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The King's Face in the Moon: An Interview with Toby Rogers Part 2

Age of Autism Interview: Dr. Toby Rogers, PhD on the Autism Epidemic

Dr. Toby RogersNote: I don't mean to be snippy, but WE had an epidemic long before C19 came around.  And all the troubles facing families in Europe, the USA and elsewhere, have been SOP when you have one (or more) children of any age with autism. We also have no treatment. No cure. And.... no prevention. Our children die too young. We're alone a LOT.  We stay inside and avoid public places. Careers have been sidetracked, income decimated, savings devoured, healthcare lacking, schools unable to educate and????  We're mocked left and right. Onward, friends. Thanks to Anne for this terrific interview.

By Anne Dachel

Thanks to the incredible work of political economist, Dr. Toby Rogers, we’ve gotten a preview of what the nightmare epidemic is going cost us in the very near future, as I reported in my Mar 11th coverage of Dr. Rogers on Del Bigtree’s Highwire interview.

Here is a follow-up Skype talk I recently had with Dr. Rogers:

#1 Dr. Toby Rogers explains his work

“My doctoral research is relatively straightforward. Anybody can read these studies. I gathered the best cost estimates from economists from around the world about the costs of autism.

“We know that autism is devastating financially to families, particularly to mothers who often become caregivers.

“We know that autism is the most costly medical condition in the United Kingdom. A study from the London School of Economics shows that autism costs the United Kingdom more than heart disease, stroke and cancer combined. And we know that  five years ago [2015] …autism cost the United States $268 billion a year.

“We’re looking at a trillion dollars a year in costs for autism in the United States within five years.

“There’s no plan for how to respond to this. The federal government isn’t ready for this. The state government isn’t ready for this. This is strange, and the question becomes WHY. Why is it that government officials are so slow to respond to an epidemic that is all around us?

“I think there are multiple answers for that and none of them are good. We’re trying to understand a very strange social phenomenon.

“I think elected officials tend to live in information bubbles. They tend to be surrounded by other people who look and think like them. They tend to only talk to people who look and think like them. They tend to listen to lobbyists who are in their ear and writing them checks. So then a parent comes to testify or to meet with them to explain the vaccine injury that happened to their child, they don’t know what to do with this information. So they dismiss it or they don’t want to think about it, or they find ways to distract themselves.

“I don’t quite know how things go astray with elected officials, but in the social science literature they say that knowledge is socially constructed. We would like to think that we all just are governed by the facts, and that we all follow logic and reason.

“The social science literature shows that that’s not actually how knowledge works. The way that knowledge works is that we’re all social creatures, and so we look for cues to other people. We look at other people in our social group and how they’re thinking and acting.

“And our financial position influences this too, right? The old Mark Twain quote where it’s difficult to get a man to understand a set of facts if his salary depends on not understanding them. Well, I think that’s happening with elected officials too. 

“What we’re trying to dismantle in the work that you do and the work that I do is this socially constructed worldview that there’s nothing to see here. We all know that we’re in the midst of extraordinary epidemics of childhood illness. It’s not just autism. It’s [also] autoimmune disorders, it’s arthritis, it’s life threatening allergies, it’s asthma, diabetes, cancer.

“We’re living in this incredibly troubled time when our kids are sick in record numbers. Fifty-four percent of our kids are sick [with one or more chronic illnesses]. I think we just need to keep talking to elected officials, keep talking to the press until it breaks through.

“I think it’s not going to be linear or gradual. It’s all going to tip in a short space of time. I feel like we’re on the verge of this tipping point where elected officials and the media are going to wake up. They have to because U.S. society is headed over a cliff right now if we don’t do something to stop these epidemic of childhood illness.

“And the way we stop these epidemics is by putting fewer toxic chemicals in children’s bodies. We know this, and one of the largest sources of toxic chemicals in children’s bodies is the pharmaceutical industry. Not only the pharmaceutical industry but mostly the pharmaceutical industry.

“In my research I show extraordinary harms from Tylenol,selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressant and then just this bloated, grotesque U.S. vaccine schedule that’s really based on profits for the pharmaceutical industry and was never based on the health of children or the wellbeing of our society.”


Benedetta F Stilwell

Well as soon as the CDC gets their raspy voices healed up from sounding the alarm about the coronavirus 19; I am sure they will wear those voices right back out again over the new stats of the ever rising autism numbers.

If they only knew how to do their real job of collecting data and stats.

I would love to give them a hint on how to do that job: Public school records!

Donna L.

