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Del Bigtree's ICAN vs. CDC

Action Alert: When #DoctorsSpeakUp Age of Autism Will Speak Out

Dr Nicole Baldwin
Dr Nicole Baldwin

Hi, friends. I just got an email from John Gilmore of Autism Action Network with a giant call to action on Twitter today, March 5.

Join us on Twitter to fight back, throw facts and photos at,  and even laugh at the American Academy of Pediatrics March 5 hashtag #DoctorsSpeakUp.  Speak up? American Pediatricians have been DEAD SILENT when it comes to autism. They have no tools. No assistance beyond "Call early intervention."  They deserve our scorn and a whole lot of facts to counter their pharma bought and paid educations and careers. 

Find your local AAP chapter HERE. Grab their Twitter address.

Use the hashtag #DoctorsSpeakUp


Our Twitter is https://twitter.com/AgeofAutism

Pediatricians have vaccinated children into a full blown chronic healthcare crisis while remaining deaf, dumb and willfully blind to the injury.  They are FOR the removal of vaccination exemptions.  They refuse to write medical exemptions. They want to dose kids with Gardasil without parental consent. They kick  HEALTHY kids out of their practices.  They ridicule us and our kids at every turn. Pediatrics is made up of a majority of female practitioners which makes this #DoctorsStandUp just worse - because the misogyny comes from women. Like Dr. Nicole Baldwin whose Twitter is https://twitter.com/nicoleb_md?lang=en

Suggested Tweets: Remember, a photo or GIF adds a lot to a Tweet. Show them whom they have abandoned.

1) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that #vaccines harm and kill children?

2) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that the Hepatitis-B #vaccine for newborns is unnecessary and harmful?

3) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that #vaccines are not #safeandeffective for all?

4) Why won't #DoctorsSpeakUp that #vaccines #harm many of their patients?

5) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that only 1% of #vaccineinjury incidents get reported, according to a Harvard study?

6) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that the #vaccineinjured cannot sue a #vaccinemaker or a doctor for faulty #vaccines ?

7) That #VaccineCourt is a travesty of justice?




Does anyone really believe that the doctors who afraid of speaking up are the ones who promote the vaccine program?! I challenge Dr Damania, and Dr Baldwin to have a public conversation with Dr Bob Sears and Dr Paul Thomas.

Did Damania just open up his own echo chamber?


go Trump

The always charming Dr Z dog who started ? the #DoctorsSpeakUp



Here’s pharma-friendly Newsweek, reinforcing its journalistic bias and cultural disconnects:
#DoctorsSpeakUp Trends on Twitter as Anti-vaccine Movement Hijacks Hashtag Intended to Combat Misinformation

Count the number of times Dr. Zubin Damania (“ZDoggMD”) uses the word “cult.” Propaganda much, oh ye of the outdated moniker?

Daniel Fergo


John Stone


Hans Scholl

Is this good news for us in California ? voting Republican ?


And another reminder of a real epidemic that there wasn't hardly a word said about :


Vioxx took > 500k - a painkiller prescribed by our lovely doctors.

Hans Scholl

8. Have any of the vaccinations in the current schedule been safety tested according to the medical gold standard ? Safety testing against other vaccinations is a fraud ?

9. Are true placebo's used in the trials of new vaccines ? EVER ?

10. Is it true Gardasil was safety tested against its own adjuvant AAHS ?

In these dark days of the Lager_Corona Pandemic, I think its a good time to revive the work of the courageous Kevin Barry. Particularly given that for the first time the less informed general public seem to be understanding the capability to genetically modify a virus and weaponise it.


Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?

I don't expect the CDC or lamestream will be too keen to have that discussion ?

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