions.  It also effectively blocked both children and adults from entering schools, to include daycares and universities, unless students follow the state vaccine schedule.  LD 798 also prohibits adults from working in both daycares and in healthcare services unless they, too, follow the state-mandated vaccine schedule.  This week, Mainers will get the opportunity to overturn LD 798 thanks to the efforts of citizens who worked to secure a veto ballot referendum, which will be listed as Question 1 on the ballot.  Those who wish to reinstate the exemptions and to once again be able to access education without having to adhere to mandates are encouraged to vote. 

Illinois has not one but two bills to watch.  The first one, SB3688, would remove the religious exemption, and the other, HB 4870, mandates vaccines.  HB 4870 is one of the most aggressive bills regarding the HPV vaccine in that it would require all students in public, private, or parochial schools to receive the complete HPV vaccine series before they begin 9th grade.  The series is recommended for both boys and girls, and depending on when the vaccine is administered, it is either 2 or 3 doses.    For those opposed to this bill, there is still a chance to submit a witness slip ahead of this week’s committee meeting, which is scheduled for March 4th.  As of this writing, 175 slips in favor of the bill have been filed.  Over 8,200 witness slips have been filed against HB 4870. 

Is There Any Good News Out There?


HB 2050 in Arizona, sponsored by State Representative John Fillmore, “would strengthen parental rights to make vaccination decisions and push back against any future federal vaccine mandates.”  Other legislators in other states are ready to hand our children and their care over to the government, so it’s refreshing to see legislation like this.  On the one hand, parents shouldn’t have to fight for what is already theirs – their rights.  But it’s encouraging to have one representative willing to preserve them.  I’ll definitely be watching HB 2050 and hope that more states follow suit.  The bill’s full text, with some recent amendments, can be followed on Arizona’s LegiScan page.

Other representatives, like in South Dakota, made a valiant effort to introduce a bill that had many of us cheering.  Unfortunately, the bill that could have eliminated mandates was killed in committee. It’s too bad, because the HB 1235’s sponsors understood and valued that “Every person has the inalienable right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion that the person accepts any medical intervention, including immunization. No person may be discriminated against for refusal to accept an unwanted medical intervention, including immunization.”  I pray that they reintroduce similar legislation again soon.  

As parents, we juggle a lot.  Our kids and our families are our top priority.  Politics, especially during our state’s legislative session, should be also.  If your state has introduced or is getting ready to vote on a vaccine bill, stay on top of it.  Some of them are good, and we’d love to help you support them.  But others, like the bills listed in that first section above, can cause damage – and not just physically.  They can destroy any glimmer of hope and whatever little bit of trust a faithful citizen may have once had in the system. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


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How are legislators getting away with complaining about the affordability of a Corona virus vaccine why simultaneously claiming vaccines don’t really generate profit for Pharma?!

Aimee Doyle

Cathy - regarding the "good news" in Arizona and South Dakota.

Despite legislative efforts, the Republican governor of South Dakota has vowed to killed any legislation that relaxes vaccine requirements. Here is her response before the bill died in committee.

"Gov. Kristi Noem on Friday said she’s against a bill that would stop South Dakota schools and colleges from requiring students to get vaccinations. The Republican governor told reporters that vaccinations save lives and that her office will be opposing the bill when it is presented to a committee next week."

Similarly, Republican governor Doug Ducey of Arizona opposes removing any vaccine exemptions.

Since governors typically have veto power over legislative bills, I don't know that these kinds of bills will go very far in either Arizona or South Dakota. Not sure if there's a single governor in the 50 states (whether red or blue) who would sign such legislation.

Angus Files

Vaccines are skin deep just like Politicians. The only difference is you can eliminate politicians from your life after being introduced to them unlike vaccines when injected. Synergistically they are a train crash our kids are testament to that

Pharma For Prison


Jonathan Rose

And don't forget New Jersey, where we beat back an attempt to abolish religious exemptions. State legislators say they're going to reintroduce the bill, but right now they seem preoccupied with fending off charges of sexual harassment. And this morning I was pleasantly astonished to read the following op-ed in our local paper, the Morristown Daily Record. Maybe the media blockade is finally cracking:


by Marissa Reilly

The desire for religious freedom was the primary motivation for which early immigrants moved to this beautiful country. I have preached this through a social studies curriculum for the last 10 years to my elementary school students. My students’ history books exemplified the significant importance of why we possess religious freedom in New Jersey. Never once, as I spoke these words aloud, did I ever think such a crucial freedom would not only be tampered with, but potentially ripped out from underneath our feet in this state. Yet here we are, we the state Legislature considering removing religious exemptions for mandated school vaccinations.