I just have to say, I love your Note at the top of this post. Sums it all up so well.
I have a much greater chance of being killed by my son with autism during this stupid Shelter-In-Place order than I do of contracting or dying from C19. Nobody cares.
Thank you for continuing to speak up about this irony and utter lack of support for our kids and our families.


All Trump would have to do to 1)”own the libs” 2) spare millions any further economic hardship 3) contain the virus w/ treatments just as they did in China and 4) probably get re-elected would be to swap #FailedFauci for Dr Mikovitz, or Dr Lyons-Weiler or any of the hundreds of vaccine risk aware experts in this community. Will he do it? Probably not because it would mean kissing Pharma support goodbye and making the world admit vaccines cause autism. I really hoped he had bigger cojones!

Tim Lundeen

11% of students have disabilities identified with autism -- U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Program


Gary Ogden

Thanks, Anne. In five years, a cost larger than that of the defense budget. Yet they sit on their hands. I think he is right that we will soon reach a tipping point. It will be a time of great teeth gnashing and finger pointing, as most of the politicians will rush to blame someone, anyone. Following the lead of the CCP on this coronavirus outbreak, a piddling affair by comparison, does not bode well.


The question I haven’t hear during all this, is will this pandemic persuade the Chinese government to finally put as much effort into modernising these meat markets and food production in general, as they have put in to modernising their other industries? The cost of relying on pharma solutions is crippling, as we have found out with the current on going epidemic of autism.

Most of the influenza and corona mutations appear to originate in situations where different animal and human viruses have ample opportunity to exchange genetic material with each other.
This will require new legalisation and the creation of large and expensive projects. Yet this pandemic has proven, that reform of the Chinese food industry complex has become an over riding economic necessity for the whole World. And at heart, the Chinese seem to love big expensive projects and the bigger and more expensive they are, the more they love to boast about them.

Currently, China export tones of pork to earn foreign revenue, whilst many of its people still eat bats and other wild game (although even I like a bit of variety). Their farming methods too, could do with more separation of the species and better hygiene practises. In Canada it is still illegal to sell Haggis containing lung material, harking back to the days of uncontrolled tuberculosis. Is it not a long recognised principle, that breeding grounds for diseases should be the prime focus when it comes to controlling diseases that emanate from them. Some parts of the world achieved a greater reduction in the incidents of malaria, not by spraying but by educating the people to drain any standing bodies of water and not to leave things laying around which rain water could collect in, like old automobile tires. It nipped much of the problem in the bud.

This pandemic involving these types of viruses will not be the last one. Therefore, whilst the current pandemic is still ongoing and causing so much disruption to every-bodies lives, I think the this issue should be brought up every time Corona or Flu is mentioned, don’t you?

Angus Files

The cost is staggering beyond belief and unsustainable.The worldwide view from the WHO to follow China and hold up the beleifs of that country,a country of genocide..what would they do to our disabled kids if they were put in charge which I can see coming if not already walking up our shores.

Coronavirus warning: UK must 'ramp up' use of 'army surveillance' like China, says WHO

Cultural Genocide in Xinjiang: How China Targets Uyghur Artists, Academics, and Writers

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

Anne .. many thanks again for covering the "incredible work of Dr. Toby Rogers" .. his diligent investigation and warning of growing autism COSTS that threaten the future financial stability of nations .. including the USA … will be remembered throughout history as an UNHEEDED WARNING THAT COULD HAVE PREVENTED DISASTER. Dr Roger's warning:

“I think it’s not going to be linear or gradual. It’s all going to tip in a short space of time. I feel like we’re on the verge of this tipping point where elected officials and the media are going to wake up. They have to because U.S. society is headed over a cliff right now if we don’t do something to stop these epidemic of childhood illness."

Being on the "verge of this tipping point" may explain Paul Offit's remarkable observation regarding response to Coronavirus PANDEMIC:

"Let’s take common sense measures to stop the spread. The precautionary principle dictates caution to prevent harm. But the precautionary principle also dictates that you don’t cause harm in the name of preventing harm. It will take years to recover from the draconian measures that we are currently instituting."

If ever there was an opportunity for Offit and vaccine cabal to regain the LOST trust and confidence in vaccines .. even by those who administer vaccines .. a VACCINE FOR CORONAVIRUS WOULD BE IT.

Yet .. Offit himself is urging CAUTION .. publicly saying .. 'the precautionary principle dictates you don't cause harm in the NAME OF PREVENTING HARM". Causing HARM in the name of PREVENTING HARM … is EXACTLY WHAT VACCINES HAVE ALWAYS DONE.

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