As a certified holistic nutritionist and a new mother just shy of 29, I began researching everything and anything to do with pregnancy and parenthood. As we made our baby registry, I made sure to research the safest possible items for my child and added them to our list. It never even occurred to me that I should not only research the food and medicines that enter my baby’s bloodstream, but something that most wouldn’t even bat an eye at questioning: vaccinations.

I began by asking our pediatrician her thoughts on this subject. She didn’t have helpful information other than that they were “safe and effective.” It appeared that she didn’t have detailed knowledge of the ingredients listed on the vaccine insert, nor about the adverse reactions and side effects. Of course, when Heidi Larson, who spoke at the Global Vaccine Safety Summit, recently shared that “…in medical school you’re lucky if you have half a day on vaccines,” it made sense. Shouldn’t a parent be made aware of that which is about to enter their child’s body and any possible risks that may come with these injections?

Since I wasn’t presented the vaccine inserts, I performed my own research and I surprised at what I found. Being in the holistic wellness field, I understand what should (and shouldn’t) be entering the body through any environmental factors. Many vaccines contain toxic substances such as mercury, aluminum, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde and phenoxyethanol (antifreeze).

Some of the most disturbing discoveries were when I realized that a majority of the vaccine adverse reactions included seizures and encephalitis. As if that wasn’t horrifying enough, there was a risk that my newborn child could die (SIDS) after receiving an injection at a well visit. How could my doctor not inform me about this?

As I continued to research these scientific journals, I realized there is great concern about the efficacy of vaccinations. There is a myriad of peer-reviewed medical studies demonstrating the failure of vaccinations. I also noted that multiple vaccinations at a young age overburden the immune system in a way that would never normally occur in natural life.

Would your child encounter measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, etc., all at the same time in the real world? Don’t take my word for it, do your own research. At least read the vaccine inserts. Books I found useful include Lynne McTaggart’s The Vaccination Bible and Viera Scheibner’ s Vaccination: 100 Years of Research Shows That Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System.

We must question the legislative bills removing constitutional rights. Where are lawmakers getting their data that removing the religious exemption will improve public health? Coercive medicine and mandates do nothing to increase public health. We need to address this issue thoughtfully before we look to remove rights and exclude healthy children from school.

No one knows what is better for a child than his or her parents and doctors. Let’s remember that informed consent has been an ethical foundation of medicine since the end of World War II, and for good reason. History has taught us that medical tyranny is a very slippery slope and can lead to complete societal devastation. Where there is any form of risk, individuals must have a choice. Don’t give away your constitutional rights without being informed.

Marissa Reilly lives in Oak Ridge.

Bob Moffit

I am tired and frustrated by those supposed "moderators" on nationally televised presidential debates and town hall meetings who absolutely REFUSE .. IGNORE .. AVOID AT ALL COSTS .. any mention of the raging controversies in state after state regarding vaccine policies and programs. Why is it left to someone like Cathy .. an INFORMED MOM who has witnessed first hand the tragic consequences visited upon her, her son, her family, her community … to REPORT ON PENDING LEGISLATION IN STATE AFTER STATE … LEGISLATION THAT THREATENS EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD WITH LOSING THEIR UNIVERSAL HUMANITARIAN RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT.

There is no other issue in the country that so threatens our children, families, communities .. indeed our country .. NONE .. not abortion, not gun control, not health care coverage, not the economy .. NONE .. yet .. these are the issues addressed by mainstream media pundits and reporters while they deliberately avoid asking the simplest of questions to politicians .. both in office and those seeking office .. DO PARENTS HAVE A RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT WHEN THEIR CHILD'S HEALTH IS PLACED AT RISK .. AND … AS WE ALL KNOW … VACCINES ARE "UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE" ,, THE RISK TO VULNERABLE CHILDREN IS LIFE-LONG, LIFE-ALTERING, LIFE-THEATENING … DEATH COMPENSATION AWARDS CAPPED AT $250,000.


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